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    To all the men and women of the land, young and old, we wish to invite you to the brand new festival of our kingdom, the Votum Festival!

    As most of you may know, Domum, for the past sixteen year, has been home to the Dragon Children and their dragons. As the anticipation draws higher and higher with these children grow older, we feel like it’s time for you all to meet your future saviors. The festival will be held in Medietas Regno, on the 16th of July, the day the first Dragon Child came to us.

    Come join your king and prince in the festival of the year! See the dragons and Dragon Children of legend!

    The Royal Court


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    I’M SO SORRY!😖

    I will have the RP up TOMORROW! I got a surprise visit to my mom’s house this weekend and she has no internet so I couldn’t get it up. So sorry! Also, all finished characters are accepted. I haven’t read through all of them, but what I have seen all seem fine. I’m just trying to get this RP up as quickly as possible.


    Male: 5

    Female: 3


    Male: 4

    Female: 4

    Water dragons can be eastern or western dragons, so take your pick. I laid out basics so that everyone would have an idea they could build off of, and go from there. Also, a mute character is completely fine!


    Cranberry. Was this dude that mad over some juice flavors? Oh, what have I walk into? He really hoped he didn’t make a bad decision by choosing to come. Thinking for a moment, he suddenly laughed to himself. Before he could do anything though, he had to make sure Mordred wasn’t as scatterbrained as he thought. Villains often had a way of hiding their true nature behind a false face.

    Deku quickly zoned the man out as he turned to Mei Yin, offering her a small smile. “What do you think, Mei? Do you want cranberry?” He noticed her closed eyes, but didn’t comment. He didn’t need them until the real talk began.

    // Gold! I love Mordred so much!


    Mei could only look in shock at the man behind the counter. Cranberry? He was that upset over having cranberry juice over apple juice. Honestly, she would be glad to have any juice. Deku often only gave her water, saying it would make her strong. Juice was for when she was good.

    Cranberry is fine,” Mei Yin quietly signed to no one in particular, leaning slightly against Delun. The giant rabbit rubbed his head to comfort her, separating his own from Deku and the others the best he could. He was still mad at Deku’s stunt earlier. His amber eyes glared at Umbra the best they could without giving his intellect away.


    Honestly, Deku didn’t know what he expected.

    It had been odd, waking one morning to find an small card that had been slipped through the mail slot in the door. He wasn’t one to usually get mail. Wasn’t one to get mail in general. So what was this? At first, he had thought it to be lost mail. Possibly something the mailman had slipped in thinks this to be the right address. He had opened it for the fun of it, just to see what was inside.

    It definitely wasn’t birthday money. Instead of finding a fancy family card, it was an invitation. Where, he didn’t know, but the address was clearly listed on the back. Not only had someone found where he lived, they were inviting him to come and play with them.

    Well, this is going to be fun,” he said to himself as a grin slid across his face. He was either going to get to kill someone, or he was going to get a play partner. Both were good in his eyes. The one thing he was certain of, though, was that he was going to need to move. Though he owned no valuables besides to two animal-like souls or the small child and her rabbit, he was going to need time to prep himself for the “meeting”. He quickly ran farther into the old apartment to get ready.

    Sometime during his search for his remaining knife, the green haired male looked towards the misty black form behind him. “Umbra, please go awaken little Mei.” The ghost-like sheep disappeared around the corner soon after.

    There was an inhuman screech, followed by a scream of a frightened child. Deku merely smiled, and directed the girl to get dressed through his spirit animal before straightening his tie. Umbra was soon back by his side, looking as smug as a ram could.

    Mei scrambled down not long after being awoken, her black and gold outfit much like Deku’s besides the colors. Her giant black rabbit hopped lazily behind her, seemingly glaring at him. He shrugged it off, knowing the rabbit was no smarter than a simple creature, and explain to Mei Yin what was happening. After grabbing the two mist filled jars, the two left, keeping to the shadows. Deku, to say the least, was unimpressed upon arrival.

    The building was clearly small, and looked to be some king of low key bar from the neon sign in the window. It was also pretty filthy looking. If the inside is like this, they’re dead. If there was one thing that he couldn’t stand, it was filth.

    The door opened with a soft klick, revealing a more spacious and clean looking space. His guess had been right, as a bar counter sat against the wall and a few typical bar games were set up. Ignoring the man with the large scythe, and the other sitting at the bar, Deku turned to the one behind the counter. “Hope you have juice boxes as well,” was his first ever comment to the man. Mei Yin wasn’t going anywhere near a strong drink.


    She has been awoken by the screaming again. The awful, inhuman screech of Umbra. Mei Yin would be haunted by that ghastly sound ‘til the day she died, she was sure of it. Not only did it make her wake up screaming, it almost made Delun wake up screaming. The six year old was sure if she could survive any longer with her “master” if he took her rabbit away. Delun was her only sanity, and only friend. As long as Deku never go word of his quirk, the rabbit would be safe. She really didn’t want to be served rabbit’s leg at the dinner table one night.

    After being informed to get dressed, Mei Yin nodded her head and swung her legs from out of the blankets. Deku didn’t own beds, saying that it would be easier to move without them, and so she slept on the ground in a wad of blankets. Delun often acted as her pillow.

    Are you ok?” he asked her when Umbra had left, putting a paw to her face to show her his wide amber eyes. She simply nodded and turned away, grabbing her outfit and heading towards the bathroom. Delun, simply sighed, his large from sinking to the ground. He wished he could do more. But what could a thought to be quirkless rabbit do?

    Mei Yin hurried back in as quickly as she had run out, folding the blankets and putting them in the bag found in the corner. “Don’t forget these,” Delun said, gently jabbing a jar filled with white mist. Mei Yin signed a “thank you” before slinging the bag over her shoulder and gently picking up the two jars. Deku would kill her if these souls were set free. The two then hurried down the stairs. When seeing the green haired form at the bottom of the stairs, Delun almost started yelling at him. Almost. Umbra looked too smug for it’s own good, which mad him furious.

    They were then dragged from the house after a short explanation. With Delun being too big to carry, he was forced to try and keep pace with the longer legs of his company. Mei Yin felt awfully bad, but knew there was nothing that she could do. She would just have to apologize to him later.

    When they arrived at their destination, Mei Yin felt a sudden sense of secrecy. Something she hates with all her being. She wished she had he bandages, but she couldn’t reach them while carrying the jars. She would just have to close her eyes and guess how many people were in there. The door opened rather silently in her opinion, almost ominous. Using her senses as she trained herself to do, the young girl followed Deku inside. She suddenly felt Delun nudge her leg three times. Three times. Three. . .people. There were three people. Delun was acting as her eyes. She would definitely thank him later.

    The Child is already born with an attachment to their dragon, a pull of you want, and are seen as sacred. If you need more info, look in the dragon’s description, under Species. There’s no big ceremony. That’s actually is how the rp starts. There’s a big ceremony for the first time being held by the High King for the Dragon Children.