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    Delta - male - 2 years - Highlander - Baviam

    Delta perked up as James spoke, keeping near the back of the crowd to not block anyone's view. The Baviam absorbed the information of the trail run, a smile appearing on his feathered features as he was trial run-promoted to lord. That was a huge step, and he was hoping he could prove himself. "Thank you! I'll try my best. Congrats everyone!" the male spoke, brainstorming possible new traditions.


    Delta - male - 2 years - Highlander - Baviam

    snakeboi: sorry I’m not all that creative at names

    snakeboi: I mean I’m a guy who’s basically a giant snake. Do you have a kilt kink?

    snakeboi: I’m not sure how such a kink would work

    snakeboi: chocolate and vodka are two flavors that probably shouldn’t mix


    Delta - male - 2 years - Highlander - Baviam

    Once a few people came forwards, the male spoke up. "The group you knew as the Frontier has undergone a change of leadership and a name change. Our new leader is James, and our new name is the Highlands. We hope you'll happily continue an alliance with us, and that we can continue to work together as allies."




    Before James was leader of the Highlands, Alduin was the leader. However, Alduin fell inactive, so James went in and tried to takeover. He was met with resistance by Alduin and Troubledmemories, a new member at the time. Troubledmemories was defensive of his home by nature, and untrusting of strangers due to his history. He fought the takeover, refusing a compromise and insisting that James leaved, as all James had asked for was acceptance and he was not getting acceptance. However, Troubledmemories fell sick and was forced to his bed, too sick to fight back anymore. Though now, Troubledmemories has recovered enough to fight back, and is looking for vengeance...

    Troubledmemories will return to activity, however will still be hindered by his illness. The illness is no longer contagious, so no one has to worry about getting sick. The next meeting will remind Troubledmemories of why he hates the whole situation and James so much, and he will begin gathering forces, from those inside and out of the Highlands. He will talk to them in private, telling them a skewed story and painting James as an villainous, power-hungry enemy who needs to be eliminated. Once he deems he has enough forces, about 5 members, Troubledmemories will stand up to James at the following meeting. He will challenge James, tossing cruel words and claiming that James has committed crimes against the entirety of the Highlands and attempting to force him to stand down. James will not, and Troubledmemories will challenge James to a duel for leadership. James will refuse this as well, and Troubledmemories will call on those sided with him to attack James and his supporters. They will loose, and Troubledmemories and those who do not eventually accept James as leader will be exiled, thus ending the plot.

    Troubledmemories' rper would like to note that any and all opinions presented by Troubledmemories throughout this plot are purely IC. His rper is happy for everything Yosemite is doing for the Highlands and the work put forth to revive the place, Troubledmemories just holds onto things, isn't trusting of strangers, and believes James is wrongfully invading his home as a power-grab. His rper does not share these opinions, and in fact holds the exact opposite opinions.


    James' Side:


    Troubledmemories' Side:


    Neutral/Undecided Side:


    To be added, just post what side you character will be on! If you join Troubledmemories' side, there will be a recruiting thread. James will not have any recruiting thread, and those on his side will simply be the ones who support him when Troubledmemories challenges James in the meeting. Anyone who does not support either side, or does not wish to partake in the plot, will be in the neutral side. If wanted, someone can step up and take charge of the neutral side. This person will be the one who tells the neutral side to leave when the fight breaks out, maybe acting as an attempted peacemaker during the verbal part.


    1. Character name:
    2. Group:
    3. Side:


    no threads yet!

    fancypost by blue! Information and plot idea by Delta!

    My suggestions are:

    - Annual festival to celebrate the stars, has multiple events including stargazing, lessons, zodiac sign predictions, letting guests use the planetarium, and a few games.

    - monthly stargazing event with allies. Each month the host gives a brief lesson/collection of fun facts about the stars or something to do with astronomy

    - the time period of hand fasting be one month or two weeks irl

    - Cairns be used for any important event. new leader, attempted takeover, declaration of war, etc


    Delta - male - 2 years - Highlander - Baviam

    There was quite a bit of news for the Thunderlands. New leader, name change, reboot. They might of heard a similar story before, but hopefully they didn't take this as an endless loop. Hopefully James would be the leader to take the Highlands and see it rise up, become glorious and well respected. Hopefully. In the meantime, it would take a lot of work to get there. Delta was willing to work towards that goal. Part of that was maintaining alliances, which was what he was here to do. The male held a gift basket in his jaws as he slithered over to the border, not trusting it on his back. When he got there he would set the basket down and raise his head up to scan the area. Seeing a couple NPCs, he would say "I'm Delta, here on behalf of the Highlands, formerly the Frontier. I have gifts and news."

    Oh whoops, I looked at your posts and saw exiles so I figured he was there, my bad! Delta's an ambassador to the Thunderlands and will be making a visit soon so they could initially meet there, then we can have a private thread were they get to know each other and such?