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    she doubted that many would remember her. she was only part of the clan for a short amount of time, and yet she was more than ready to return once again. she was hopeful that at least one member would remember her, and she felt that she needed to reintroduce herself to her clanmates. [color=#c4d4af]”hello, my name’s katoka and i’ll be leading a patrol today! i doubt many of you remember me, but i’d be happy to take this opportunity to reintroduce myself or introduce myself to you!”[/color]


    ✦ ✧ ✦ the kindness everyone was showering her with gave her hope at this jew life she wanted. it helped to calm her nerves and assure herself that it was going to be alright. “th-thank you. it’s nice to meet everyone. i look forward to getting to know everyone.

    ✦ ✧ ✦ another female soon approached, and she was pleased to discover how kind she was. “katoka. it’s n-nice to meet you as well.” she noticed how some of the nerves left her, but she still was unsure of herself. she’d have to remember this female in the future, and the kindness she was showing her currently. hopefully everyone else would be just as kind.

    ✦ ✧ ✦ it wasn’t all that long before someone showed up to greet her. she was thankful, but still slightly stressed about what she was about to do. “i-i’d like to join your clan. if-f i may.” she kept her words to a minimum, trying to keep herself from stuttering any more than she already was.

    ✦ ✧ ✦ she wasn’t entirely sure why she was here. she wouldn’t know anybody, much less be able to talk to them. why did she ever think joining a clan would be a good idea?? these were some weird people. she couldn’t understand these clanners.

    back and forth, forwards and backwards, pacing left, then pacing right she contemplated her decision. should she stay or should she go? would this even be remotely worth the price of devoting her life to these people? and who’s to say that they’d even take to her? allow her to join them? she hoped that it would be worth all this. if someone didn’t show up soon, it was likely that the young tabby would turn tail and leave.

    you could always try some development for him? uh some ideas i can think of off the top of my head:

    - develops a new fear

    - loses something valuble to him

    - is injured somehow

    - experiences a traumatic event


    she had a brother? well this was news to her. she didn’t know if she understood what that meant. ”i-i have a brother? what’s a limestone? and what is he? is he like you?” she asked as she glanced at thea then limestone, her “attack” on aurum forgotten.


    the winged kitten came to a halt as she neared the border. she had caught the stranger’s scent as she was off on yet another “adventure” and she was eager to find out who it belonged to. she was also hoping to make her mother proud of her. seeing the leopard, her jaw fell down in awe. he was so cool looking! ”hiya! i’m nautilustide, but you can call me nautilus! are you joining? you seem really cool! my mama the leader should be along soon, but my friend who’s the deputy may come sooner. what’s your name?” she would go on, unaware of the fact that she was rambling.

    // Thea Arcanium ; Aurum


    with a glance at the lioness, a cheerful grin was offered as a kind greeting was issued. ”hi!! i’m sunclan’s new ambadsador, nautilustide! but you can call me nautilus!” she had jumped as the female came “crashing” down to the ground, but she didn’t really mind. this female seemed really nice. she liked her already. perhaps she’d want to be her friend? hopefully so. if not she’d wait until her next visit. maybe she would wanna be friends then? as another thunderlannder approached, she offered him a smile as she listened to him speak. ”it’s nice to meet you both! and i brought gifts! oh and i’m supposed to ask how the thunderlands are doing.” she rambled as she pushed the basket across the border.


    nautilus wasn’t too far behind thea, her little wings streched out as she ran after her adoptive mother. as she took a seat beside her mother st the border in front of the lion, she would glance at the cookies, wanting one but not wanting to straight up take one. the sugar cookies smelt enticing and she was getting impatient. ”may i have one sir?” she would glance at vasin and then thea as she asked, seeking permission before doing something that would cause her to get herself into trouble.