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    — roman wasn’t sure what he wanted to do in all honesty. he was thankful for sasha’s fill in, giving him a dip of his head in thanks. glancing behind himself to the gathered members of the exiles, it currently seemed as if they outnumbered the blizzardclanners, which would ultimately work in their favor. "very well. however, i don’t think sek is going to be so willing to give up her prisoner. besides, we outnumer you all easily. the choice is yours to fight or not." he responded simply, watching the blizzardclanners, daring them to make a move.

    — a low growl emitter from the canine’s throat (how fortunate for him that he’d occupied his former body that morning. the scent of blizzardclan hit his nostrils only moments before bal called out a warning to the clan. padding forward, roman would demand answers from the leader. "mind explaining why you’re tresspassing through our territory aleksei? last i checked no one invited you here." he’d nod towards bal, watching to see what exactly the blizzardclanners would give as an excuse.

    — he wasn’t sure why damion was the one holding this meeting, wasn’t that something he should be doing? regardless, it sounded like one that’d end in arguments. "i’m in full agreement with karma. we can help out some other clans yes, i have no problem with that. but with you wanting us to become less anti, when we’re hardly even anti at the moment, that’s asking us to change everything about ourselves. we can’t do that, especially if we aren’t even acting that much like an anticlan currently. and i don’t think we should change our rule of harming kids under 6 moons. if the tables were turned we’d be pissed at them for harming our kids." he mused, shaking his head softly as he tried to explain exactly what he was thinking. karma had some excellent points, but roman didn’t agree with all of what damion was suggesting.

    — he hadn’t expected to see karma in a different body, nonetheless pregnant. he was also suprised and quite shocked that he hadn’t noticed these changes sooner. what had gotten into him? walking over, roman would make a point to greet karma, and congragulate him on the litter. "you and softie both huh? who’d’ve thought? congrats tho bud, more kids are going to be great for us. you’ll make a wonderful parent." he mused, pleased to see that more life was beginning to blossom within the clan. he couldn’t have thought of anyone better (other than softie of course) to help out with this situation. he was pleased too, to see that the clan would soon have more members, and many wonderful parents within it.

    — roman was currently unaware that he was in a new body. he had no memory of possessing the fishing car body, nor did he know why it even happened. he knew the clan hated him, to be honest he even hated himself some too, but he was trying. despite his roleplayer’s current spell of being museless, he was still trying. it wasn’t his fault trash wanted to stay gunslinger, they were both gunslingers! he said he could lead alongside him! they were both next in line! and now damion seemingly wanted to overthrow him (and he wouldn’t put it past him) but how could he possibly be a good and successful leader with the clan acting the way they were? "fucking hell..." he muttered, stumbling into the prison from his cell. his sleepy eyes glsnced around the prision, looking to see who would be the first to launch a verbal attack on himself, wondering where he’s been, or some other shitty comment.

    — // rip soft x roman

    roman watched, not sure how to react towards breakout’s return, a slight sense of dread as he watched softvelvet’s reaction. he supposed the alliance litter only was that, something to keep the clans locked in an alliance. how stupid was he to think that soft could ever have true feelings like that towards himself. it wasn’t any secret after all that they never got along well. "you alright bud?" he mused, stepping forward after a moment to see how the other was feeling. it’d been to damn long since he’d seen break, and he was detirmined to keep him here for good this time.

    — roman was out early that morning, curious as to what it was that soft was up to. he remembered the whole deal of sorts between them, and currently couldn’t really recall why he’d done it. it wasn’t that he regretted it or anything, he just wasn’t sure why he thought it was a good idea at the time. he wasn’t fit to be a parent! raise a kid in the exiles no less. regardless, he’d see the expression on soft’s face, and move closer to see if he could comfort the other. "you alright softie?"

    — he had many concerns to deal with, and honestly he didn’t know quite where to start. he may as well just start from the first person to ask questions and go from there. "with what soft, karma, and bal have said about staying as we are, that’s perfectly fine. and currently, my thoughts were on becoming more violent with our enemies at the moment. i’d like more captures, raids, patrols causing trouble. anything of that sort. i’ll be working on incentives for this as well here in the coming days." he mused, hoping his point was more clear this time around. the next matter he had to address was damion. "i haven’t been completely absent for two full weeks damion. i’ve been around here and there to the best of my ability, but you haven’t exactly been around as much the past several weeks either. maybe more so than me as of recently, but you still haven’t been around. perhaps if you pulled your head out of your ass and quit worrying about yourself you’d notice that. have you also forgotten that i’m next in line for leadership, and have been for the past few months? trash only just became gunslinger, and has clearly declined the offer to lead with me." he responded, not wanting to deal with damion at that particular moment. he was the only one that was challenging him anyways so it wasn’t like roman was all that concerned. next, he’d turn to trash while he was thinking about the matter. "that’s perfectly fine trash, i’d be happy to have you remain gunslinger." he’d then turn to cody, a confused expression on his face. "like i said, we are announcing that belial is missing. i’ve already stated that i’ll be taking out a patrol to search for him." didn’t the guy even listen to what he was saying?

    // all ic opinions!!

    — he listened as his clanmates spoke, taking careful note of their facts and names. he was pleased that everyone was seeming to have a good time with the matter as well. "for everyone whom i have not yet had the pleasure of meeting, it is nice to meet you all." he’d glance around, curious as to if there were any other members who were planning to show up at some point or another.

    it was his fault that he didn’t know basically all the new members of the clan, and he wanted to change that. the leader should know all of their clanmates after all. with nothing else going on that afternoon, he figured it’d be the perfect time to get to know everyone. "ruiners! gather for a meet and greet!" he called out to his clan, hoping there would be at least a few members willing to join in. "to start off, just say your name, your rank, and two to three interesting facts about yourself. i’m roman, and i’m the usurper here. my favorite type of weather is when there’s bad storms, if i could have one power other than what i already have, it’d probably be flight, or the ability to read minds. and finally, my favorite color is green." he hoped that was good enough. it’d have to be anyways since he was starting things off.

    — making his way onto the scene, roman had to hand it to the clan members already gathered. they were handling things quite well he’d say. "we don’t mind having you here kid, but of all places, why would you choose to live here?" as leader now, roman felt it was his duty to be sure that he made sure the kid knew just what they were getting themselves into. he’d feel terrible if a kid were seriously injured without having the prior knowledge that it was a real possibility that literally anything could happen.

    // welcome!!

    — damion’s angry voice near the border drew the canine towards the scene, curious as to what was going down. leaving himself hidden for the first good portion of their interaction, roman would wait before making himself known. "is there anything you could offer us in return for allowing you to stay with us? regardless of how long you intend to stay that is. you haven’t even given us a name either." he mused, not agreeing with damion’s way of interacting with the stranger, but not in the least angry by it either.