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    oh boy, a new rank? cedarpaw's large ears pricked in curiosity. was that allowed? to just..make a new rank? the cinnamon tabby scrunched up his eyebrows as he went through the warrior code in his mind. didn't seem to be breaking any rules. anyway, sorrelstar had a good idea, and he approved, silently nodding along at her announcements.

    the warrior code, huh? cedarpaw knew it. or well, he knew the gist of it. it wasn't of much importance to him since he was a medicine cat. but all knowledge was good knowledge to the tall tom, and he'd never reject an opportunity to learn. most of his clanmates were warriors or learning the ways of a warrior, and it was something he should be more familiar with.

    the twiggy brown apprentice plopped down beside summerkit. he found it easier to be around young ones than the adults, who seemed to be a bit prickly today.

    cedarpaw wasn't one to push his limits. if his clanmates really needed him, he was sure they'd come to him. "i hope you feel better soon then," he mewed, dipping his head before starting to back away. "if you do ever need somebody to talk to, i'd be more than willing to hear you out."

    crying was something cedarpaw was unfamiliar with. had he ever cried, even once? the tom wondered as he picked up on sobs coming from a clanmate in camp. perhaps he was so out of touch with his emotions that it never occurred to him that he should let them out. or maybe, he just didn't have any to begin with.

    anyway, this seemed like something he should deal with as a medicine cat apprentice. he wasn't only here to help with physical problems, but to make sure his clanmates were mentally and spiritually sound as well. it was the hardest part of his job, since he couldn't understand why cats let their feelings get the best of them. "are you alright, miss? need someone to talk to?" the tall brown tom mewed as soothingly as he could muster.

    cedarpaw listened intently to the description of tansyface's symptoms, nodding his head as she spoke. what a lovely vocabulary this she-cat had! but despite that, he still had little to no understanding what the problem was.

    "a fever of the heart and mind," cedarpaw repeated to himself, cocking his head to the side as he tried to figure out what tansyface could mean by that. could her "illness" be more of a spiritual problem? "i appreciate your cooperativeness, but herbs may not be necessary in this case. do you have any physical pain or cold symptoms?" he asked.

    "ah--okay," cedarpaw replied quickly before lemonpaw bounded off. right afterwards he heard icefeather call his name, and he stumbled over to the source of his mentor's voice. "where are.." he fished around for the cobwebs lemonpaw had brought.

    cedarpaw was fishing around in the dirt for an herb he dropped when the sound of pawsteps alerted him to someone by the den entrance. "oh, hello," the tall apprentice trilled, waving his tail to welcome her in. "are you sick or hurt?" he asked, padding closer to his clanmate and trying to smell if something was off. she seemed relatively healthy, so he wondered what the problem could be.

    "huh? is something going on?" the blind tom heard lots of noises. anxious and panicked yowls, hurried paws crunching through snow. and he smelled the strong scent of blood. someone was either hurt or dead. "hanakosong, are you here?" cedarpaw called out, unable to make out his mentor's scent among all the other cats here. "spiderwebs..."

    "there are five clans in the forest: shadowclan, which is where you are now, thunderclan, windclan, riverclan, and skyclan. further away are darkclan and the tribe of rushing water," a twiggy brown tom meowed, approaching the others slowly as to concentrate on not tripping over any roots. cedarpaw was his name, and sharing useless information was his game. "the gang of cats in the city to whom you refer call themselves a clan, but they don't follow the code nor believe in starclan, and therefore we do not recognize them as a legitimate clan." the blind tom turned to where he hoped the unfamiliar molly was and offered a polite smile, hoping his blank stare wouldn't creep her out.

    snow was not easy to navigate for a blind cat, cedarpaw had begun to find out. on a stroll through the woods he'd gotten quite lost, unable to use scent markers and the familiar paths under his paws to guide him. he pricked his ears to cats' voices and tried to follow them, hoping they'd help him figure out where he was. but listening closer, he couldn't put a paw on who they were. "um, hello. do i know you?" he called out.

    "huh? oh, icefeather. hello," cedarpaw greeted his mentor, dipping his head politely. something was off about her tone, a sort of concerned frustration maybe. he didn't understand what was the matter, why she seemed so upset.

    "i've been spending some time by myself," he replied to her question simply, a twinge of embarrassment pricking in his pelt at the answer. he'd been caught up in something of an internal struggle, and sought solitude to find a solution. the problem wasn't that he was agonizing over his various problems; it concerned him that he was perfectly fine with what had happened to him. why didn't he feel upset about his blindness, about finding out he was half-clan? cats his age seemed to become distraught over the smallest of things, and yet cedarpaw didn't care at all.

    but perhaps his little escapade was proof that he wasn't quite as stable as he thought. judging by icefeather's voice, he must have caused her a great deal of stress. he'd selfishly put his little identity crisis before the needs of his clan, and for that he was guilty. "i'm sorry if you were worried. i realize now how irresponsible i was being."

    "hm," he mewed, wondering how he felt about that. he was never all that concerned about his appearance, and especially not now that he'd gone blind. his new size would be something to get used to, though.

    "did you get snow in your eyes?" the concerned mew of a kit made cedarpaw blink. snow in his eyes? no, he didn't think so... but would he even be able to feel it? "i'm fine," he assured the younger tom.

    nyaaa i wanna get him active again i have a lot of ideas but school has been kicking my ass

    - friends

    - enemies? i think it would be funny since cedar just wouldn't understand what's happening

    - crushes perhaps

    - ur character yells at cedar for being an emotionless dunce or asks why he doesn't seem to care about anything

    - cedar is accidentally mean to ur character bc he is blunt and oblivious

    - he is always open to being a therapist for ur characters since he's very stable and logical, tho he isn't very good at comforting, more just advice for how to get ur life back together

    - gets beat up for being a prick

    - ur character tries to teach him how to hunt or fight

    - nyaa im open to pretty much anything else too we just gotta plot it. probably no litters tho he's baby

    "i think so," he replied, brows furrowing as he sat up again and felt his muscles burning. he turned his blank gaze toward the molly; he found that even if he couldn't see them, cats like to feel like they were being looked at in conversation. " i look different?" he asked. "i have a sneaking suspicion that i've grown, but i can't tell." maybe a silly question, since he was a bit reclusive and some of his clanmates barely knew who he was.

    cedarpaw awoke to an aching sensation that wracked his whole body. his joints had been causing him much pain recently, and he couldn't figure out if it was from the cold or a sign of something worse. he rose on gangly legs and stumbled out of the medicine den, tripping over his own paws and lending face first in a pile of snow. "oof."

    he snorted snow out of his nostrils and pushed himself up again, wondering if he'd always stood this high off the ground. his lack of vision made it hard to get accustomed to this new height, especially since he used to be so small. cedarpaw groaned, bending to stretch out his sore legs.