Death. Athanasius knew it all too well.

    They had seen a lot of it in their lifetime. It wasn't even that of strangers that they've seen die. They were friends, friends they'd cherished. Losing them hurt all too much, made the pain resonate and shake them to their core, loosening rare tears from their eyes. They hated death and what it brought. It brought so much misery, they couldn't help but hate everything associated with it: sickness, those who murdered, gods who let this happen repeatedly and to those who didn't deserve it.

    Amaranthine certainly didn't deserve it.

    This almost served to prove that Athanasius was right from the very beginning. If they didn't have friends, then they wouldn't ever get hurt again. The moment they thought about opening up their heart to someone, to look past all of the hurt they endured to try to be happy again, this happens. It was... unfair and cruel. Too cruel.

    The smell of death on the air always made their stomach curdle and ache. They could nearly taste it, the copper that drifted through the air. The vampire shudders, wondering who was hurt, who had gotten killed now. Their first thought hadn't been someone that they knew. Rather, they figured that it was an acquaintance or someone that they didn't know at all. As they emerge, and their eyes find their friend's still body, their heart stops and shatters and a choked whine wrenches itself from their throat. They feel devastated. Grief fills them quickly, emotions making their throat close as tears sting their eyes and finally roll down their cheeks. They break down almost immediately, but their sobbing are painfully silent.

    Athanasius was out and about. It wasn't anything out of the ordinary that the kitsune just wanted some time to themselves. They found themselves to be tired especially as of recently, perhaps following after awkwardly sharing a time with Spiritline and then some. Their mind had been wandering when they came across the unexpected visitor that stood upon their main island, standing, waiting, watching - perfectly still and yet his eyes seem to flicker every which way. It was a bit unnerving, and that made Athanasius approach with caution especially upon recognizing the smell that clung to the stranger's fur.

    "A- And you are?" They mumble, their fangs revealing themselves as they opened their jaws to speak. Pale, rosy red eyes remain locked onto Greygarden, unwavering, and clearly guarded even though their body language clearly showed that they were immensely uncomfortable with the developing situation. "Make it quick. I don't think you're s- supposed to be here." The vampire says. They don't know for sure, but they felt as if it was probably better if they never came into contact with another Veiler for any reason.

    Their thoughts very much aligned with Spiritline's. This was usually stuff that couples did and the thought made their skin feel uncomfortably warm. They weren't sure if this was something friends did because... friends sometimes lived with each other right, for convenience sake? Maybe it was just better to live together but what did they know? They weren't the one with bountiful friends. They only had two people to call friend, with one of them walking right alongside them. Ana flicks their ear at their friend's words, tilting their head to one side in thought. A standard space for one... "I guess that'd work." They say after taking a moment to carefully clear their throat. How did we manage to make this awkward in literally five seconds? Were we thinking of the same thing?

    Their tail flick slightly before they pause at someone's voice calling to them, their rose-washed gaze turning over towards Lemon and the blonde feline that approached soon after him. They were both Haveners they hadn't seen at their's and Spiritline's joining, and so they briefly gazed at their faces before turning their stare onto their paws. They seemed to clam up entirely upon the two strangers approaching them, their fangs nibbling slightly upon their underlip. They personally didn't care if they wanted to help out - that'd just get this whole ordeal done with faster, right? Athanasius shared a glance with Spiritline, checking to see if he'd be alright with them helping them find a home to settle in for the duration of their stay.

    Meeting time, huh? Athanasius didn't think they'd be so tired running back and forth between Wind Haven and the Coven, but maybe they should have known that they'd be ran ragged trying to be in two places at once. At Aphrodite's call, the kitsune approached and set themselves down nearby at the edge of the meeting area. They only had one person join them, Incanto, and some rank changes. Athanasius' ears flicked as their name, as well as Debiru's, had been called to be promoted to Sun Jumper.

    The only acknowledgement that they give to show they they heard Aphy was a slight nod of their head. The news of the progress being made on retrieving Hanuel was disheartening to hear. It sounded like nothing much was being done, or they have just been having a difficult time recovering the other. It seemed quite obvious what they needed to do, at least to Ana. But they guessed they would just have to wait until this discussion happened.

    Athanasius quirked an fictional brow in the vulpine's direction when he pouted playfully and winked at them. They feel their face growing warm and quickly turned their head away from him, grumbling out, "I don't, actually." Their rose washed gaze remain on the ground as the interaction carries forth, shuffling their paws against the soft green grass. They feel their eyes wanting to roll as the man next to them introduced them as their 'bestest friend.' Surprisingly, they don't complain about it, nor do they shrug off Spiritline's paw when it lands upon their shoulder for a pat.

    They had discarded the approach of another up until they heard the voice that came from the new arrival. They tear their eyes from the ground, landing upon Ver's figure, and they very nearly feel their blood freeze in their veins. At the same time, Spiritline pressed closer to them as their gaze narrowed very slightly at the former Shadowkeeper. Of course they know what she did to Spiritline, and they don't think they could ever forgive her for hurting him to try and get to them. It'd been such a cowardly thing to do and they wished that they could've just fessed up back then when they sent Adara to come investigate what had happened.

    They don't say anything, their brows drawing together on their forehead as Spiritline speaks up from beside them. Ver seems to not recognize them as the kitsune that had been the former ambassador to Solaris Kingdom, and the youth that had stood up to her when she confronted Leifsdottir. It had been a while ago, and they'd grown since then. They press against Spiritline in an subconscious attempt to comfort him, turning their gaze to Draco when he spoke. "Yeah. Let's go now." Ana says before glancing down at their friend, almost as if to ask if he were okay.

    Was it bad that throughout all of their time spent in the Coven that they haven't interacted much with their allies? They didn't go out of their way to participate in social events in the first place, which severely limited their experience with their allies in the first place, and they weren't all that bothered by it, frankly. Nothing really required them to be present for ally events, so they didn't sweat the details and kept to themselves. They did, however, every once in a while interact with the ambassadors their allies sent their way. They don't remember seeing the last ambassador the Dark Dynasty sent, however. Or maybe their memory was just shoddy? Whatever.

    They are quiet as they approach after Drusilla. They obviously weren't the leader nor the deputy if their rather pathetic stance said anything. They looked as if they wanted to hide from someone with their shoulders slouched forward and their eyes pointed towards Marigold's paws rather than that of his face. A frown is pressed into their features, their tails sweeping across the ground behind them. Their gaze drift to the basket that Marigold had brought with them. "Athanasius Against the World," They introduced themselves simply, "Did you bring any herbs? I'm growing a garden..." They explain, wondering if it was anything they could plant in their already large and expansive garden.

    They guessed the first order of business when settling into a new clan would be to find a place to put all of their stuff. They packed pretty lightly for the most part, with only a few unnecessary things they decided to bring along with them, like their books and the small terrarium that had their pet beetle in it, as well as their potted succulent plant, Itsy. After their encounter with Ver, they didn't really feel like exploring the territory too much. The walk to Mt. Kodiak and being so nervous had exhausted them greatly and so at this point, all they wanted was to find a nice place to call home and rest.

    Giving Spiritline a glance, they inquired uncertainly, "Uhh... How much space do you think we'll need?" Athanasius personally wasn't all that picky about living space. Their cottage back in the Coven was a little smaller than the others, and it left just enough space for themselves and Ocean. However, Ocean wasn't as much of a roommate as she was a pet they simply looked after. They'd never had to share a place with anyone before, so this whole thing was very new to them.

    Athanasius had spent a couple of days in their shared little home instead of attempting to familiarize themselves with Wind Haven's territory. The trip had not only tired them out, but they also couldn't stand the grand emptiness of their abode. They had wanted to dress it up a little so that the both of them could feel a little more comfortable, and so they went about putting things in place.

    The invitation had been seen after they'd gotten up from a nap they needed. After smoothing down their messy fur to the best of their ability, they had come across the note when they were about to step outside to get some water. They could tell it was Spiritline from the way it was written, and traces of the other's scent lingered on the parchment. They don't know when they started paying enough attention to the vulpine to perfectly distinguish his scent from everybody else's, but this certainly helped them in their moment of confusion. Why couldn't he have told them that he wanted to hang out later instead of leaving this suspicious note?

    Rolling their eyes, they detach the note from the door and put it off to the side, a yawn splitting their jaws as they stepped into the light. Just for this occasion, they found themselves cleaning themselves up a little more than they'd usually care to. They could at the very least not track dirt everywhere and look nice. But again, why did they care in the first place? "Whatever," They mumbled to themselves as they start on the way to the location described to them in Spiritlie's invitation.

    The kitsune is just barely over the hill when he hears Spiritline calling to them in his sweet voice. Athanasius' tails lash slightly behind them, a huff leaving them as they narrowed their eyes at their companion. "Don't do that with your voice, it sounds funny." They say as they settled on the soft blanket Spiritline had laid out for them. There were also plates of sweets that laid about (stuff they could eat, but wouldn't feel good after eating), but they almost immediately honed in on the herbs, flowers, and spices needed to make tea. As they were told that they could pick out what they could drink for tea, Athanasius fixes the other with a look.

    "Is this a date or something?" They made the conscious effort to make the question sound more like a tease rather than a serious one. It definitely felt like one despite having never been on one in their life. They were alone in some part of the territory, and there were all of these nice things laying about. Maybe this could just be a hang out thing, but Ana wasn't sure what that consisted of either since they never had friends to hang out with in the first place. And, truth be told, they had always been a bit of a hopeless romantic, so the thought that this might be something of that sort both made them excited and freaked out.


    ☾ ⋆ * :ο½₯ Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  ATHANASIUS E.

    𝐈 . 𝐓𝐇𝐄 πŒπ€π†πˆπ‚πˆπ€π \ 𝐆𝐄𝐍𝐄𝐑𝐀𝐋


    β€” nickname(s): - athan, ana

    ⠀⠀⠀⠀↳ human au name: - taemin

    β€” intersex [they/them pronouns]

    β€” unknown physical age \ approx. 2 years old \ ages at the roleplayer's discretion

    β€” coven of elysia \ sun jumper \ interstellar, champion, zenith titles

    β€” wind haven \ member \ no titles

    ⠀⠀⠀⠀↳ former heavenly healer & celestial knight

    β€” created nov 2nd 2018 \ tags updated 06.15

    𝐈𝐈 . 𝐓𝐇𝐄 π‡πˆπ†π‡π„π’π“ ππ‘πˆπ„π’π“π„π’π’ \ π‘π„π‹π€π“πˆπŽππ’

    β€” akuma baskerville x npc \ part of the scoppio & edax families

    β€” littermate(s): - angeldeath

    ⠀⠀⠀⠀↳ no adopted siblings

    ⠀⠀⠀⠀↳ no half siblings

    β€” grayromantic asexual \ assumed monogamous

    β€” single \ unknowingly crushing on spiritline \ Β½ of leylines \ somewhat interested in relationships

    β€” friends with spiritline and amaranthine \ no known enemies

    𝐈𝐈𝐈 . 𝐓𝐇𝐄 π„πŒππ‘π„π’π’ \ ππ„π‘π’πŽππ€π‹πˆπ“π˜

    β€” istj - logistician \ ravenclaw primary, hufflepuff secondary \ true neutral

    β€” traits: self-destructive, dispassionate, analytical, opinionated, envious; ingenious, practical, arrogant, reserved, tired

    ⠀⠀⠀⠀↳ they are a loner by nature wherein social interaction makes them feel tired and lethargic. athanasius would much rather keep to themselves, where even the world cannot reach them in their paradise of solitude. snaking, serpentine coils of doubt constrict them, thoughts of self - blame and self - hate choking them at the throat, ever suffocating. the thoughts are intrusive and they often get in the way of developing much needed relationships and so they turn out cold and withdrawn a majority of the time, if not a little standoffish in nature.

    they make desperate grasps to understand everything around them and while most things might come to others as " common sense " no such thing exists for them in the social world. in this way, they are an intellectual β€” preferring books over interpersonal relationships β€” but they would admit that such a life is lonely. they crave friendship, acceptance, and affection yet they do not know how to achieve it, and so they are made out to be envious and bitter of what others have in their families and relationships.

    they have strong opinions about what they view in their world and is not afraid of stating their opinions as such if they feel targeted. in this case, they are most certainly defensive of their beliefs, but they are dogmatic and conceited in the way they present them. as it stands, athanasius also struggles with empathy. they lack strong emotions, often feeling shallowly and, in doing so, appears to most as "unemotional and cold-hearted." they find it a struggle to attach themselves to things ( such as practicing medicine ) and, after a while, their currently held interests simmer into nothing.

    πˆπ• . 𝐓𝐇𝐄 π„πŒππ„π‘πŽπ‘ \ π€π„π’π“π‡π„π“πˆπ‚π’

    β€” KITSUNE \ [birth] \ health: 100% \ [ ref. ]

    ⠀⠀⠀⠀↳ athanasius is a truly unremarkable being, their fur a blank canvas, their build pathetic and built like glass, and their overall appearance hovering just above average. they are plain, to put it simply, with hardly anything striking about their image. they are pale like that of the moon, not a smidgen of color to be found on their fur. they would stand out boldly against the backdrop of a starless night but, trust me, there is nothing otherworldly or ethereal about them. their body, small for even that of a kitsune, is pathetically fragile, their bones like glass and their skin like wet paper. ugly, blaring red scars are carved into the frail figure, the two most prominent ones being located upon their left shoulder. typical of their species, athanasius has a multitude of tails growing from their bum, and is currently counting five of them as of this moment.

    perhaps the most striking thing about their appearance is their eyes. they are almond - shaped, used to be wide like that of an idealist, a pure daydreamer, filled with sweetness, but now they are a dull, tired, rose - tinted color. telling of sadness, they're often averted from another's face, always staring down at the ground.

    β€” accessories: - lavender & white scarf [worn], old pink & cream cotton scarf, stylish black satchel

    β€” injuries/illness: - vampirism

    β€” smells of - sweet magnolia, lavender, & herbal tea

    β€” associated with - starless nights, the moon, the color red, shadows

    𝐕. 𝐓𝐇𝐄 π‡πˆπ„π‘πŽππ‡π€ππ“ \ πŒπˆπ’π‚.

    β€” easy mental difficulty \ hard physical difficulty

    β€” shapeshifting (30%) \ healing (50%) \ character bond (10%) \ light elemental (10%)

    β€” will end fights \ will show mercy \ will kill

    β€” does not harm children \ does not enjoy taunting their enemies

    β€” attack in italicized #fff & ATHANASIUS E.

    β€” do not powerplay small & peaceful actions

    β€” penned by phantasmagoria

    Athanasius is the next to arrive, albeit a bit reluctantly upon seeing that so many other people were standing around and receiving their tasks. They thought about just coming later, or pulling South aside later on and asking for a task that way. So many things unnerved them just by standing there, but they couldn't find it in themselves to move along either. Athanasius frowns apprehensively, their tails sweeping behind them. Whatever, just get it over with. They think bitterly to themselves, chewing upon their underlip with their elongated fangs as they waited to be given a task.

    Athanasius probably gave off the vibe that they didn't like a lot of people because they constantly avoided everyone like they had some sort of plague. They didn't mean to come off like that a majority of the time, but talking to people had always made them feel uncomfortable. Talking to others often left them in a worse mood than when they started, and it was frustrating to try and figure out what things would be right to say since people were so sensitive about their feelings. They know from experience that saying one wrong thing would lead to someone twisting their words and using them against them even though it hadn't been their intention in the first place. So rather than being hurt like that again, they just withdrew themselves from everyone entirely.

    Mike wasn't the only one who thought that Athanasius didn't like them. They've had similar issues with other clanmates, not that they tried to clear up any misunderstandings. They just... didn't seem to care enough to do that. If they didn't like them, then they'd let them continue to not like them. It did a good job of repelling people, so there was no reason for them to complain. However, Mikhalitsyn was probably in the rare one percent that would go out of his way to talk to the elusive vampire despite knowing well that Athanasius consciously made an effort to avoid him.

    Gold star for determination, Mike.

    Athanasius was busy tending their garden. Taking care of the large garth had taken up a majority of their time nowadays. It kept them nearly as busy as it did when they were working in the infirmary full time, sleeping in the storage compartment to keep an eye on critical patients and such. They were a bit of a busybody. They hadn't thought anyone would approach them while they looked so busy and intrigued with their work, but that notion apparently didn't dissuade a familiar wolf from visiting them.

    "Your garden looks better every time I see it," They pause in watering their herbs to chance a glance to their side to see the much larger form of the Star Seeker next to them. Rose washed eyes grow a margin wide for a moment, taking his compliment into account, before shrugging their shoulders in a half-hearted way. "Uhm ...thank you." They say, their voice muffled around the handle of the watering can they had recently gotten. Their gaze quickly fall back to the clumps of lavender they had planted most recently, a faint flicker of nervousness crossing their tired face. "Did you need something, Mikhalitsyn?" They couldn't imagine anyone would need to speak with them now that they held no rank of importance. They were simply a background character now, a nobody. What could Mik possibly want from them, if it wasn't some kind of remedy for pain or illness?

    Athanasius blinks slowly at Incanto as he introduces himself as such. Other members of the clan had since arrived to observe - which was something they still couldn't get over even though they had lived here for quite some time - and shifted uncomfortably, keeping their personal bubble in mind. It seemed like this was going to be another joiner, not that they minded too much, but they hoped that this one wasn't the sort to be nosy. Ana probably didn't like those kinds of people the most being as withdrawn and reserved as they were. "Welcome." The kitsune says, "I'm Athanasius Against the World, or just Athanasius. I don't like nicknames." They say, moving to pick up their basket full of herbs. Despite saying repeatedly that they didn't like nicknames, just about everyone tacked one onto them anyways. They somewhat expect for this one to follow the trend, too much to their annoyance. "I'm going back to camp. You can follow me if you want, and then you can choose your cabin..." Showing him the way and then leaving to their own cabin was about as much as they could offer without mentally taxing themselves. Being social always left them feeling grouchy.

    They were surprised that they allowed themselves to be talked into this. Athanasius hadn't ever seen themselves joining multiple groups for any reason. They held a short dual-alliance with the Hellraisers when they were training their apprentices to become medics, but they had never actually lived in their swamp for any amount of time. It was a glorified "pass" to come and go as they pleased because of what they were doing for their group. This, they imagined, would be a little different.

    "The last time I joined a clan was when I joined the Coven when it was still called BlizzardClan," They muttered to Spiritline as they walked, their tails tiredly dragging across the ground. They had only packed up a few essentials to bring alone with them for when they'd settle into their new home, namely a few blankets, some wax candles, and of course their tea set. Athanasius appeared to be anxious as their rose colored gaze slid towards the male's face, a pensive frown pressing into their features. "And that was when I was barely an apprentice, mind you." Although they had faced their own fair share of joiners, they had never had to think about being on the other side of the border for any reason. They couldn't help but feel a bit anxious.

    "...You should do the talking since you like running your mouth so much." Athanasius huffed under their breath after a hesitant moment of silence, drawing to a halt when they reached Wind Haven's border. A sigh tumbled forth from their mouth, their tongue flicking across the fangs that now protruded from their upper lip.

    - spiritline , please don't post before they do!

    Ana frowned as they attended the meeting, but hung back as always. They had hoped to hear their name, but it seemed like they had their hopes up for nothing. Were they not doing enough to be noticed? A bit discouraged, they frown even more and cast their gaze to the ground. When the meeting was dismissed, they slunk away to their cottage. Most of what Aphrodite had said had gone over their head. They didn't really care that much about other people's successes; it only made them feel bitter.

    Athanasius, on the contrary, had never been watched. No one in their life stayed around long enough to want to keep an eye on them. While some might find that liberating, the truth was that it was rather lonely. The thought of having eyes on them at all times, however, didn't appeal to them either. They were far too used to this lonely life they've lived. Perhaps there was simply nothing better for them.

    A voice calls out nearby, and the kitsune narrows their eyes slightly. They sounded too close to their liking. They don't recall having drawn that close to the edge of the floating mainland, where their magical boats were docked. Had someone come up and not realize where they were? A likely enough scenario, which only went on to annoy the doctor since that meant that they had to deal with it on the off-time that they had when they weren't tending to their garden or out picking herbs.

    "I am," A soft, monotonous voice is what greets the stranger. Stepping into view was a pale furred kitsune, whose whole demeanor practically screamed the word "tired." There were notable bags under their eyes, their shoulders slouched forward, and the fur messy and sticking up every which way. Rose washed eyes seemed sad, almost empty. Finally, a lavender color scarf was wrapped up around their throat, the hints of scars reaching up towards their jaw, just barely visible.

    They carry a basket in their jaws which had muffled their words a good deal. They set it down beside them, their tails still as they dragged across the ground. "Name and business?" They ask bluntly, a small frown set onto their face.


    Ah, they knew them. They had actually been good friends with their leader and his mate. Of course, this relationship reared itself between themselves and the Hellraisers behind the Coven's back a while ago, and it had been a long time since they'd even seen the Hellraisers, but it came as a shock to them in particular that they'd target their home after all they've done for their group -- from delivering herbs they needed, to mentoring two of their most medically inclined members so they could have a fighting chance to prosper. They were disappointed that their hard work didn't save the Coven from being targeted. What a shame.

    Ana frowned at the scene, their gaze flickering between Barghest, Mike, and Tempest. Athanasius would not be expected to fight. They didn't show up to the training sessions even when beckoned. They couldn't make them fight, so they wouldn't. They huff. "I'll prepare a cot for them in the infirmary just in case." The vampire says, their tails flicking slowly behind them.

    Yeah, Athanasius felt that the responsibility of heading this thing when they had been a healer shouldn't had fell to them. They were awkward enough as it were, and despised being in the center of attention. They would have preferred for someone else to host such meetings, and had pushed off of hosting one for the longest time. At least they wouldn't have to at the current moment. They could just sit and listen in and if they were lucky enough, they wouldn't even have to speak to anyone, a bonus in their eyes.

    Sitting off to the side, the vampire watches the gathering through half-lidded eyes. They didn't care much for the pillows and blankets since they didn't want to come too close anyways, and instead stared rather blankly at Aphrodite, frowning slightly.

    Athanasius seemed to jump slightly at the sudden presence of Mike, side-stepping clumsily to one side to put an comfortable amount of space between them. Their fur had prickled slightly in alarm, but as soon as they saw who it was, they forced their fur to lay flat across their body, awkwardly clearing their throat afterward. Ana's rose tinted gaze flicked up towards Mikhalitsyn for the briefest of moments before their stare subconsciously redirected itself to their paws. "Uh -- thanks, I guess." The vampire mutters, their brows drawing themselves together for a moment. They shuffled their paws awkwardly, unsure how to further whatever conversation Mike might be trying to stir up with them. They... weren't used to this.

    Thankfully, Mulder came over a few seconds later, sparing them the embarrassment as it steadily crept onto the face in the form of a dull blush. Athanasius didn't have much experience with actually growing flowers and herbs and the like. They were only good at identifying them, and knowing the right amount to pick so that the leftover herbs would have the chance to grow once more, as well as uselessly being able to weave flora into decorations and accessories.

    They tip their head to the side at the councilman's inquiry. "Not too long, I think..." Athanasius would say, "They'll start sprouting in a couple of weeks. Maybe they'll come into full bloom in a month or so if I tend to them right." They turn towards the two Elysians present, chewing softly at their underlip to mask their nervousness. "Do... either of you have any experience with gardening?"

    Ugh. Now that they were sleeping in their cabin more, they realized that it was awfully plain. Athanasius didn't have many belongings to start with, but their home just felt sorry. They couldn't keep much because Ocean would chew through some of their things, but even they thought that they could decorate some, but with what? The idea came to them shortly after a moment of thinking it over. Perhaps they could make a personal garden just behind their cabin? It was a little out of the way of the other Elysian's homes, being tucked into a little corner on their own slice of island. Their plants would have a lot of room to grow in...

    With that idea, they got to work. They had a lot of free time on their paws, and with no one to constantly bother them about this or that, they were able to get a good chunk of the framework for their garden done. Several square frames now sat in their backyard, and designated on each of the front of each frame was a certain herb labeled. One read "sage," and another "lavender," and so on and so forth. It would appear to be a big garden, but Athanasius figured that they would be able to easily take care of it.

    With a satisfied nod of their head, they turn back into their cabin to retrieve a bucket. They would head just outside to collect some dirt. Obviously, with just themselves, the trips back and forth would be more than a few, but at this point they were dedicated to finishing it. Pouring the dirt into the frames, they made sure that it was nice and even before digging small holes out of them where the seeds would be planted. They wipe dirt off of their pristine pelt ( which only served to dirty their fur even more ), exhaustion snapping at them. Athanasius smiles tiredly as they sit among their work, satisfied, wondering how it'll all look once the herbs were grown. They hoped it to be beautiful.

    There was a moment where they entertained putting a couple of pillows outside for them to sit on, and figured that'd be nice too. Now, they supposed, they would have to get their paws on some gardening tools. They really hadn't thought about a watering can, something that was pretty important unless they wanted to rely on whatever storms would roll through to give their plants the amount water they needed. Athanasius harrumphed at the thought.

    / this is what the garden is going to grow into, btw!