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    I would also recommend BloodClan for the same reasons Grea mentioned plus a bit of leader bias oops. It’s active and very welcoming. Plus we have some plots in the works that will make things interesting for all characters!

    DarkClan could also use more members! ICly it isn’t too active but the OOC community is great.

    I completed Red Dead Redemption 2 last weekend and I really want to make a character that's loosely based off of Arthur Morgan!

    He's going to be a rogue who lives in a large group of other rogues and they steal to make a living. However, (SPOILERS FOR VIDEO GAME) his leader was manipulated by the second-in-command and the group disbanded. He's developed a case of greencough and will probably come to the Clan he finds a home in by sneaking into their camp and stealing prey from the freshkill pile (yet ultimately getting caught doing so). He'll decide to join because its the only way he's going to be able to get treatment.

    I'm having a hard time figuring out where to place him, though. I already have characters in DarkClan and BloodClan so those are out. Yes this is a traditional character, so trad-Clans only please!

    Right now, I have the name ideas of Buckshot or Outlaw. However, I am open to suggestions or just general help picking between the two. He may take a Clan name eventually so suggestions there are welcome!

    Thanks guys!

    yo! so i'm planning to create a character for this clan! he's gonna be a lil' baby named james, but people will call him jamie; he'll probably be around 3 or 4 moons or so. i was wondering if there are any characters who'd be willing to be his adoptive sibling/parent? or maybe like a wack uncle?

    i'm thinking he'll be an adventurous tyke, stubborn, blunt to an extreme fault, but also imaginative, sweet and quirky. he's gonna have collection of rocks that he'll claim are his friends. his rock people. don't worry he'll grow out of it

    Reja could be a sort of sibling figure to him? C:

    I haven’t been here in ages, wow this is crazy. I might be coming back after my long hiatus, how is everyone?

    Hello to the new people too!



    Alpinefrost and Briarheart have a complicated history. The two lived alongside one another as denmates, working together as warriors without much thought of one another. As time went on, they found themselves spending more time together, providing for their Clan in the harsh, cold moons of leafbare. During one hunting trip, Alpinefrost attempted to tackle a mountain goat and Briarheart saved him from getting himself killed. The two were terribly injured and spent the next several weeks mad at one another. Alpinefrost refused to speak to Briarheart and she tried her hardest to figure out why, but he wouldn't relent. The two of them butted heads constantly, going back and forth, until one day, Alpinefrost found himself in a life-threatening predicament once again. Briarheart managed to save his life (for the second time) and in her fear, accidentally confessed feelings for him that even she herself had not yet recognized as anything other than wanting him to quit being upset with her. The two began to form a relationship from there but then... kits unexpectedly happened.

    Neither Alpinefrost nor Briarheart are particularly fond of kits. It's not that they hate them, but both are dedicated warriors who haven't given a family much of a thought. They're both awkward around younglings and would prefer to stay as far away from the nursery as possible. Briarheart equated her strange symptoms as just a passing sickness, but as they grew worse, she decided to visit the medicine cat and found out the inevitable truth: she was expecting Alpinefrost's kits. These two young and inexperienced parents are terrified out of their minds for children, and it has put a strain on their relationship, but they will do their best to raise their kits in a loving environment.


    1) All basic FeralFront and traditional game rules apply!

    2) rhosmari and I have the right to rehome your kit if you fall inactive.

    3) These kits will be loved by their parents, so no hateful names please!

    4) With that being said, there is a name theme, per se, but it is NOT required!

    5) There is no choosing date but it will be some time at the end of February.

    6) Kits must stay in DarkClan until they are 6 moons of age - and even then it's preferred if they stay.

    7) Please follow the genetics below.

    8) Once born, the kits will be aged up to 4 moons!


    white lh (masking cinnamon tabby) x black sh (carrying dilute, chocolate, and heterochromia)

    black, blue, brown tabby, blue tabby, chocolate, lilac, chocolate tabby, lilac tabby, white

    - white kits can have any realistic eye color/s and can have heterochromia (two different eye colors). other kits can have any realistic eye color except blue.

    - all kits will carry cinnamon.

    - kits can be longhaired or shorthaired.

    - kits are ½ maine coon, ¼ oriental shorthair, and ¼ japanese bobtail and can have traits of any of these!


    Alpinefrost is the son of Nightsun/Bishop x NPC. Bishop was exiled from DarkClan for causing the deaths of two kits, and currently resides in BloodClan where he plots the demise of his former Clan.

    Briarheart is the daughter of Pitchstar (former DarkClan leader) x Eveningshade. Other relations include Eaglestar (aunt, current DarkClan leader), Owlgaze (brother, current DarkClan medicine cat), Wildseas (uncle, former BloodClan leader), Caledon (uncle, former BloodClan leader), Jailbird (aunt, former BloodClan guard), and Bearstar (grandfather, former DarkClan leader). Her family tree is HERE.

    NAMING THEME (not required but extra brownie points if you use!)

    Alpinefrost would choose names that reflect the strength of DarkClan such as mountain, stone, boulder, or any other earthy names!

    Briarheart would most likely choose prefixes that honor her loved ones who have either passed away or are important in her life currently. These prefixes include Pitch-, Evening-, Shade-, Eagle-, Owl-, Lily-, Blossom-, Ridge-, and Blaze-. If you want to know the significance of these, don't hesitate to ask!


    1. __kit, played by __

    2. __kit, played by __

    3. __kit, played by __

    Father is a white LH (carries cinnamon tabby if possible, otherwise just whatever would create the most genetic variety!) and the mother is a black SH (carries chocolate, dilute, and heterochromia).

    Hey all! Just a quick announcement for those who may not be on the Discord c:

    If you could please fill out THIS survey, that would be greatly appreciated! I'd like to know what BC could improve on for the future so we can start making these changes now. I'll probably host surveys frequently to get your guys's opinions on a number of things so just keep your eye out for that.