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    Sedgeroot can't help but smile quietly, watching the scene. He hadn't been there when Amberlight had been found, but he had passed by her as he would any Skyclanner, speaking of how settled she had become. Her marshen scent was fading fast into the calm one that settled on even the most tempermental cats like Juniperstar. He recalls his own joining, how accepting Heronstar had been to him. The image of her and Juniperstar blend together for a moment, but is broken by the toms sharper tongue. Yes, Heronstar certainly hadn't spoken like that.

    "I think our eloquent leader is trying to welcome you to Skyclan." Sedgeroot speaks in a gentle tease of a tone, yellow eye warm on Amberlight. "Extending my own welcome - if you have any questions about life here, or anything to do with adjusting, I'm always drifting around for a conversation." He offers the help without forcing it. Sometimes, newcomers needed to find their own footing before seeking help.


    He nods understandingly at her words. Moving from the nursery brought about a new set of nerves he wasn't sure how to handle, but Slatepaw and Urchinpaw were coping well with the apprentice life so far. "I understand, the temptation to go back there is strong. But, aside Sparkkit, I don't believe there are any young in the nests for us to keep warm. Perhaps when the next newleaf comes around, we can crawl back in there." He chuckles, matching her laughing tone. "Thank you." He smiles, warmed by the congratulations. "If there is anything a senior warrior can teach you that you don't already know, I'd be more than willing to help."


    "It's fine to mess up, that's why you are an apprentice. It's so you can make mistakes now before becoming a warrior." To be fair to the tom, lots of young warriors would still make mistakes and be distracted before they settled. At the grin, Sedgeroot gives a startled and happy one back. "You already make me very proud, Applepaw." He promises with a gentle smile, tail flickering in a pleased way.

    As they talk, a small bird flutters to the end of Applepaws' branch. With a quiet gesture, Sedgeroot motions for the apprentice to try out his newfound talents. He'd be proud even if the tom didn't make the catch.


    "Urchinpaw!" Sedgeroot broke the line, chasing over to where his apprentice and loved kit was. To his horror, her tail had been chewed through, like she was nothing more than prey. They were not going to win here. The one eyed tom tried valiantly to fend off more rats from jumping up to Urchinpaw, beyond sorry he hadn't prepared her well enough for an attack this scale. Beyond the squealing and panic of Skyclan, he can hear the order from Mothshine to retreat - however, he is closer to Juniperstars' side.

    Hearing cats gasping on his blind side, he swivels his face around. Starclan. Out the rats came, doubled in number, closing in on them in a line. They would be covered before long. "Urchinpaw - use the branches, follow Juniperstar!" He calls up to his apprentice, anxious for her survival, fending rats off from below as they made to lunge at what was left of her tail.


    The frantic expression of more hurt cats spurs him from the medicine den. He would join his medicine den friend for the last few weeks, Cloudednight, as Juniperstar explained his plan. "I'll be coming on the patrol." The dark tabbies wounds were healed, but not the strike against his clan with all the blood those rats had shed. He nods at the tactics, casting a thankful glance with his working eye to Ternpaw as she volunteers to stay behind. He had instructed Slatepaw to wait in camp as well, despite the subtle protests. The battle plan seems sound enough.


    Waking in the medicine den was a hellscape. Cats mauled by those viscious rats, the herb scent so prevelant and strong layered upon dirt and uncleaned nests and injuries. He desperately needed some air, despite his own injuries. Head at the entrance, he peers over his shoulder at Arcticwind, a pit of sadness pulling down on his stomach. She was getting worse. Much worse. Loss of appetite, the feverish way she scanned the den, not taking notice of anything before clashing back to her nest. Once, he had rested a paw to her forehead attempting to see if she was recovering. When it seemed warmer than ever, he had left a concerned lick to her head. Starclan, I know she hasn't been living to the code but this .... this is horrible. Don't take her from us like this.

    He had fallen asleep at the entrance when suddenly, the toyger streaked past him. "Arc?" He calls blearily, adjusting to the new light. She was racing towards the trees with all those injuries, where was she going, back to the Twolegplace? Didn't she know the sick didn't survive Twolegplace? "Arcticwind!" He calls, taking a pace outside before being reminded painfully of his own wounds. "She just ran into the trees. Can someone check on her?" He calls to the camp in worry about his friend, unable to move himself.


    What had been a bumbling scene quickly turned into one of venomous words from everyone. With a frown lingering his yellow eyes, the dark brown tabby would come closer to moderate the scene. Unfortunately, feelings had already been hurt, Milkpaw lashing outwards at everyone in a desperate attempt to cover his own pelt. Did young cats these days really think they were being smart, with sneaking around?

    "I hope your loner was worth hurting your clanmates feeling so." Sedgeroot delivers tiredly, watching Bisoncharge move away from the group. "I suggest you apologize to your friend. Otherwise, goodnight." The tabby would be ready to stir Milkpaw for a very early patrol, for sneaking out so late. He would make sure to keep an eye out for Bisoncharge the next day as well. He clambers back to the warriors den, preparing to sleep. Some of them had duties tomorrow.


    hi guys! Monaco here (:

    i used to play in SkyClan a while back with Lynxflight but ah lost my muse for the gal

    but i'm back with this chill boi! was wondering if he could have some fam / a relative around here uwu so he isn't lonely

    Hello, welcome back to Skyclan! There are actually quite a few parently figures in Skyclan right now haha. Sedgeroot is a fatherly figure to quite a few cats, he is the father of Slatepaw, adoptive father figure to Urchinpaw, and he's always ready to take on more!

    I'll also go ahead and tag .Mottlewish. and virgo. to see, as they also have nursery characters (I don't know how to phrase it sorry lol)

    Assessing how Urchinpaw scents out the newcomer and hides in the bushes before approaching, Sedgeroot prowls along the branches of the trees above the tom. He was young, a cream color, seemingly familiar with another new joiner. Frankly, he didn't trust it. They had a loner attack fairly recently, and lots of new bellies to feed would cause them problems. Peering down on the scene protectively, owl like yellow eyes keep watch, tail swinging low.

    Juniperstar was on the scene and could handle this. Still, the dark brown tabby didn't lower his protective nature even around these two fairly calm natured cats. Such was the work of a warrior. If this cat, Flint, did join then he would have to be prepared for quite the early morning calls. A smirk flickers his jaw, thinking of such a scene. Perhaps it wouldn't be all bad. They could use the entertainment.


    Looking at her excitable nature, you wouldn't even think about the volatile past hidden in her mind. The trials and tribulations she had gone through, to come out the other end of it all, smiling. There was a strength in her, undeniable and unforgettable. He hoped she would spread that spirit among her denmates from now until she wore the crown of Starclan, or wherever her path may take her. All greatness starts small though. For now, they search for scents.

    He nods approvingly for every scent she gets correct. The nose for prey was there, perhaps from the constant stream of prey to the nursery, but the one to detect predators was dormant still. "Very good, it's impressive you can identify them so quickly." He starts off with the compliment, before surging on with the teaching. "Following those scents, there is one strong scent of soil and mud, and of blood. That is the scent of a fox, if you scent that any stronger than it is now, you must run back to camp."

    Feeling the scents are covered enough for today, he moves on to the next part of their session. Unfortunately it was becoming more and more urgent to teach fighting to the youth earlier. He would have preferred to teach it later, but with the rogues and a bad feeling rising among the clan .... it wouldn't hurt to arm the trouble inducing Urchinpaw some moves. "Now. Fighting. The aim of a fight is to stay alive. The reasons cats fight are many but the outcome should only be, that you survive." Yes there may be code asking them not to kill another but it was one Sedgeroot gave less cares for - his clanmates lives were the most important. Urchinpaws', ever moreso. "We're going to start with some basic defense before moving on to sparring. Your weakest points are your neck, your face and your stomach. In a fight, use any other body part to block an attack going towards those points."

    "Could you show me how you would protect those areas?" He asked, sitting back to watch how Urchinpaw might already know how to defend these from playing with her denmates.

    [ Aw, he just loves his brash daughter haha <3 ]


    Not one for subtely and giving in to his own interest, he watches Virgo move the empty space where a limb would have been. He had seen cats with twisted paws, broken legs but never one simply missing completely. He wonders if she had been born that way or if it was part of a sadder story. Flicking his gaze upwards, they flicker in apology. Curse the curiosity and all. "Well, I was interested to see how your training was going. I think it's a very brave decision to have made, changing your entire path like that." Sedgeroot says in a friendly purr. "How are you finding it all? The warriors den is somehow rowdier than the nursery, isn't it, so many childish fights." He chuckles.


    Glad to see his apprentice ready to go again, Sedgeroot smiles lightly and dips his head in motion for Applepaw to progress. They had been mentor and apprentice for quite a while, and while the training may be going alright, Sedgeroot is very aware that mentors should be there for mental support too. Unfortunately, he did not have a way with words and his advice could be quite blunt. Watching Applepaw move across the branches, he asks, "Anything on your mind, Applepaw?"


    Sleeping heavily in his warriors nest, the dark tabby tom turns over uncomfortably. So used he is to the settled breathing in the nursery that to go from there to a rat fight to a warriors nest, it was a hard adjustment. The den seems quieter and with a flick of his head, he realises the nests are empty and the sun was high in the sky. "Shit." He croaks, throat hoarse and dry. Lumbering from the tree nest, he would attempt to clamber down the tree when his legs go weak, sending him into a heavy heap at the tree base. Laying there dazed, he coughs again, wondering when he had laid down, not recalling his own fall.

    Fighting his own body, Sedgeroot draws in short and heavy breaths, heart beating rapidly and his pelt very warm too the touch. His rat scratched eye looked worse than ever, the cuts looking infected with some not beginning to heal. It sings with pain, a harsh screeching one. His ears ring in disorientation, voice warbled and confused. "What is wrong with me... missing a patrol.... embarrassing... what's Willowsway going to say about that...."


    To add to his sorry for the now overwhelmed new medicine cats, he felt sorry for Redpaw. To come to a clan expecting safety and protection only to find the warriors torn up and infested by rats. His hearing was still ringing, one eye completely crusted over and deeply infected by the rats. He didn't like to share the fear he may lose the eye and assured anyone to ask that it was healing fine. No one need doubt the medicine cats abilities.

    Heavy in thought, the dark brown warrior would settle among the clan, finding it hard to lift his slightly overheated head.


    The patrol had been a mess they were continuing to clean up. Sedgeroots jaw was gritted against the sting of injuries and the sting of pride that they had been overwhelmed by such baseless creatures. It couldn't be helped and he was glad both Mothshine and Juniperstar had seen fit to retreat. If only the call had been a moment earlier, there wouldn't have been the dire injuries of Cloudednight and Arcticwind...

    Virgo appears on his blinded side, berating and worrying for Amarylispaw. He has to turn his head to catch Virgos eye. "He did well in the fight. He retreated when Juniperstar called to without foolishly trying to fight on. Im sorry I couldn't do more to protect him." It was a grave tone he shared. He knew of her ferocious protectiveness and only wished he could have done more to prevent her son being injured.

    His ears were starting to hurt now too, ringing irritatingly, he flicks them out and takes up Mottlewishs call for help. "Would you mind bringing some watered moss for my eye? It is a bit sore." An understatement, his socket was red hot and scorching with pain, the cuts around and on his eye dearly needed the help of herbs, though water might help clear the dried blood.


    The call to retreat sounded, pain spreading out from the cuts around his eye seeming to deepen by the second. Amarylispaw pulls his attention towards the trees and he lumbers in that direction, battling the rats with growls as they leap for the apprentice before him. Amarylispaw must have a bad leg in the way it takes him a long time to scale the tree. From below, Sedgeroot batters away rats and tries to nose the apprentice with his head and shoulders from below, giving that important stability for the tom to continue moving onwards.

    When Amarylispaw got onto a low branch, he'd grunt and fall back in a smart of pain. "Good Amarylispaw. Now, keep moving. If you can help others from up in the trees, do it but don't strain yourself." He pants the instruction. He could see Cinammonpaw looking phased out and wounded. What had they started here? His one sighted side would search out for any more apprentices or wounded that needed help to the trees.



    I've recently tried Digital art. I've done traditional art mostly and am finding it a bit hard to understand lighting in digital art. Mostly where to position light and shadows.


    This is a recent example of my art. I feel like the shadows are wrong, I'm not trying to make it look realistic but just less strange? I'd like to draw some art for the lovely people in Skyclan, so any advice is appreciated :)

    A lot had happened since the last time Arcticwind and Sedgeroot had spoken. It wasn't as if their lives had turned for the worse they were simply, different lives now. Different paths that kept on expanding from one another. What had spurred them was similar though. Family. He doesn't know how Arcticwind sees Bosie and Juniperstar except being important to her, to him that counted as family.

    There had been many changes for his own family, the pieces he had gathered, the pieces he had sought out. His nephew was about to have kits with a Windclanner - some cat named Lavenderspine - his brother had left the clan he claimed forever loyalty to, his own kits were apprentices now. The heaviness of not having Willowsway beside him to see both their beautiful kits grow up weighed his shoulders lately. Where there should have been four cats in that ceremony, two fathers cheering their kits on, it was him and Slatepaw. They were a family. He never should have separated them.

    The loss of partnership, of one kit, leads him to wait on the Riverclan border with a couple of small caught birds. It would be believable for his daughter to return to camp with them, maybe even eat them, to stay healthy. If she would appear on the border was another matter. The sky dims into night, enough that his eyes filter and close slowly, lulled by the sounds of the river.

    It's a huge startle he gives with the sudden nearness of Arcticwind, drawing a stuttered breath, ears flicking back and eyes going wide. Steadying his heart rate, he manages to catch that she was wishing him congratulations. With a surprised huff, he says "Thank you. You would think with seniority my awareness would be better." Guilt digs into him. There was a sort of unspoken agreement that they kept their judgments of each other to themselves, that what they did apart was their own business. But her reminder of his promotion seems snide. Sitting here on another clans border, clearly waiting for another cat to appear in the dusk of night. Not what a senior warrior should be doing.

    He does not think under any circumstances Juniperstar would have given him such a promotion if he had known that Sedgeroot, clumsy bumbling fool of relationships, had been the one to suggest she 'talk' to him. He'd choked on his prey at the scene. Two very short responses, nothing like the sometime moon long talks he and Willowsway shared over an issue. Was this a new-aged warrior response to being asked to talk?

    "All of me would like to know how your talk with Juniperstar went but, I can respect if you'd rather not share." Yes, he had eavesdropped the conversation but talking about that outright wasn't the done thing. "Or if you'd rather not we could ... talk about your Twoleg." A bit uncomfortable with the subject, he shifts. "Was Rey her name, or yours?"

    [ I only just realized its called the Mist because thats how Sedge sees her. Sweet :,) ]


    Urchinpaw - a rather troublesome member of the nursery, but she had been a good influence on Slatepaw, drawing his son from his shy shell. She had guts, coming back to the nursery covered in rat bites. How she had gotten out of the guarded camp remained a mystery and so he thinks it was a good call on Juniperstars' part to give Sedgeroot as her mentor. They knew of each other, having shared the same space for moons, but this would be a new avenue to persue. As a mentor, how would she react? Would he be able to give her the knowledge she needed? There were a lot of doubts, of fear, but along with training Applepaw he put a lot of thought into her training. Hopefully, it could be enough.

    For their first session, he just wants to get to know Urchinpaws' starting point. If she fast, or slow moving, good at climbing or need more encouragement, was she drawn to a fight or cautious? These little information would be invaluable. They start at the training clearing, oak trees folding around a sandy hollow where any falls would be soft. "Welcome to your first training session, Urchinpaw." The dark brown tabby greets in a friendly tone, yellow eyes catching his smile. "It won't be a long one, I just want to see where you are at. If you have any questions, please ask them. Now, for your first test of skill, I'd like you to detect what prey is in this area."

    They were not at a hunting level yet. Learning the scents of prey would be important in the future, he also would like to see if she can detect the distant scent of a passing fox. Learning the smells of danger where just as important as those of food.

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