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    Vienna C. Fordwin

    Female | Main | ADHD


    The brunette kept her eyes on Otto, watchful as he took a hit from his inhaler and seemed to breathe a little easier afterwards. She gave a little nod back as a way of saying you're welcome. With everyone decently okay now she could start to relax and let her adrenaline high run out. Vienna closed her eyes and simply waited until Cresswell brought his face away from her shirt, a little spot near her shoulder from his tears. She gently wiped the blood spots from his face with her thumb, smiling even when she knew he couldn't see her do so.

    "You don't have to be okay," She said softly, sliding his glasses up on to his forehead. Even if he couldn't really look her in the eyes, Vi wanted to look him in his. Clouded blue with fogged pupils nearly indistinguishable from his irises, she was long since used to her brother's blind eyes. Her hands cupped his face gently, "But I promise you that you will be okay." She would hold that promise up to her last breath.

    Ev called her attention away, she couldn't help but admire the way he cared so selflessly for his friends. Taking her brother's hand, she led him over to where some of the others were grouped at. Pressing lightly on his shoulders for him to sit, "Stay over here, Cress," She told him, giving Charlie and fond little head pat and wandering over to Evengaline pushing the bleachers. The girl jogged to one of the bleacher segments and started pushing it across the room toward the secondary gym doors.

    Alexei M. Bogdan

    Male | Extra | Autistic


    Alexei admittedly didn't feel too strongly about the other kids in the gym just yet. For now he was only focused on processing what he had seen in the hallway. Bright red and chaotic movement and screaming from everywhere. The Russian boy slowly looked around the gymnasium. He vaguely realized that his special ed teacher, Miss Santan, wasn't among the others who had made it.

    Blinking back tears, Alexei reached his arms out for Patch. The dog obligingly pushed into his arms and laid his body gently against the boy. Alexei sat like that for a long time, not wanting to talk to anyone or try to help out. He'd probably just make things worse or get in the way if he did.

    Vienna C. Fordwin

    Female | Main | ADHD


    Vienna didn't wait around when someone called out to run to the gym. She promptly noped her ass all the way down the hall towards the blessed doors of the gymnasium. She kept telling herself, she didn't have time to truly panic. Sure she screamed at first, sure she was sprinting like a madwoman, sure she was bawling her damn eyes out, sure she barely registered what was going on around her. Her mind was ninety-ninety percent sure she was not panicking. The small one percent left over whispered that she was a liar.

    Vi didn't know how many other kids she passed by, all screaming and crying or trying to help their friends and family, some crying out for her to help then. She didn't want to know. She didn't want to acknowledge that she was letting other people just die when she could have at least tried to help them. A horrible, gut wrenching thought invaded her mind; she might have even passed by her brother, deaf to his calling for big sis to help him or worse he could have been among the dead bodies she was sprinting by. The thought tore a noisy, terrified, painful sob from deep in her chest.

    She spotted the gym doors up ahead and prayed to God that Cresswell was already there. Vi's classes were mainly at the opposite end of the school from his classes and she could only hope that whatever the hell was happening in her school hadn't claimed her brother's life.

    Having come from the opposite side of the building, Vienna didn't burst in through the main doors of the gymnasium. She torpedo'd right through the secondary doors opposite of the other students. Charlie, she saw Charlie. And with him, Cresswell. Vi almost started crying in relief and wanted to run to him, to fuss over and comfort him like aways. Instead she looked around the gym, at the other kids, some she was even familiar with - Otto Colburn who she practiced parkour with, Evengaline Hawke who she shared health classes with last year, and of course Cresswell Fordwin was her brother. Plus some dogs. She wobbled her way over to them and plopped on her knees in front of her brother. Abruptly she pulled him and his dog in for a hug, "I'm here, Cress. Don't cry," She rasped hoarsely, throat raw from screaming and crying.

    Vi then looked to the others. Truly, she felt utterly hopeless right now. Casting her eyes to Otto, she rasped at him worriedly, "Otto, inhaler." The poor kid really didn't need to have an asthma attack right now.

    Alexei M. Bogdan

    Male | Extra | Autistic


    Alexei didn't respond to anything the other boy said even if he could hear it through his headphones. He wasn't concerned with finding this kid's dog right now, he was more concerned about getting them both to the gymnasium. Patch darted ahead of the two, but stuck close enough that Alexei could still see him. Leading them towards the gym.

    The Russian transfer student did his best to guide the poor blind kid around blood puddles and bodies and shrieking monsters. All the visual stimuli threatened to overwhelm the redhead but the fight or flight response was, for the moment, louder than his sensory overload. Alexei spotted the gym doors straight up ahead and put on a sudden burst of speed with his adrenaline, all but dragging the lighter boy behind him.

    And then, of course, the blind kid tripped. Right into the gym doors and onto the floor. Alexei followed the boy in with Patch trotting alongside him, panting and whimpering, leaving bloody paw prints in his wake from running through the bloodied hallway. He stood over the smaller boy as his guide dog padded over to him. The redhead slumped down beside the other, taking his headphones off with shaking hands, "...You're welcome," He murmured quietly as the boy's sister wandered over. He finally let the overstimulation catch up with him after doing his good deed for the day.

    Alexei huddled against the wall, hugging his arms around his knees and rocking himself gently. Patch was quick to trot over and lay across his feet to help keep him grounded. The boy only sniffles quietly and repeatedly ran his hands over Patch's back. The dog just laid there amiably, laying across Alexei's feet and letting himself be a calming emotional outlet for the boy to pet and hug.

    Vienna C. Fordwin

    Female | Main | ADHD


    It was supposed to be a typical day of boring old highschool classes for the older Fordwin sibling. Extra emphasis on supposed to be a typical day. Nothing about the madness soon to unfold fell under the category of typical.

    A morning like any other with regular breakfast, walking to school with her brother and his dog as usual. Students hopping around from one class to the other and Vienna Fordwin would barely pay attention to the classes she didn't like as she tended to do. Or rather, tended not to do; pay attention. She hated paying attention to boring subjects shr had no interest in. Most of her classes were... Okay. Not good nor bad. The term mehsummed most of her classes up perfectly. Honestly, she only really pepped up when PE rolled around, it was by far her favorite. What wasn't her favorite, was literally any of her language arts classes which came directly after her PE period. The girl in question was sitting in aforementioned class when shit really hit the fan. A whole lot of shit.

    Pale eyes glazed over and staring into space while a sneakered foot tapped a rather obnoxious beat on the floor, Vienna was most definitely not paying attention at all to the dude up front droning on about whatever language she was supposed to be learning about right now. The girl snapped back to attention when called on, more than a little annoyed at Mr. Shu constantly antagonizing her for her absentminded ways, and then promptly drift back off to daydream about I don't even wanna know. She broke away from her absent thoughts to kick the skinny asshole kid named Nathaniel sitting next to her for gurgling grossly right into her ear, and then promptly went back to ignoring him.

    And then she nearly leaped out of her damn seat when Nathaniel suddenly twisted and lunged at a tall and broad boy nicknamed Richie who was a quarterback in the school's football team, the much smaller boy barreling the taller kid right onto his back. Nathaniel was making gross noises and Richie was yelling angry profanities. Vienna scrunched her nose in disgust at the boys' antics as Mr. Shu strode down the row of desks with an exasperated brow-scrunch.

    And then blood splashed onto the floor. Mr. Shu froze, heads turned, gasps were inhaled. Nathaniel sat up with skin and muscle and severed nerves between his teeth and Richie's eyeball was missing from it's socket along with half the akin and muscle from the left side of his face. The classroom basically exploded at that point. Vienna didn't wait for official instruction. She screamed and she bolted. Right out the class door and straight into the bowels of hell that the hallway had turned into.

    She wouldn't understand until much later that in that classroom, she had just witnessed a Patient Zero of the zombie apocalypse.

    The brunette barely registered what was going on around her, she didn't want to register the sounds and sights and oh sweet baby Jesus the horrid smell.Vienna just kept running. She wanted to stop, wanted to scream, wanted to cry. She wanted to find Cresswell. But instead, she just kept running because sheer panic was stronger than any sisterly instinct she had. Where she was running, she wasn't exactly sure. Not until someone shoved past her while screaming at the top their lungs where to run, where to go, where it was safe. Only one thing was bouncing around her skull now, a destination, an objective, a mission.

    Get to the gymnasium.

    Alexei M. Bogdan

    Male | Extra | Autistic


    Alexei never did like school. It was boring to him and meant he had to be away from his dad, and a lot of the other kids were mean and made fun of him. The only saving grace of school was the fact he was allowed to have Patch with him. That and his special ed teacher said he could eat lunch in his classroom if he wanted too, instead of having to sit in the cafeteria with all the noisy kids.

    They'd learned quickly after the first incident with the cafeteria that all the noise proved too much for the poor boy.

    Right now the redhead was in class with his lunch, feeding small bits of meatloaf to Patch as he followed along with his teacher, Miss Santan. Miss Santan was really cool in Alexei's personal opinion. She was really nice to him and liked to bring in little treats for Patch too. The private classroom they had was nice too. One corner had comfortable seats and good lighting with shelves full of books. It had a computer center too. In general it was just a very neat, comfortable space for Alexei.

    They were just beginning to wrap up the lesson for dismissal when several kids started screaming just outside the room. Alexei whipped his head around with a frown, staring hard at the door. Miss Santan only smiled at him and gave his hand a firm squeeze, striding to the door to tell the rowdy kids to keep it down in the hall.

    The moment the door cracked open, overwhelming screams flooded in and the teacher quickly slammed it back shut. Alexei flinched at the door slamming, a discontent mumble starting in his chest, but Miss Santan paid it no mind. She rushed over and gently took his hand, "Where are your headphones?" She asked shakily. He knew that meant there was going to be noise - a lot of noise.

    Alexei silently bent down to his backpack and rooted around for his noise canceling headphones. The redhead pulled them out. "Put them on and follow me. Don't let go of my hand and don't stop running, do you understand?" She asked. The boy only nodded and slid them on over his ears.

    Miss Santan grabbed his hand again and walked to the door, Alexei grabbing Patch's leash with his free hand. The teacher flung the door open and stood in front of Alexei in a way that shielded his view of the hallway. Even with the headphones, he could hear the muffled screams. Miss Santan tugged his hand and the two ran off down the hall towards the gymnasium. An finally he could see what was happening. It was absolute hell.

    A couple feet away, he saw kids getting devoured by grotesque monsters. Others were trying to help each other and screaming their friends' names. And then he saw a boy with a dog, a guide dog as the harness indicated, fall and lose his dog. Alexei frowned and yanked his hand out of Miss Santan's. He turned and ran to the fallen blind kid, disappearing into the crowd and deaf to his special ed teacher getting jumped on by zombies because she stopped running to retrieve him. Alexei brashly grabbed the boy's outstretched hand, completely silent, and began sprinting for the gymnasium. He's not sure why he stopped to save the blind kid but he wasn't just gonna let him go now.

    *tips hat*

    Good evening friends~

    Also yeah it's kind of a thing in other roleplays that if someone gets nommed by a zombo, Ev tries to axe your nommed limb off 8)

    (ahh, thank you! I had fun making her. And I did indeed take inspiration from the game Maneater when doing so)



    The albino female narrowed her primary eyes upon the bat-like male. What are they. A good question, she couldn't help but admit to that. At least, a good question for him. The shark-dragon knew what she was. What they all were. They were anomalies. Unnatural, aberrant, they shouldn't exist. Her pale gaze wavered off of him, and flicked to the feline female and then the bird-like male, as she continued to approach the others.

    The end of her long tail flicked warily, and she paused a few leaps shy of the others. The male was still the main focus of her attention really, he was forming words they shouldn't know and shouldn't be able to say at all. His question sparked another in herself. What were they, she knew that. But who were they? The female understood that some creatures have names. Should she have a name too? Unlike the brown male, no particular word came to mind to call herself and so the hatchling simply rifled through the foreign words she somehow knew, stringing letters together absently, and picked one she liked. One that felt right.

    He decided to call herself, the Maneater, for that is what she was.

    She wasn't entirely sure what the word Maneater was supposed to be or what it meant to her, but she liked how it sounded and she thought it would fit. And it just felt right to call herself as such. And so this title she became. It felt nice to know exactly who and what she was. It made her feel complete, whole, powerful. It was more than could be said for some unfortunate lost souls struggling to find their identity.

    "I am the Maneater," She bared a predatory grin at the ring of dragons, her voice twice as sharp as her serrated shark teeth, "What are you?"



    (is that a CAT DRAGON dude she's so adorable ;~;)



    A rather boring egg laid on its side in one of the many nests situated around the hidden enclosure. The nest was out of the way from the others, in a little corner where chunks of debris and shattered glass was scattered about erratically. The motionless egg was alone in the nest, it's clutchmates having been smashed apart by the ceiling caving in on the nest. The egg itself was uninteresting in every aspect, not as colorful or unique as some of the other eggs. It was round and smooth, a dull gray hue with lighter accents. The egg was unremarkable save for the fact that it shouldn't exist. The hatchling had remained still and silent inside the shelter of the shell for the majority of the egg's existence, but now the abberant beast inside was ready to come out.

    Abruptly the side of the egg facing the ceiling exploded outward in a shower of shell shards and egg white, the narrow head of a scaly creature now poking out of the hole and the baby was definitely not a pretty creature - she was pale white with nearly-white accents of pink around certain parts of her body, presumably an albino. Another female, with what appeared to be several species of shark in her DNA sequence.

    Her face was reminiscent of a mako, with a narrow snout and delicate ears that twitched about, though the body composition of the female was disturbingly humanoid. In general she was a larger specimen. Her build was like that of a bull shark, sturdy and stout, possessing a ridge of dorsal fins upon her back that got smaller as they went down her back and displaying long pelvic fins at the base of her tail. Her tail shared multiple similarities with a goblin sharks caudal fin in that it was long and asymmetrical. She had quite a bit of great white in her as well to help her adapt and it was likely she had megalodon in her too.

    Two sets of eyes, the primary eyes pale blue with pupils appearing to be a pale reddish-pink while the secondary eyes were pure glaring reddish-pink, blinked rapidly in discomfort. The transparent secondary eyelids working to wick away the uncomfortable liquid from the egg as the hatchling proceeded to push out of the membrane. The hatchling's sharp frontal claws, webbed to help her swim, pushed away flakes of the egg fervently. Clearly she was eager to be free of her egg prison.

    As soon as her upper body was out of the broken shell, two long white wings with flowing membrane clearly made for an aquatic lifestyle flared up and out from the adaptive body. The wing membrane would be completely transparent and extremely fragile after hatching, but it would gain more coloration a few days after birth and would toughen up with time, resembling pectoral fins while still functioning as wings. These wings would still allow her to fly albeit not as well as most but would offer tremendous aid in swimming. She fanned them gently to clear egg white from the sensitive membrane as she clawed the rest of the way out.

    Now completely out of the egg, the baby dragon flared her nostrils and sprayed fluid from inside her egg out of her nose with a sharp exhale. She took his first breath as a sharp, deep inhale. And released it with a slow and satisfying sigh from her mouth. It was immediately apparent she could breathe air as well as below water, five gill slits opening and closing along each side of her neck. She released a loud sonar click akin to an orca call, thin ears on a swivel. The first thing she registered seeing was other creatures coming out of their own eggs. The newborn amphibious dragon climbed the rest of the way out of her egg, clearly capable of both bipedal and quadrupedal motion.

    Chirping another vocalization, she slunk towards the other two hatched creatures with an aloof stride, too confident in herself as an individual to be intimidated or wary, her primary eyes trained intently on the two. She stopped a bit away from them, observing. She innately knew that the two creatures were the same thing as she was even if none of them looked anything alike or shared blood, and even though she couldn't place a name to what exactly they all were. Regardless, the shark-creature said nothing and only observed the others unblinkingly.





    Laying out in the sun was another female of the hybrid species called indoraptors, snoozing atop a large boulder and stretched out lazily across its uneven surface. The black and white tail gently swayed across the boulder every so often. The majority of the thick limb hung off the edge and so was one of the female's arms, golden eyes shut as she sunned herself despite the humidity in the air. The female named Lord Have Mercy seemed unbothered by the harsh rats of the sun or the humidity of the air. What did bother her was the human disrupting her lazy leisure time.

    Mercy groaned an irritated huff and lifted her multi-hued head begrudgingly at the shrill whistle suddenly penetrating her sensitive ears. But she knew the whistle meant it was feeding time and she was admittedly a bit hungry. The call of Indigo further encouraged the bulky female to move. Exhaling sharply in a snort, she hefted herself up and slunk off the boulder with her claws clicking and dragging in the stone surface. Mercy guessed she could forgive the redhead human for disturbing, albeit begrudgingly.

    Mercy strode for the sliding door window that the humans would sometimes feed them through, humming disinterestedly as Indigo rushed towards the offering of meat. Normally the chimera indoraptor would rush to the food as well and try to bully her way into snatching the largest piece, but today Mercy was feeling lazy in the heat. So instead, she took her good time in getting to the meat pile.

    Not particularly minding being in close proximity to Indigo, Mercy was too confident in herself to be intimidated by the larger female, she trotted up to the pile and sat back on her hind legs. Extending her claws, she delicately dug through the pile of raw meat to pick out her choice of the cuts. She settled for picking out a thick strip, quite a juicy cut, and brought the strip of meat into her jaws. Happy with her pick, Mercy settled down nearby to eat. Close enough that she could easily go back for seconds but well away from the inevitable feeding frenzy that she was anticipating.



    Would you be opposed to tossing Mercy with Ivan? She's a bit of a problem child in need of a handler who knows what they're doing. I'm not entirely sure where to stick her so I thought I'd ask if he'd be willing to put up with her ^^'

    *puts on boxing gloves* Put em up, Zee! Seriously though I'm hyyyyped ahhhhh. I'm so glad Mercy has an arch enemy, Zephyr will definitely give her a run for her money if they start throwing down. I have a feeling that the very second these two girls start scrapping, the other indoraptors immediately clear out and the handlers are just like "god damn it not again" and the thing that probably starts almost every fight is Mercy whacking Sightless lol. And don't worry. She's gonna be horrible to him I promise

    I do wanna throw it out there that I really love Zee and Sight. Too bad my character will want nothing more than to crush them hyUk

    Maybe Zephyr and Mercy can be like eachother's arch-nemesis ha. I can guarantee Zee is gonna despise Mercy though, if not because she likes to forcibly take food from others for no reason then probably because she will try to beat up Sightless on a daily basis just because he's tiny and won't fight back lmao. She do be a bully tho

    On that note I have no idea what to do with miss Mercy in terms of training. I don't think she'd be good with Jenny and Alice since she's kind of a literal backbiter and won't respond well to lax discipline methods, and while I'm confident Matt could handle her unruly self, she will NOT tolerate Whiskey, she'll bully poor Sightless, and Zephyr will probably hate her for existing

    Okay so now that I've done some more in depth research, I'm not sure if Mercy is more accurately chimera or vitiligo. So if anyone could help clear that up, I'd appreciate it <3