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Let's Share! has (finally) launched! Our first article is a World of Tanks Guide by Enderclaw!

    I think the youngest I was going to cut it off at was going to be 6 as they are going to be fighting and stuff, so 8 or over is fine! And I’m super glad you’re liking this so much.

    Edit: Lilac’s going to be the oldest of the Dragon Children as she was the first know. The only exception would be if they’re Elven.

    Yep! And I just want to let you know, dragons age 1 in every 1000 years, so if you want Drom to be an older dragon, pick an age and add two zeros to it. Right now, he’s only about 7 years old from your form. And it’s perfectly fine if you need to sit a little more on his history.


    introduction ✦ world ✦ species ✦ rules ✦ form ✦ characters ✦ important threads ✦ q&a

    Our story takes place long, long ago, back when times were teetering on the edge of peaceful and destructive. When people lived happily but in constant fear. No one knew of what, but the air was thick in a heavy suspense. If only they had listened to the prophecy of their old. Then maybe things would have turned out for the better.


    There was a time when kings still ruled the Earth. A time where war could be right around the corner and people were always on feet. A time when fantasy and reality seemed to blend together.

    One day, long before our story ever takes place, a prophecy was foretold.

    When years grow long and peace seems to fall

    The world itself will rock and no longer will stand tall

    The skies above and earth below will seem to quake

    As destruction rises from thin air and causes all to brake

    Say your prays and hide your souls from these screaming ghosts

    Or be devoured by the devils and the ghouls they hosts

    When the War of All Creatures comes around

    The Army of the Heaven's will save the crown

    Children born with scale and claw

    With dragon eggs and powers of awe

    Having the help of Elves and those who side

    They hope to conquer the rising tide

    We all must hope with all our might and heart

    Trusting these simple words to a fault

    For the Children of the Scale will come to save our fall

    Or we drown in our blood as war consumes us all

    Years grew in number and the prophecy was soon forgotten to the world. All that remained from it were the stories people had created, of dragon riders and elves and the "War of All Creatures". People treated the seeming doom of all the Earth as if it was a children's bedtime story. For how could people be born with dragon scales if dragon's didn't exist? And how could Elves and magic be real if they were already lore long before the prophecy even came to be? The current king, King Galidon, kept the written prophecy out on guarded display, as he was the only person still believing in the words and was trying to remind his people of what was to come.

    Far off, in a small village near the very edge of the borders, was born a small child with golden scales across her shoulders and teeth as sharp as diamonds. The first known Dragon Child. The first sign of the pending doom to come.


    Our story takes place in the Land of Domum, a diverse and peaceful kingdom that was well known through out the world for being one of the greatest of all kingdoms. The royal line was full of kind and just rulers that cared deeply for the land and all of it's inhabitants. There are three main groups of people currently living in the land: humans, nymphs, and scaviens. The fourth sector of the land is considered a very holy place and has not been walked upon in thousands of years.



    - All FF Rules apply.

    - One dragon/Dragon Child per person. You can play as many characters as you want but none that are either of those after one.

    - Please keep the genders equal. We don't need fifty of one gender and two of the other.

    - Please keep the species equal as well.

    - Please don't bully. That's just childishly bad and will be reported.

    - Cussing is allowed but please keep it down. (Coming up with curses is not prohibited. This is a different world.)

    - Please ask before messing with other people's characters.

    - Any major plots should be run by me, but minor plotting between characters is fine.

    - Black out any R-Rated scenes or birthing scenes. Keep it PG-13 please.

    - Please have good writing skills. Five sentences per post at minimum.

    - I'm bad at making rules, so if I missed anything or you have any questions or problems, run them by me. Also, add your favorite of the dragon types in the Others section if you read this.




    Aurueslux Fulgur

    Osolu Mynxx

    Teighenth Óttinn


    Aubrianna Winslow

    Qothoarrass "Q" Qoadhanti


    Dragon Children:

    Lilac Sidus

    Zephira Crysophal

    Scalnus Reka

    Kevlamin Turinsen

    Vulas Ravas


    Hattori Adedhel

    Temuri Biirali


    Ambrose Besileum

    Kevlamin Turinsen



    Zephira Crysophal


    Scalnus Reka


    Vulas Ravas

    Temuri Biirali


    Lilac Sidus

    Hattori Aredhel


    Sign Ups - You're Here

    Plot/Chat - Here

    Roleplay - N/A

    Q & A

    Do I have to play one of your dragons?

    Yes, they're part of the plot. You can customize them in the guidelines I gave, but nothing beyond.

    Can I play an Elf?

    Yes! Go right ahead! You can play any of the species!

    Can I play just a Dragon?

    No, sorry. A dragon comes with a rider, and vice versa.

    How many characters can I play?

    As listed in the rules, you can play as many as you want, but only one Dragon Child/Dragon.

    Can I play a bad guy?

    Yes, but not now. They will be introduced later with their own species and everything.

    Can I make a subspecies (pet or animal found in the kingdom)?

    Totally! I would love to see all the little creatures you guys make. I outlined the kingdom, but you're all adding detail. :)

    Are Dragon Children any specific species?

    Nope! They can be Human, Nymph, Scavian, Elven, or even Hybrid!

    This Dragon's taken, but can I play another one?

    Nope. Only one dragon per type.

    If you have any other question, please feel free to ask!

    I actually have two.

    Siren - As long as you clearly hear the voice singing, your quirk is nullified.

    Soul Animal - Person has a ghostly animal following them everywhere that’s usually is the size of a small cat. Based on owner’s feelings and stamina level, this creature can grow and become physical. This creature can also “possess” others. When doing so, this person will lose consciousness and be at the will of the creature’s owner. Their quirk is nullified during this but everything else is accessible.

    The first one would be better for large scale nullification but I like the kind of “out there” aspect of the second one.

    Excellent! I love it! Mei Yin would honestly latch on to Ren. He’ll be the first person to see her and not her quirk, and she more than likely wouldn’t believe it at first and not trust him. But she’ll see his persistence and warm up to him. (There are never enough slow burning platonic relationships)

    Legendary Warriors I would kill to see Mizu flirt with a villain. XD






    He didn't want to be here. He really didn't want to be here. There were at least a thousand different faces here that he didn't know. He didn't know how to make friends! He was home schooled all of his life and lived in Canada for six years of it! How was he going to survive this place?! It was huge!

    "Honey, please breath."

    The boy sitting in the passenger side of the car didn't even realize he was holding his breath until the older female in the driver seat had spoken up. He quickly sucked in a gulp of hair, trying to stop the on coming panic attack. Breath in two, three, four, out, two, three, four. Over and over he repeated the steps until he was seeing clearly gain. Turing towards the other inhabitant of the car, he gave a shaky smile," S-sorry Aunt Hana."

    She smiled at him, lifting a hand to run his shoulder. "It's alright, Blake," she comforted him," I know how stressed you get yourself over stuff like this." The car was silent for a small spell, Hana's hand continuing to comfortably rub his shoulder. She often was the one to ground him when he got panicky.

    "Can I ask you a question?" It was soft but held meaning behind it, like most of his important questions did. After receving a silent nod, Blake continued on. "What am I going to do?" He looked up as he did this, his eyes filled with so much fear and nervousness that Hana nearly pulled out of their spot right then and there.

    She knew exactly what he was asking. It took her a second to find the answer, her crystal blue eyes closed as she took in a deep breath. "You'll do exactly what we talked about," she began. "You'll go in. You'll sit and listen to the principle's speech. Then you'll go to class. You'll breath. You'll count your breaths. You'll stabilize yourself and keep going. Kids may stare. Kids my laugh. You put in your earbuds and you'll listen to that instead of them. The teacher's know your jumpy. The principle himself told the teachers to warn the other students. It isn't a problem you can fix, but it is a problem you can overcome. I know you're strong baby. You always have been. Your parents knew it too. Now you just need to show the world."

    There was more silence in the car. It took a second for Blake to process all of the words. Bit by bit, his eyes brimmed with tears. Leaning over he wrapped his arms tight around his aunt. She's not Mom, he thought, but she might as well be. They sat like that for a moment before he whispered," Thanks."

    He felt her smile widen through his hair as she hugged him closer, "You're very welcome." When he finally pulled away, Hana reached into the back seat and pulled out his bag," Don't forget this!"

    "I'm gonna forget this all day," he said, quickly strapping it across his shoulder before opening the door and stepping out. He closed the door with a soft thuck before walking towards the entrance. At the last second, he turned, smiled, and waved. He saw the flash of another hand before the small black car drove off. At least if I die now, my back won't be that last thing she sees. It was a joke, him trying to cheer himself up, but he quickly found that it may be the truest thing he thought all day. Those gates were big. That crowd was big. What have I done?

    It turns out he arrived just in time to hear a teacher call for them to head to the auditorium. Perfect! Now I don't have to talk to anyone! He quickly walked towards the building, dodging people like they were the plague. he wasn't talking to anyone until it was absolutely necessary. He was so glad that there were so many seats to choose from. Now I don't have to sit by anyone. He completely didn't factor in that some braver soul would most likely take one of the spots next to him.


    N/a for now.