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    On mobile rn that hates fancy post while goin on a 9hr drive to Florida, so sorry that my reply is a little late. I'll do fancy post again once I have access to my PC :) sorry that this post is pretty sucky, I'll do better when I'm not squinting at my screen lol

    IC: Ohko's internal temperature keeps rising at a steady pace, and the pseudowood spikes on her spine bristle with impatience. Dribbit gently pushes himself into her side to try and calm her down a little, and the soft pressure against the membrane of her wing reminds her of the tiny dragon at her side. The action quells a little bit of the rising tension inside of her that had been nigh bursting at the seams since they had arrived at the mainland shore. As she begins to make a biting remark, feeling a bit disregarded by the two others, Thunder steps in. Her irritation vanishes at the support, and she settles back down in her spot that she hadn't even realized she'd begun to rise from.

    Dribbit sighs in relief, thankful for Thunder's intervention before Ohko could get a bit violent-- a very real possibility he's had the misfortune to witness many times. He croaks a thanks, hoping that it gets the message across. Due to the froggish voice of his species, it's sometimes hard for other dragons to understand through his accent.

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    Ohko | Pithrock | Female / Dribbit | Blub-Glub | Male

    Ohko speech

    Dribbit speech

    OOC: Since I'm a little late to the party, I'll have Alcatraz and Roanoke be kind of distant from the group, but maybe 1 of the members is close to them or they accidentally hear in on the secret, whatever works best.

    IC: "That 'ape colony,'" Ohko hisses, a bit of heated precipitation from the water stored in her scales puffing out of her nostrils and blending in with the mist, "is dangerous, as I've said many times."

    Normally Ohko wouldn't get so heated, but being back in the realm beyond the Hidden one has her scales on edge. She hasn't forgotten what happened the last time that she was here, and she still has a few missing scales and scars to prove it. Two years haven't put even a centimeter of damage to every memory she has of this place. She had been wary of taking the human's livestock--because humans hold grudges for a long, long time, and she knows are clever enough to find out the 'who done it'-- but weeks of her wingspan on sea breezes left her starving and uncaring.

    That, and she and Waspwander never quite got along sometimes.

    Dribbit makes a half-whimper half-croak cuddled beneath her chest, unused to seeing his friend so agitated-- normally silence or sarcasm would emanate from her, not barely civil words.

    Roanoke Speech

    Alcatraz Speech

    IC: Early morning is the best time of day... for Alcatraz, at least.

    A bright, big smile dons his face as he flips the 'CLOSED' sign to 'OPEN' on the front door of the shop, and heads over to the refrigerator to restock the space with the shop's specialty drinks; cream sodas of all flavors and colors. It wasn't as popular as most mainstream store's name-brand sodas like Coca-Cola or Sprite and whatnot, but everyone who has tasted the shop's cream sodas swear that they're addictive, and he wholeheartedly agrees. If it wasn't for his sister's voracious appetite for carbonated sugars (which was a rather blunt way of calling cream sodas), then they likely wouldn't have as many customers, as it's often a town favorite during the summers when people don't need to go shopping more often, and that often hurts the small businesses like themselves, so the cream soda is heaven-sent in his eyes.

    He hears Roanoke groan from the cheap, thin wood ceiling above him, and the thud of her feet as she stumbles out of bed makes him roll his eyes. Despite being rather symmetrical in features, he and his sister are quite the opposites. While that's good for business, he wishes every once in a while, that Roanoke wasn't so lazy and wouldn't leave him to open and stock the store by himself every morning, but then he reminds himself of how she takes the night shift or the dirty jobs every time without complaint... unless she's feeling particularly mouthy. He sighs, shaking his head, and rounds about the counter to set up the kitchen for Roanoke before she started cooking whatever suspiciously perfect dessert she came up with today to sell. Sweet and Roanoke may not exactly go hand-in-hand, but she makes up for it whenever she bakes. As he places the pot out in the open for her (she prefers organized chaos; everything in sight, but within a certain place he's learned to predict over the years) she comes stumbling down the stairs with bleary eyes, half-combed hair and a tired scowl.

    "Well, looks like someone slept well."

    Major wips <33 looks like our paths really did cross again quickly ali xD it's your fault for making so many cool threads.

    OOC: sorry for not putting pic, name, etc, I'll make the fancy post for that once I access my computer tomorrow :) and yes, Aliyah is kinda too confident.

    IC: Aliyah spots the Main Street of the city about seven clicks away. The soft rattling of the cart behind her frowns out the monotony of the beautiful wildgrass landscape. Her tawny coat blends into the yellowed stalks, and she might have looked like a lioness marching through the savannah to some who did not know of her. The rickety cart shudders a little after a wheel bumps into a slightly large stone, and the chains of the harness rattle in reply. The farmhouse in her field always had items like these-- it only took a bit of planning and dexterity to hook up the old mule cart to herself after loading in some wares. She'd found some canned black beans in the farmer's old panty-- she doesn't care for the stuff, but the city dogs might-- and other odd things like muskrat teeth and sheepskins for whelping mothers.

    Swapping supplies with the city pack gave her something to do to kill the monotony of watching over remnant herds after the fall of man. True, she'd only met Paris who was the scout who spotted her, and Atari, the pack leader who she (somewhat forcefully, as she was feeling rather magnanimous that day and allowed herself to be 'detained' by the scout who was a twig when next to her) met and first proposed the business venture to. She's only visited a handful of times, always appearing without notice, but they always seemed happy to at least trade for a few of her items. Perhaps they'll want more this time, with winter coming soon with the foliage darkening.

    The city is closer than ever with her moderate and lax pace, and she can begin to count every window on the abandoned skyscrapers.

    Name: Aliyah

    Age: 4 Years

    Rank: Loner

    Personality: Aliyah is absolutely terrifying to look at, towering above almost all dogs and outweighing most mastiffs. Her entire aura reads powerful anf serious, and her personality matches that. She is very stoic and to-the-point, but retains a certain politeness and calmness despite her calm confidence. She is very honest (which surprises most people, for some reason) when she speaks, but can be very taciturn in conversations when she does not want to answer something as she would prefer not to lie. But despite her gentle nature, she has an anger that can rise above mountains in waves of irritability if not tempered quick enough. This dog does not coddle others, and will teach you quickly, brutally, and efficiently if you do not listen to her. She wanders on her own, but shows keen interest in allying with the pack, often joining them on hunts or sneaking around their territory (really, she just kind of waltzes around the perimeters for no good reason) or trading food for other supplies with the pack.

    Orientation: Hetero/Straight

    Love Interest: OPEN

    Family: Deceased/Missing

    Other:Yes, city has fallen.