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    The Child is already born with an attachment to their dragon, a pull of you want, and are seen as sacred. If you need more info, look in the dragon’s description, under Species. There’s no big ceremony. That’s actually is how the rp starts. There’s a big ceremony for the first time being held by the High King for the Dragon Children.

    Shock Value Is the person doing alright? That doesn’t sound good.

    Gold! So I know this is an AU and doesn’t involve canon characters, but I’ve gotten really into Villain!Deku recently and was wondering if I could use him for my last character. He won’t be exactly like Izuku, as he’ll have his own quirk and a more twisted personality, but he’ll have his face and voice. Is that ok? (He’ll also end up being Mei Yin’s “guardian”.)


    Aika’s blue eyes quickly locked onto a new form who ran onto the stage, looking a little shaken. Jamming her elbow into her brother’s side, she quickly leaned over,” Hey, isn’t that the new guy? The one from Shiketsu?” All she got in reply was a harsh shove as Calil pushed her off of him. Rolling her eyes, she turned back to the other male.

    Aika could remember the first time they had met. Of course, it was because she remembered nearly everything, but that was besides the point. She didn’t have to take through her billions of memories to find this one. The vibe she had initially received from him was stoic and reserved. Possibly intimidating, but she wouldn’t mention that part to him. When she had actually gotten around to speaking with him, Aika found that that was simply his look. He seemed like a sweet guy, one who looked to please those around him. His name was Ryuga, and was transferring from Shiketsu to U.A. She wondered if he had a reason, or was just trying something new.

    Being so deep in though, the black haired heroine nearly missed the new teacher’s question. Not at all unnerved by the man’s face, She bouncingly turned towards him. “Oh hi!” she said, smiling brightly,” I’m Takahashi Aika, but you can call me Aika, or whatever you like. I’m not one for formality. I lived in America for most of my life, so I’m used to people using my first name.” Turning to her brother, she poked his side,” Hey, you gonna talk?

    // Rosalie*


    Calil was jolted from his thoughts by a sharp stab in his side. She really is pushing her luck today, isn’t she. She brought attention to a man standing by the principal, and was indeed correct in her assumption. Instead of answering her though, he shoved her back into her seat with a warning growl. He wasn’t currently happy with her.

    With his train of thought lost on it’s rails, the anthro decided to turn his own focus to the new man. Calil still wasn’t sure what he thought of him. He seemed like a stoic man, until you looked into his personality. Then it was like you were looking at a whole new person.

    Aika seemed extremely animated, and seemed to babble for a bit before turning to poke him. With her small pester, the lynx let out a sigh. “I’m Takahashi Calil.” He didn’t say anymore than that. It was rude, he knew, but he wasn’t in the mood.


    Blake nearly froze in his seat when he saw a boy heading his way. He looked intimidating, someone he hoped wasn’t going to sit by him. He was already having problems. He didn’t need a potential bully to come sit by him.

    Well, it technically wasn’t next to him, but he still felt like he wanted to melt through the floor. Closing his eyes, the boy took in a deep breath. Do like Aunt Hana told you. Just breath. He really hoped that the boy didn’t pick up on his partially regulated breathing.

    // Gold! I hope it’s fine to do their names like that. I know Japan is very much about respect and only say the last name unless they’re very close with the person or the person allows it.


    N/a for now.

    So I have a theory that the king is actually alive, and that Viren put his soul in his bird. See, he took the snake into the room, fully intending to sacrifice himself, and then the king kind of blew up on him. Viren got made at being called a servant, and used the snake to put the king's soul in his bird. That's why Viren has the bird caged in the throne room. That's probably also why they had Ezran understand animals, so he knew it was his father if he ever escapes or they ever get back to the castle.

    So before this thread goes crazy, I'm going to go ahead and present how I'd like to start the rp and get your opinions.

    So King Galidon decided to throw a festival in honor of the Dragon Children and their dragons. It's mostly because some of the land still doubts their real, as there's never been a formal intro for them. So yeah, the Dragon Children all show up in Medietas Regno and that's where the story starts. The Elven characters, which there only seems to be one so far, also get word of the festival, so they can come in disguises, probably using magically enhanced clothing create illusions to cover their ears/extra appendages and to mask their true height.


    introduction ✦ rules ✦ current events ✦ important threads

    Our story takes place long, long ago, back when times were teetering on the edge of peaceful and destructive. When people lived happily but in constant fear. No one knew of what, but the air was thick in a heavy suspense. If only they had listened to the prophecy of their old. Then maybe things would have turned out for the better.


    Hello! This is the Children of the Scales Plotting and Chat Thread. This is to figure out what we're doing in the rp, or for simply talking and enjoying others. If you're interested in the rp, the sign ups are down below. Enjoy!


    - All FF Rules apply.

    - Be kind to others. If you see someone not being included, please include them! If you have a problem with another member, please bring it to me.

    - Try to keep the conversation PG-13. This is just the chat, but I want everyone to feel welcome.

    - Try to keep cussing down. Once again, I don't want to drive anyone off.

    - Have fun and enjoy!


    The king is throwing a festival in honor of the Dragon Children and their dragons! They are currently all throughout the city, making their ways toward the castle. An onlookers are getting excited about the festival, and the fact that they get to see real dragons and their children of legend.


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