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    The tigsune, having said his peace about the Shiny-Wimpy-Idiot family, stood back and observed the rest of the BlizzardClanners chew them out. He had to admit, he felt kinda bad for the rest -- these idiots seemed to have quite a pompous and lawless attitude about them; as if they didn't care about the political consequences for BlizzardClan because of their actions. How definitively disloyal of the fucking shits.

    Turning to Aleksei, he nodded in agreement. "No offense taken; I'm more sorry you're the one that has to deal with their shit on a daily basis," he replied with a small snort. He was glad that Shadow Veil didn't seem to have too many idiots; he couldn't remember when someone had ever done anything this stupid in his home before. Well, besides him killing a Cartelian -- but they were enemies anyway, so it didn't matter much. Flicking his tails, the tigsune stepped closer to Aleksei as he tilted his head, motioning for the other leader to show the way to this private location.

    He nodded to Soundcheck, immediately remembering how much the dude hated the Thunderlands. And Quasar didn't like completely forgetting about an enemy -- so Soundcheck would be quite great for stirring up trouble. "Leave some kind of quote on quote "disturbing" message on the territory. A graffiti Deutschland with high heels might give the kids nightmares. Just make your message interesting."

    He quirked his brow at the silence that greeted him, he supposed that was it -- good, he didn't want to fight anyone he had no fucking beef with, anyway. "Alright, glad to have you guys with me! Last month, we did aight on the activity front, not too shabby. But the month has been starting off really slow, so let's pick up and do more shit. I got some warfare plans, but I'm open to event suggestions, so don't be shy," Quasar announced, starting off with that first. Last month, despite the whole mess of fucking Fragilepast and Rhae, they held on stubbornly. It'd be a shame, he supposed, for everything to fucking drop.

    "Subwaypaw gets a promotion to duskreacher, and Ozone is bumped up to nightwatcher. Jeolmang, good job being around. Keep up the good work, you three fucking stood out. Rhae, obviously, is fucking exiled if that isn't clear," Quasar spoke, nodding to each of the three in turn. Subwaypaw did good with the event -- without even having to be prompted or some shit -- and Ozone helped keep the rest of the Shiny-Family-Idiots from getting in the way for Rhae's dethronement; those acts deserved an award. "We have been invited to a fuckin' cleanup event in HawkClan, so go to that if you want to be a helpful lil asshole."

    He paused, four tails flicking behind him. Hmph, now to start bringing back some of Shadow Veil's traditions and history -- or, at least, things that were done in the past which deserved to be done again. "I know my parents didn't use the title system much, but I'll be bringing it back and using it more. There's the ones listed up in the guide in the cathedral, but if you guys have any suggestions for them, either speak up now or speak to me later. Again, I'm open as fuck to suggestions, the worst I'll fucking do is say no," he stated, wanting to make that fucking clear. He did have a history of violence, but he'd never hurt a Veilian -- except for Rhae, but Quasar didn't think that bastard counted.

    Drawn by Soundcheck's call, the black tigsune came over and nodded. "Ayee, alright," he grumbled, supposing he'd help. But, really, a cleanup? He'd rather attend a brawl or feast or some shit. But allies were allies, and he didn't like thinking the alliance was going to the shitter.

    Seemed like people were thus far giving introductions and figuring out the fuck to do. "Aight, I'm Quasar, leader of Shadow Veil. I can burn all those nasty ass branches and debris," he offered, supposing he might be one of the few here that could control fire.

    Quasar, unfortunately, didn't remember Raven much; he just remembered her as that girl that Su probably had a crush on. The tigsune, though, still recognized her as he approached, a slightly curious expression on his face. He remembered that she just disappeared one day, but he honestly had too much rage on his mind to think much of the disappearance. "Hey, Raven. Long time no see -- nobody fucking kidnapped you, right? How've you been?" he asked, suddenly realizing she might have been captured or something. There hadn't been any indication of so, but fuck he'd feel like a sack of bullshit if so.

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    welcome back to the shadow veil, quasar has only grown up a lil bit

    The tigsune stared down at the small child, unthreatened and mostly just disgusted at how out of line the child was. His upper lip curled in outright repulsion of the loud child, a low euk sound reverberating from his throat. "Again, child, are you leader here?" he stated with a roll of his eyes, moving to stand next to Tavi and put the deputy between him and the idiot child so he wouldn't have to see the cub's idiotic body anymore. Fuck, if the goddamn Swavovski's couldn't manage to raise their children right, then obviously this explained why they fell into obscurity after Jae's death. So far, he wasn't impressed with any of the queen's screaming gas bombs.

    Lazily looking over at Eirik, the burned tigsune was quite happy to see the large jaguar blocked his view of the disgusting little gremlin rather well. "Ah, you're not Aleksei either. Since you're actually an adult, let me fucking inform you that you are now threatening the leader of an allied Clan. I have made no threats, insults, or any such things towards any members of BlizzardClan. So, either your threat is empty or you're a fucking goddamn moron with less brain cells than that fucking piece of semen you're standing in front of," Quasar spoke with a roll of his golden eyes. Really? All he wanted was an exiled ex-member of BlizzardClan dead. "Besides, how long has the pancake been in your family? The motherfucker didn't know Jae until last week, so you're really going to risk your home in BlizzardClan for some murderer you've probably just met? Damn, even I'm not that fucking reckless," he added with a dismissive snort.

    Looking back at Tavi, he waited for the deputy's reply, and contented himself with the knowledge that BlizzardClan's stupid members seemed to be of the same bloodline. Thankfully, it seemed that any epidemic of stupidity in the Clan was probably confined to Jae's disgusting spawn.

    The male's golden eyes -- perhaps the only Arcanium eyes that still looked like Suga -- lazily drifted over to the child as they spoke. Quirking up a brow, he said, "Ah, did you murder Aleksei and take over BlizzardClan? No? Well, that's what Rhae did, so step off and stop defending my father's murderer." Stupid fucking crotchgoblin. Why people decided to breed such disgustingly unintelligent spawn was beyond him. He and his littermates were never this stupid when they were that age; clearly the brat's parents were either genetically inept, incompetent at discipline, or both.

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    The tigsune nodded to the first one to approach -- male, didn't give his name. One thing he disliked about BlizzardClan and their pretense of politeness; they seemed not to bother with introductions. "Water and ice would be... appreciated. I'll deal with the burn later back home, right now it's just uncomfortable," he explained, speaking the truth. The burn was pretty bad; third degree, and would probably get infected given how little care he was taking with it. But this body was expendable, and he had shit to do. It wasn't unusual for Quasar to put his passions ahead of his health, anyway. "And I'll get to that in a bit," he stated, not wanting to repeat himself more than necessary.

    Turning to Tavi, he nodded to the deputy. She, presumably, could deal with some of his concerns before the Targaryen appeared. "It's a matter of that... tyrant pancake, Rhaelarys. I'm aware he was exiled from his Clan, but Jae is presumably his adopted mother now -- so I presume he has other BlizzardClan relatives here. When I was fighting the fucking pancake, she took off with him. I was wondering if Rhaelarys is holed up here, because I fucking want his ass dead," he explained, in a rather calm tone of voice. He made sure to keep his swearing to a minimum (though that, debatably, failed).

    The tigsune wasn't a fucking idiot, he knew Rhae had BlizzardClan family and that the damn fucker probably got carried off by his mommy somewhere safe. But if they thought Quasar didn't have a spine to be pissed and continue to seek vengeance, then they were fools. Landing at the edge of the territory, the black tigsune flexed his shoulders, his burned side still smoldering and stinking after the recent battle. Not like he cared -- this body was expendable, anyway.

    "I am Quasar, leader of Shadow Veil, and I must speak with Aleksei and your vice-leader or deputy if you have them," the black-furred male called out, refraining from swearing and being too fucking rude. He remembered these guys were allies, obviously.



    After successfully running off that tyrant -- though he still found himself enraged that he didn't manage to kill Rhae -- the black tigsune knew the first order of business was addressing everyone as the new leader. Considering his former vice-leader rank and his efforts to run off Rhae, he doubted there'd be any arguments. And if some weirdo showed up and tried to challenge him, like Rhae'd done to Fragilepast... then he already knew the required steps.

    Standing atop the cathedral's rooftop, the hybrid spread out his wings and let out a loud call. "Shadow Veil, gather for a meeting! That tyrant's reign, obviously, was a fucking shit-show. I ran that fucker off, with help from Ozone, so unless anyone wants to challenge me for the rank let's just fucking get over that shit." He almost rolled his eyes remembering how Rhae needed his mommy to save him from the fight; and the damn fucker liked to call the Shadow Veil pathetic? How sad.

    "Aight, some of you may notice I was doing alliance shit even while dealing with Rhae. So, we've got actual fucking allies now: BlizzardClan, HawkClan, SunClan, and possibly the Blackheart Rogues. Enemy number one is the Sanguine Ruins. In other news, Soobwaypaw is holding an Easter Egg hunt, so get on that shit if you like free candy," he announced, supposing he'd go ahead and get that done. Flicking his tails, he added, "Promotions and shit, as well as the answers to any of your questions, in part two."

    The flames along his injured side were no shield -- Rhae's attack fell through the hot fire without resistance, but the act would probably cause cause his attacking paw to be burned as a result. A screech of pain left his throat as his burned flesh was ripped into. He'd burned himself alive before, but the fresh agony of ripping at recently burned flesh lit the already damaged pain receptors with fresh agony. But he would not stop. Not when he could taste the victory closing in. His jaw tightened as he flexed his claws, tails lashing.

    "When you attacked mewith your teeth going for the throat, didn't I tell you to back off? And you told me I was a cowardand pathetic for an anti-clanner? Eat your fucking words," he snarled, growing enraged at this hypocritical ass. Lunging forward, he attempted to jab a clawed paw at Rhae's neck, having noticed the stream of purple liquid pooling out of Rhae's throat. Flames glowing from within Quasar's mouth, he spat a torrent of flames at Rhae, at hopefully close quarters, aiming to melt the bastard's face off.

    Oh, now they had a fucking even fight -- burns and smoldering flesh asunder. Quasar jerked his head back from the assault on his muzzle, but had been blindsided. Leaving that asshole to melt away skin and fur from his left side -- damaging muscle in the process -- before he compensated, throwing himself to the right and turning around. Ice came the fuck out of nowhere, along with a goddamn speech about moral superiority or something, but Quasar didn't give a fuck.

    His flames burst around him, neutralizing the ice that tried to hit him, as it just turned into water and vapor. His telepathy pulsed in his mind, and he attempted to send an angry and loud message to the defunct empress. "He murdered my father to get the throne here, he killed one of our own. You think I won't avenge him?" Idiot. Clearly she hadn't heard that even BlizzardClan didn't want his stinky ass associated with their Clan for such a move. Thankfully, telepathy was quick to send, especially since it was a short message. Fucking bitch, getting all up on his ass like she knew what the fuck internal Shadow Veil politics looked like.

    His flames coiled defensively around his injuries and facial area -- he knew Rhae liked to go for the fucking face, giving the muzzle and neck, so best make sure he didn't lose an eye. Hissing in rage, fueled by the memory of Rhae killing Fragilepast before Quasar could do it himself and how the smug bastard attacked him from before, the black tigsune lunged to Rhae's left and swiped at the blight's eye sockets -- he'd do fucking damage before this was over, if the smell of burned flesh didn't already indicate his plans. As a follow up, in line with old-time hook and jab, he ducked his head and attempted to latch his teeth into Rhae's throat or upper shoulder area.

    He quirked a brow at the idiot that thought this wasn't about philosophy -- he could clearly point out the least educated individual in the group. How ironic she was talking about simple facts being difficult to understand, when she had them swapped. "The very question of whether someone deserves to be harmed is ethics... that's by definition. And ethics is by definition a branch philosophy, specifically moral philosophy. Thus, by definition the question of whether the Shadow Veil harms people who deserve to be harmed is obviously an ethical question by definition and ethics is by definition moral philosophy. Do I need to explain this simple fact again?" he nearly growled at Crowdcontrol, shooting a look at Fourth like he couldn't understand why the hellhound-hybrid kept this idiot around for the discussion.

    Turning to Fourthwall, he stared down the tall beast without even a semblance of remorse for insulting Crowdcontrol. "Eye for an eye, right? She reprimanded us without necessity given your own reaction, and I reprimanded her in turn -- at least I taught her something about philosophy," he stated, pushing a bit with arrogance adding a sharp edge to his voice. Quasar had a habit of testing boundaries until he got thwacked for it (Sekhmet's punishment came to mind, as did Rhae's attack on him), so this behavior wasn't unusual for him. "But, I'll admit, your rules sound more specific and follow-able now that you've explained the shit out of them. We don't have laws on this, ourselves, but our Clan in general follows vengeance intuitively, which seems the less complicated version of what your laws are," Quasar stated, supposing that he could go for some compromise.

    He could twist them, of course. Goad someone to attack, kill quickly in 'self-defense.' Pick off the strong members of the groups -- which meant gangsters with a rap sheet a mile long, these days, like Deathstroke and Barbara -- and torture the innocents by making them fucking watch their valiant protectors die again and again. Rules always had loopholes, and if these animals wanted to keep going by written laws without pulling from philosophy, then he knew this would be an easy matter of twisting reality to fit into the toolbox he had. Question was, though, whether all of that would just be too much fucking work to follow.

    "I suppose now is my questions and concerns segment, hm? You just mentioned how fucking sad it is that healers of enemies are healing our enemies -- enabling their warriors to keep fighting, keep harming Veilians. You didn't specify whether making them incapable of assisting their pathetic group is wrong, such as mind control or non-torture capture. You also made a point that beating an innocent to draw out their parent is wrong, but is just capturing an innocent to draw out the parent wrong, with non-lethal and non-torture methods? I fucking hate having my hands tied behind my back when it comes to warfare," Quasar spoke, narrowing his golden eyes slightly. It was quite clear that he was a fucking asshole. If he were human, he'd make one hell of a lawyer, though.

    The black tigsune appeared, drawn by that BlizzardClan stink -- always paid to be nice to allies, after all. The visitor seemed like an annoying brat, but... whatever. He didn't pay much attention to her; he only listened to her enough to hear she had familial relations to Rhae. Huh, how... perfect. Telepathically sending a message to Ozone to get the fuck over here, Quasar side-eyed Rhae when the blight walked over, noting the damn dude's actually degree of distraction.

    The tyrant's voice seemed almost skeptical and confused. Too many pauses; certainly, the kitsune had his thoughts on history and family and all that fluffy shit Quasar didn't have anymore. But, of course... it seemed unlikely his attention would be on Quasar. After all, it'd been a few days since their fight -- enough for feelings to cool down and for Quasar's shoulder to recover. Or, at least, he gave the impression of cooled feelings.

    The tigsune slipped behind the four-tailed kitsune, moving as though he was bored of this shit and just going back to the camp. But his heartrate accelerated, pounded in his chest as he built up fire in his lungs with every inhale.

    Quickly turning on his paws once enough fire amassed in his chest, the black tigsune leaped at Rhae's back -- his mouth agape and spewing torrents of flames like he'd become a goddamn flamethrower. Lips pulled back, he attempted to snap his teeth around the back of Rhae's throat and pin the black kitsune beneath his greater weight. If he was successful, the kitsune would have a severe bite wound and a fuckton of burns; keeping good on Quasar's promise from last time to burn the tyrant alive.

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    He rolled his eyes, the flames curled about his body protectively heating up. "Dumbass, you flip flop so much your name might as well be pancake. If I attacked you, you'd call me too fucking reckless. I don't attack, you claim I should've because the stereotype is that all anti-clanners are fucking morons and don't think in battle," Quasar shot back, taking two steps forward. The plants beneath his paw smoldered, crinkling and popping with sparks. He pulled back his lips as he continued, "Yeah, we fucking done, pancake."

    Scoffing, the fire-coated tigsune flexed his shoulders and remembered that damn injury. How fucking annoying. Eye for an eye, he wanted to leave a goddamn mark on that bastard kitsune. Damn bastard already proved he wasn't a damn pushover, though, and he'd known a frontal assault was fucking stupid. But this damn motherfucker thought an anti-clanner would fight head-first like a dumb cunt?

    His upper lip curled at the other male's words -- but the words seemed obviously intended to entice his rage with half-truths. Even without his bloodline and adopted parents, he still felt his mark in the Clan through teaching Ozone and leaving them a library. As for his mothers, he let out a sound that seemed a strangled mix of a laugh and snort. "Clearly you only know me by listening to fucking rumors, half-truths that reveal your character when you believe them," he chided, forearms flexing beneath his dark fur.

    Quasar's history was an open book, but his mind whirled and buzzed with mechanisms unseen to outside observers. He was volatile and burned with rage, his core identity wrapped around the death of his parents. His sheer intelligence propped up his sanity among his mind's emotional wildfire.

    But Rhae was right about Fragilepast, as much as Quasar ignored it. He hated himself for that bit of his history, the paralyzed state when he could neither move against the man he hated or assist the Shadow Veil due to his hatred for their current leader. In much the same way as he hated Levi but loved SunClan, and thus did nothing to the group until SunClan's leadership passed to Gareth. Emotions were his weakness, and they bound him to his path more tightly than any shackles ever could. Still, he used them as fuel for his fire, mistaking rage for passion.

    "You want a goddamn challenge? I just said I don't need to fucking topple you to control this Clan. If you're so fucking afraid of me, get over here and bite me," he challenged, tails lashing. He didn't see the point in killing a leader and taking over forcefully. When leaders were incompetent, they created a power vacuum even while alive -- and Quasar knew he could exploit the shit out of that.