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    promise me no promises -- death

    ah it's been fabulous you guys! I know I said I would wait a couple more days Sky, but I felt better not dragging it out any longer, I hope you understand <3 I'm still gonna be around and as I stated at the end of the thread, Tatter will be coming back!!

    until then, I'll be keeping up with the mass adopts (since ofc I was the one who created them) but when those are over I will no longer be controlling the SkyClan linked account.

    Sunlight was scarce, hidden among gray clouds. A thick fog shrouded the tall-pine forest of SkyClan territory, making Glacewing faintly glad she couldn't leave camp to be hunting in the murky weather. Something about excessive rain that came with leaf-fall didn't appeal to her as much as leaf-bare's natural chill. However, she usually put up with it for the sake of her clan. Not now, though, for her injury kept her grounded against her will.

    Sighing heavily with that thought, the deputy of SkyClan cast her sorrowful gaze up past the cliff-side of camp, up towards the dreary sky threatening rainfall. She wondered if she'd ever be so lucky as to join hunting expeditions alongside her Clanmates again, or fight alongside them in battle. She wondered if patrols would be able to keep up with her, if her leg didn't heal correctly. Would she even be able to train Orchardpaw? Or would she be assigned a different mentor? She wondered, too, if perhaps Minnowstar would request she join the elders early. Truth be told, none of those latter options sounded appealing. Glacewing was an active, strong cat. Living quietly among elders would be fine in her late moons, but with the ample energy she had now, she might as well just die instead. Keeping still in camp was crushing the very essence of her soul, causing her to go crazy with desire to move and get out - do something other than organize patrols and wait to heal.

    StarClan seemed to be listening, in some way or the other.

    A rustle caught her attention, just outside camp. An ebony ear twitched at the movement, head swiveling to watch the bush it came from. She frowned when it stilled, acting as though there was no movement in the first place. But there had been, she was sure of it! Narrowing her gaze, the blue pointed she-cat hauled herself over on healing legs towards the bush, sniffing about it. The scent tied into the leaves felt familiar, ominous, yet it had been a month since she left camp, so it didn't quite register just what it could be. She licked her lips, trying to place it, though as she didn't see anything, she decided to ignore it. Must have been a rarer bird, figured Glacewing, Too bad she couldn't catch it due to her injuries. Disappointed but no longer concerned, she sat down outside that bush, sighing as she lay her head over her paws.

    Moonpaw had been on her mind a lot lately. How was his training with Barkscar going? While she wasn't fond of the warrior, she did admit he had his strengths. Barkscar demonstrated superior fighting techniques, alongside a recognizable hunting ability. Her son would undoubtedly be learning a lot from the tom, both in training and in life. She suspected Moonpaw, when he wasn't disagreeing with his mentor, would find that the things he learned were inexplicably brilliant. Even Glacewing had to admit that Barkscar was an outstanding mentor and would have made a great deputy had she not been chosen herself. Still, she couldn't help worrying for Moonpaw. He was her son, after all; blood didn't matter in this scenario. She loved him unconditionally and had finally accepted that, meaning she would give him every ounce of love she had in her, even if it took some away from herself.

    Her eyes were the next to shift as a dark spot shaded her vision for a fraction of a second. Brow deepening, the cat raised her head. Had someone passed by? Glancing about and seeing no one, she opened her jaws to scent the air. There was that strange scent again... It felt more familiar the more she whiffed it, but why couldn't she seem to place it? Now, she was feeling mildly frustrated with the situation. Clicking her tongue, she rose to her paws, albeit with difficulty due to her back legs. She might be capable of walking, but not for more than one minute at a time with great stress. She continued that ebbing of unease, heart beating in her chest as the tainted air tickled her nose, building her anticipation. That animal couldn't be a bird, she knew now, so what was it? Had she really been out of the game so long? Not giving up, the deputy scented the winds again, finding that now the scent was stronger than ever before. With the freshness blowing into her lungs, she realized now why it had been so familiar. A scent, almost feral... but actually... canine?

    StarClan, no!

    The realization hit her the same second she heard a soft growl vibrating inches from her face, a ginger muzzle peering through the bushes before her own black face. Her heart froze and her jaw opened. "Fo-" she was cut entirely short as the animal lunged, red blurring with cream and silver fur.

    Glacewing gasped, twisting instinctively to defend herself. She had fallen on her back, the fox now on top of her snapping its jaws. Using her forepaws, she thrust upwards, knocking into her opponent's chest and causing him to stumble. It offered her just enough time to pivot her body and get back on her feet, though she hissed in pain when her legs registered. The russet canine took the opportunity of weakness to strike at her again, teeth baring against her shoulder. Howling in agony, she smacked her head up, knocking into the fox's jaw and causing him to release. She then raised a paw and slashed into his face, slicing through his eye. A gurgling yelp tumbled from his jaws, eye already oozing pus and blood - no doubt blind now. Unfortunately, her action hadn't made him feel it necessary to flee, but instead infuriated the creature. Retaliating now, he snarled and swung forth claws to meet her pelt, tearing at her sides and knocking her down. Growing desperate and losing blood now, Glacewing stretched out with her paws to pull him in, clenching her canines through his throat. The fox gave a mighty whimper, and using its last jolt of strength, ripped its back legs through the deputy's exposed belly.

    She dropped him, dead on contact with the ground, inches away from her. Then, stumbling back a bit, she quivered against the ground, reeling from the lack of blood in her system. Her body was covered in wounds; pelt littered in scratches, a deep gash in her flank, no doubt an infection growing in her shoulder, but worse than everything else, her stomach was completely exposed, her intestines visible to the naked eye.

    An uncharacteristic, childish whimper rolled from her maw. Camp was quiet, she noted through her agony. Patrols were all out, kittens asleep with their mothers in the nursery, and elders sunbathing. She'd been the only one exposed, at risk. The fox had probably assumed she'd be easy prey. Hah! He thought wrong, she thought to herself with an outward chuckle, shaking as sobs began to rack her body, causing her to bleed faster. Defending SkyClan... at least it was the way she planned to go out.

    Though that thought may have been comforting, Glacewing felt regret over the cats she was leaving behind. Minnowstar... Moonpaw... Doveshine... her younger siblings, who hadn't ever known she actually did care for them... There was little she regretted more than telling Moonpaw just how much she loved him. If she could have told him every day, cleaning his ruffled head fur and embarrassing him in front of his friends, it still wouldn't have been enough. He meant everything to her. And Minnowstar, with her positivity and calm aura, she had been such an incredible leader to put up with a deputy as annoying as Glacewing knew she was.

    But, StarClan, Lilysong.... Oh, how she wished she'd told her how she felt. There was absolutely no doubt in her mind at this moment that she was completely and utterly in love with the she-cat. That sweet, lilac tabby with her fluffy coat of fur and oblivious nature. How could Glacewing have not been head over heels? Lilysong was perfect in every way, from her gentle exterior to her proud and kind personality. SkyClan truly had been blessed to have such a gift in their midst. She would have to visit her from StarClan, tell her not to be too sad. After all, Glacewing needed to see that the ones she'd left behind would be okay even among such a tragic event.

    Jaw shivering, the cat gasped one last time, before exhaling, and finding that her blue eyes fluttered closed. Though she no longer was physically with her clan, she would always be a SkyClan cat. She was, without a doubt, the most loyal of cats. And when her eyes reopened, she was met with a familiar face among starry grounds, and was given a simple greeting.

    "Welcome to StarClan, dear."

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    ( ooc ) everyone, i have had the greatest time in skyclan and i adored roleplaying glacewing with all of you! however, it's time for me to end her story. i've been struggling with muse for a while and i think she deserved to go out like a hero now instead of me waiting until i had zero muse and giving her a two-sentence ending. it's been wonderful and i will absolutely still be around - i'm even bringing tatteredpaw back to skyclan in november or december! wishing you all kisses and love <3

    - amy

    ooc: aa so excited to see him! + don't mind lace, she's kind of salty about her sibs c;

    The march of her little brother caused the wounded she-cat to huff softly, ear twitching in mild annoyance. He wanted to go outside? Well, so did she. But she didn't get to complain about it because she was a warrior, the deputy of SkyClan. Not to mention, leaving would be a death sentence for her considering her broken legs. Upset bubbling in her core, all that came out of her maw was a cold, "Too bad. You have to wait until you're an apprentice." Spicekit and his siblings were a sore spot for Glacewing. Truth be told, she was envious of them. Not only did they get Brindlenose's love and affection (which she could have had if she really tried), but they had a father that they knew of - a warrior of SkyClan. What about Glacewing's father? Who was he? Was he even a warrior?

    "Minnowstar." The calm greeting came from Glacewing, who both limped and dragged her legs across camp to join her leader. She'd noticed a more positive mood from the lilac tabby lately, likely due to Whitekit's return and the presence of her kits around camp. Having Moonpaw, Glacewing knew firsthand now how influential kits were on the mood of she-cats. She hadn't ever understood before quite like this. Sighing as she laid down before Minnowstar, she continued the conversation. "You seem in a good mood."

    The blue point settled herself, offering a curious hum at Chickadeekit's marvel. Camp certainly did feel impressive at times, but the forest stretched far beyond what SkyClan could claim as their home. Earth surrounded everything, and Glacewing had a feeling no cat had journey the whole extent before. However, there was no reason to overwhelm the child with her speculations. Instead choosing to go the more comfortable route, she shrugged. "With a little practice, you'll be finding your way around with your eyes closed." Perhaps she didn't mean that literally, but also as Chick got bigger, things would become very clear.

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    The deputy started at the relieved exclamation of her leader. Lifting her head from around the elders' den, she turned and found herself caught in shock when the familiar pelt of Whitekit came into her vision, standing before her clear as day. Minnowstar's son was back? She imagined the mother must be overjoyed! Not wanting to invade their private reunion, Glacewing merely swept by to offer a warm, "Welcome home," before heading towards the fresh-kill pile, wishing to eat before resuming assigning apprentices duties.

    ooc: oh absolutely! just to let you know though: i am planning to let glacewing go in about a week. she will die defending skyclan from a fox, but i'm alright with things between them going wherever you like before then because i do adore them both <3 i've just had such little muse for her lately and it will be better if i don't keep forcing it :c

    Having Lilysong's soft, velvet nose touch her own cold one made her catch her breath, heart nearly stopping in its pounding for a fraction of a second. It resumed easily enough afterwards, thumping faster than before. The she-cat had to swallow, almost finding words difficult to form in her maw. "Y-Yeah, of course it's normal," she murmured, an uncharacteristic stutter working its way into her tone. Normally the picture of poise, Glacewing didn't trip over her sentences - nor did she falter during speeches. So, why was she now?

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    The pale deputy was taking a rare resting break from her busy days. When she wasn't organizing patrols to aid Minnowstar, taking care of camp business, or conferencing Clanmates, she was exercising her injured limbs. Life had been terribly fast-paced, making her feel as though there wasn't enough time in the day. Eyes peeling open to reveal stunning blue irises, she focused her attention on a soft black and white feline, blundering through camp. Oh, Chickadeekit. Glacewing recalled the child being brought into SkyClan not long before her incident, rendering her bedridden for the time being. Watching her play from a distance away, the she-cat eventually rumbled aloud, "Finding your way around okay?" Her brow raised, having witnessed the kit tripping just moments prior.

    Nightmares. Unfortunately, she was all to familiar with that mental plague, haunting her it seemed every once in a while. She'd been blessed to have quiet dreams for some time, but there were nights when she fretted through dreams about never recovering, having to give up her position and join the elders early. However, that's all they were; concerns manifested into a false reality, striking doubt and fear into one's soul. She quickly disregarded them in the morning.

    It seemed Wolfpaw was having a more difficult time doing that, exhaustion and unease written all over her face. But she never could have guessed the next question to leave her jaws. Dreams that weren't her own? Like the memories of other cats? Frown deepening, Glacewing answered, "No, never. Depending on the dream, however, it could simply be StarClan sending a message, saying someone is in danger." She didn't know what the apprentice's dream was about, and wouldn't pry, but she did know StarClan sometimes worked in mysterious ways.

    Glacewing wasn't sure what to think. On one paw, she was frustrated with her apprentice. How could she have been so foolish as to break the Warrior Code? Didn't she care about her warrior training? Or was she planning to give it all up to become a queen? Through her whole kithood, Orchardpaw had been so driven and focused, promising to be a dedicated warrior SkyClan would be proud of. So, how had this happened? What had driven the pale she-cat to be so weak? But that's where Glacewing stopped feeling angry towards her apprentice, and instead loathing herself. Had it, instead, been the mentor's fault? Had she not given Orchardpaw enough of her time? Been neglecting her for deputy duties? Perhaps she hadn't been as encouraging or the perfect match for her... Where had she failed her previously-ideal apprentice?

    Exhaling hopelessly into the afternoon wind, her gray face turned upwards to stare at the clouds. Despite everything, of course she still felt fond of Orchardpaw. The girl was her apprentice; how could she not care for her? It was similar to her feelings about Moonpaw. No matter what fault he committed, Glacewing would love him unconditionally. A queen had a bond with her kits, the same way a mentor bonded with their apprentice. Truthfully, the two scenarios were not much different. In fact, she even felt tempted to visit the nursery that afternoon, see if she needed anything.

    StarClan seemed to be listening to her thoughts, for not long after thinking that, a howl for aid echoed from the nursery. Orchardpaw. Recognizing the cat's distressed tone, the wounded she-cat speedily limped and pulled herself towards the place where queens rested, breaking through the door with extended pupils. At her arrival, it became obvious what was occurring: The kits were coming. Not a medicine cat, she fidgeted anxiously, not able to offer much apart from encouraging words and the promise of children once it was all over. Thankfully, it was a short birthing, only two kits due to Orchardpaw's youthful age. Once they were brought into the world, under-sized and mewing desperately for food, she fell silent. They were healthy, though small. That had to be a sign these kits were meant to be. StarClan wouldn't have allowed them to live if they truly were against this litter.

    Those thoughts in mind, Glacewing swallowed her stubborn nature, shifting forward to sniff one of the closer kits, even nudging them closer to their new mother. "You did well. They're a bit tiny, but strong. I'm sure Wheatbloom will be able to keep an eye on them," rumbled the feline quietly, feeling as though voices shouldn't rise above a normal speaking tone with newborns present. Was that a maternal thing? Or simply a new-kits thing? She didn't know.

    ooc: beautifully written!! also assuming she's still in camp about to leave?

    "Wolfpaw. Where are you off to in such a hurry this morning?" frowned the blue pointed she-cat, groaning as she lifted herself to exercise her right leg, limping feebly over towards the apprentice. She gave up halfway towards her, dragging her rear end the rest of the way and paused before the other she-cat, brow furrowed. Glacewing had been up early, planning patrols for the day and seeing if she could offer some company to the queens or elders. However, seeing Wolfpaw so distraught coming from the apprentices' den had her mildly concerned. None of her Clanmates were treating the newcomer with hostility, were they?

    Young joiners were more easily accepted by the she-cat than older ones. Children tended to have pure intentions, whereas more than enough older cats had betrayed her trust. Therefore, she greeted Wolfpaw with a curt nod, flicking her ear at the request for a task. Excellent, a helper, she noted, pleased. "I would like you to explore the territory - find landmarks and even some new little crevices. Take a new warriors or older apprentice with you to challenge you, even a whole patrol if you like." This would not only be a good way for her to learn about SkyClan's territory, but also to partake in a friendly competition with herself, truly challenging her knowledge. Plus, it never hurt for others to brush up on their own memory.