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    Hadassah | Female | Reality Render | Interacting with; Kokoro creamymikan

    She hopes her smile is adequate-- because how do people do social interactions anyways-- and is relieved when he seems to take it in stride. She subconsciously tilts her head at his words; perhaps moving from the U.S.A to Japan isn't as popular as it once was, if he hasn't seen anyone from the United States before.

    Another thing she'll have to catch up on. The world certainly waits for no one.

    Following Amida and the teacher to the gym, she takes a mental note to remember the pathway so that she doesn't get lost in the future. Hadassah feels a slight thrill run through her spine at the thought of fighting. It's an unsettling notion, one she thought she had stamped out long ago, but old habits die hard, she supposes. She twitches as the ground shudders and groans, quickly stepping back as the ground shifts beneath her feet. While she waits for the ground to stop moving, she briefly glances outside to see the rain, and listens over the rolling of the ground to gauge just how loud the droplets are falling. The steady pour of rain becomes crisp white noise once the teacher-- she really should start remembering their names-- finishes using his quirk, about as loud as being surrounded by a chatty crowd. A rather bloodthirsty smile nearly ripples across her face, but she stamps it down, yet unable to hide the quirk of her lip at the revelation.

    She glances around, unable to identify her partner in the small horde of children, and decides to simply take the closest field and stand there. With her quirk being as non-physical as it has the potential to be, it would be best if she played it smart and only revealed a portion of her power to misguide anyone who may be watching through their fights, and the rain created the perfect opportunity for that.

    Why waste energy creating an elaborate ruse when you can just kill the enemy's will to fight? Such a thing was never an option in... that place, but here, she is free to do as she wishes-- however odd the thought is to her. And if that means terrifying and possibly traumatizing another student, well... they could use the mental fortification. She'll only need to be careful not to take it too far, not to underestimate nor overestimate her opponent, and...

    well, try not to break them.

    hhmmm, I'm a little well-known (or used to be, when I actually had a social life) as a hand-crusher kinda like toadaroadaroki just because I challenged the biggest dude in the whole restaurant (it's a long story) to an arm-wresting match. Now I was like 5' 3" maybe 5' 4" which really isn't that bad at all but this dude literally clocked four heads taller than me and he was a gnarly dude and his hand literally swamped mine which looked like a toddler's hand compared to his.

    Long story short, it was literally a ten-minute struggle, I was starving after getting lost in a field of corn for three hours, one girl was basically the ref because she got so into it and neither of us could literally move the other for ten minutes straight, the girl's basically mind-blown, I'm a a normal kid going head-to-head with freakin' Goliath for ten minutes straight and both of our faces are bright red, no one else is even paying any attention anymore because we're all so hungry waiting for our food until I basically say "Well this isn't going anywhere" and let my hand drop cause I wasn't gonna exhaust myself for five more minutes and basically just let the dude slam-dunk my hand into the table.

    So the dude and I had mad respect for each other and I was officially uncovered as a gorilla in a girl's body, and the dude kept cradling his murdered hand the whole night and I never saw him again.

    Good times. ;)