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    he wouldn't have been able to see heronpaw's smile, but judging by her voice, she seemed friendly. not opposed to engaging, at least. cedarpaw didn't know why cats from other clans would bother coming all the way over here if they weren't open to interaction. "i figured you were from riverclan by your scent," he replied. was that a weird thing to say? cedarpaw didn't really care. "anyway, it's nice to meet you. how is riverclan?"

    @* H E R O N P A W

    "hmm," cedarpaw hummed to himself as he listened to the deputy's announcement. this could either go very well or very badly. "that's quite a short notice. i hope we will be ready in time. if there is anything i can do to help, let me know." participating in a hunting patrol and actually catching something seemed next to impossible for the blind tom at the moment. even when he could see, he wasn't the best hunter. every day he thanked starclan more and more that he was allowed to be a medicine cat apprentice instead of a warrior.

    all these new sounds, scents, and cats were a bit overwhelming for the newly blind medicine cat apprentice. cedarpaw wondered if he should even try interacting with their guets or spare himself the embarrassment of inevitably tripping over himself or bumping into someone. with a sigh, the small tom removed himself from his nest in the medicine den and padded outside, flip flopping his large ears to locate cats nearby. the smell of riverclan hit his scent glands and he padded toward it curiously. "welcome to shadowclan, i am cedarpaw. who are you?" he asked @* H E R O N P A W , hoping he was facing the right direction.

    ah, so it was sorrelfire. he might have been ashamed for bumping into the deputy of all cats, but as far as he knew cedarpaw wasn't capable of such an emotion. "indeed, it's...crisp out. and the smell of fallen leaves and snow is refreshing," he replied good-naturedly. he couldn't say anything about how the morning looked, but he believed sorrelfire knew what she was talking about.

    /thought i'd give him some development c:

    maybe it was the effects of leafbare on his tired body. maybe it was genetic. cedarpaw's vision had never been all that great, but in the last few weeks it had really started to spiral downwards. he couldn't make out individual leaves anymore, nor could he recognize clanmates by their faces. everything had turned into vague blobs of color, which were beautiful in their own way. beautiful and fascinating, but frustrating. hunting was a headache-inducing activity, and he had to reteach himself the scent and touch of herbs he could previously recognize by sight.

    and one morning, he opened his eyes to nothing but blackness. "wh--?" his eyes were open, right? cedarpaw's large ears swiveled around. he heard birds chirping, clanmates talking in camp. it was clearly morning, so why was it so dark? if he was any other cat, he might be freaking out right now. but cedarpaw was ever calm, taking things as they came. he'd never even bothered to tell his clanmates that he was having vision issues.

    so he was blind now... this would be interesting. and...frustrating. cedarpaw stood up and padded out of the medicine den slowly, using the difference in air temperature to guide him outside without hitting the walls. he thought he had made it out until he faceplanted into warm fur and stumbled to the ground. "my apologies," he grumbled to whoever he had just bumped into.

    "i am not fond of this weather, either." the cold made cedarpaw's bones ache like an elder, and he didn't like the way moisture seeped through to his skin so easily. a cold white flake landed on his nose, melting almost instantly, and he sniffed in annoyance. he remembered fallowfeather asking him as a kit if he was excited for leafbare, to see snow, and he'd been interested as to what it was like. it was here now, his first winter, and he wasn't all that impressed. "fascinating, though, this blanket of snow and how it floats down from the sky. did you know every flake is unique?" he'd learned that from somewhere, probably an elder. he wasn't sure if it was true, but he had no way of investigating it. his useless eyes could barely tell the difference between his own clanmates on bad days.

    "congratulations." that was what you said to pregnant cats, right? it seemed like an odd thing to say. it wasn't much of n accomplishment to get knocked up, after all. but cedarpaw was strange enough as it was; he supposed he could play along with a harmless social norm. briarthorn seemed uneasy about this, and the medicine cat apprentice hoped he could comfort her with some positivity.

    cedarpaw followed the call of his leader, cringing at her congested voice. she was getting sick, there was no denying that, and cedarpaw only hoped he and icefeather would be able to keep it in check and prevent it from spreading to everyone else in the clan. he had no idea what to expect from leafbare; he was a summer baby, and hadn't experienced anything like this yet. and the elders' stories about their grueling winters sure didn't give him much optimism.

    with a yawn, cedarpaw watched the younger cats interact outside the nursery. he often stayed in camp to take care of the elders or organize supplies in his den, so he saw a lot of the kittens. however, he hadn't seen this one before. maybe she was shy, or just an introvert like him. "hello, what's your name?" the cinnamon tom greeted.

    the two of them were soon joined by a couple of older cats, and cedarpaw's conversation abilities had seemingly run out. it was hard to talk to more than a couple cats at once; he found himself listening more than he contributed. ah, anyway, it seemed like the kit was finally going to get some exercise. he supposed his job here was done for now.

    "shee needs to see icefeather." the young tom's large ears and pointed nose picked up his clanmates before his eyes did. the medicine cat apprentice sauntered toward them, gaze narrowing as he saw what had happened to briarpaw. how did this..? nevermind that, he could ask later. "will cedarpaw be sufficient?" he asked the deputy, but he didn't wait for an answer, and immediately padded forward to sniff the other apprentice's wounds. "get me water and cobwebs," he ordered bluntly. "...separately," he added, in case any of his clanmates took him a little too literally.

    "you know, you should really get some exercise."

    the twiggy frame of the medicine cat apprentice approached the younger cat. oh, he was really one to talk, wasn't he? cedarpaw had no interest in hunting or fighting, and the exercise he got was limited to solitary walks and digging up herbs. but it was his job to make sure his clanmates were healthy.


    calm as he was, cedarpaw wasn’t immune to surprises. his widened eyes and small jump were only signs that he was alive and had proper reflexes. but upon realizing it was only a clanmate, the small tom quickly regained his composure. “...good morning,” he meowed, trying to keep the salt out of his voice at having his quiet walk disrupted.