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    So I have a theory that the king is actually alive, and that Viren put his soul in his bird. See, he took the snake into the room, fully intending to sacrifice himself, and then the king kind of blew up on him. Viren got made at being called a servant, and used the snake to put the king's soul in his bird. That's why Viren has the bird caged in the throne room. That's probably also why they had Ezran understand animals, so he knew it was his father if he ever escapes or they ever get back to the castle.

    So before this thread goes crazy, I'm going to go ahead and present how I'd like to start the rp and get your opinions.

    So King Galidon decided to throw a festival in honor of the Dragon Children and their dragons. It's mostly because some of the land still doubts their real, as there's never been a formal intro for them. So yeah, the Dragon Children all show up in Medietas Regno and that's where the story starts. The Elven characters, which there only seems to be one so far, also get word of the festival, so they can come in disguises, probably using magically enhanced clothing create illusions to cover their ears/extra appendages and to mask their true height.


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    Our story takes place long, long ago, back when times were teetering on the edge of peaceful and destructive. When people lived happily but in constant fear. No one knew of what, but the air was thick in a heavy suspense. If only they had listened to the prophecy of their old. Then maybe things would have turned out for the better.


    Hello! This is the Children of the Scales Plotting and Chat Thread. This is to figure out what we're doing in the rp, or for simply talking and enjoying others. If you're interested in the rp, the sign ups are down below. Enjoy!


    - All FF Rules apply.

    - Be kind to others. If you see someone not being included, please include them! If you have a problem with another member, please bring it to me.

    - Try to keep the conversation PG-13. This is just the chat, but I want everyone to feel welcome.

    - Try to keep cussing down. Once again, I don't want to drive anyone off.

    - Have fun and enjoy!


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