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    nothing in the world could bother daisyfrost at this point in her life, not even the questioning voice of a stranger whose territory she most certainly was trespassing on. the young warrior waved her tail casually and, instead of respectfully walking away, headed straight towards the source of the voice. "i'm daisyfrost. from skyclan," she answered unapologetically. it seemed a bit rude to leave things at that, so she decided to tack on an explanation. "just lookin' around, wasn't gonna steal prey or anything." blue eyes scanned the surroundings, looking for the cat who spoke.

    daisyfrost arrived, a by disgruntled after hearing the line about undying loyalty. she knew it was a rule, but she just thought it was so stupid! god, if she’d been that loyal to darkclan they’d probably have used her as bait for some kind of attack. hnnrghgn but should she say anything? glacewing was notorious for having a stick up her ass at all times...fuck it. “but what if your clan is making the wrong decisions or singling you out for the most dangerous tasks?” she asked. the form of a question was gentle, she could play it off as being curious if she got bad reactions. “i’m not sure if..the concept of a clan is worth a cat’s life. wouldn’t it be better for all of us if we were loyal to cats that we knew were trustworthy and caring, regardless of their clan? i dunno, just..something to think about, i guess.”

    daisyfrost hadn't been very present lately--both in mind and body. she often went out exploring alone, crossing the very borders they were about to discuss. and her head was filled with romantic ideals about freedom for all, freedom from the lines that divided them.

    for once though, she was here. curiosity or anxiety buzzed in her brain, wondering what everyone would have to say. daisyfrost knew exactly where she stood.

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    with blue eyes half-closed and a skip in her step, the cream she-cat traipsed right across the border. careless, nonchalant, nothing mattered, especially not these scent lines. they weren't real, not in the way the breeze that blew across her face and ruffled her fur was, not in the way the grass that prickled her paws was. these lines were products of their own creation, meant to cage and confine them. and for what? a false sense of security? hiding in fear of your own kind was no way to live.

    daisyfrost relished her new surroundings; the forest's dense greenness, the moist sponginess of fallen leaves underfoot, the fresh pinewood scent. it was a forest not unlike skyclan's territory, but there was something about being on thunderclan's side of the border for the first time that made her heart flip with excitement.

    i live in california which is pretty darn liberal but i just happen to live in the one part where everyone is conservative farmers rip

    my college friends are pretty much all gay or bi which is hella nice but my family and high school friends?? hoo boy

    i’m glad i can fit in with the str8s tho lmao

    this is kind of for the anarchist plot trad is gonna have going... daisyfrost is already pretty lax about borders and doesn’t care about clan loyalty, and soon i’m gonna have her find out she’s half shadowclan which will really seal the deal for her that clan ties are pointless. then to top it all off she’ll fall in love with someone from a different clan and become a raging anarchist bc “it’s not fair why is love illegal?”

    a quick overview of her personality is she’s v casual, though it masks anxiety, and she’s not very good at opening up. currently she’s struggling with empathy and feeling no emotions but ur character would probably change that lol. her type is either really sweet and outgoing orrr bad boys because she lacks those kinds of traits. bonus points if ur char is funny bc she’s a jokester

    rules are pls be active, don’t be uhh related to her and be in her age range (she’s 14 moons, though i’m willing to age her up to 15-17). it can be required or unrequited idc