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    *:・゚✧ Even with Calina as their leader, or previous leader now, and the almost conflict with the Thunderlands, and the grand total of two raids that she has attended, Órfhlaith had never truly grasped the destructive power of fire. Despite having been a Veiler for almost a year now, Órfhlaith had treated very few burns, as a herd horse, she had never seen much of nor dealt with fire. Seeing swaths of ash and soot where there used to be green was, jarring. Her knowledge of the event being what prompted her to fill her baskets with herbs and food, passing by the usual more frivolous gifts for what she thought would be useful. She'd made sure to pack supplies that were useful for burns, ones that were more unique to the whispering pines as well as general supplies. Also bringing both dried and fresh meats as well as berries and edible herbivorous foods, unknowing if the Flights had members such as herself or not, it couldn't hurt to provide them.

    As always, the equine stopped just shy of the border, setting her baskets down by her hooves as she looked into the decimated territory. "Hello? A'm back. A' t'ought ye'd like some supplies so a' brung some... supplies." Sighing at her own eloquence the mare shakes out her mane before keeping an eye out to see who would approach. "Also to offer a hoof, if any o' ye need help with anyt'ing a'm more than happy to help." Clearing up, medical help, she thought it was best to offer, she was no huntress but she was strong enough if they needed anything moving. "That is, if ye want it."

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    *:・゚✧ "What doesn't prefer to live free?" The mare trudged forward with a weak smile on her face as she gave a nod to no-one in particular, stopping just shy of the edge of the group as she arrived. Old memories had been plaguing her sleep for a little while now, and Ulla's words unintentionally brought them to the forefront of her mind. As much as she tried to repress the thought, while Shadow Veil undoubtedly felt like home to her, she couldn't help but feel slightly, trapped. Especially with the walls, and the rigid borders, home to her was people, not places, and her hooves itched to run a long distance, she tried sleeping outside of her hut to try and quell the feeling, but it didn't seem to be helping. Either way, she gave a small smile to Haze as she leant her head down. "A' hear the spire is a good place for bird watchin'."

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    *:・゚✧ Healing was not any less frightening an occupation than that of a warrior in her opinion. While her usual tasks were tending to the odd cuts and scrapes, sometimes larger wounds from accidents, illnesses and making sure the more stubborn members of the Veil actually came back for check-ups and let her tend to their wounds (which tended to be an unfortunately common trait among Veilers apparently, with the amount of scars she saw that she knew wouldn't be there if they'd been allowed to be looked at, sometimes she wondered if it was stubbornness, or some sort of weird vanity where they thought the scars made them look tougher) the rare times a large, or life threatening injury arose, it turned her blood cold. She had been a Spiritcaller for a long time now, and yesterday marked eleven months since she joined Shadow Veil, and she'd been somewhat a healer even before the Veil; so she was experienced sure, but it never felt any easier holding another's life in her hooves. Especially when it belonged to a friend.

    Since she got the call from Haze, it didn't take her long to get there. "Mystletainn?" There was to much blood, almost all from his throat. First Nautilus' bite marks on the throat now this? Shit, and he was unconscious too. She didn't like that. Thankfully someone was already pressing bandages to the wound. The shoulder gashes were nasty but she wasn't as worried about them right now.

    Bending her head down to get a better look at his neck, her breath came out shaky as she nodded to everyone. "A' need him moved, a' need any blood that isn't absorbed into the bandages to not go into his respiratory system." With the sheer amount of blood she couldn't tell if the trachea had been punctured or not. "A' can't tell yet but it may need to be cauterised." That was the worst case scenario, but unfortunately one she needed to consider. She went to reach for his head to hopefully pull it upwards, while reaching for more clean bandages for the blood. "Mystletainn, can ye hear me?" She doubted he could, but she hoped he could be awake. "Someone should go and get AMBROSE.  " She would need the extra hands.

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    *:・゚✧ "D'ye need a hand?" Trespassers didn't tend to walk in circles or mutter call out names loudly if they knew they were trespassing. So something tole Órfhlaith that the stranger was more likely lost than a malicious vandal. Though with her last encounter with a lost and confused stranger, she stayed a bit farther back from Brandon, remembering the claw scratches she' received from Bluefur when they'd first met, she didn't wish to frighten this stranger the same way she had Bluefur.

    She gave a soft smile, deciding that the stranger didn't seem aggressive as of yet, "Are ye lookin' for someone in particular? A'm afraid I didn't recognize any of the names ye called earlier." His calling out being what attracted the large equine to the scene in the first place, though if they were anywhere near, she hoped they wouldn't have to do some strangers trespassers scavenger hunt or something. His clumsy movements caught her eye however, and they way he sounded he was either dehydrated or ill, it brought a grimace to her face. "Are ye feelin' ok? D'ye need some water? A'm a healer if yer hurt." She brought her head down, confused by how he almost seemed, uncomfortable in his steps. Maybe he was having a shapeshifting or possession malfunction? She fixed her green gaze on the stranger as she tried to determine if he had some kind of fever or not without being able to examine him properly.

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    *:・゚✧ There had been a point in time where Órfhlaith had been the only trained medic in the Veil, and it was a very stressful time too. Part of that period also happened to coincide with a blizzard and potential war, with almost all of her herb stocks depleted. It was a time that had somewhat strengthened her, taught her how to deal with such stress, learn how to manage on a low herb supply, and more. But since taking on Mystletainn, Ambrose and Kiyoshi as her students, and Ambrose and Mystletainn joining her as full Spiritcallers, her tasks had become much more manageable, and she no longer fretted about simple needs such as sleeping, or her ambassadorial duties making her unavailable during an emergency. Especially with not official but still trained medics that she trusted such as Haiiro and Sylmae.

    Though she still made sure she was available when possible, kept an ear out for any calls of her name either shouted from some part f the territory or from another come to fetch her or another medic. Injured or sick joiners, strangers and members could and have arrived at any point of the day, and it was her duty to make sure she or another medic was available to help. Of course, after Mystletainn and Ambrose joined the team, she often heard her name called in such a way alongside theirs, rarely was she requested specifically. Though she decided not to puzzle it as she approached Nautilus quickly, beaten by Sylmae and Mystletainn as she felt a mild panic rise in her throat as she saw the injuries dealt to the poor girl and the telltale smell of infection. Thank whatever deity looked after them that Syl and Mystle were here, she was sure she'd likely need an extra paw, she gave a nod to both with a smile with a silent look thrown to them both that she hoped conveyed both gratitude and a request for them to stay. That bite mark frightened her.

    The Ruins were a bunch of cowards and nothing more. How many children of theirs would they harm before they decided to stop. Was it time for another set of travelling restrictions to members under a certain age to be put in place like the ones Ver put forward during their war with the Painted Brigade? She could always talk to Calina or Ulla later about the Ruins and deal with her anger towards them then. But for now Nautilus needed her focused and level headed. She gave a soft half-smile of concern as she leant her head down. "A'm here kiddo, yer gonna be fine." Her tone quieter than usual as she hoped the injection hadn't set in too deep. She pulled out marigold, horsetail, chervil, and a small jar of honey and began to mix them together to a poultice, deciding she wanted to deal with the possibility of infection in her wounds first with how large that bite mark was, also to help stop any bleeding. Though bandages and cobwebs would help further. "This will stave off infection and help with the bleeding if ye'll let me put it on?"

    She decided to wait for her go ahead but made another concoction while she waited, noticing the signs of fever, the needed attending to, feverfew, lavender, and borage leaves were the next herbs she pulled out as she offered them to Nautilus. "A' know they won't taste very good, but these will help ye feel better."

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    *:・゚✧ //These threads are gonna be the death of me i swear, I'm sorry for the inevitable clownery

    Órfhlaith dealed with stress in much a similar way when it came to wartime. She liked to be prepared, and made sure her shelves were stocked and her inventory was full, making sure that their herb stocks wanted for nothing when the inevitable injuried and ailment came to the Veilers,. She always did, and probably always would se herself more as a healer than any kind of fighter, without her herbs and knowledge she felt useless and a burden; so times like this really prompted her to make her shelves well kept, organised and stocked, with her healing abilities being the only thing she had to offer the clan, she always liked feeling ready and prepared for when if she would be called uon.

    Seeing Calina reinforce barriers in such a way reminded her of her owwn awys of coping with war. It made sense that she wanted to be prepared too, especially with how vicious the Ruins had made themselves known to be, she sagrees agrees that the barriers made them safer, . "A' seee ye've already got a plethora of help offers, but to parrot 'em, if ye need a n extra hoof a'm over here." Well, if there were this many offers, the barriers would be done vry soon. jUST AS LONG as they were stable.

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    *:・゚✧ This was new for Órfhlaith. She certainly wasn't a docile creature, she was slow to anger and a forgiving person, but once the long fuse of hers reached it's end, it usually ended explosively, though this had only ever happened with a verbal fight before. Sure she could rip an opponent to shreds with clever turns of phrase and a snide comment. But she'd rarely fought physically. The one time she had done, she'd ended up captured in the Exiles so she wasn't exactly an experienced fighter at all, and all the drive behind her mustered from pent up anger towards the desert-dwellers could easily be viewed as blind stupidity, but this was the one time she'd ever felt like this was deserved, and she wanted to be here, besides, if Calina did end up deciding they'd want to attack their infirmary, as much as part of Órfhlaith's conscience screamed against it, it was the one thing that stoppd them from attacking the Brigade once upon a time, and if that's what it took to keep the Veilers safe, then she was sure that her knowledge of what the most important, useful and rare medical supplies were would come in handy. The equine arrived along with the rest of the Veil, charging along with them, following their lead with her lack of knowledge on the Ruins' territory.

    //Medium-easy physically/Medium mentally

    Open to one or two opponents at a time

    Electricity elementals

    Closed to torture, capture and kill, minor injuries are fine!!

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    *:・゚✧ It had been a short run. Of course, it was an extremely rare occasion that Órfhlaith ever traveled to Delos, well, technically she had never traveled, she'd been dragged unconscious to, and traveled back home, but this would be the first time she ever went to Delos willingly, and freely, not as a captive. So she did have tomake sure that she knew where she was going to, but, a simple retracing her vague footsteps and knowledge of the vague directions was enough for her to find the Sanctuary's territory easily. If she only had a few skills, navigation would be one of them

    The large horse came to a still just before their border, usually contempt to wait, but given the nature of their situation, felt pushed to give a quick call of "Hello? It's Shadow Veil!" instead of staying silent as she awaited a Sanctuarinan to arrive, eager to return to Calina with the news of what their answer would be.

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    *:・゚✧ The majority of the time, Órfhlaith really hated raids. She was a person who valued peaceful solutions to bad relations, to talk things through and come to terms with the past rather than continue and be complicit in an endless circle of violence. But, that had to come from both sides, it had become clear to the equine that the Sanguine Ruins were unreasonable, if they would stoop so low as to capture and harm children, she didn't want anything to do with them, and deserved everything they got. This was the first raid Órfhlaith hadn't grumbled (or all out ranted) about, in fact thought it was necessary. She was even considering participating for the little help she could offer, even as just a field medic, but first they needed to prepare, obviously.

    "A' can go to the Sanctuary." Usually she would volunteer to go to the Flights as their ambassador, but with how fast they most likely wanted to move, and the Flights being very close but the Sanctuary a fair bit away, Órfhlaith was used to travelling longer distances in a short amount of time, and to her the distance of travel between here to the Sanctuary and back wasn't much at all. It seemed to make sense in her mind.

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    *:・゚✧ The only gardening Órfhlaith tended to were the few trees she kept that grew her favourite berries and fruits from home. If the fruits could be found anywhere she knew of, she wouldn't have even bothered with keeping them, but needs must right? Apart from the very simple care the trees needed, Órfhlaith didn't know the first thing about gardening.

    "A'm guessin' if they're called sunflowers then they'll need a lot of sun?" Oh yeah, etymology at it's finest, just as long as their namesake wasn't the colour of their petals, that would be embarrassing. "And, wet soil?" So much for trying to be helpful. Just because she was one of the few herbivores in the clan didn't mean anything for her argricultural skills.

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    *:・゚✧ Gardening wasn't Órfhlaith's big passion, the only reason she had a few trees she tended to were so that she could still eat her favourite fruits and berries from her homeland. She wasn't there when Mystletainn had started his wee gardening adventure, but hearing the feline so excited about the shoot brought a smile to the mare's face as she trotted over, eager to see what the fuss was about.

    "Might just have t'give ye the job of growin' the infirmary''s herbs from now on." The equine lightly teased as she craned her head down to take a look. "What kinda tree d'ye plant?/color]"

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    *:・゚✧ Órfhlaith loved a good picnic. First of all, as a herbivore, it was nice having fruit and non-meat items laid out, even if her favourite fruits an berries rarely made an appearence (from being so rare themselves around here) she still enjoyed apples and the like so she didn't see any reason not to come join, especially since she didn't know the host that well, and considering her new rank, she supposed she should be making an even bigger effort to know all the members of the Veil.

    "This all looks lovely." The equine said, trotting over to join as she gave a nod to Saki as she knelt down near Athelina as she looked to the fruit. Bruised fruit didn't bother her, it didn't make the fruit any less safe to eat, and the texture change didn't matter to her at all, she gave a wide grin to Saki as she motioned her head. "May I?" She may have offered the fruit to everyone already, but, it still seemed best to ask.

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    *:・゚✧ What was it that everyone seemed to be targeting them. Granted she didn’t know how things were in other clans, or even the Kingdom or Flights in regards to, but the Ruins seemed to be targeting the Veil, and now this with the Exiles? She didn’t know Jingwei that much granted, had only really seen her around, but that didn’t change the fact that here was a Veiler, left dead, murdered by an Exiler on their borders.

    Someone get over here!” The mare called out behind her as she fretted. The Exiles has been quiet for quite some time, why had they decided to start up on them now?

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    *:・゚✧ If there was one thing Órfhlaith could say was more terrifying about living in a Clan versus her old herd, while there was always the threat of being hunted and vulnerable, she knew that that was all to do with survival. Other herds no matter what the bad blood was between them never kidnapped and tortured their members, this was sick. She could never hope to understand clans like the Ruins or the Exiles who were very happy to capture and torture others on the regular, even children. She’d stopped trying to understand things from their point of view quite a few moons ago, deciding that she didn’t even want to understand something like that which she considered so vile.

    Shite, if we’re going to retaliate we need to do it sooner rather than later, they’re just gettin’ bolder.” The equine said with an urgency in her tone. Were they going to bother with spying still? To her it seemed the best thing right now was speed, and she wasn’t sure what information that would be useful any spies could bring back right now.

    As the healer tried to go through options in her mind to suggest, she caught sight of an unfamiliar wyrmling child and Grimm rushing out of the border as panic started to flare up in her. “Hey!” The equine called out as she attempted to run around, and stop in front of the two to block their paths. “We’ll be gettin’ her back, we just need some kinda plan.” The last thing they needed were two more members captured.

    A’ t’ink we need to band together with all our allies right now not just the Phoenix Eclipse, the more we have the better chance we have of gettin’ Nautilus back as well as gettin’ a message through. A’ also suspect they have allies held captive as well.” With how the Ruins were acting, she suspected it would be really quite easy to get other clans on board in some kind of strike on the Ruins, the longer they let this go on the worse it would only get.

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    *:・゚✧ She was rather upset to see him go. Órfhlaith had grown quite fond of Polaris in his time here, and he was sweet, the time he'd showed up to her hut gifting her flowers as an apology for an accident, she wouldn't forget that, and had kept them in a vase in her hut until they'd wilted. However, she understood the need to explore and move on, she'd been lucky enough to find herself at home easily in the Veil after being ripped from her herd, but she understood that some people's journeys were different, more complicated or just took longer to find their end.

    "A'm gonna miss seein' ye 'round." The mare offered as she arrived, a more bittersweet smile on her face as she stilled. Though, at least she got to give some departing words to Polaris, she was grateful he hadn't left with only a note as an explanation, or nothing at all. "Stay safe out there alright?" She hoped he'd find happiness on his quest.

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    *:・゚✧ These were always appreciated. As hard as Órfhlaith worked hard around the clan and especially in the inifrmary, she often got to know a good amount of the members there on a somewhat superficial level, however, the mare was really quite introverted, and there were surprisingly few members she would call a true 'friend', whether from her own introversion or fear of embarrassment of calling someone friend only to find it was more one sided- she did not know for sure. But these were always a good way she thought to re-enter the more social aspect of being in a clan, as much as she liked to focus on work and alone time, she recognised it wasn't good to constantly alienate herself.

    "I'm Órfhlaith, I'm usually found in the infirmary or out on a run, though if ye want ye can just call me Órf." She never really understood the nickname she had been given since becoming a Veiler, but she didn't question it, and if it helped other feel more comfortable around her then all the more reason no to question.

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    *:・゚✧ She'd been in Shadow Veil for almost eleven months now, and it was no secret Órfhlaith wasn't much of a fighter. She'd learnt a lot about basic self-defense, the whole being captured by Lethaldeception and dragged across the continent hammered the point home just how important it was. She was a healer first and foremost. Her hooves would always be better for applying poultices and bandages and setting bones right than they would breaking the bones of their enemies, as odd as that probably sounded for a creature built as she was. She didn't know her own strength, she only though of herself as a prey animal in a place that was ruled by those with sharp teeth and claws, and at war with such a place that was known for their viciousness. She didn't take into account her size, her strength, her power, after all, she didn't know how to use it to her advantage other than to run as fast as she could.

    So naturally, she'd take all the help she could get. If Calina was gonna help her learn how not to get cooked alive she'd take it, and hey, even though her element was electrical, maybe whatever she taught others about controlling fire would be somewhat applicable to her own powers? Transferable skills and all that. "A'll join, a' probably need the skills." Though with her newly gained wings she didn't want to do loads of activity right now, with how her back, and the skin the appendages burst through was still aching substantially.

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    *:・゚✧ Languages fascinated Órfhlaith, and while she'd always prefer to speak her native language, she liked the idea of knowing more than just Irish and English. Though she should probably learn how to write in English first before starting anything new, the amount of different rules for spelling in English confused her to hell. Why couldn't it just be phonetic? Either way, the mare decided it would still be interesting to learn what she could, coming to a halt near Haiiro and Ulla as she gave only a nod as a greeting.

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