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    The journey back towards the camp was a long one because they were at the very edge of the border and Aspen was acutely aware of every bump he caused the young tom. The grey warrior would never tell anyone but he had a soft spot for young children; he'd adopted Tealkit after all. Even children with sketchy origins he didn't harbour any ill feelings for - most of the time. Which was incredibly hypocritical considering his normal opinions on blood, but he was very short sighted about things he got possessive over. A trait that he wasn't really aware that he had. So he held no anger towards the scrap of fury in his mouth - only irritation at it's terrible parents.

    As they moved through another hidden path the kitten swung out in front of him and began to squirm gently as if only half aware. Aspen sent a quick prayer to Starclan that the child was dead or in shook. At least when he took the tom to Lark the medicine-cat wouldn't throttle him for bringing in a dead body. He gave a gentle, rumbling purr, secretly hoping the boy would stop moving as they - finally - reached the frozen water surrounding the island of Riverclan camp. Stepping across the ice carefully, Aspenflight nodded to the guard posted by the reed tunnel. Luckily the young warrior knew better then to question Aspen bringing in another child. Honestly, it was like the third one in two weeks. Ignoring all the eyes on him, the large warrior padded directly to Lark's den and pushed his way through the reeds. "Larkthroat?" he drawled, dropping the boy at his paws and looking around for the large medicine-cat.

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    It was clear from the moment Aspenflight ordered Nikko demonstrate his fighting prowess that this was more the tom's speed then hunting was. It was as if the apprentice became a different feline in those few seconds. Where first he'd appeared bored at the most, now he looked down right feral. Outwardly, Aspen would appear unruffled by Nikko's change in character. After all, he had to deal with Sharkpaw on a daily basis and the alabaster was constantly trying to catch the grey warrior off guard. Inwardly however, inwardly he was curious. For a moment Nikko's impure blood slipped from his mind as he watched the other feline prowl opposite him. Instead he now felt... anticipation and eager to see what the kid could do. This was an unusual sensation for the grey warrior because like Lark often speculated, Aspen's emotions were generally muted most of the time. He was cold and calculating of course, demanding and intense sure - but rare was it for the grey to feel anticipation of this kind.

    He savoured quashing his anticipation like one might the taste of a fine wine. He needed to focus, he couldn't allow himself to be caught off guard during this little scuffle of theirs. All that would give away the veritable banquet of emotion going through his mind would be the slight curling of his tail. He would continue to turn his head slightly towards the apprentice as Nikko circled him, his single eye narrowed as he wondered what the other male would attempt. That viciously confident expression was on the boy's features for a reason and Aspen didn't doubt he was going to get a good showing.

    Finally the boy attacked, hurling himself towards the warrior's left side, his green eyes alight with the fire of battle. For a brief second Aspenflight remembered he hadn't let Nikko know that they were supposed to train with claws sheathed but that was quickly submerged by a wave of calm. The grey felt a flicker of approval as Nikko threw himself over Aspen's back to get to his blind side. He hadn't thought the boy would have the balls to pull off something so risky so quickly. Still, it put Aspenflight in the awkward position of not being able to see what the black apprentice was up to. He couldn't see the dark expression on Nikko's face but he could feel it when the boy's claws slid through the softer flesh of his underbelly. The pain flashed through him hot and fast, and was quickly followed by a bubble of anger and that sweet anticipation. The blood would spatter out across Nikko's paws and the white snow below, painting it red. Aspenflight allowed Nikko his moment of triumph - the boy deserved it. Then his head snapped around like a snake as his teeth would aim to close around Nikko's foreleg and throw him aside. That was enough.

    The scuffle had lasted less then a minute but Aspenflight was already buzzing. He slowly lowered the fur on the back of his neck as his claws flexed in and out of the snow. He eye'd Nikko with something more then the simple irritation that had been there before. "Well done," he murmured approvingly, the words feeling odd on his tongue as he so rarely gave out compliments. "You don't need any basic training Nikko. I'll speak with Doestar about your apprenticeship when we get back to camp," he murmured, his icy gaze slightly thawed. Perhaps, he'd take on a second apprentice...? "I'll let know, if it had been any other warrior you'd used unsheathed claws on you would have been punished for it. When we're training we keep our claws clean to avoid using up our herb supply on healing injuries in training," he drawled. Technically they also did it because hurting clanmates was wrong but Aspen suspected that reason wouldn't fly with ex-loner Nikko.

    He had a lot to think about now... but in the mean time, "I'll take you through some more advanced moves tomorrow, for now you're to go hunting along the river. Perhaps having some live prey to kill will take the boredom out of your task, hmm?"

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    The large tom looked from Sharkpaw to Larkthroat in one smooth glance. Neither of the younger males were known for having cool tempers and both wanted to see Thunderclan burn into the the ground. Aspenflight obviously shared a similar opinion of the forest dwellers but he held back the growl that threatened to burst from his throat. Sharkpaw's comments in particular hit very close to home - he often made the 'disputed territory' point loud and clear whenever it came to his opinion on Sunningrocks. However - this, was a child. Nothing more, nothing less. As much as she 'back-talked' them, she was just spouting the words she'd heard from her elders and family. She wasn't a threat to them and to think of her as such was laughable. Yes, she'd grow up one day to be a warrior and at that point her hypocritical opinions would become a problem but for now... Aspenflight flicked his tail against Larkthroat's side. The medicine-cat would be able to see Aspen's own restrained anger boiling in his one-eyed gaze, "as much as I agree with the both of you, and as disturbing as it is to hear that Hopeclaw is passing on our hunting techniques - our quarrel is not with this child."

    Looking down at the femme once again, Aspenflight's gaze turned icy, "we will however, be escorting her back to the border, where there will hopefully be warrior to take her back to her mother." They could use something like this as the nail on the coffin for Riverclan's opinion of Thunderclan. Can't even keep track of their own children.

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    The warrior slid towards the meeting, his own frame considerably lighter then it had been two moons ago. Lucky for the tom he’d had quite a lot of bulk to shed - unluckily, it was now very apparent he’d had little to eat. Taking a seat beside Larkthroat, Aspenflight would wrap his thin tail over his paws. Like Doestar, the grey warrior had a short pelt and he had little energy to even fluff the fur up to compensate for the cold that was chilling his bones. With a small exhale of breath he watched their owl-eyed leader in silence. Both he and Lark had spoken to the femme on multiple occasions this moon, nothing he was certain she didn’t realise herself. No prey, river frozen, herb stealing, cats dying. Aspenflight’s ears flicked back briefly before returning to a forward position, hopefully the she-cat might have some better news. Doubtful, but he couldn’t quash the small voice that cried for the return of summer.

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    The snow crunched softly underpaw as Aspenflight moved along the border of Riverclan. This was the side of their territory that he detested: the side closest to the two-leg nests. He viewed the single farm structure on the edge of their land as a blight on their territory. The increase in two-leg's over the the summer was surely no coincidence. He looked at the large house from a distance, his tail flicking gently behind him as his single eye beheld the grey structure. Finally the tom continued onwards, his gaze leaving the house to focus on the foliage in front.

    The last few moons had been hard on the tom's form and his body was finally beginning to show the results of little-to-no-food. Past his broad shoulders ribs could be detected and his already slender tail looked sickly in the low light. He supplemented a lot of his food with what few herbs Larkthroat could occasionally spare - barely keeping himself from the brink of starvation. It made him irritated and tired in turns to know that the elements were slowly chipping away at Riverclan. Rubbing away at their foundations like the river to a bank.

    When his eye fell upon the body of a young feline, a blanket of snow beginning to cover their spotted frame - Aspenflight mistook them for Gladepaw. An image superimposed from weeks ago, dragging the younger Siamese through the snow after his collapse. But this was not the bi-coloured apprentice and Aspenflight padded tiredly forward to nose through the kitten's fur. Who was this stranger? Another child left at their border by parents that didn't want their young? Aspenflight was too tired for fury, that kind of emotion would sap too much at his mind. Instead the large warrior found the kid's scruff and pulled him out of the snow. Damn the code for saying they had to give aid to every child that stumbled into their path. Turning to the other cats on his patrol he would flick his tail and indicate he was heading back to camp. He needed to get this boy out of the cold.

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    A figure stumbles out of the inky blackness, clutching their arm with one hand and a wicked blade barely clasped in the other. Their clothes are torn and dirty but the damage looks recent - a zombie attack? Or perhaps faction violence? It's hard to tell in the light but a multitude of scars and tattoos run across this individual's body, the most prominent being across their face and the right eye is white and sightless. This is a veteran of at least a couple of conflicts and a survivor of this harsh new world. The air is tense with anticipation and screams of anger and barely controlled chaos. Something is on the way.

    Adolph, ex-military, ex-gangleader and ex-father - although the middle one is still very recent for the Forty Year Old. With a face contorted in pain; the blood streaming between his fingers is evidence of a serious wound. One icy eye alights on Leroy just as the sounds of the horde begin to fill the air. It's now clear what the man is running from. He makes a motion with his hand for the boy to run too because it's clear their position will be overwhelmed in just a few minutes. If it hadn't been clear from his hand gesture the other would rasp, "run!"