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    ✦ ✧ ✦ Wolfmask was bitter, but Peachpounce hadn't been expecting to be at the butt of their frightening outburst. Clovershade had appeared shortly after, but the ex-kittypet was already looking like she would either cry or explode with the amount of emotions stirring in her belly. "I guess that's how you feel about me, ain't it? No skin off my teeth, I guess..." The flame point molly snapped back, practically vibrating with annoyance as Wolfmask turned their back to the small gathering of cats that she had called over for weekly tasks. Why did they find it in them to snap at her when she didn't even do anything wrong? Peachpounce hadn't even stepped out of line, everything about her was in perfect working order. She hunted for the clan, went on patrols, and did everything that a good warrior was supposed to do.

    If Peachpounce had done everything right, why did Wolfmask hate her? The molly couldn't take the tension anymore, the soft girl turning her back on all of them and trotting out of camp in a frustrated frenzy.

    ✦ ✧ ✦ The scent of another pulled Peachpounce from her tunnel vision, caught midlick as her attention shifted to Wolfmask who had suddenly appeared in the middle of camp. Tongue stilling with the fur of her paw caught in her mouth, the warrior held eye contact with the other molly before the larger one swiftly turned away from Peach, hurrying her way out of there. Peach quickly pulled her paw from her jaws, rising to her slick paws as she caught herself almost bounding after the muscular cat quickly disappearing into the shadows of the caverns. Hesitant and her brain fighting her body, the cream-colored girl finally made up her mind and picking up her pace so that she could hopefully catch up to Wolfmask who was making a surprisingly swift exit.

    "H-Hey, wait up! You're Wolfmask, right?" Peachpounce's voice was southern and as clear as a windchime on a breezy day, clinking together brightly in the playful tugs of the wind. She didn't want to barge in on the other cat's boundaries, but it seemed like they didn't want anything to do with her. Did she do something wrong? All she had done that day was hunt and groom herself, was one of those things wrong in some way? Peachpounce dreaded the day that she messed up, but she was sure of herself that she hadn't done anything wrong today...


    ✦ ✧ ✦ The bitter call of Wolfmask's shout for weekly tasks drew the cream point from her hiding place in the warriors den, her back paw shaking off a bit of unwanted moss as she came trotting up to greet the larger molly and Sunfeather with a small bow of her head. Wolfmask was giving the medicine cat her task for the week, Peachpounce's eyes floating over the she-cat's face before quickly realizing that she was staring at the both of them like an idiot. Say something! Even if it's stupid, just say something!

    "M-may I have a task, please?" Peacepounce's southern drawl was almost completely obscured by her warbling anxiousness, her brain immediately shutting down as she realized that she could've been so much more smoother about the whole thing. Slow down next time before you open your mouth! Peachpounce wasn't usually so nervous, but this was her first time interacting with either of these cats, besides catching a glimpse of a frowning Wolfmask as they turned around right as Peach had looked up from her grooming session a few hours prior. Slow down.

    ✦ ✧ ✦ Peachpounce was finally getting the hang of things. Being an ex-kittypet didn't exactly prepare you for clan life: you had to catch your own food out here in the wild, it wasn't served to you on a silver platter like in her old twoleg nest. Life was good, although the transition from twoleg lapcat to a swift, prey killing wild cat wasn't exactly the easiest. Peachpounce had fumbled over her paws as she was taught how to fight and catch prey for the clan; the NPCS that had taught her weren't exactly the most patient, but she wanted so badly to prove herself to them. She didn't want to drag her paws through the mud and hold the clan down, she wanted to help and to mean something.

    Dainty paws scuffling against stone sent muffled echoes through camp as Peachpounce returned from a patrol, a small vole pressed in between light jaws as the cream point molly headed for the prey pile. Life was becoming easier and she found that she could catch prey more efficiently now than ever; butt low tot he ground, paws avoiding the loud annoyances of sticks and the like, it was almost stupidly easy to catch small prey when she knew what she was doing. Moseying towards the prey pile, the molly deposited her catch, pausing for a moment to swipe a delicate tongue over maroon-stained paws, the taste of copper bitter enough on her palette to make her soft features to scrunch a bit. Blood wasn't her favorite taste in the world, but she was used to dry kibble and the occasional piece of pizza. What did Peacpounce know about tasty things?

    The molly would be found running a tongue between spread-out toes, almost completely invested in the effort to get herself clean. Peach liked to keep her image relatively decent as it had been ingrained in her mind from as soon as her icy blue eyes first surveyed the world. Old habits died hard, didn't they?

    ✦ ✧ ✦ The cold was a shock on Peachkit's body as she was the second one to breach, fur wet and her body naturally searching out the warmth of her young mother and her siblings that were soon to follow in her wake. Already Peachkit was yowling hungrily, stomach growling angrily and her mouth searching for the source of food until she finally found it, latching on and not letting go until she had her fair share.

    There wasn't much a kitten could do: sleep, eat, cry and then sleep some more. Peachkit had already done two of the three, crying and eating until her stomach could hold no more. She was quick to curl into her siblings on either side of her, pudgy stomach sticking out to indicate that she was full and very happy. Without another quarrel or meow, she rested her face into the stomach of Sunpaw and drifted off to sleep.

    ✦ ✧ ✦ Can talk. The telepathy was a recent addition when the world had gone white, thrusting the entire world into chaos. Bright copper eyes flickered across the small group that had formed around her, her back claws sinking into the sand as she repositioned herself to feel more comfortable. She didn't like how they seemed to close around her; they weren't aggressive or wanting to harm her, but her instincts were still feral and strong, the urge to lunge was incredibly strong in the back of her mind, to snap her teeth at these strangers that she didn't recognize. Her mind was fuzzy with faces, blobs of colors and voices running through her brain as she tried to sort through all of the questions being thrown at her.

    Always Dead. Her voice was familiar and comforting, one of the only animals she really recognized in the sandy seas spread before her. The raptor seemed to relax, tense muscles unfurling as the thick fur of the queen brushed against her freezing scales. The feeling of fur against her scales made her want to curl in on herself and freeze to death all over again, vivid memories of her adoptive mothers flashing in her mind, tearing through her gut like razor-sharp fangs. Talia. Malkyn. Where? Dead? Alive? Hypokrisis? Alive? Everybody okay? Her voice was broken and fractured, words stumbling over each other even in the projection of her thoughts.

    She just wanted her family back.

    ✦ ✧ ✦ Hazel had no idea how she survived or how she even managed to pull herself up, her small body half-frozen and icy to the touch. Her instincts had driven her to survive, to find food and to shelter away from the harsh winds that blew across the desert sands of her home. She had holed up in an abandoned nest in the ground, the faint smell of the previous owners not scaring Hazel away, her survival instincts too strong to be deterred by something as simple as the potential threat of a small creature trying to take its home back.

    The new world had done something strange to Hazel. She grew fast, now a year old and standing well over 5 feet. She was no longer a cute baby that relied on others to protect her. Mouth full of razor-sharp fangs and needlepoint claws, Hazel had no problem with taking down whatever came her way. The velociraptor was now a whole year old, her wide eyes filled with curiosity now hardened and cold, meticulous and intelligent as her feet led her back to the border of the Sanguine Ruins, sand covering her scales as nostrils flared, the familiar scent of her old home filling her with fuzzy memories. Her friends and family had been here, but she hadn't seen any of them since the dreaded white light had sent everything into a spiral of chaos. Long forgotten was the baby Hazel, sweet and youthful; she had been replaced by the speed demon that stood at the border, feral eyes sweeping over the landscape.

    A roar ripped from her ragged throat, announcing her presence for everybody in her area. Hazel was here and she wanted everybody to know exactly where she was and that she had returned.

    ✦ ✧ ✦ The sudden harsh temperature changes, the flash of bright light that had destroyed her family and her home, it was responsible for all of the destruction that had come to Hazel. The white light had set fire to the raptor's life, everything that she held dear and true to her was gone, ripped from the hands of a youthful creature, too young to understand what was happening to her.

    And in the sand, Hazel laid, the cold leeching the energy out of her small body. Shivers and shudders used the rest of her bodily energy to try and conserve body heat, but even that wasn't going to save the raptor now. The sands of her home was the only thing left to comfort her, brushing against muddy-colored scales, slipping through dying claws as the raptor rested her head on a pile of the grainy ground. Nostrils flared in a last attempt at breathing, but it was too late. Hazel was gone, just like Talia and Malkyn, like Bubonuicplague and Hypokrisis, like Frisk and Calypso. Taken by the bright white light was the child, too young to die, but this was the world that the white light had brought. Harsh cold winds, how unforgiving nature was.

    Hazel was dead.

    ✦ ✧ ✦ Paying no attention until it was necessary, Hazel was shaken from her glazed state of mind by a feline who seemed to be...intrigued by her, or wanting to eat her. The raptor, lethargic and weak, could only muster a small growl towards Maverick, his muzzle making her flinch as it brushed against her dusty scales. There was no use in trying to communicate with any other species, they wouldn't be able to understand her anyways, the bond with her mothers had been cut and she seemingly was lost to her negative feelings.

    A familiar scent made the child perk up a little, nostrils flaring to catch the smell of Thea as she approached. There would be no warning noise to stay away as Thea lowered her own head to sniff Hazel carefully. The skinny female didn't seem to mind Thea as she knew that the leader wasn't a thread, thankfully. Copper eyes flicker between Maverick and Thea before struggling to her feet, a small whimper of frustration coming from her as she managed to stand. Join?A pathetic effort at trying to communicate, but she was on her last legs and she wanted to just eat and rest, to be safe and warm.

    ✦ ✧ ✦ Hazel had left the frigid territories of the new Sanguine Ruins, the nagging feeling of hunger pushed her farther and farther away from her home until she finally crossed the border into unknown lands. The had ruined everything for the raptor baby. She was only two months old and she had had everything that a child had ever wanted; Hazel had a family, two loving moms and lots of cuddles and food to keep her happy. All of that was gone, the light had stripped her of everything that she had held dear to her, her pack was gone and she wasn't sure if they were just gone...or dead.

    The raptor was all skin and bones when she stepped foot across the border that surrounded the Derelict Expanse, the familiar heat warming her up almost instantaneously. Hazel wanted to hunt, but she knew by the smell that this was where the others of her species lived, where they hunted and where they rested. She had been raised differently, apart from the other raptors, so she was much more cautious and wary after the first meeting with the dominant raptors. Settling herself into the piles of soothing sand, she would wait for something to happen. Whether it be life or death, she didn't know what to expect anymore. Talia? Malkyn? A last ditch effort to call for her moms, a wail of anguish for the creatures who had raised her. It hadn't been long, but it was enough to solidify their pack and family status, and now all of that was gone.

    Head resting on a mound of sand, Hazel would wait. She would not move from her spot until she was forced to, glazed orange eyes staring off into the distance. Small whimpers would come from the small raptor every now and again, calls for her mothers who would not be coming back. Wails and cries for her mothers to come back to her, to soothe her and tell her that it would be okay. They weren't coming back, but Hazel refused to believe, and so she would sit in the Sunclan sands, crying and cooing for her mothers until she wore herself out.

    ✦ ✧ ✦ Hazel was used to the hot sandy deserts of the Sanguine Ruins, she was used to the sun beating on her back until her scales were burning to the touch. The raptor child was not used to the blistering cold of the Sanguine Ruins now; there had been a bright light and Hazel had found herself in a world of chaos, somewhere where she didn't know who was left and where her mothers were. Talia was gone, Malkyn was gone, her bond was broken and gone. Everything she loved and everybody who was bonded to, her pack, her family, was gone.

    She couldn't find food anymore, everything that she had hunted either dug into the frozen sands or just...disappeared. Hazel had adapted to the deserts, she was built for it and now, she would have to adapt again to the exact opposite of what she was meant for, what she was built for. Nature had run its course and now Hazel had to deal with what was left. That meant venturing outside of her home, out of her territory and into the unknown to find something to keep her belly full and her spirits up. She was alone now, nobody she could rely on to feed her, so she had to feed herself. A harsh reality it was, but it was the harsh reality that was now the raptor's life.

    Cicadas buzzed in her ears as the humid air clung to Hazel's muddy scales like a second skin, the raptor's nostrils flared to try and catch the scent of food. Hunger clawed its way into her mind yet again, pounding on her instincts like a drum, telling her to kill and to eat, to hunt and survive. Hazel was trying to survive, but it seemed that whatever world she was in now was against her.

    ✦ ✧ ✦ Hazel's second meeting in the Sanguine Ruins and the first where her mother was not present before herself. The raptor lingered in the back of the pack, a chunky lizard in between tight jaws as she munched away, copper eyes lingering on Hypokrisis should he begin to speak.