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    My muse is beyond dead, and school is draining my desire to be social. I get two weeks of Christmas Break, so I'll probably come around then and do some posting with Sag, but I'm sorry I didn't put this up sooner.

    Just in case there're any doubts, this has nothing to do with the leadership change, and I'm looking forward to roleplaying in a restored Highlands. <3

    Bleh, sorry guys. I've been so absent lately because I've just introduced a new character, and he sucked up all my muse.

    I can't say I've ever met Graves, but he looks awesome!

    Coolio, Tallow, can't wait!

    。・゚゚・ The fox was fearless. Just try him! If you said you were going to, say, at him or something, he'd laugh. Right in your face. He saw that Bjorn character giving a verbal tour of the castle to someone on the border, and teleported next to the brown tabby. "Hey. As far as I know, there aren't any secret passages, but wouldn't that be cool? Especially one leading right from my room outside. I wouldn't have to interact with anyone on the way!" That would be a dream come true for the boy, he didn't have a problem with people, but there were so many new members, and he wanted to interact with them on his own terms instead of being accosted in the hallway.

    。・゚゚・ Okay, tell them about himself. He can do that. "Well, call me whatever. I don't really care. I like drawing, especially roses, watching the sunset, looking at the stars, and other passive relaxing activities." They can sue him if they don't like his lack of name-giving. It's dumb!

    。・゚゚・ A meet and greet? These things were a pain for the kid- he didn't think names matter, but everyone else did, and they were really persistent about it. But he came to the call of the new member Blazeheart to talk about what kind of person he is. "Hello, I think I'd like to be here." That was all he said.

    。・゚゚・ Unfortunately for this feline, an apprentice-aged fox noticed her as she stepped the border. Fortunately though, he was an amiable child. He turned to his old feline form to be more familiar before speaking, "Hello, this is the Highlands. You look like you've been here before, so you might know us as the Frontier? What's you're business?" The words were formal, but cold not hide the glimmer of excitement in his eye at the prospect of possibly having a new clanmate. He guessed she was a joiner because she didn't smell like any other clan he was aware of.

    。・゚゚・ The fox teleported around the border, doing a lazy border patrol, when he noticed a pretty floral-decorated piece of paper and plucked it from under the rock weighing it down. He scanned it quickly before teleporting his way a bit closer to the camp and explaining what it said in a loud voice directed at whoever was in earshot. "Amalfi Heights is inviting us to a story-telling contest. If you like anything to do with stories, it sounds like fun!"

    。・゚゚・ "Oh, I like that ending too, Chione." he purred, before starting his own, prompted by Echo. "This story is true, or as true as you make it out to be. There was a little boy who was born on a star. Or more accurately, a small planet orbiting the star." Totally not him. "The only other creature on this planet was a rose, named Rosie. The boy, who we'll call," he passed, pretending to think, "Sagittarius, liked this rose a lot, but living alone with only a rose was lonely, so he flew down to Earth. But as he landed the ground started to change. It was now- Agrelos. The boy wondered if he'd caused it. There were other creatures, some like him, some vastly different, and some were rather hostile, but eventually he found a friendly group. This group invited him to stay with him, and he did. He loved it! Everyone was so friendly!" And, scene.

    The curtains open again, metaphorically I mean, as he continues. "He still loves his rose mind you, and thinks about her often. He thinks he could go back whenever, but why would he? He's got tons of friends! But one day, Sagittarius looks up, and sees that his home star isn't there anymore. He can't go back home. But you know what? It's okay! His flower will live on without him." He bowed dramatically. "Accept what you can't change, and you'll be happy."

    。・゚゚・ The fox didn't have a tribe name, or maybe he did, it's not like anyone would know anyway. They all call him 'Sag'. Names were not important to him. A group of the most important people he knew, plus that weird kit, seemed to be initiating someone with a freakin' long tribe name. Seriously, why does he have to be both a fallen angel and a winter lover? You don't need to describe your whole personality.

    He sort of ominously stood there, though unintentionally, for everyone else had said enough.

    //IC opinions

    。・゚゚・ Sag jumped back in that stiff way animals do when they're scared, and hissed. Aglaia appeared too, and Toxin, and they all started fighting. "You're all so confusing." he muttered. It was all 'blah blah blah' to him, though he tried to understand.

    The most he got was that this dinosaur had a mother, ad this mother lived in 'Radicalclan' and that Aglaia and Toxin totally know him. Also something about scorpions, or Scorpius?

    。・゚゚・ The fox hadn't been around long enough to know what Radicalclan was, but was upset that this prick of a dinosaur got the name of his clan wrong. He teleported in front of the visitor and asserted, "This is the Highlands, you dope! I've never even heard of Radicalclan." Or maybe he had, when Toxin and Aglaia talk about their past together, Sag sort of tunes them out, it doesn't matter, he doesn't care, who cares?

    //IC opinions!

    。・゚゚・ Well, speak of the devil. The young tiger noticed him and dove for the paper, crumpling it beneath her paws in an effort to resuscitate the spirit. She didn't seem upset, more excited. Though this was probably just her balled-up energy. Gosh, he loved that kid. But he couldn't leave her caught up in her playful fantasy, it would be better if she didn't find out on her own and think the spirit-rose died or anything. "Hey, Chione, Rosie had to go home. I'm sure she'll come back as soon as she can, but she left this so you wouldn't forget about her!" It wasn't really a lie, the spirit did seem sad to leave. Sagittarius really wasn't upset over Rosie. She was a pest, but still fun to be around.

    。・゚゚・ Rosie was doing her normal flips around Sagittarius as he was walking around town for no reason in particular, when 'she' suddenly stopped, and moved into a somber orbit around Sag's front legs, nearly tripping her' fox buddy. The boy looked down and asked, sincerely, "Are you okay, Rosie?" She nodded, giggling as she does, and her friend continued walking, but she didn't go back to her flips, instead hovering slightly above his head. She then dipped in front of his eyes and did something she'd never done before; started talking. Her voice sounded very much like a young girl's. "Sagittarius, it was fun being a flower, but my time is coming to an end here. 'Spook season' is at a close, and I have to go home! Say bye to all your friends for me?"

    The paper rose unfolded itself, smoothing the creases, before falling to the ground at the confused Brave's paws, a faint pinking-red wisp floating out of it. He took a minute to comprehend her words before muttering "Bye, Rosie." and after picking up the paper, "What am I going to tell Chione?"