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    — with low motivation and morale across the board, roman hoped that by playing a game with the clan, that the members would soon enough feel better and more productive. "anyone who’d like to play a game of ghost in the graveyard join me outside the cathedral. anyone scared of the dark is likely not going to want to okay this game." he advised as he led the few curious npcs that had gathered outside the cathedral. once enough members had made themselves present, he’d go over the rules, and then figure out who their first “ghost” would be.

    — roman was glad that churchgrim had taken the initiative to host weekly tasks the week prior, however, no one had stepped up to the plate this week. here he was, hosting the tasks for the upcoming week, pleading silently to whatever gods would listen that members would show themselves this time. "alright you lazy mutts! get your asses out here and get your shit together. we’ve got another round of weekly tasks, and i’d hate to see you all sitting around doing nothing." in his mind, there wasn’t any reason why anyone wouldn’t be fully capable of completing a task or two. he knew motivation was low, and that was a result of their current situation, but he tried his best to make the most of it.

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    — snorting, roman would take in the seal, unsure of how to handle the current situation. they could use the extra person in the clan pretty badly at the current time being, and he was growing desperate. glancing at champagne once again, he’d shrug, not seeing why he couldn’t be allowed in. "sure why not. you seem like someone we could use around here. just make sure you pull your weight around here or we’ll chase ya’ off. we can’t have lazy heaps of bone and flesh sitting around doing nothing all day." hopefully he wouldn’t have that issue with this guy. for the most part things seemed just fine however, roman wasn’t exactly willing to take chances.

    — so the copser was back. what a surprise. roman couldn’t bother asking what all he wanted. roman was too concerned with his lack of respect for his borders. "you must really like talking shit. what makes you think you can freely roam our lands without consequences?" the npc had fetched him quite quickly, but roman couldn’t hav been bothered to show up in any hurry.

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    — roman needed his higher ranks filled, but struggled with who to fill them in with. most of the clan wasn’t really around much, if at all anymore. he knew however, he couldn’t just have empty high rankings. it was a tad frustrating for him, and he could only hope some members would soon enough find it in themselves to pick up the pace a tad. he was now holding a “meeting” of sorts to see who was interested in what, and how exactly things would play out. "clanmates! if you are interested in becoming a deputy, assistant deputy, or another high ranking currently being established, please come and see me. sit in separate spots according to the rank you’re after so i can see who’s interested in what." he would watch as a few npcs began to emerge, going to the respective positions. if only a larger number showed, then he would truly feel at peace.

    — he did not like seeing how the clan was so empty and dead. this wasn’t what it was supposed to be like. a low growl emitted from deep in his throat, and he glared at the first npcs he saw. "let’s get some shit started up in here. i haven’t seen many of you around lately, and i have to say, i’m a little disappointed." he glanced to his sides, hoping someone would emerge from the darkness. "i want to see more action from you all. whoever acts most like they aren’t dying in a ditch will have the opportunity to either lead a raid of their choice on any clan they’d like, or become my second in command for a day. whoever chooses the second option will be considered for full time employment of the position." he mused, hoping that he had caught at least one member’s attention. if even one of them caught word of it, it could be beneficial to them all.

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    — he wanted more violence, more attention on themselves. the lack of it all bothered him. he figured he may as well start showing the clan what they stood for now rather than later, to help get things fully going around the place. "it seems as if everyone has some confusion on what we stand for here. to be clear, we are what the exiles has left behind. we are what they used to be, as now hey’ve made themselves into weak lumps of fur. we spit upon what they are now. once strong and powerful, and now look at them. i’d like you all to take things up a notch. commit yourselves to more violent acts upon the other clans. leave bloody messages around, throw some corpses on their borders, steal some members, whatever your heart desires. and perhaps the winner will get a special treat." perhaps leader for a day or something of the sort could work? he could propose the idea when more members started shuffling around and doing things they needed to be doing.

    — roman felt something slam into his side as he glance at the leader of the cartel. a chuckle escaped his jaws as he smiled devilishly at the male, his threat looming over himself. "ah buddy boy! take it easy there. we come with a proposal. then again, we aren’t afraid of a fight in order to get our point across." he responded, attempting to throw cain off of him, hopefully buying himself a few seconds to leap to his paws, ready to once again fight if needed.

    — he hadn’t expected to come across the catsune at all, having gotten it across in his mind for how things had previously played out. he figured that softie could care less and wouldn’t ever want to talk to him again. he could be wrong sometimes he supposed. so when he came across softvelvet at the border (as an npc had quickly rushed to fetch him) he was overwhelmed with a wave of emotions he couldn’t exactly place his paw on to identify. "softie? what brings you here? is everything alright?" he inquired softly, not sure what this could be about.

    — so he had decided to return huh? well this was certainty an interesting development. roman couldn’t help but wonder why the mutt had decided to return after fleeing with his tail between his legs. "well, well, well. look who decided to show his face again." a sinister chuckle erupted from his jaws as he turned to take in the form of champagne. "and what has possessed you to come crawling back hmm? did you finally realize what true power we possess? did you realize how idiotic it was of you to run away with your tail between your legs?" oh how he enjoyed this. oh how the tables have turned. he was hopeful that someone else would soon approach them, joining in on the little game roman had started.

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    — the call for a meet and greet captured his attention, and roman headed over to oversee the event his son put together. after chruchgrim and pluto introduced themselves, roman took it as his turn to speak. "roman santiago. the boss around here obviously." he commented as he took a seat nearby pluto and churchgrim. he wasn’t sure what else to add in, so for the time being he would remain quiet. there wasn’t any real point in mentioning that he was the former exiles leader, he assumed they all knew that. if they knew then restating the obvious wouldn’t exactly bring them together would it?

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    — roman glanced between his clanmates, slightly disappointed in their reactions to the raid. interesting, something he’d have to note for sure. "all of you just calm down! if you’re going then let’s go. if not then you can make yourselves useful around here by fucking with some of the other clans." he gave them a look out of the corner of his eyes, before turning around and preparing to head out and get things underway. "if you’re coming then hurry up, i don’t want to be gone all day. the rest of you, find some way to make up for being a disappointment." he did not like seeing his clan mates act as if this was some happy beach town. this wasn’t the place to be pure and innocent. this place was for the bloodthirsty and coldhearted. the ones who would do whatever it took to get what they wanted.

    I'M VERY SCARY // the order raid

    — they wouldn't have seen it coming. those poor souls. roman didn't mind the fact that they weren't providing the order of any indication that they were going to attack them. what was the point in warning your enemies when you were going to attack them? it was pointless, warning a clan that you were attacking them was weak, pathetic. snorting, the asian golden leopard would look behind him at the members of the order who had followed him here, ready to pull off their first raid. today's goal was solely to gain control of their empire, and have a secondary operating base for the order. if the exiles wasn't going to act like rogues, roman would. he would have an empire ready to attack the clan, and he would have his revenge.

    "remember, our goal here is not to kill or takeover for ourselves. we are simply here to convince them by any means necessary that they should join our empire. do what you must, and make sure you keep these members alive." roman chuckled, hoping that he got his message across to the clan. he didn't wish to kill members or take leadership for himself. no, he wanted more people under his control. more members that would be willing to stand up to the exiles, and act upon their darkest desires they normally couldn't in a typical clan. "leave the leader to me. the rest of you, go and recruit us more troops." he gave them a final glance, before giving them the signal to attack. racing down into camp, roman would fling himself at the first member he spotted in camp.

    // this is an approved plot for anyone in question! roman will not become leader but more so aim to have more members under the influence of the order

    — he was pleased to see pluto stepping up and starting to show the talents he had in the medical field. he figured that it would be better safe than sorry should he attempt to save one of his clanmates in times of need and made himself present with the presentation that pluto was preparing to give. "poisonous plants hmm?" he questioned as he took his seat, halfway surprised that he was the first member to have shown up. interesting. "will you be showing us, er telling us what damage these plants can do to an individual?" roman's mind was more heavily focused on what these plants could be used for in terms of attacking other clans, and using that to his advantage. once they gained numbers and were fully prepared, perhaps these plants could be used in large scale attacks especially on the exiles.

    —it was high time for another meeting, and the cool air was enough to convince roman that the meeting could be held at the burning grounds that night. they had yet to fully make use of it and now was as good of a time as any right? "lowlanders! join me at the burning grounds for a clan meeting!" roman would announce the meeting to the clan, before setting off to head to where he said the meeting was going to be held. he’d already made sure that the members would have something to drink and a snack or two, as he figured this meeting would more than likely be longer than he last one had been. after awhile of npcs filtering in, he’d decided it was time to go ahead and start the meeting. "first off i’d like to take a moment to welcome all our new members to the order. CHURCHGRIM ; Tsumetai Beaufort and SKAIKRU & ENDGAME . we are pleased to have you all aboard." he would take a moment to allow for the cheers and other welcoming gestures to flow through the crowd and die out before he would move on.

    "next i’d like to talk promotions. CHURCHGRIM you may step up as a burnseeker. i know you’ve only just recently returned to the clan, however i think you have shown you are more than deserving of the promotion. and as promised, pluto, if you would like you may step up in a trial run of being a burning ember should you desire to do so. the rest of you, step up the pace a bit. i’d like to be promoting more of you." roman paused, not sure how everyone would react to these promotions. he wanted to ensure that everyone had a fair opportunity, but with minimal members it was quite difficult to do. "the next matter of importance would be the fact that we are slacking in our numbers. i know i’ve said this before, but i’m saying it again. get your asses out there and recruit new members. i don’t care how you go about doing it, but it needs to start happening soon." he gazed at each member as he spoke, hopeful that this time around they would actually listen to what he was saying. the lack of members was concerning, and without higher numbers, they’d be unable to do much of anything he had planned until they had a large force.

    "lastly, be sure to check out our mass adopts and hp tryouts. everyone is encouraged to try out for some of the shp/hp rankings. i’d love to see more of you in the higher rankings. also, churchgrim had been kind enough to host our weekly tasks this week so i’d like to see everyone take part in that as well. if there are no other comments or concerns for me then this meeting is dismissed." he’d wait for several moments to be sure no one had anything they’d like to bring up. sweeping his gaze once more over the crowd, if no one made a move to chime in, the asian golden cat would leap off the his perch before moving to mingle about the crowd, and join in with the celebrations slowing beginning to rise up around the bonfire.

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    1) welcome to all our new members! we’re pleased to have you around!

    2) promotions: churchgrim is promoted to burnseeker!

    3) recruit new members! this can be done in any way you’d like y/c to do, just be sure that if they capture others they have their roleplayer’s permission to do so!

    4) mass adopts && hp tryouts! click this link here to offer up some litters, and this link here to visit the mass adopts / hp tryouts! everyone is encouraged to try out for shp/hp rankings!

    5) this week’s weekly tasks are hosted by churchgrim! be sure to check out the thread!