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    nyaaa i wanna get him active again i have a lot of ideas but school has been kicking my ass

    - friends

    - enemies? i think it would be funny since cedar just wouldn't understand what's happening

    - crushes perhaps

    - ur character yells at cedar for being an emotionless dunce or asks why he doesn't seem to care about anything

    - cedar is accidentally mean to ur character bc he is blunt and oblivious

    - he is always open to being a therapist for ur characters since he's very stable and logical, tho he isn't very good at comforting, more just advice for how to get ur life back together

    - gets beat up for being a prick

    - ur character tries to teach him how to hunt or fight

    - nyaa im open to pretty much anything else too we just gotta plot it. probably no litters tho he's baby

    "i think so," he replied, brows furrowing as he sat up again and felt his muscles burning. he turned his blank gaze toward the molly; he found that even if he couldn't see them, cats like to feel like they were being looked at in conversation. " i look different?" he asked. "i have a sneaking suspicion that i've grown, but i can't tell." maybe a silly question, since he was a bit reclusive and some of his clanmates barely knew who he was.

    cedarpaw awoke to an aching sensation that wracked his whole body. his joints had been causing him much pain recently, and he couldn't figure out if it was from the cold or a sign of something worse. he rose on gangly legs and stumbled out of the medicine den, tripping over his own paws and lending face first in a pile of snow. "oof."

    he snorted snow out of his nostrils and pushed himself up again, wondering if he'd always stood this high off the ground. his lack of vision made it hard to get accustomed to this new height, especially since he used to be so small. cedarpaw groaned, bending to stretch out his sore legs.

    the cold somewhat impaired cedarpaw's sense of smell. everything was iced over, disguising the scents that helped the blind tom find his way around. his brows furrowed in concentration as he walked toward the gathering of young cats to supervise and make sure nothing terrible happened. he didn;t want patches getting more hurt than he already was. "a flower?" he mused, wondering if it could be a useful herb. "do you know what kind it is?"

    in the mere 9 moons cedarpaw had been alive, he'd gotten to experience three different leaders. curiosity was written on his face as he padded forward to sit beside his mentor. he wondered what sorrelfire, soon to be sorrelstar, would bring to the table. he wasn't as close with her as he probably should be, but hopefully he could fix that soon enough.

    cedarpaw had been thinking about eveningshade more after she had "rescued" him from a bramble bush and made him consider how foolish he had been acting. she seemed like a smart feline, and he would certainly like to get to know her better. he smelled her returning from camp and started to pad towards her to say hi, but a nasty smell accompanying her briefly stopped him in his tracks. blind eyes narrowed suspiciously as he padded closer. "excuse me, are you feeling okay?" he asked. most shadowclan cats seemed to be guarded when it came to health issues, but asking was worth a try. he'd likely ask her to take something to keep her strength up regardless of her response.

    cedarpaw grunted as he was lifted up and away from the spiky bush. he immediately began licking his wounds, as he was used to doing for his clanmates. it was nothing serious, but it was annoying, and if he had a since of shame, extremely embarrassing. "hmmm..." he trailed off as eveningshade spoke to him. it was usually cedarpaw who was lecturing to others about being safe, not the other way around. "i suppose you're right. thank you," he meowed. she'd gotten him thinking; maybe he wasn't as invulnerable to biases and illogical thinking as he thought. could he be letting his condition get to him?

    was she talking to him? it was hard to tell, since he couldn't see her face. "me? oh, no, i'm cedarpaw," he meowed, hoping the question was aimed at him. not that he would particularly care if it wasn't. he couldn't care less about being awkward. "and you are?"

    determined not to let his blindness make him useless, cedarpaw plodded through the snow in search of herbs. he doubted he would find much, but he was tired of sitting in camp. miraculously, his nose came across a patch of marigold, and without hesitation, he eagerly padded toward it. unfortunately, he didn't notice the patch of brambles that came before the marigold. cedarpaw tripped over a root and landed face first into the spiky bush. thorns pricked his cheeks and a small amount of blood trickled down his neck. "mousedung..."

    cedarpaw didn't often talk to cats his age. or well, anyone at all really. but most of the interactions he did have were either with his mentor or the elderly and young. he sometimes forgot he was apprentice-aged.

    hearing a group of similar-aged cats having a pleasant conversation, the awkward tom decided to give socializing a chance. he found it hard to connect a lot of times, since he didn't have much interest in the lifestyle of a warrior. "uh--nice catch," he commented, doddling over to the others. he couldn't see it, but it smelled like someone had caught a mouse.

    without vision, cedarpaw's other senses had started to become more acute. sullen, dragging pawsteps piqued his interest and he followed the sound. call him meddling, but it was his job to make sure his clanmates were healthy, both physically and emotionally. "hello there, you seem to be troubled by something," he stated bluntly. "if you'd like to talk about it i'd be happy to listen."

    the tang of blood and the sound of mournful cries clouded cedarpaw's senses, and he bumped into his mentor as he tried to find his way to the source. kits had been born, a tiny mewl alerted him to that. only one kit? the blood...all that blood...the others must be dead. the live one was being rejected by its mother, that wasn't good. "nobody will be killing any kits under my watch," the medicine cat apprentice meowed sternly. heh, my watch. i keep forgetting i can't see.

    he wondered if icefeather knew what was going on yet. it was so difficult to communicate with her nowadays, since she couldn't speak and he couldn't see. "icefeather, she's lost a lot of blood. she might not be thinking straight. can you handle it? i'll lick the kit clean." he pushed past the others and attempted to snatch the kit in his jaws, keep her away from her mother.

    strangely, cedarpaw was pretty much unaffected by his new blindness. it was difficult to find his way around, sure, and it definitely presented some challenges when trying to differentiate between herbs, but he liked the challenge. it was perhaps one of his greatest strengths, to be able to see the good in every situation. it kept him sane when other cats would lose their minds emotionally.

    somebody was making a racket and cedarpaw padded over to inspect. the scent was his mentor's, and he flicked an ear in confusion. "are you okay, icefeather?"

    he wouldn't have been able to see heronpaw's smile, but judging by her voice, she seemed friendly. not opposed to engaging, at least. cedarpaw didn't know why cats from other clans would bother coming all the way over here if they weren't open to interaction. "i figured you were from riverclan by your scent," he replied. was that a weird thing to say? cedarpaw didn't really care. "anyway, it's nice to meet you. how is riverclan?"

    @* H E R O N P A W

    "hmm," cedarpaw hummed to himself as he listened to the deputy's announcement. this could either go very well or very badly. "that's quite a short notice. i hope we will be ready in time. if there is anything i can do to help, let me know." participating in a hunting patrol and actually catching something seemed next to impossible for the blind tom at the moment. even when he could see, he wasn't the best hunter. every day he thanked starclan more and more that he was allowed to be a medicine cat apprentice instead of a warrior.

    all these new sounds, scents, and cats were a bit overwhelming for the newly blind medicine cat apprentice. cedarpaw wondered if he should even try interacting with their guets or spare himself the embarrassment of inevitably tripping over himself or bumping into someone. with a sigh, the small tom removed himself from his nest in the medicine den and padded outside, flip flopping his large ears to locate cats nearby. the smell of riverclan hit his scent glands and he padded toward it curiously. "welcome to shadowclan, i am cedarpaw. who are you?" he asked @* H E R O N P A W , hoping he was facing the right direction.

    ah, so it was sorrelfire. he might have been ashamed for bumping into the deputy of all cats, but as far as he knew cedarpaw wasn't capable of such an emotion. "indeed, it's...crisp out. and the smell of fallen leaves and snow is refreshing," he replied good-naturedly. he couldn't say anything about how the morning looked, but he believed sorrelfire knew what she was talking about.