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    Thanks for stopping by! I’ve had a plot idea, mainly for the lions, but can include other characters if needed. So this will take place after season 8, when the lions leave. They end up on this planet, and split up in search of new “paladins”. The magic here will let them be able to acquire an actual lion body. It’s a little vague, I know, but I’m still thinking through things. If you have any ideas, feel free to add! And the lions can be any gender.

    Taken Lions/Characters

    Red Lion (played by me)

    This is more of an “are you interested” sort of thing right now, but will change if enough people are. For now, I guess just track and say which character you want. I’ll take Zarkon (and give him the proper redemption he needs).



    Hello, and welcome to “Herd of the Gale”! If you haven’t clued in, this is a centaur AU, in which centaurs exist on earth. I hope that you have fun here! Enjoy, and feel free to track while this is still a WIP!

    PLOT --

    Centaur. It’s a term usually found in fantasy novels or nonfictional books about mythology. They aren’t as popular as the big fire breathing dragons or the dainty unicorns or the fields, but they were there. It’s honestly kind of funny that there are more hoaxes of those actual myths that about real creatures. Yeah, I said it. Real.

    Now, you’re probably thinking that I’m absolutely crazy and probably need to be sent to the mental hospital, but just hear me out. Off in the most rural of places in Australia lives a herd of them. They’ve been living there for years, centuries even! And they’re not just horses either! While most are hooven animals, there are some who have the lower half of big cats, wolves, even bears! They call themselves the Herd of the Gale. I tell you this only because more people need to know! These creatures aren’t fake! They’re really out there!

    (A story in which some weird older gentleman tells you of a herd of centaurs and you, as the adventurer you are, decided to investigate.)

    RULES --

    I’m not one for restricting people’s imaginations, but rules must still apply. Please respect these rules. If you think a rule should be added or taken away, please PM me or tell me on the plot/chat thread. If deemed large enough, a majority vote will be held.

    All FF rules apply.


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    FORM --



    RP Thread - Currently N/A

    Plot/Chat Thread - Currently N/A


    Several floors up and she still hadn’t seen a single soul. It was really starting to set her on edge. Did she somehow just end up in an abandoned hospital or something? Just, out of the blue? It wouldn’t necessarily have been the weirdest thing to happen to her, considering who her adoptive family were, but she was still trying to smooth the hair on the back of her neck down.

    Another thing bothering her was her current lack of power. After she had a burn out, it was critical that she didn’t use her powers. Since she was already seriously dehydrated, it could be deadly for her to use any more. This left her with no defense if she was to be attacked. That only made her even more anxious.

    After coming up yet another flight of stairs, Rose decided to take a break. Having to drag the IV stand with her was causing her already weak body to break into a cold sweat. By the end of this, she would probably sweat all of the fluid the IV was giving her. Wouldn’t that just be helpful.

    Her thoughts strayed at the sound of a door opening. Her heart seemed to stop for a moment, then sped up. Ok. This could either be very good, or very bad. For one, it meant she wasn’t alone. While that could be good, she was suddenly fearing the worst. What if this person wasn’t necessarily a good person? What if she was attacked? What if this was actually a haunted hospital? Whipping her head over towards the sound, the small brunette shakily looked for the person.

    It was a brown haired man, probably in his twenties, thirties at the latest. He looked a little disheveled, his clothes slightly tattered and worn. She couldn’t quite tell if he had good intentions or not, so she tried to stay as invisible as possible. Rose was soon given her answer when he began to ask if someone farther down the hall was ok. Deciding to make her presence known, the teen pulled herself up and began to walk towards the stranger. “Hey! Hey sir!” She Hope’s her instincts were right and he wasn’t actually just hiding a knife in his hoodie pocket.


    Keith Kogane

    Ok. Yeah. This dude took the cake in the weirdest person Keith ever met. Apparently he thought he was now useless because he didn’t know where they were, and then he started to ramble on about some girl’s aura.

    Next thing he knew, a small brunette came into sight, seemingly cautious. She then started talking about aura and super humans. And she was here only to make sure he was ok. While it was kind, Keith’s pride overruled his thought process. He could take care of himself. Not only was he a paladin of Voltron, he was also working with the Blade of Marmora.

    Wait, wait, wait,” he said, throwing his hands in the air,” First off, I’m pretty sure I’m not useless. I get it if you haven’t recognized me, but I’m pretty sure you would remember how Voltron saved the entire world. Yeah, I’m the head paladin. I saved your life.” He then turned towards the unnamed woman. “Second, thanks for the sentiment, but I can handle myself.” If a fight broke out, he really didn’t want her getting hurt trying to protect him.



    Katrim Kogane

    Yeah, just as she thought. Sign language wasn’t commonly known, especially not with aliens. Not saying this dude was an alien, but he couldn’t possibly be human either. Could he be Altean? It was a possibility. Maybe he was a hybrid.

    Twitching her ear slightly, Katrim tried to think of a way to communicate with the boy. Since paper and pen wasn’t really an option, there were two other things she had in mind. Either she could use gestures and play charades, or she could ghost write the letters onto his hand.

    Or, she could mix it up.

    Raising her right hand, Katrim pointed at it and then to his. If he complied, then she would trace the letters of her name onto his palm, and then point to herself.




    Keith Kogane

    Um. . .what?” Keith was, to say the least, highly confused. Now, it wasn’t exactly odd for him to run across someone so. . . eccentric looking. Having spent almost his whole life meeting new people and species, the blackette was never really shocked anymore by people’s looks. Even if they are a human with pink hair and odd tattoos.

    What had really caught him off guard was what the man had said. Never, in his entire 21 year lifespan, had anyone started a conversation such as the character before him. He was completely caught off guard. Who was this man, and why did he apparently like the smell of specifically his blood mixed with anesthetics? Warning bells were set off in his head, telling him to keep his guard up around the stranger. He wasn’t one to be trusted.

    Deciding not to dwell on either of the man’s first comments, the young adult shook his shock away and instead focused on the question. Shrugging, he replied,” I have no absolute idea where we are. I wasn’t even supposed to be on Earth last time I remember.


    Katrim Kogane

    It was still quiet. She had been wheeling herself down the halls for several minutes now, but couldn’t find hide nor hair of anyone. No nurses, no doctors, not even just the occasional patient. Not only was it highly unnerving, it was also causing her anxiety to heighten by the minute. She really need to find Keith, to find anyone, sometime soon. A panic attack was sure to happen if not.

    It seemed as if not one moment later, her small prayer was answered. Not two doors down, a tall figure stepped from inside one on the rooms. He was rather curious looking, with fluffy black hair like her brother’s and glowing lines across his body. In a way, he was very pretty looking, but it was meant in a way like a butterfly was pretty. Hopefully he wouldn’t mind her company.

    Rolling up to the boy hesitantly, Katrim waved her hand to get him to notice her. She really didn’t want to startle him. “Hi,” she signed, ears alert in anticipation,” Do you know ASL?” She honestly would be most surprised if he said yes rather than no. Most people said no. If he didn’t, she would try to the best of her ability to communicate. Maybe there was some paper and pencils around here?


    Here’s Mei! I’m currently working on my other character right now. If there is anyone who wants to be her “master”, she’s free. They don’t have to match the description of the person in her form, we can just say she was give to someone else after he was killed.

    Also, like on the old thread, can I have her rabbit be one of the rare animals with quirks, or would he count as my other character? It would only be to have human intelligence and the ability to speak.

    • {Aika Takahashi/Nightshade | 26 y/o | Creative Technical Advisor/Underground Hero} •

    First day of school and she was already running late. While Calil was very adamant that she was fully to blame, she knew he was also partly to blame. After all, he had been the one to forget to wash their hero outfits. The rest? Yeah, that was her fault. She would sheepishly take full credit for it.

    It had actually started the night before. The two of them had been out on patrol, making sure the city was safe even in the dark of night. They ended up coming across a drug exchange in an alleyway and caught both the buyer and their seller. When they took them to the jail, they found that not only were these two also wanted men for armed robbery and assault, but were part of a huge drug trade within the city. Since he was caught and wanted others to suffer with him, the dealer gave all of his clients’ names and their meeting points. It was a pretty stupid move on his part, but helped the hero and police forces to catch several people and put them in their rightful places.

    It was good to know they had helped the city, but they were also dead tired. It took ‘til four in the morning to wrap everything up and arrive home. Not even daring to grab some dinner, the two heroes had simply set their alarms and tossed their costumes into the wash. If it wasn’t the first day of school tomorrow, they probably would have called in “sick”. Well, she would have. Calil would have gone anyways, no matter how tired he was. Because of her little mistake though, they were still very late to work.

    While Calil had forgot to wash the suits, Aika had accidentally set their clocks on the wrong alarm. So not only did they have no work clothes ready, they also woke up two hours late. Her brother gave her a good lecture on making sure things got done, but she shrugged it off. He was the one making them even more late by not starting the washer.

    All she had to say was that at least they got there. They were late, yes, but they were there. Better late than never.

    Since both of them currently didn’t have a class to teach currently, Aika decided to drag Calil with her to watch the new hero course kids. It would allow her to get familiar with their quirks, and save it to her memory for future use in their costumes. When they arrived, it seemed that a mock battle had already started.

    Aika nearly squealed when she saw the older male watching over the kids, running towards him with arms wide open. “Yamada-sensei!” the blackette yelled, nearly barreling over the man in an attempt to hug him. It had been years since she had seen her old teacher, and she was obviously beyond happy to see him. Hopefully, he would share the same sentiment.

    Sphinx (Hope it’s ok that they were his past students :) )

    • {Calil Takahashi/Nisshoku | 26 y/o | Hero Theory Teacher/Hero} •

    Calil was honestly moments away from completely giving up on having a good first day in U.A.

    First, he had gotten very little sleep. It not only made him ten times more likely to make mistakes, he also gained a very short temper. Well, shorter temper, but that’s was beside the point.

    Second, he hadn’t had one single cup of hot chocolate. Not one! So not only was he tired and angry, he was also on withdraws from his daily dose of dopamine. The scowl on his face was prominent and probably scaring many students. He currently couldn’t care less.

    Third, he was being forced to keep at least the ears and tail of his lynx side, which would cause his full transformation later today to run out sooner. At least it was only today.

    And finally, Aika wouldn’t stop running. For someone who had minimal sleep, his sister was as hyper as ever, possibly even more so. She was obviously glad to see all of the new students she would be working with, that was for sure. She had been jabbering about them the whole way here. She was also currently attacking their old teacher in the form of a bear hug, nearly knocking the pair into an unfamiliar man standing beside them.


    Her body was aching. It felt like she had been hit by a bus. A burning bus to be specific, as her body felt like it was on fire. It wasn’t like her power either. This was a different type of burning, one that only happened when she was highly dehydrated. The type of burning that started in her chest like major heartburn and continues to grow the more she dehydrated.

    It was basically like she was burning from the inside out.

    Blue grey eyes slowly fluttered open, moving around the white walls of her room. It was clearly a hospital, with a picture here and there and chairs by the bed for visitors. Usually her father would watch over her after she had a “burn out”, but she obviously wasn’t home. Maybe this time had been a bad case? Hopefully it was. She really didn’t want to be here because she was actually super ill and didn’t remember. She hated being sick.

    Looking towards the chair to her left, Rose found some clothes neatly folded. Wait, they were her clothes. Her black turtleneck laid atop her light blue jeggings, a pair of black fuzzy socks of to the side. There were no shoes for some reason, but she didn’t really care. As long as she was warm and comfortable, she was good.

    Careful of the IV attached to her arm, Rose stripped herself of the hospital gown and put on the clothing provided. It was a little weird having to wire running up her sleeve and out of the collar of the shirt, but she knew she needed the water. Taking the IV stand with her, Rose exited the room. Maybe she could ask one of the nurses where her father was.

    But there was no one. The hallways were desolate, making the hair on the back of her neck stand on end. “Hello?” she called, looking down the halls for any signs of life. Hopefully someone would answer soon.

    Keith Kogane

    He was highly confused. One moment he had been exploring an old ship with his sister. The next, there was a bright flash of light and a wave of heat. Now he was sitting in a bright white room that looked eerily familiar to a hospital room on Earth. A planet he had been galaxies away from. “What. . .” he thought aloud, messy black hair following his head’s movement. His body was covered in bandages, most of them wrapping around his right arm. He must of curled in on himself when the ship exploded and his arm got the blunt of the flames.

    Keith slowly pulled the blanket from around his legs, his bare feet hitting the cold tiled floor. It sent a small shiver up his spine but felt good on his right foot. It was another highly bandaged spot that burned, and he was grateful that the floor wasn’t carpeted. He also noticed that there wasn’t a window. He must have been in one of the center rooms. He was glad to see that clothing had been left for him, consisting of a black t-shirt and a pair of grey sweatpants. It was good to wear loose fitting clothing when bandaged, and he was glad whoever left them knew there stuff. He gently took off the hospital gown and dressed himself, only to stop after putting his pants on. A large bandage was wrapped around his stomach, covering something that clearly wasn’t a burn. Had something cut him. No. No, Something had impaled him. There was padding on both sides of his body, covering two wounds.

    And then his thoughts did a complete 180. Kat. She’d been there with him. His heart beat quickened, his breath becoming slightly erratic. Was she ok? Was he able to shield her from the blast? Was she. . .no, he wouldn’t even think of that outcome. Katrim was strong.

    Throwing on the shirt as fast as he could without opening wounds, Keith made it out into the hallway. It was surprisingly desolate. Unlike most hospitals with staff posted down the halls, there was absolutely no one in sight. It didn’t denture him from finding his sister though. “Hello?” he yelled,” Katrim? Anyone?” There had to be someone around to help.

    Katrim Kogane

    She was awakened not by shouting or by the stinging of her wounds, but rather the bright light of some unknown source. Katrim hated bright lights, especially artificial ones. Being a light sleeper, things like this often kept her awake, which didn’t help since she was already an insomniac.

    Another thing she hated was absolute silence. It was unnerving and made her feel deeply alone. She hated being alone. No matter what way she moved her ears, there was no noise that caught her highly sensitive sense of hearing. Where was she? What was going on? Why did the room currently smell of disinfectants and blood?

    Her pupiless amber eyes flew open when she remembered the last place she had been. There was an old ship that she and Keith had come across. They decided to explore it, looking to see if what the vessel was and what it contained. Apparently the ship hadn’t been stable, and blew to bits for some unknown reason. With them still inside.

    Was Keith ok? Was he hurt? Did he get burned? Where was he? Questions ran rabid though her head, making her head pound and her stomach twist. Knowing that if she didn’t calm down she might fall into a panic attack, Katrim took in a deep breath and tried to clear her mind. Obviously, by the look and smell of the room, she was in a hospital. If she was here, than Keith was more than likely here. How she was here, she didn’t know, but she would deal with that later. Lastly, she knew she was injured. The bandages that wrapped around her legs and the neck brace made it quite clear. Somehow she hadn’t been injured at all on her upper body, but she had a small inkling as to how. It caused her need to see her brother that much bigger.

    Something bright entered her line of vision, causing Kat to look towards it. It was a pile of cloths, neatly folded on the nightstand by her bed. There was also a wheelchair placed next to her IV stand. Slowly, the mute teen pulled on the large snow white sweater dress utop of the black tank top, careful of her IV and injures. She ended up having to put it on feet first. Using the IV stand as support, she made it to the black wheelchair and sat down. She took a moment to collect herself, then made her way towards the door.

    There wasn’t a person in sight. It was odd, as hospitals were usually not only packed with staff but with patients as well. Wheeling her way out of the room, the Galra started her search for her brother. This was one of the moments her hated being mute. There was no way to verbally show your presence to anyone. She would just have to hope that someone would come help her. She needed to make sure Keith was ok.



    Hello, and welcome to my Voltron RP “Same Cosmic Dust”! This RP is basically a “next generation” sort of deal, showing the story of our new paladins and their friends as they journey through space.

    ._– • –_.

    After the war, the universe was put back in its rightful place. The paladins were seen as heroes, with statues and shrines built to honor them and the great Voltron. Though the Galran race is still looked down upon, the other planets have formed a shaky alliance with the group with the help of Keith and the Blade of Marmora. The Alteans were slowly but surely gaining their former glory back as well.

    Though several years have passed with peace and tranquillity between the worlds, nothing, especially peace, lasts forever. The lions of Voltron have returned, each seeking their new paladin amongst the peoples, and brought back with them one question.


    ._– • –_.

    With the new paladins needing someone to train them, the old paladins decided to take up the task. They set out and found all of the paladins and brought them to Altea so Coran could also help, as he did with them. Our story will start off with the new paladins (and the friends/family they may or may not have brought) waking up after first arriving in their new home.

    RULES --

    I’m not one for restricting people’s imaginations, but rules must still apply. Please respect these rules. If you think a rule should be added or taken away, please PM me or another ambassador. If deemed large enough, a majority vote will be held.

    All FF rules apply.



    FORMS --



    Plot/Chat Thread: Currently N/A

    Roleplay Thread: Currently N/A

    So these two were my two teachers in the last MHA thread. Aika was the Creative Technical Advisor, and Calil was the Hero Theory teacher. We can change it up if needed for this rp though.