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    So these two were my two teachers in the last MHA thread. Aika was the Creative Technical Advisor, and Calil was the Hero Theory teacher. We can change it up if needed for this rp though.

    I may make more. . .

    Hi! I know most people like to create there own characters, but I was wondering if anyone was up to plying as Attack on Titan characters? The plot behind how they ended up here is basically the one where everyone dies and gets reincarnated. You can come up with the rest, including if they remember their past life or not. Any character is allowed too, as all the dead ones are now reincarnated.

    Taken Characters

    Annie Leonhart (Irondottir) - The Thunderlands

    Jean Kirschtein (One of Thundering Heart) - Amalfi Heights

    Plotting Thread

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    To all the men and women of the land, young and old, we wish to invite you to the brand new festival of our kingdom, the Votum Festival!

    As most of you may know, Domum, for the past sixteen year, has been home to the Dragon Children and their dragons. As the anticipation draws higher and higher with these children grow older, we feel like it’s time for you all to meet your future saviors. The festival will be held in Medietas Regno, on the 16th of July, the day the first Dragon Child came to us.

    Come join your king and prince in the festival of the year! See the dragons and Dragon Children of legend!

    The Royal Court


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    I’M SO SORRY!😖

    I will have the RP up TOMORROW! I got a surprise visit to my mom’s house this weekend and she has no internet so I couldn’t get it up. So sorry! Also, all finished characters are accepted. I haven’t read through all of them, but what I have seen all seem fine. I’m just trying to get this RP up as quickly as possible.


    Male: 5

    Female: 3


    Male: 4

    Female: 4

    Water dragons can be eastern or western dragons, so take your pick. I laid out basics so that everyone would have an idea they could build off of, and go from there. Also, a mute character is completely fine!