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    A meeting? They didn't have one planned, did they? Curious, the she-cat moved herself out of the medicine cat den, shifting along the stone to sit beside Moonkit. Would he receive his apprentice ceremony? Were they under attack? She couldn't fathom what the purpose for the meeting was, but she imagined it would all be revealed shortly, considering Minnowstar wasn't one for anticipation.

    She let out a low hiss, barely noticeable, upon hearing Minnowstar making small talk with these heathens. Tail lashing behind her, Glacewing had half a mind to voice her dislike, but Rainpaw beat her to it. Nodding her approval to the apprentice, her gray ears flicked upon Caledon speaking up again. 'What a load of rat-dung,' she thought to herself with a huff. "We're supposed to believe you picked us just because you like us? What's stopping you from turning on us when you change your mind? BloodClan, despite having 'your word', has no real code," challenged the she-cat with eyes like daggers. She didn't trust this cat as far as she could throw him, so she wasn't interested in any alliance he had to offer. Unfortunately, it wasn't actually her choice.

    The scent of alley drifting into camp caught the deputy off guard, placing her on alert. Ears pricking and fur spiking the slightest amount, she wondered if they were being attacked. But then, the scent was too vague for that. Now curious, Glacewing pulled herself out of the medicine cat den towards where she heard Minnowstar's voice addressing... Caledon? And Sheogorath? What exactly was BloodClan doing all the way over here? Her suspicious nature was minimally satisfied when they revealed their reason, though she needed something better than that. "And why is BloodClan seeking our allegiance?" she questioned with a cool tone, not allowing her broken back limbs to stop her from appearing strong. "And what exactly would benefit SkyClan in this situation?" She didn't trust BloodClan a bit; they were bloodthirsty rogues with no respect for the forest clans. If it were her, she'd send them away with a few claw marks to remember her by. However, she knew Minnowstar had a different manner of doing things.

    Daisyfrost's commentary caused Glacewing to gape in her direction, appalled by the accusation. A clan not being worth a cat's life? Preposterous! Considering her tone was collected, calm, the deputy passed it off as curiosity and nothing more. All the same, she would take the inquiry seriously and answer with thought. "If a cat is being singled out for dangerous tasks, I would like to hope they would feel as though they could come to me or Minnowstar. We wouldn't wish for a cat to be endangered entirely, of course. But if you believe your clan is making the wrong decision? It's your duty as a warrior to speak up, for the betterment of the clan. In its own way, speaking up can be protecting the clan." Did that make sense? Oh, who knew. But the latter words were really what bristled her pelt.

    Taking a few breaths, she calmed herself, not allowing any ounce of discomfort to pass through her body. "On that last topic, though, if a cat is truly trustworthy, they would devote themselves entirely to their clan - as we expect you all to. The warrior code states that cats are welcome to have friends in other clans, for that is inevitable. We come together at Gatherings and engage in peaceful conversation, so naturally we would make friends. However, when it comes down to it, everyone is expected to be loyal to their clan, no matter what." If that meant fighting a friend, unfortunately that was the price a warrior paid. If the friend truly understood, they wouldn't hold it against them. After all, no cat wished for border disputes and wars. It was merely a consequence of life.

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    His jubilant response had been anticipated, really, though she had to admit his imagination truly was something to be admired. Moonfire, hm? For his energy and ambition, she suspected. Hopefully some of that would die down by the time he became an older apprentice. After all, if he managed to settle down a bit, she envisioned great things for his future. Becoming deputy, in fact, might not be such a far-fetched idea. As for her becoming leader? Well, Glacewing suspected she would be stepping down from old age long before she had an opportunity to succeed Minnowstar. However, this was a piece of knowledge she felt quite peaceful with. Minnowstar was young, kind. She deserved a long, happy rein and Glacewing would be thrilled to serve under her for any given time before lending the position to a younger cat.

    She huffed lightly as he mentioned becoming 'Moonstar', leader of SkyClan. With his youth, he could certainly make it happen, though she wouldn't make it easy for him. No cat got to leadership without a few hardships at first. Flicking her tail behind her, she commented smoothly, "Better not let Minnowstar hear that. She'll think you're plotting a coup." There was a soft hum in her tone, nonexistent brows dancing above her eyes.

    The topic changed with the wind's breeze, however, drawing their conversation in an entirely different direction. Casting her full attention unto him as he stammered about, clearly anxious about something, she leaned forward. His mumbled sayings were difficult to interpret, making her need to pick through his soft mews until she finally depicted what he was saying. 'Will you be my mentor?' Moonkit tried instantly to play it off, pretending he hadn't said anything, to no avail. Glacewing had heard and wouldn't be shy about voicing her own answer. Still, it came upon calm lips, not wishing to harm the feelings of the little one before her.

    "Moonkit, I'm always delighted to offer my expertise, but I can't train you. I already have Orchardpaw under my supervision, even if she is currently in the nursery expecting her own litter. Not to mention, I have injuries to recover from. Besides," she sighed, gaze flickering downwards with uncertainty, voice dropping as she continued, "Don't you think there would be a slight conflict of interest?" Even saying it, she wasn't confident like she normally was. Yet the words had been said, unable to be taken back. She'd admitted there was something preventing her from becoming Moonkit's mentor, something deeper than being held up with injuries or her being promised to another apprentice. No, there was an emotional reason behind her not being able to train him herself, one that Minnowstar herself would agree upon.

    The she-cat started, glancing to Orchardpaw at her uncertainty. Shaking her head, she dismissed easily, "Of course. SkyClan is vivacious and powered by will. Don't underestimate our perseverance." There hadn't been one leaf-bare since she was a kit she'd lost a family member. At least, not one she knew of. Glacewing still didn't know who her father was, or if her mother ever intended to share that information with her. However, she did know SkyClan was filled with cats who braved challenges, so they had little to worry about.

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    Was she so predictable? Glacewing supposed she hadn't made her views entirely private, though she saw this as a matter one needed to be open about. After all, it was the clan's safety they were talking about! However, perhaps she should have realized before that Minnowstar would share a different perspective. Falling silent as the leader opened her jaws to offer her own ideas, the blue point nodded and perked her ears. Minnowstar's points were within reason, she did admit. Where would they be without accepting some loners and non-clan-born cats?

    She'd been young when Minnowstar had been accepted, still learning the ways of the clan. But there hadn't been a doubt in her mind that the lilac tabby belonged, though she did admit to having judged her the first few moons she resided in SkyClan. Not all loners were to be trusted, as Brindlenose had taught her. Now that she was older? Well, she knew kits couldn't harm anyone, so Sunkit and Moonkit had been obvious choices to bring into camp. Yet how were they to judge older cats? Briarfrost? Barkscar? Neither were SkyClan-born and somehow they had been let in and Glacewing didn't have any doubts about their loyalty. There were some things that could be felt with the heart.

    Softening faintly, she meowed in a controlled tone, "Allow me to rephrase. I share your values; SkyClan would be nowhere without the warriors we've accepted into our ranks up to this point. It would be foolish of us, even now, to conceal ourselves within our borders. All the same, allowing cats in without some kind of vetting process seems unsafe. I understand it's worked in the past, yet we must recognize that things change. I think holding a strong border is fair and expected of us. Perhaps we would come across as hard, or even unwelcoming sometimes, I admit. But the result? Only those completely dedicated to SkyClan, willing to fight for us and live by our laws would stay." Glacewing was an old soul, following policies of the past more so than the future. She did think she saw a future in which cats could come to SkyClan with pure minds and go through momentous tasks to prove their loyalty. Unfortunately, others would find it entirely too difficult and crack under pressure.

    As she adjusted, she briefly flicked her ear towards Briarfrost in greeting. Her Clanmate mentioned a DarkClanner's recent injury, making Glacewing think that perhaps she had heard some gossip regarding that, too. Giving a soft hum, she nodded her head, a silent agreement that it was a fantastic suggestion. Thunderpaths were awfully dangerous and she didn't want any of her fellow warriors getting wounded like her. There had been enough chatter about the dangers of monsters that not many ventured onto the Thunderpaths (she'd like to hope anyways), but some cat was always foolish enough to defy logic. It's such an exhaustion realization.

    Distracted, luckily, as a familiar bundle of fur wiggled in beside her. Tail swishing behind her, she caught enough of Moonkit's fidgeting to realize he must be anxious about the topic. Leaning over, almost without knowing what she was doing, she licked his ear. He had nothing to worry about; no one would be called out by name, nor mentioned. Instead, this would be purely informational, keeping care to save any SkyClan cat from injuring themselves in the future. Glacewing knew all too well that even experienced cats got caught off guard sometimes.

    If she could heal bones with a thought, she supposed there would be no need for Wheatbloom anymore. Fortunately, that was not the case, so she merely shook her head, instead focusing on the question presented to her. Glacewing knew little Moonkit was eager to begin his training; StarClan knew he had finally reached six moons old. However, things had been awfully busy as of late, so she hadn't had time to bring it up just yet. Exhaling softly, she promised, "Soon. I'll speak with Minnowstar about finding you a mentor and we'll hold your ceremony before the next gathering." That way he could attend if he wished. After all, once he became an apprentice, attending Gatherings would be something he was welcome to do - even something he would enjoy. She imagined making friends wouldn't be too much of a hassle for the energetic tom.

    The first to pipe up was Rainpaw, who earned a respectful nod from the deputy. "Very good, Rainpaw. That's arguably one of the more important laws, though of course, you'll find them all extremely important," she praised, tail swishing. Glacewing and all the warriors she knew would lay down their life for SkyClan, no questions asked. If Minnowstar or one of her Clanmates were threatened, she would not hesitate to leap in front of deadly claws to save their life. So was the way of a warrior. Blinking about, she prompted, "Any others?"

    Glacewing cast Cloudspots an understanding glance at her joke, not realizing the humor behind it. The she-cat was well-known for her deep-rooted anxiety and fretfulness over every little detail. Despite that, she was much loved by almost every member of the clan. She continued to listen as Rainpaw arrived, voicing her thoughts about cold being better than heat (to which Glacewing agreed), before flicking her ear at Cloudspots's comments. Nodding her head, she murmured, "That's very true. Even the most skilled warriors can fall victim to leaf-bare's harsh weather. That's why we spend so much time training for leaf-bare's arrival. I have a feeling that we will have strong cats to cope with it this year. Perhaps it will be our strongest yet." Her musings came hopeful, praying to StarClan for good bearings.

    It went without saying that Briarfrost was in Glacewing's good graces, especially since the tortoiseshell queen felt guilty about the situation. The same could not be said for Barkscar, whom she worried would need another stern talking to. Shaking her head, deciding to set it aside for the purpose of this meeting, she pulled herself over to join the others. Exhaling, she fidgeted to get more comfortable while listening to Minnowstar, knowing there would soon be plenty to say.

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    Perhaps her solution was an intelligent one, but Glacewing wished she could have come up with something more permanent on the spot. It was working for now, though Minnowstar was right that things would be better once the whole clan got together on the same page. Nodding her head at the suggestion, the deputy agreed, "Yes, the clan should keep its border closed. Letting cats roam free would result in chaos." She spoke freely, unaware her leader might have very different views. To her, it was clear as day: Letting in loners and traitors from other clans would kill them from the inside. If borders weren't kept up with every day, things would spin out of control faster than they could fix.

    It truly had felt like ages since that tiny blue scrap of fur had been found on the border, huddled and freezing. Glacewing wouldn't have recognized him now, bright and healthy and full of energy. Moonkit was a completely new cat - eager to learn, with the strength to become a brilliant warrior. She was grateful his injury didn't keep him down, though she did wish he would take it easy with his climbing in the meantime. Not that her wishes would do any good. Starting as his familiar face barreled before her, a beam split across it, she huffed. Sneaking? "For your information, I was just getting my morning exercise," rumbled the point, the beginnings of a smile tugging at her lips. Before Moonkit, one could argue that Glacewing never smiled. Now? Lilysong drew one out of her easily, and Moonkit tended to do the same. Perhaps she'd just never felt so strongly for anyone before like she did these two. Tail curling, she invited, "Want to come with? I'll even let you pester me with your questions."

    Her gaze briefly drifted from Rampaw to follow Orchardpaw, wondering if she would join them. When the pregnant she-cat passed by, however, she gave a hum of thought. Perhaps she still felt off around Glacewing. Who could blame her? While she didn't approve of the situation, even going as far as to wish it could have been changed, she still felt responsible for the cat and would continue to train her once her kits had grown. Returning to Rampaw's attention when he spoke, Glacewing cleared her own throat. "Oh, no. I've just noticed how hard you've been working. Why don't you take a break with me? We can split a mouse." Eyes expectant, she tilted her head to the tom. She knew his reputation, yet she didn't see anything wrong with taking the time to get to know him.