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    Sedgeroot hadn't slept. Slatepaw had come to him in the night, clearly upset and angry with his brother but still concerned, mentioning that he couldn't find Winterpaw anywhere. Fear had enveloped the father, knowing that while his son was quiet, he had thought he was doing well enough in Skyclan to not interfere much with his life. What a fool to be, he should know that being quiet did not equal being alright. Slatepaw tries to explain the event from his side but Sedgeroot harshly shuts down his argument, setting off into the forest following the fading scent of Winterpaw.

    He was nowhere to be found and out there in the forest where no cat can see him, Sedgeroot breaks down. Staring at the stormy skies, he begs them, "Why are you taking my family from me? Please I don't know what I've done to you, what my family has ever done to you, but please keep him safe.... him and Pincerpaw please keep them safe..."

    He stays there until feeling comes back to his limbs, making the unfortunately alone walk back to Skyclan. When he returns, Juniperstar had clearly heard the news too and was calling his son a traitor. A coward.

    Barging through the cats with a heartless fire, the brown tabby stands defiantly before Juniperstar with a slightly unhinged look. A look of a man who'd lost too much, failed too hard, to let anyone talk about it so soon. "That coward is my son, Juniperstar. Don't you dare speak of him like that. You don't know what he was going through, you weren't there to support him when all the troubles were going on. Don't call him a coward for making a hard choice to leave. Don't you dare." Sedgeroot would end with a glare to the rest of Skyclan too. "Don't any of you, dare."



    The skies had been nothing but storms since he had come to Skyclan, his kits had grown under the wrath of their past relatives. Unbearable heat and unending thirst, Juniperstars life even being stripped of him because of it. Talk of prophetic dreams had barely reached his ears when a rumble of clouds comes from above, making Sedgeroot stiffen in surprise. Rain. It shouldn't be so alarming but it had not rained, held in a constant state of stasis, for too long.

    Following his first instinct, he races down twisting paths to find Sparkpaw. It was the closest scent and his failing of her, he had to protect her now. "Sparkpaw!" He shouts, deafened by the lightning and cracking and smoke. She is tending to Dustdevil and he spares the older tom a concerned look. "Are you both alright? What on earth was that?" Sparkpaw thinks it could be a sign and Sedgeroot squints at the burning monster, using a tail to cover Sparkpaws back. "I think we should get far away from this."


    Down by the riverside had become a place of comfort for Sedgeroot, where the worries and troubles in Skyclan would seep away into the current. He loved Skyclan - Heronstar had taken him and his kits in and he had loved to see the clan grow stronger and wiser, but he knew his fate would forever be intertwined with Riverclan. His first love had been there, his closest friends and now his kits, and those he considered family.

    Perhaps even, some new friends, given his introduction to Otterspirit and Rootlegs. He didn't want to view the others as simply information hubs to find out about Pincerpaw and Applecore, but liked to think they were genuinely friendly to each other. The brown tabby would perk up upon seeing the Riverclan patrol approach, diverting from his own to smile in his quiet way to them. Rootlegs stood beside Tempestwing, panting slightly which makes him chuckle. "Perhaps you should swim the border next time." He jokes, dipping his head to the two. "Greetings to you both. How are you and Riverclan? I heard your group had a celebration recently."

    His eyes flicker between the patrol, trying not to linger on Rootlegs as one he hoped to hear from most.


    Juniperstars decision that had yet to be announced was constantly on Sedgeroots mind, the tabby head bowed and frowning as he continued on with his tasks. Even those he would usually spare a smile would find his face contorted and folded with regret. He had to remind himself that Juniperstar was younger than he was and even with his thorny attitude, was generally more optimistic. He didn't know what happened when you mixed love and medicine like a sour potion.

    "Would anyone like to hear a story? It's not the most pleasant one, I must admit." Was there even a way he could phrase this story of his true past without frightening his clan mates to never speak to him again?


    Stories of love were timeless and despite how Softhymn and he had shared many experiences, it seemed they'd skirted past the topic of love. He can see why now. She had adored Hibiscus in the way he'd adored Willowsway - in the way you'd likely not love another in that way again. Sedgeroot noses at Softhymns shoulder, feeling deep regret for his friends situation. "I'm sorry it couldn't be a happier ending for you both. At least you had that time together - I'm glad she was there for you." With her family, it'd seem any comforting prescience was a blessing. He'd quietly sit by, feeling a warm sadness as Softhymn composes herself.


    Snailpaw was a familiar sight, just not so close to home. His brother had once mentored her but, he suspects nothing good had changed within Darkclan if she had escaped to a new clan. Wondering what had driven the sickly cat out here, he'd seat by Juniperstar, a visual softener to the thorny and sharp leader. "You're scaring the newcomers off again." He'd purr, nudging Juniperstars shoulder. "This is Juniperstars, he's our leader. His name used to be Juniperthorn if that helps you know that being sharp tongued has long been part of him. Not just at you." Hopefully that could ease some of her nerves. "What brings you down to Skyclan lands, its far from the mountains of Darkclan."


    Settling in for this story, with the first line itself he is thrown off kilter. Tawnydove being a loner would make sense with the sharp edges he still displayed, the want to fulfill warrior duties that would've been honed from life outside of a clan. Its natural curiosity to wonder what Tawnydoves heritage was and if infact, in his own days of wandering, he'd crossed path with the younger tom before. The tabby illustrates a mother and son in their prime, working as one to help the other. He smiles, recalling teaching his own kits how to hunt in the rivers before Skyclan.

    Before them, it had been apprentices and kits and wanderers to Riverclan - testing their skills to prowl the waters. Constellation had been stellar at it, nearly not needing his guidance at all with a perfected smile on her maw. A loner who had charmed the clan, and him, to follow her movements til another drew his eye away. The look in her eyes the night on the riverbank before she left... it'd been many moons and still it haunted him.

    Drawn from the story by Tawnydove stumbling on his words, Sedgeroot heart aches to see the same tense emotions on the brown tabby face. So startling clear like his tears, the expression note for note with Constellations. His heart screeches to a halt. He looks like Constellation. It should mean nothing but the jigsaw pieces bothering him about Tawnydove where sliding together faster and faster. He looks like Constellation, he was born a loner like her, its been about 16 moons since that night on the riverbank when she told me she was expecting before vanishing. Sedgeroot watches the tears fall in overwhelmed shock. Tawnydove is her son.

    Tawnydove is.... our son.

    If she wasn't by his side now, it could never be for abandonment which could only mean that she had joined the stars. He flicks a tear away - her son didn't need another to cry with him. Especially from the half-blind cat who'd tried and failed to be a support for him. "She loved you." Sedgeroot emphasises with a heaviness in the words. Saying that alone, he'd revealed too much but if the words would help Tawnydove, it was worth it to say. "Constellation loved you more than anything in the world. A lot of parents fail at loving their child beyond all else but, she was never one for failure."


    Sedgeroot had been absent from meetings lately, coming to terms with not only losing sight but also a certain cats relation to him. His yellow eye darts to Tawnydove reflectively at the mention of medicine cats and mates, lingers there with a strange panic, before moving off. He stays silent, keeping his strong opinion on the matter shut. Despite his absence, its his job as a senior warrior to support Juniperstars actions - no matter his own stance.


    I would suggest the Tribe for her but for the plots of crossclan relationship and loyalty to Starclan, that might be more difficult. I will say that the Tribe has been very welcoming OOC on the discord and it's a comfortable level of activity.

    I think Skyclan may offer some more contrast to her decision regarding Starclan, loyalty, forbidden mates. I know of a few characters in SkyClan who would likely not look favourably on her decisions about it. The community is lovely, both in and ooc. I will say the activity seems very fast and there are quite a lot of characters.

    It was when Sedgeroot reconnected with his family in Darkclan that he was reminded of how different all of his siblings had grown up. Their parents being a Leader and a medicine cat, their clan full of strife and darkness, it had morphed them uniquely. Resentment, anger, loss were common among them all and unfortunately it seemed to be within their children too. Slatepaws outburst to Pincerpaw was that family darkness welling up in the worst way. He kept meaning to keep a closer eye on those under his care, but when one took priority the others took a backseat - it had been that way to Tawnydove when Sparkpaw broke her leg, which happened because he was thinking of his apprentice Applecore.

    Briefly, in a chain of events, Sedgeroot had not been there for Tawnydove as much as he could have been. His partner [in crime] of Birdbones had sung her song and left, perhaps these stories Tawnydove wanted to share were of their time together. It would be nice to reminisce on similar memories, those with Willowsway and... others, while hearing the toms words. "I haven't heard much from when you were a youngster. Do you refer to when you were 'Tawnykit' for a second time?" He laughs lightly, settling down nearby, once more feeling the tugs of long gone memories when near Tawnydove.


    Its easy to forget how young both Honeypaw and Tawnydove are as they work in tandem with one another. It's easy to forget that there will always be new injuries or infections that they simply had to guess the answer to, to make a hard choice that might not be the right one. He watches Tawnydove deliberate at the base of Virgos tail, his dark paw was covering hers for comfort, trying to mask her view of the scene. "You can do this." He encourages quietly as to not disturb the concentration. In a flash the amputation is done, and he stirs with quiet pride at the tabby toms level headedness.

    He notes Virgo sniffling at her tail and soothes down her pelt in a comforting way. "Maybe don't look at it until Honeypaw has applied the herbs, it's still fresh." To try and distract from her pain, until the poppy seeds set in for her easy rest, he asks "Had it felt bad for a while Virgo? Or did it happen suddenly?"


    Sedgeroot startles at Tawnydoves sudden announcement. Aren't the next medicine cats supposed to be told through a dream, instead of on a random whim? He's even more alarmed when he asks Sparkpaw to be his next in line, stumbling to his feet in close panic, the urge to protect his own rising. She still has a broken leg. She's still so young, don't do this to her. He wouldn't wish the pressure of a medicine cat on any cat, but especially Sparkpaw who seemed to let guilt eat her like worms. Losing a patient, not getting there in time, it would weigh on her mind. And here Tawnydove offers that pressure on a whim. He's alongside Honeypaw in anger at the announcement, but holds his tongue.

    Instead he comes to Sparkpaws side, licking at the crown of her head in a fatherly gesture. "You don't have to decide right now. Be sure that you want this." He advises, his tail tremoring in anxiety of the thought of her under Tawnydoves wing. Honeypaw wasn't wrong - he wasn't the most stable of teachers. But then, Sedgeroots own teaching had broken Sparkpaws leg. She deserves much better than this.


    Slatepaw would also frown at the announcement but considered that Sparkpaw had spent a long time healing in the medicine den, surely there wouldn't be anyone better suited. However when Honeypaw gets upset, the mostly healed apprentice darts after her, to check on her condition.


    Sedgeroots pace quickens beside his son at the scent of Darkclan. Despite his efforts to get them to leave, his family remained in those trecharous mountainous lands. Its with a dull heart and sad smile, he recognises the blue rosetted tom. Oakridge - his brother and nephew talked fondly of him. A fine deputy, the strength of their bloodline within him. Though Oakstar was young, Sedgeroot hoped dearly he would be able to watch the tom grow far past his own age from within Starclan. He further wished the tom would be leading any clan, except Darkclan.

    "Its good to see you Oakstar." Sedgeroot greets, though he watches over the apprentices carefully. The lands of Darkclan were dangerous, far more than their forests here, he didn't want them to get ideas about following Oakstar to his clan. "I wish you... luck in leading Darkclan." Its a slight and pained smile he shares with the leader. "It is not an easy place to live in let alone command."


    It was no secret that Sedgeroot was one of the older members of the clan. His limbs ached on patrols, his vision slack in one eye, brown tabby fur that ruffled in soft winds, uncovering silvery scars of battles long past. The world is heavy but his heart is light, watching his family and friends fondly from near the elders den. He casts a look towards it, consideringly. To sleep in the sun and have Skyclan care for him, would it be so bad? He's not prideful, he can admit his flaws and concerns of keeping up warrior duties in his poor condition.

    After Sparkpaw and Urchinpaw, he doubted he'd take on another apprentice. Perhaps then, he'd lay his head to rest. For now, he watches his son Winterpaw strike conversation with the ever moving - though she should be resting - Sparkpaw. Content to smile and bathe, he doesn't join the conversations, mind wandering through fields.


    "A training accident." Sedgeroot comments on Sparkpaws injury. It's better to not tell Applecore he was thinking of how he'd failed him as a mentor only to then fail Sparkpaw moments later with her fall. He bumps heads with a rumbled purr, looking to the annoyed Yewpaw.

    He had to agree. If Applecore had been coming home, it would have been fine, but as a visitor now. "Applecore - you are a Riverclanner now. You have to wait at the border before coming to see us. Its like that now." He reminds patiently.


    Overseeing the training apprentices again, he feels fond looking on the younger generation. He had been in Skyclan long enough for his son to grow into an apprentice, to find his friends and where his heart shone. It wasn't quite the same for him. Being an older member of the clan meant most of his conversations were focused on tasks or answering questions. It'd been some time since he'd seen a cat of similar age to him.

    Turtledove was all he hoped to be in a clan cat, a natural at her skills. Though word had it she hadn't stayed in Skyclan her whole life. He felt a slight kinship there, having come later in life to Skyclan as well. She was Juniperstars older sister and he thought it would do well to get to know her better.

    "Hello Turtledove." He would smile pleasantly as he approached, half blind gaze checking to ensure he hadn't disturbed her too greatly. He wasnt known for being a great conversationalist, more a listener, but he wanted to make an effort for her. "The skies have cleared up greatly and I think the apprentices here have got more than enough warriors watching them. I don't think they'd notice if we went for a small wander away. Care to join?"

    { turtledove


    "Applecore...." So far had the tom wandered into Skyclans territory that he felt hope rise in his chest. Could it be that his son was coming home? He would come by Sparkpaws side, a quiet support should she need to rest on his shoulder due to her leg. He felt he had failed both of them but with Applecore standing here, perhaps he shouldn't feel so guilty. "Have you come home?" He asks, unable to keep the tender strand of hope from his voice.


    Flashes of horror run through his veins with the new information Birdbones shares. His own litter had been apprenticed at four moons - it had halved his siblings. His eyes darken, memories of that trecharous time rolling forward. It was all happening again. An insane leader, a deputy who didn't care, medicine cats running away. Will the situation spread, does Birdbones carry it with her on her pelt to infect Skyclan?

    "It was very brave of you to try to say something." It's on his tongue to regretfully turn her away, too aware of the consequences. But his eyes catch on Tawnydove, and he knows he would never gain forgiveness for turning Birdbones away in her time of need. "Of course you can stay. We'll protect you from them and I'll bring the situation to Juniperstar to make him aware. You already have a... friend here to help settle you in." He trips on that word. Perhaps it was obvious to everyone and surely with Birdbones in camp, it'd be clear to everyone what they were to each other, but it wasn't his place to out their relationship.


    The kind green eyes of Rootlegs felt like a wash of sweetness. It had been a long time since he'd been given a look so peaceful, often looks were jaded or searching for answers that he had to provide as a supporter in Skyclan. "Grounded or stubborn, I wonder." He answers with a half smile, not great at humorous replies but not feeling it matters much, more the agreement that their names indicated their dedication to their own clans. He wonders if the other man's loyalty had swayed as much as his own.

    As Rootlegs explains his reasoning, Sedgeroot finds himself nodding in agreement, yellow eye remaining steady and wondrous on the other tom. How he wished to have someone so level headed among his prickly clan mates. "Hm, yes. I've lost count of my clan mates whose claws replace their reasoning." Warriors and apprentices alike. "With them becoming apprentices, I didn't realise I'd need to watch them even closer than when they were kits. It's a whole new world of trouble calling for them." He chuckles softly, though it catches slightly at the nickname Rootlegs had provided. SweetSedge... he liked it. It wasn't a name he thought his clan mates would dare to place on him, so it was fitting the put together Riverclanner would pick such a name. "Forgive me if it's too forward to ask but, where you a medic? Somehow you speak like a father and a medic, it reminds me greatly of my own family. I suppose you have children of your own too." He was no good at nicknames so could not offer one in return but, the way his voice sank into a less formal tone could show his appreciation to Rootlegs. There was so much to learn from the charming tom that Sedgeroot couldn't help but settle in to hear more.

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