The massive tom was not a fan of these colder seasons. Sure, his thick coat kept him fairly warm during the frigid months but it still made him stiff and achy in his old bones. Not that he was going to let that stop him from getting out and about, trudging through the snow towards the apprentices, his lame back leg leaving a trail behind him as he dragged it along. Echofade settles nearby with a quiet snort at the antics of the younger cats. "What're you three up to? Y'all should be careful out here, don't wanna get sick now do ya?" He casts his crystal blue eyes about, taking in the mounds of snow the kids were building with vague amusement. He doesn't really seem all that concerned about them getting sick, despite the warning he gave. He could still remember his own reckless youth and how he seemed to always bounce back from any illness or injury, ready to get back into even more trouble afterwards and he figured they were the same, especially if two of them had his genes. At least, he doubts a little cough will be detrimental for any of them. He, on the other hand, was a bit more susceptible to the harmful effects of leaf-bare. Yet he's never been one to make good decisions and so he's out here in the snow, aching bones and all. "Y'know, I once made a pile of snow taller than the three of you combined." He flashes a crooked grin, curling his long plume of a tail around himself.

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    Marjorie, being a goose, wasn't really made for the ground. She could deal with walking when it became a necessity, but her short legs and webbed feat didn't make the task particularly easy. This was likely the reason geese weren't often seen running from predators on foot but rather they took to the air or the water instead. Her favorite method of travel was swimming, though due to the restrictions of enclosed of ponds and lakes, flight was generally a more practical means if she intended on actually getting anywhere. That being the case, the ivory feathered lady would almost flutter down to the shore, landing lightly beside Sleepingsunrise. "If you want to swim, darling, you'll have to go a bit further in." Maj comments, rosy eyes glinting with gentle amusement. "It's not too hard to get the hang of once you start. Just keep kicking your legs.. Like you're trotting, I suppose." It was a bit different from what she did, considering the vast differences in their body structure, but it seemed like a reasonable explanation in her own opinion and in her world that was the only opinion that mattered.


    mmm honestly both are perfectly fine with me, but I always lean towards open if you don't have a strong preference either way!

    & lmao coffee shop pick pocketing shenanigans sounds good to me >:))

    @/foxglove she can definitely teach her!! I love the baby sm ok & I'm fine with it being just a regular thread unless you want an au, either way is fine w me :))

    @/johnny j that sounds fun lmao I'm down for a human au! he could maybe catch her trying to pickpocket someone or even himself and call her out? or honestly just snap at her for taking his seat in a coffee shops or something small like that. she gets pissed off pretty easily lol

    @/belladonnapaw ooh I would love that honestly, just the two of them running around chasing after birds while marj is like 'no guys it's fine she's with me!!'

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    marjorie just joined with her companionn, mortimer, and for some quick info: she's a small, pretty goose with the occasional feral tendency but for the most part she acts sophisticated and pleasant. she's a bit manipulative but generally sweet, although she will try to steal anything and everything that she thinks is pretty/shiny/interesting/etc

    she's open to

    stealing things

    befriending people

    getting into arguments (honestly just say anything mildly insulting to her and she'll get upset) but not actual fights bc she just goes and hides behind morti

    harmless flirting? she likes the attention but won't actually be interested in anybody

    teaching y/c how to swim?

    honestly I'm up for pretty much anything except serious injuries, death, & romance

    i love! human aus!! so if you want one of those pls suggest it :0

    The girl fluffs out ivory feathers as she flutters over and lands gracefully near Belladonnapaw. She would have typically placed herself near Mortimer, of course, but as she was accustomed to their shared habits of thievery, she didn't intend on drawing any attention towards him that he hadn't already drawn on his own. "I'm sure you'll find one that truly appreciates your style someday, darling." Maj would hum towards Bella, rosy eyes glinting in an amiable nature. In all honesty, the goose didn't entirely understand the concept of keeping birds as.. what, pets? Companions? She appreciated the fact that the Volarians didn't treat them as prey but being treated like a feral beast in need of being cared for was demeaning. The only protection she needed was Swain, though as of this time no one had dared to suggest different - save for a single, seemingly well-intentioned comment by Bella - and for that, Marjorie was grateful. She supposed the birds this stranger was feeding were likely more feral than herself and so perhaps she shouldn't take it so personally. Although, watching Mortimer feast on the seeds along with these wild birds was both amusing and slightly disconcerting and would receive a brief, good-natured roll of her eyes directed towards him.


    Her attention is drawn from Mortimer at the sound of footsteps and voices. Pink eyes glance towards the strangers as she glides easily across the water towards them. She is quiet for a moment as she takes in their features, noting with distaste the fangs and claws of each one. Where were all the birds? Naturally, the girl was tense as she looks from one predator's face to the other. There sure were a lot of them. Not that it mattered, she tells herself halfheartedly, Mortimer would protect her. "Hello, Sleepingpaw - lovely name by the way - I am.." She hesitates only briefly, though it's not very obvious to anyone who isn't particularly perceptive. "Marjorie." She decides finally to give up her real name, deciding that - though she doesn't trust these strange creatures - she shouldn't start her life in what could become her new home off with lies. "Would you mind telling me where 'here' is, darling?" Her voice is sugary sweet, head tilting slightly to allow her beak to give the impression of a smile.

    Her attention on Sleepingpaw doesn't last very long as the next stranger makes quite a scene. Marjorie blinks with surprised intrigue as the smoke clears and an extravagant looking tiger appears on the scene. "Oh! Hello-" Her introduction is cut off by the rapid speech of the other and Maj gives a quiet giggle. She decides she likes this peculiar feline. "I'm not entirely sure what a familiar is, love, but I don't believe either of us are one. We come from a relatively normal gaggle." She shrugs, following Belladona's gesture to her hat and taking a moment to examine it. "A witch? I've never heard of that either, but if it means you get to wear such a darling hat I might be interested." The idea of just stealing it from the girl briefly enters Marjorie's thoughts but she shakes it off. It's pretty, but not something that the goose could pull off, both due to the style of it and the mere fact that it's far too big for her head.

    Two more speak up next and Marjorie pulls her gaze from the eccentric 'witch' to look at the others. "I'm Marjorie. It's a pleasure to meet you." She speaks first to Kayla who has introduced herself then immediately set about trying to calm the excitable feline beside her. Turning at last to the final stranger, Maj is taken aback by the curtness of the demand. Lifting her head, she decided to ignore the blatant disregard for the pleasantries which Marjori viewed as customary politeness. "My name is Marjorie, and I was unaware that we were required to have a business with you just to float on a lake as geese are prone to do." She doesn't know what Volary Flights is and the thought of not knowing something that evidently seems to be common knowledge irritates her to some extent. It's a mental struggle as she tries to decide whether or not to voice her questions or just act as if she knows exactly what's going on. Finally, she admits her confusion, "On the subject, what actually is Volary Flights? Is this your flock?" She takes a moment to look away from Adrestia to the rest of them, and thinks that this is probably the strangest flock she's ever seen.


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    She had been quick to agree to Swain's proposal that they split off from their flock, as she was a restless soul and easily tired by the repetitiveness of their orthodox life. It was boring, monotonous, unfitting for a girl of such a spontaneous, impulsive nature as herself. Besides, she had always been rather fond of Mortimer and wouldn't pass up an opportunity to adventure the world at the side of such a handsome gander. It was sickeningly sweet, practically cliche, how she would bat pink eyes at him whenever he looked over, adoring the attention she'd receive.

    Long neck tilting towards him at the suggestion, she casts a glance downwards and immediately assents. It looks like a nice enough place to stop. Marjorie begins her descent after her companion, albeit in a less extreme manner. It takes her a couple extra seconds to land and she pulls back at the last moment, allowing herself to almost float down to the water beside him without the crude skidding which she found amusing to watch but thought improper of a girl of her elegance. Rosy eyes peer at Mortimer over a soft pink bill which is slightly parted in what might resemble a smile if one is familiar in the expressions of geese. "This seems like an intriguing place, Swain. Not that I have much to compare it with." She gives a slight shrug of her ivory wings, turning her gaze away from the gander to take in their surroundings.

    The little boy had been distant lately, staying cooped up with his paints and his books. He really hadn't gotten out much and as such, he had missed quite a lot. Mainly, his father was now the leader. Baby blue gaze blinks curiously up at Glitteringgold, standing where Fin had only memories of Softvelvet standing. It was a strange feeling, thinking that his dad was now in charge of everyone and everything. He had always had this perception of Glitteringgold as powerful and authoritative - someone who Finley would inevitably strive to be like once he got over his reclusive nature - but now he had to understand that his father was leading, not even Softvelvet had more authority than him. For a moment, the child wondered if Glit would become too preoccupied with his new duties that he wouldn't have as much time for him, but Finley brushed these thoughts off as silly. He knew his father cared about him and, if anything, Fin had been the distant one lately. Curling his smoke colored tail over his paws, the boy would simply smile slightly, unsure what else to do. Maybe he should try and make himself useful, considering he hadn't done anything to help out for awhile.


    The small boy used flowers mainly for creating specific colors of paint - though this was rather difficult and he preferred using things like berries if he could - but occasionally he would press the ones he thought were the prettiest in a small book he had found which he kept with his other book of ancient Chinese art. Anyway, he had never seen a bouquet before and hadn't even considered that was a thing people would make. A bunch of flowers that would die in a couple of days? What was the point? Although, upon padding over to inspect what his father was making, Finley conceded that they were rather attractive. Maybe it would be worth it to brighten up a room even if it was only for a short time. "Hey, dad. These are pretty." Fin would offer a small smile to go along with his rushed statements. He wasn't staying quiet due to the usual reason of nerves - as he was fairly comfortable when it was just Glitteringgold around - instead, however, the artistically-inclined boy was too focused on the rich colors in the bouquet, which he was currently nudging between his paws, to pay attention to anything else. His cornflower eyes were wide in concentration, as if trying to take in everything at once, studying the way the different colors worked together and pondering how he could use this to paint. He wasn't very good yet, as he had only just taken up this hobby - inspired by his book of paintings - but he hoped that by scrutinizing everything that he thought was pretty, he'd eventually figure out how to recreate the aspects of those things in a painting.

    Finley would trail after his father, the small grey head ducked low as he found a seat beside Glitteringgold. He'd cast a cautious glance upwards to see that Softvelvet didn't seem to have improved much at all. Concern for their leader built up inside Fin, overshadowing his pressing fear of catching whatever sickness Softvelvet had. It probably wasn't contagious anyway, right? The child would push the cloud of thoughts away and try to focus on the announcements. He recognized most of the names called, and tried to retain the ones he didn't. At the sound of his own name, however, Finley would glance up, surprised. A shout-out? It was an odd feeling to know he'd been noticed, and Fin was both slightly proud of himself and kind of embarassed by the attention. He'd shrink down as if trying to hide behind Glitteringgold, while also beaming at his father's praise.

    Finley had stuck close to his father the whole way, petrified of getting lost as well as not wanting to be on his own when they walked in. Typically, most of the attention would go to Glitteringgold and that was the way Fin preferred it when standing behind him in a social setting. Still though, the boy had to acknowledge that his father had many other children - thus the reason for this gathering - and as such, he couldn't just stay right next to Glit the whole time. The smoky furred kitten glanced around and was immediately overwhelmed as he had never really met any of his other siblings. On an impulse, he darted over to Blacktop and sat down a short distance away. "Uh, hello. I'm.. Finley. I live in the Dark Dynasty.." He'd introduce himself, dark grey tipped ears twitching nervously. It was kind of an awkward experience, introducing yourself to a stranger who you knew was technically your older brother. Plus, essentially every experience with Fin was an awkward one.