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    ✦ ✧ ✦Another round of weekly tasks, but this time it was Planetary giving them out instead of Piratecrown. The indoraptor made sure to pay extra attention as to where she set her feet, snuffling as she made sure not to step on the tiny creature known as Tumble. Piratecrown was also there asking for...fifty weekly tasks? He had to be either joking or insane, though Hazel could only mentally shrug her shoulders.

    Approaching Planetary and lowered her head, running her massive tongue over the leader's head. Weekly task. Please.She made sure to ask nicely...manners were good to have.

    ✦ ✧ ✦ The sweltering deserts that led up to the cave where the Solaris Kingdom resided reminded Hazel of her old home. The sandy expanses of the desert were oddly reassuring, though Hazel had gotten used to the rolling hills and soft grasses of the territory under the control of Amalfi Heights. The dinosaur had a small sack of herbs clutched in strong jaws, nostrils flared as she lumbered to where the border would stop her. Planetary had assigned her to the Solaris Kingdom so that's what she was here for. To checkup on their ally and to bring some herbs as Hazel didn't see the need for these useless plants, but to each their own.

    Solaris Kingdom, bring gifts from Amalfi Heights. Hazel's choppy telepathy hopefully got out to the members of the Kingdom, the indoraptor dropping onto four legs and setting the care package down gently onto the sandy ground. Hopefully they would get the message soon enough.

    ✦ ✧ ✦ The soft whispers of voices stirred the large indoraptor from her sleep, murky orange eyes opening and taking in the sight before her. Planetary looked frazzled and that was enough to get the female on her feet, lumbering towards the group on all fours. Piratecrown was dripping wet and he didn't seem to mind; did he not know how to dry himself off? Hazel was careful not to step on Tumble, a low grumble originating deep in her throat as she picked up her feet to move over the small dino, moving towards Tary. Hazel didn't say much of anything, continuing to lumber towards the leader of the group.

    Calm, safe. Hazel rumbled soothingly, settling around the feline and curling her tail almost protectively around the ruffled leader. The large girl's head came to rest on the ground beside Tary's paws, snuffling quietly to the Amalfian in her protection. Safe.

    ✦ ✧ ✦ Something screeched and it nearly sent Hazel into cardiac arrest, soft ears flattening against her head and the instinct to run making her muscles tense. It was Planetary, so not a threat, but her voice sounded like nails on a chalkboard, making the rabbit flinch and slowly turn towards the feline leader. She was cooing cutely to the large predator stuck inside a friendly, soft animal, Hazel narrowing her eyes and huffing through flared nostrils. "I will not hesitate to eat you, Planetary. I might be soft and fuzzy, but once I get back into my normal form, you will be seeing the inside of my stomach." The voice was clearly that of the large beast that had been lumbering around Amalfi Heights for the past few weeks, though she was much cuter in this form.

    "And you, Valleypaw, don't you dare think about eating me or you'll become my late night snack. I don't think you want to become best friend with two rows of razor sharp teeth, do you?" The velveteen rabbit hissed, overgrown teeth appearing for a brief second as she turned her head back to Planetary, waiting for some kind of reaction from her leader. She still liked these two, but she didn't appreciate being cooed over or hunted.

    ✦ ✧ ✦ Oops, Hazel had been a little...late to this weeks meeting. The dinosaur came lumbering over to the edges of the small crowd, orange eyes trained on Tary as she announced this weeks happenings. Promotions, Doodlebug and Piratecrown were going up in the ranks! At the mention of her own name, the dinosaur perked up a bit. The ambassador of the Solaris Kingdom? She...she could do that.

    Yes, yes. Anything for you. Hazel looked content, smiling if she could actually, since she was a dinosaur and they didn't really...yeah.

    //rip low muse </3

    ✦ ✧ ✦ Hazel was curled up, stretched out in the grass and soaking up the sun, shimmery black scales warming up and keeping her cool blood from getting too icy. This new world had a lot of strange things in it, lots of things that Hazel still didn't understand. All of these powers and things, she could't wrap her head around it. She didn't have any powers of her own, she was just...big and strong, rows of teeth and claws that could chop a soft creature in half. Hazel didn't have anything too crazy going on with her; no water powers or the ability to summon things out of thin air, she was scary and intimidating just the way she was.

    Sunbathing was starting to relax her, her heart slowing and the female letting out a soft huff, clearly content with her 'me time'. Muscles relaxed under the soothing touch of sun rays, large head finally laying down until her entire body was sprawled out in the greenery, the blades of grass tickling her scales and lulling her further into her relaxation. Hazel felt a little weird, but it wasn't anything weird enough to stop her from dozing off under the watchful eye of the sun and her senses. She slept for some time, the dinosaur not stirring for several hours.


    "Hhhhhh...." What was that noise? Hazel had slept for what felt like days, the female rolling onto her back and staring up at the watery, purple twilight sky. Something black showed up in the corner of her eye and she felt the rush of adrenaline spiking her heart rate, pulling the girl onto her...paws? Why was she so short? Black paws waved in front of her face and she nearly shat herself in surprise, scurrying over to a puddle that wasn't frozen and taking a long look into the still water. She was a rabbit and a rather big one at that, fluffy black fur covering her entire body and a set of lengthy incisors peeking out from her lips. Velveteen ears sat atop her head, perking up and lowering, wiggling and twitching as she willed them to do so. "What....?" Oh, that was her voice. She could speak? She could speak! "Cute. Cuddly. Not scary." Hazel's voice was as clear as chimes, feminine and silky as she spoke to her reflection which stared back at her with large, chocolaty eyes.

    She was so cute that she might just throw up.

    ✦ ✧ ✦ The large, lumbering form of Hazel was hard to miss as she came stalking up to the group, seeming to be hovering around the leader as she listened in on the conversation commencing before her eyes. Weekly tasks? Hazel didn't know what the fuck 'weekly tasks' were, but she could try her hand at one, anyways. She would never know what these 'weekly tasks' were until she tried one, right?

    Weekly. Her mind couldn't grasp the syllables of the words just yet, so she was forced to drop the 'task' and pray to whatever she believed in that Piratecrown could pick up on what she was putting down.

    ✦ ✧ ✦ Hazel was not fond of ice...or the cold, for that matter. The large dinosaur had came at the call of the leader, lumbering over looking like she had just woken up from a deep sleep. Her claws raked through the grass, disturbing a few birds as she made a beeline for Planetary and the frozen river. The shimmery surface of the ice made Hazel grumble a bit, pupils constricting as the sun beamed directly into orange-hued eyes. Bright. Not safe, don't step on frozen. Hazel communicated to Tary, gaze sweeping to the small blue somali as the female came to sit down beside her.

    Leader. Planetary had quickly become the head of the pack in Hazel's head; the dinosaur saw her as the leader to all of her packmates, the one that presided over them all and the one that deserved the most protection and the most respect. Hazel thought in chunks of words and vibrant pictures, so it wasn't much of a surprise that Planetary was the one that Hazel stuck the closest to, just to make sure nothing happened to her. The large head of the reptile settled in the green ocean of vegetation next to Planetary, nostrils flaring and a soft, breathy huff washing over the feline. Stay safe. No hurt, okay?

    ✦ ✧ ✦ A voice quickly came back in response to Hazels' broadcast, the fiery red eyes of the raptor scanning the ground until she spotted the feline amongst all of the underbrush and greenery. The raptor came a bit closer as Heidi spoke pleasantly, the shimmery black female lowering her head so that she could get a better look at the molly a bit closer. Were all inhabitants of this new world so...small? She hadn't run into anything that was close to her size and, if she was going to be honest with herself, she missed being youthful and a regular size. Hazel liked being scary and intimidating, but when you were trying to interact with allies, it really didn't earn you too many points in the 'friendly' category.

    Yes. Heidi...pretty name. Hazel, I am. You are very... Hazel struggled to not come off as brazen, pretty. Small you are, but pretty. Was that considered a backhanded compliment? She did mean it, the feline was very pretty, but she was so damn small that Hazel could barely see her without crouching down on all fours and getting almost uncomfortably close. The trees rustled as the dinosaur settled in front of Heidi so that she could get a better look at the molly, trying not to invade on her personal space. She wasn't here to piss off the allies, Planetary would be angry about that and Hazel didn't want to upset the leader of her new pack so soon after she had joined.

    ✦ ✧ ✦ Hazel was built for this kind of thing, despite looking like an overgrown lizard who couldn't run even if she tried. She was relatively nimble as she glanced from Planetary to the rolling hills before her, Piratecrown and Blazestar already maneuvering through the long grasses and making sure not to fall into the paint puddles. Easy. Should've made it harder, leader. Hazel was cocky as she got down to business, taking off on all fours and making large imprints in the shimmery hills of green.

    Hazel was startlingly fast on her feet, claws digging into the ground and propelling her forwards. The paint puddles didn't pose much of a threat, the female simply stomped through them, splattering her canvas of black scales a myriad of colors. She didn't seem to mind much as she continued on her route, the messy, paint-splattered raptor falling in behind Piratecrown and Blazestar.


    ✦ ✧ ✦ The reaction from Doodlebug seemed to please the raptor, a glint of amusement sparking in her feral eyes as she took the time to soak up the shocked expression on the border collie's face. It wasn't often that somebody didn't know what telepathy was, but it was even more rare to have somebody who didn't know what telepathy was and react in such an entertaining way. Doodle was speaking again, this time not as terrified as he answered her choppy questions and inquiries. Hazel rose onto her feet again, lumbering towards Doodle and ducking her head to hang above Doodle, teeth poking out from dark scales as she flared her nostrils.

    Won't kill unless bad. Good ones left alone, bad ones get eaten.Hazel made sure not to scare Doodle too much, keeping all her pointy bits from his soft, fleshy slab of meat body, letting herself settle back on all four legs. She was about to saunter right into the territory when she was stopped by a familiar scent, the voice of somebody she had thought was gone reaching her ears. Turning her body towards Piratecrown, the dinosaur's demeanor seemed to change in the blink of an eye. The memories came rushing over her, leaking through the dam that she had built to protect herself. Images of digging in the sand of the Sanguine Ruins, sneezing as it got into her nostrils and running back to Malkyn and Talia when something spooked her, pressing her tiny body to their legs to comfort herself.

    Pirate... Hazel's voice was soft, affectionate and excited as she approached the feline. Eyes of fierce orange bore into Piratecrown as she lowered her head as close to him as she could get, razorsharp incisors getting too close for comfort as she let her tongue loll out from her mouth, giving the tabby a long, affectionate lick. The raptor was making all sort of snuffles and chuffs, saliva rolling down her powerful jaws as she pulled away from Pirate to admire her work. Yes, now he looked much better. Piratepaw had been an interesting thing from what Hazel could remember, but now he looked all spiky and it was much scarier than the hairstyle that he had been rocking when he approached.