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    — as night had fallen the night of the meeting, another piece of the archdruid had snapped, sending her into a fury she couldn’t escape from. the archdruid had found it difficult to sleep, and instead decided to go for a walk in the forest. mumbling could be heard from the canine as she walked further and further into the forest, her paws seemingly pulling her towards the densest parts, luring her into a prison she couldn’t escape from.

    // shitty post but rapier will arrive soon to save the day c: black will have been gone at least a full day by this point, and will not be returning anytime soon. for the time being, her scent trail will lead into the forest, but cannot be found

    — she meant to have the meeting up sooner, but at least it was still saturday, leaving her with the small piece of mind that she was actually on time with her meeting for once. looking towards the clan, she’d call out, hoping to quickly summon the members in for the meeting. "circlers! gather for a meeting." as always, the npcs began to slink towards her, now afraid of what the meeting would hold. their whispers did not go unnoticed by the canine, and she’d simply issue a warning growl as she looked down upon them. "first off, we have no new joiners this week which is highly disappointing. shame. anyways, we are no longer the kinship circle, and are now known as serein copse." she would leave no time for protests or questions on the matter, before moving on to the rest of the meeting. "promotions to MAGI L. X. A. you can step up as the bard of medicine, lethe g.d. since you’re so peaceful and pure, why don’t you step up as our bard of politics hm? CAIN- you seem like you’d make a good bard of religion. and finally CHAMPAGNE! you can be our bard of warfare." thank god that was over with. with most of the clan once again being vanished, it seemed as if it were pointless to wait for new members to come in and “try out” for a position. at least maybe now they’d respect her more. "i have nothing further to say so go out and make yourselves useful yeah?" she snapped, as she leapt off her perch, forcing her way through the throng assembled before her.

    — blackroses was desperate for some action within the clan, and was hopeful that with the changes that the clan was dealing with, she felt it necessary that she began to show this side of the clan. besides, she felt it best to show the clan she was serious. "circlers, gather. don’t keep me waiting either." she wanted to be sure they knew what was going on, and what she was expecting from them.

    — her brother was holding a training session, something she was more than pleased about. what did not please her however, was the fact that they weren’t as willing to join in and learn. "regardless of wether or not you can fight, you should still be learning. i don’t care if you fight or not, i won’t have you killed because you cannot defend yourselves. allow cham to teach you at least the basics." she wasn’t pleased that the few members left weren’t using this to their advantage. they needed to at least know how and be prepared to defend themselves right?

    — another meeting was here, and blackroses didn’t have all that much to announce. just a few things here and there, some shout outs, and that was about it. blackroses was anxious for this meeting, "circlers! gather for a meeting. this one will be short, so gather quickly." her call was loud and demanding, not showing any signs of being willing to wait on those who’d show up late to the meeting. "a few announcements then you’ll all be free to go. we have no new joiners this week, which was quite disappointing. regardless, be on the lookout for new joiners and be sure to welcome them in. if you can recruit anyone into the clan, be sure to do that, be sure to do so. shoutouts this week go to MAGI L. X. A. , lethe g.d. , and CAIN- . keep up the good work." the gathered npcs would nod their heads in underdtanding. the next part would likely cause quite a bit of concern, and blackroses knew this would be a meeting that the members would have questions for her to answer. "now, the big announcement for you all i know will likely be quite shocking. questions will be answered at the end of the meeting. we will be having some changes in rules around here. as long as no harm comes to our allies, clanmates, or any children under the age of 6 to 7 months, you are free to do whatever you wish. take out some aggression on enemies or neutrals, raid a clan, i don’t care what you do. jusy don’t harm any of the groups i mentioned before. this will be effective immediately. now, are there any questions?" blackroses gazed over the clan, waiting for members to begin to speak up.

    so we haven’t really done an actual theme week yet so far, and i figured why not start us off with one? each week everyone can submit a new theme week idea, and we can cycle through them in the order that they have been submitted. just post in this thread if you’d like to submit an idea!


    week one: disney week ( january 7th-13th )

    week two: off week

    week three: open week

    week four: off week


    currently none!

    — she knew better than to snap or growl at magi, and despite having the urge to do so, she fought it back, forcing that beast down inside her. her eyes moved to take him in, waiting to see what he’d want. she was about to interrogate him, asking what he could possibly want from her when she saw his eyes linger on her crimson stained pelt. great. how do i explain this? he’ll onyl judge you, it’s not worth it. you should lie, make him think you were in the right. what’s it matter anyways? everyone’s slowly losing it here. may as well unleash it all upon everyone.

    another moment passed, and magi was still staring at her. waiting for an answer. her fur still stood on end on her neck, and she chuckled softly once again before speaking, once more in a voice foreign from what the clan would recognize as her own. "yes, magi?" she wasn’t sure what else to say at the moment, and despite his limited speech knew he’d at the least find some other way to communicate with her.

    — // prior to her own thread

    blackroses stumbled upon the scene, horror causing her to freeze in her tracks. how could something like this happen? she’d heard her brother’s howl and followed it, unsure of what she needed to do. she didn’t know where to begin. "what’s happening? is he alright? magi? magi can you hear me?" panic began to set in, causing her to be unsure of anything. she didn’t have any medical experience, and wasn’t sure if anyone else in the clan did. she had no idea what was going on or who could help. would they need to go to one of their allies and request help?

    — by now, it was likely that many had noticed that blackroses was not acting like her normal self. she’d seemingly given up on many things, her body languge during the recent meeting showing how little she cared. blackroses wasn’t normally like this, she normally kept her obsidian pelt shiny and clean, freshly groomed, but now, it was matted and caked with mud. even her eyes were different. they’d become glossy and lifeless, almost as if they were declaring that she’d checked out.

    many may have also noticed the increased amount of time she spent away from camp. the more time she spent in the forest, it seemed the worse she became. many may have recalled finding her in the forest several days before, finding her dangerously close to the part of the forest that had been forbidden to travel in alone. she seemingly had been traveling there more and more, unknowingly being drawn in by the monsters rumored to lurk there. she thought she’d been traveling there unnoticed, however, she for one didn’t seem to realize that her paw prints led directly into the forest. several npc’s had seen her, and began talking, spreading rumors amongst themselves and the clan of what they thought would happen. at the time being, blackroses was unaware that her clan happened to be talking behind her back. or she simply didn’t care.

    the more time she spend in the forest, the more it seemed to be changing her. while many people didn’t seem to believe in the rumors of the forest, magi and blackroses herself were living proof that the forest held hidden dangers. she began to slowly jump at any sound that she heard, growl with any leaf blowing in the breeze, and becoming untrusting of her surroundings. this attitude slowly began slipping into her clan life, not leaving her as she returned to camp from the forest. she’d growl threateningly at any npc who approached her innocently, snap at anyone who came to close, and began doubting those in her own clan. soon enough however, she heard the rumors spoken by her clanmates, and she snapped.

    hearing the way the spoke about her, the judgemental looks, the fear, the pure look of being petrified burned in their eyes, and the blackroses they once knew screamed, begging to be let out of this prison of a shell that she’d been turned into. under the cover of darkness, she’d slip away knowing just how to end her suffering. if she couldn’t take out this burning desire within her on her clanmates, then she’d just have to seek out someone else.

    as night fell upon the clan, the leader slipped from her den, leaping off the bed and padding down the main hall. as she neared the rocky tunnel that served as the camp’s entrance, she turned back, gazing upon her home before rushing forward, and running from the clan. she decided that she’d make the journey from south ocadia to somewhere further away. such as north delos. it wouldn’t be expected, especially since blackroses was often viewed as a more “peaceful” female, as she led one of the more pro-clan based clans in agrelos. she was determined to flee to a clan far away from hers, one they had no political ties with. she knew for a fact that coloredclan, although an anticlan wasn’t the most active of clans, which would present her with the perfect opportunity to take out her “desires” on an seemingly innocent victim.

    she couldn’t help but hear words creeping into her mind, repeating themselves over and over as she crept into the territory occupied by the clan, crouching down, awaiting the next passerby. as she heard pawsteps approaching, the words began creeping into her mind once again, although this time, they were much louder.

    I can't decide

    Whether you should live or die
    Oh, you'll probably go to heaven
    Please don't hang your head and cry
    No wonder why
    My heart feels dead inside
    It's cold and hard and petrified
    Lock the doors and close the blinds
    We're going for a ride

    blackroses watched as the npc came closer, innocently walking along the trails, minding his own buisness. she lunged out, pinning him into the ground, growing and snapping at his throat as he fought against her, desperatly trying to free himself. within a matter of seconds, blackroses had ripped the throat from the male, tearing into his carcass, scattering the remains across the ground. all the while humming quietly to herself, a voice unlike her own taking over, seemingly making the scene that much more gruesome. "i can’t decide, whether you should live or die,oh you’ll probably go to heaven please don’t hang your head and cry, no wonder why my heart feels dead inside, it’s cold and hard and petrified...." an evil laugh shook the ground, echoing throughout the territory and she moved off the body before her, turning, and heading back to camp. her blood soaked paws left prints in the earth behind her, as she moved slowly back to her own territory.

    she realized that her clan wouldn’t exactly approve of these actions, but with so many of them already fighting their own internal battles, why not embrace it? what was the issue with finding “healthy” ways such as these to deal with the desire of taking out their anger on another? you couldn’t attack a clanmate, so why not go after others? there weren’t any real ruthless clans anymore, and that was such a shame in blackroses’s book. perhaps she’d have to issue a few more changes throughout the clan.

    making her way back through the rocky camp entrance, blackroses sat in the main area of camp, watching the shadows carefully. she didn’t feel any remorse about the situation, and rather, felt much more satisfied with herself now that she’d gone out and taken care of the actions the voices in her mind were driving her to take. she could only hope that there would be members of her clan willing to take the same risk. if not, a trip into the dense forest would surely fix that. now, blackrose was not without her own wounds as well. she had various scratches and gashes across her body, some of which were still bleeding. either blackroses was ignoring the pain, or just didn’t care. the matted and bloody obsidian wolf only continued to watch the edges of camp, once again lost with her mind, occassionally letting out an evil laugh. it would only be a matter of time before she was found out by coloredclan, and the real fun could begin.

    // i’ll be making a more detailed version of her going after the coloredclanner and linking it in her for anyone who wants to read it later c:

    — he wasn’t a child? she pinned her ears against her head, feeling more than a little embarrassed. she quickly apologized, pleading silently to herself that she would be forgiven. "i am so sorry, i do apologize railwayspike. we’d be happy to have you here if you plan on joining. it shouldn’t be a problem at all that you’re also part of the highlands." she mused, remembering her brief time in the highlands as a member.

    — she’d caught the scent as she navigated the territory, directing her paws to lead her in that direction. she figured it was someone on the border, but seeing that it was a child caused her to lunge forward, concern about the child’s wellbeing radiating off her pelt."are you alright? you shouldn’t be out here all alone like this. how can i help you?" the archdruid asked, gazing at the child with concern. hopefully they weren’t in any danger.

    // welcome!!

    — it was the first day of the new year, which blackroses could only assume would be a good day for the meeting. this time around however, there were several changes she needed to discuss, as well as many new joiners she needed to welcome as well. "circlers! gather for a meeting. we have many things to discuss today." she called out to her clan, hopeful that everyone would quickly gather. as several npcs began to fill the meeting hall, she felt content with starting. everyone else would be caught up in time. "i’d like to welcome Eggfriend. and .KODAY B.S.C. to the clan. we are pleased to have you both. we hope you will find the kinship circle to be your home." she mused, allowing time to gaze over the assembled members, letting her eyes meet those of eggfriend and koday.

    next up, she wanted to discuss the matters of promotions and demotions. it was something that was long overdue, and she hadn’t seen half of the members around anymore that held high rankings. "i’m issuing demotions to both atlas and santino. you both haven’t been around lately and i cannot wait any longer to see if you’ll be returning. a warning to hydi. as well, i’d like to see you around more." it wasn’t something she liked to do, but if they weren’t going to be around to keep their positions, then there wasn’t much need to wait on them forever was there? "promotions to CAIN- and lethe g.d. . lethe, you may step up as an ovate and i’d like to see you step up as a viscount deathdance. CHAMPAGNE! you may step up as an esquire or viscount, whichever you’d like." she felt satisfied with those promotions, and would be continuing to look to see who else was deserving of a promotion.

    finally, she’d go over the changes regarding the new rankings, before closing out the meeting. "i’d like to announce that some of our rankings have been renamed. they are still the same as the old rankings, although they are now under a new name. marshalls are now known as “druids” and are still your deputies of the clan. a new ranking has been placed under this, which shall be known as “bards.” they are your assistant deputies of the clan, broken down into four mini divisons of sorts: warfare, medicine, politics, and religiom. each of these four individuals is responsible for their divison. then we have the royal sage being renamed as the high priests or priestesses. they are still the main medic ranking, and you still cannot rise up out of this ranking. under them are the priests or priestesses which are the more “casual” medics. you can rise up to other high rankings from this rank. under them are the paladins which are now esquires, counselors are now viscounts or viscountesses, and former bards or the stepping stone rank are now known as ovates." she paused, allowing her to make sure that there were no comments or concerns about these changes. "if there are no other questions or concerns this meeting is dismissed." she announced, standing to gaze over the crowd, wanting to be sure that there wasn’t anything she needed to clarify.

    // tldr;

    — welcome to eggfriend and koday

    — demotions to atlas and santino

    — warning to hydi

    — promotions to ovate for lethe and deathdance

    — promotion to esquire or viscout for champagne

    — went over rank changes

    — blackroses next had to invite the valhalla to their event. she soon would be done and could go home and rest before the event, but for now she was here to invite the valhalla to a new year’s party, hosted by the circle. it was also doubling as a costume party so there was that as well for interested members. as an npc approached, blackroses would greet them, before informing them of her business with the clan. "the kinship circle is hosting a new year’s party, which also has a costume party element to it. we’d love to see you all attend but please note that we plan to invite the entirety of agrelos to the event, so there will be a truce for any enemies you should meet whilst attending." hopefully, this would serve as enough information, and she would turn to leave, leaving the npc to inform their clanmates of the event.

    // new year’s party link

    — next up for blackroses was the cartel. today she was here to invite the cartel to a new year’s party, hosted by the circle. it was also doubling as a costume party so there was that as well for interested members. as an npc approached, blackroses would greet them, before informing them of her business with the cartel. "the kinship circle is hosting a new year’s party, which also has a costume party element to it. we’d love to see you all attend but please note that we plan to invite the entirety of agrelos to the event, so there will be a truce for any enemies you should meet whilst attending." hopefully, this would serve as enough information, and she would turn to leave, leaving the npc to inform their clanmates of the event.

    // new year’s party link

    — blackroses next clan to invite was the exiles. she had to admit, she was nervous in doing so, considering her last interaction with their leader. but she needed to invite them to their new year’s party that would be happening soon. it was also doubling as a costume party so there was that as well for interested members. as an npc approached, blackroses would greet them, before informing them of her business with the exiles. "the kinship circle is hosting a new year’s party, which also has a costume party element to it. we’d love to see you all attend but please note that we plan to invite the entirety of agrelos to the event, so there will be a truce for any enemies you should meet whilst attending." hopefully, this would serve as enough information, and she would turn to leave, leaving the npc to inform their clanmates of the event.

    // new year’s party link