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    calm as he was, cedarpaw wasn’t immune to surprises. his widened eyes and small jump were only signs that he was alive and had proper reflexes. but upon realizing it was only a clanmate, the small tom quickly regained his composure. “...good morning,” he meowed, trying to keep the salt out of his voice at having his quiet walk disrupted.

    cedarpaw woke up early in the morning to a cool breeze coming through the medicine den. shivering a bit, the skinny tom blinked open green eyes and forced himself to rise and walk outside. the crisp autumn air, the smell of rotting leaves and smoke from twoleg fires filled his lungs as he took a deep breath. it was a lovely time of year, though he could do with a bit more body fat to keep him warmer.

    the cinnamon tom left camp on a solitary walk, taking in the blurry sights of the forest. when did his vision get so cloudy? the pinks, yellows, and blues of the sunrise blended together with the red-orange leaves that still clung to the trees and all the brown ones that littered the ground. the details of what he saw escaped him, but even a scientific mind like his could appreciate the beauty of the colors.

    cedarpaw could certainly understand silverkit's desire to be clean, though his desire for cleanliness wasn't as...phobic. as a medicine cat apprentice, he was hyper-aware of everywhere germs could be found and how they could make a cat sick. he did not like to be dirty, but he understood there were times when he had to be, like when he'd have to dig up a useful root or patch up a cat's wound. it grossed him out every time, but it was something he'd learned to deal with.

    kudos to this kit for learning hygiene early. cedarpaw strolled over to the others and sat next to nightpaw silently. there wasn't much for him to say, and it was rude to comment on cats' appearances.

    excited? it was unlikely the stoic tom had felt such an emotion in his life. anticipation, maybe. curiosity, definitely. but nothing so intense as excitement. even as his first day of training was before him, all the cinnamon tabby could muster was a pleasant smile, and an "indeed," to his mentor.

    he could be emotionless, but he wasn't apathetic. he certainly was eager to learn how to do his job, as evidenced by his sniffing of a few of the herbs icefeather had laid out. "how do we start?"

    things felt off. the static in the air made cedarpaw's fur stand on end and, though it was the middle of the afternoon, the sky was gray as a cloudy evening. his suspicions about the odd weather were confirmed when his mentor beckoned him to help her with something. "i noticed," he replied. "i will check that everything is stored. barricading the den should probably be left to someone with more muscle mass."

    rushing to riverclan was an exhausting trip as it was, and the fighting only overwhelmed cedarpaw even more. it was more senseless violence than he'd ever seen before, more injured cats than he could count. he could only hope his help had been enough.

    he was tired, so tired as he returned to camp with the others, but there was still so much to do. it was time to heal his own clanmates now. he was starting to see how much of a burden being a medicine cat could be sometimes.

    he took in a deep breath and, spotting a red streak on jaggeddawn's flank, padded towards her on cracked pads. "do you mind if i take a look at that?" he asked hoarsely. oh no, he hoped he wasn't getting sick now. no, it was just tiredness, just tiredness.

    cedarpaw didn't like fighting, not at all. he didn't want to be around it, either. but his sense of duty overrode the bad taste in his mouth and he dipped his head in acknowledgement. the innocent had to be protected if shadowclan was to maintain its integrity.

    he looked over to his mentor; what was she thinking? widened eyes, hurried must be fear. they were all probably scared, even cedarpaw, but his body wouldn't allow him to display it. the small tom followed icefeather into the den calmly and gathered up a generous amount of marigold and cobwebs. if this raid was strategic at all, the riverclan medicine den would be targeted. it was a good idea to bring their own supplies.

    cedarpaw followed his leader to the meeting, cool and calm as ever. there was no spark of excitement in his green eyes this time; it was his second gathering, he knew what to expect. still, that didn’t mean he was some depressed zombie. his body language, relaxed and open, showed that he’d be cordial to anyone who’d like to speak to him.

    /open for interaction!

    there was calm curiosity behind the shadowclan medicine cat apprentice’s green eyes as he trotted down the path to the moonstone and the other healers came into view. it was his first time at one of these half-moon meetings—icefeather’s too. he was excited to meet everyone, though his bland expression might suggest otherwise.

    what were they like? the massive brown tabby who smelled of the city certainly seemed boisterous. cedarpaw took his talkativeness as a signal that he was open to interaction, and the much smaller tom approached him. he didn’t get too close—the word bloodclan stuck in his mind and brought up flashbacks to when the group of scoundrels attacked shadowclan on baseless accusations. they couldn’t be reasoned with, and that was terrifying. “salutations,” the young one greeted politely. “i am cedarpaw of shadowclan. has bloodclan been?” well, i hope. he didn’t want their ex-allies searching for someone to blame for their problems again.

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    the first time cedarpaw met starclan was at the moonstone when ratstar received her nine lives, and they hadn’t spoken to him since. he figured it was only through the moonstone that the starry cats would communicate with the living, but last night he was proven wrong.

    it had started off as a normal dream, cedarpaw sorting herbs in the medicine den. he often had mundane dreams like this; it was really all he did, so there wasn’t much for his subconscious imagination to pull from. however, this time, he noticed a feather coated in frost among his stash. and if that wasn’t odd enough to signal to him that he was dreaming, the ghostlike cat on the edge of his vision certainly was.

    he turned his head to speak to the feline, but just as soon as she appeared she vanished like smoke. cedarpaw awoke with furrowed brows, mulling over what this must mean.

    a feather covered in ice, a spectral feline. was starclan trying to tell him something? something he needed to do? he would have asked his mentor but... aha! that must be it—starclan was showing him who they wanted his mentor to be.

    green eyes sparkling at having solved the mystery, the young tom padded out of his den. it was early, the sun just barely starting to rise, but this was as good a time as any to make his announcement. he’d been waiting for far too long already. leaping up to the place ratstar would usually call clan meetings without a second thought, he yowled into camp. “cats of shadowclan, starclan has spoken to me! i am to select icefeather ( Hanakosong ) as my mentor and the medicine cat of shadowclan.”

    a smile crossed his lips; she’d make a good mentor, he thought. a former medicine cat already, she would have knowledge not only of herbs, but of spirituality as well. starclan really did know best.

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    it wasn't a big deal to him, being alone so often. it was when his thoughts were most clear and he had time to reflect without having to keep others engaged. he appreciated the sentiment though, and gave fallowfeather a nod. talking to him was enjoyable, anyway. even though he got the feeling he didn't half the words he said, it was nice to have someone who was willing to listen.

    "uhh...yes, in the simplest sense," he meowed. "the ingredients do matter, though. you can't just put want in them. most poultices are chewed and applied to a wound, bite, or burn to expedite healing and prevent disease."

    he pushed forward the bundle of herbs fallowfeather had pointed to, not yet chewed, but ready to go whenever duty called. "this one has comfrey root to soothe itching, goldenrod to speed recovery, and marigold to stop infections."

    being the clan's only medicine cat was certainly time-consuming, and teaching himself was even more so. the days of messing around with his "potions" were long over. they were called poultices now, and you had to know what you were doing so you didn't waste herbs. it was a much more serious business than cedarpaw imagined it would be as a kit.

    that wasn't to say he didn't like it, though. he found his job quite fulfilling, probably much more so than he would the life of a warrior. he was taking inventory of what he had in the medicine den when a familiar face popped in, one he hadn't seen in quite some time. the both of them had been busy lately, and because their roles were so different their paths didn't cross as much as they used to. nevertheless, cedarpaw still held a lot of respect and affection for fallowfeather. he'd taken care of him as a kit, always listened to whatever he had to say. a father figure, he supposed.

    the small tom turned around with a small smile to match, waving his tail nonchalantly to signal to fallowfeather that he was welcome to come in. "it's been a while," he remarked. "i'm preparing poultices--we seem to have had a lot of injured cats lately. these will help with preventing infection."