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    Peaches had never learned how to read, and thus when he came across the note stuck to a post, he simply stared at it as though it was some foreign object. To him, that was what it was. Nothing but something he couldn't comprehend and understand. He released a scoff before turning around and looking for anyone who might have been nearby. "Yo, can anyone fuckin' read?" The male called out in a rather neutral tone, not meaning any real harm by his language. He lapped at his maw as he eventually pivoted back to peer at the note, the words like scribbles upon the paper. Nothing made sense to him, and it frustrated him to no end.

    Seeing as how everyone else was getting these so called 'tasks', Peaches was interested in them as well. Though he didn't know what they really consisted of, he was intrigued. It would be nice to actually do something rather than stand around the clan camp like an idiot. The feline released a quiet snort as he approached the scene, noting those gathered in the area. He hummed quietly to himself before lifting his chin and peering at Karasunowing. "Gimme a task too," he announced in a rather cocky tone of voice, nonexistent eyebrows lifting.

    It seemed Peaches was next to arrive, one of those from his own clan. ColouredClan had been treating him well, better than his parents had at least. He was glad they were gone, but part of him still longed for their company despite how horrid it was. The male nonchalantly shrugged his shoulders before moving forth into the smell of popcorn, candy and sugary drinks. If the othesr were eating it, then he supposed it was safe for him as well. He eyed one of the bowls of popcorn as he took a spot on a lone pillow, pale orange optics piercing the salted treat. Soon enough, however, he ducked down and chomped into the bowl, grabbing a large amount in his cat jaws. They were definitely crunchy, as well as buttery and salty. Peaches loved it. The feline grinned as he took another large bite, ignoring the movie for the most part.

    Peaches hadn't known what to expect upon arriving at a border of a group, and therefore, when one individual showed up, he was beyond elated. He, though he would never have admitted it, was shocked that someone would approach him, much less address him in a husky voice. The other male was large in stature, though there was something the smaller feline picked up on that wasn't quite right. There was something wrong with Gilbert, but it was nothing that Peaches could discern or pinpoint. He noted the cloak, as well as the rainbow-colored band wrapped around his limb. It must have indicated something, but it wasn't something Peaches cared for in the moment. The vampire merely cocked his head to the side, observing the creature with mild curiosity in pale orange optics.

    When he introduced himself, stating his name as Gilbert Nightray, Peaches fought the urge to roll his eyes into the back of his skull. He couldn't believe he had introduced himself with a last name. It sounded so pretentious and snobby. His own name was silly, and rather feminine, but it had stuck, especially after his parents had drilled it into his brain. There was nothing else aside from it for him to run towards. "Gilbert Nightray, and ColouredClan? I guess I found what I was looking for," Peaches informed the male with a bob of his head, smirk still remaining on his lips as his tongue swept across his teeth. "Name's Peaches. I'm looking to join," he then introduced, soon stating his reasoning for being there. He hoped he was doing it correctly, but he supposed he would never know, given his past and current circumstances.

    It was unusual of him to want to make his presence known, especially to the groups that were now becoming present in Agrelos. While he was no Agrelos native either, he had no knowledge of them prior to being thrust into this new world. He had been quite sheltered despite his rebellious nature. His parents kept him hidden, tucked away in their home. When the disasters happened, and they were killed, he fled as hastily as he could. He was grateful they were gone, but part of him longed for them once more. After all, they were the only people he had ever interacted with before. It didn't mean he was frightened by others, but he didn't necessarily understand them. Peaches had been sheltered after all. There was only so much his young mind could process with what he had undergone. Though he wasn't necessarily abused, he wasn't developed in the way that normal teenagers would be. It didn't help that his longing for blood kept him on his toes.

    As he approached the scent line that brought him to the territory he had been seeking out, he soon brought himself to a halt. The border was strong, indicating that people were still present here, living within the domain called ColouredClan. Peaches blinked his pale orange optics before sliding his tongue over his lips. From what he could smell, there was plenty of prey for him to feast on, or even the members themselves. He doubted that would be acceptable, but his adolescent brain murmured to him otherwise. With a soft snicker, the large domestic feline sat back on his haunches, fluffy tail curling around his paws. "Anyone there?" He called out in a rather arrogant manner, a smirk lining his lips.

    The last thing she expected to see was other people, especially ones that seemed to come out of nowhere. It was actually somewhat pleasant to hear another's voice, even if it was annoying with the stuttering and constant mistakes. The femme turned her rather blank face to one of charm, one that was approachable and readable as friendly. The other's stutter made her wonder if she was incompetent, at least to an extent. Sera didn't know, nor did she particularly care. These foreigners were approaching her, asking her questions, prodding her with them. She fought back rolling her eyes, and instead managed to keep the unfaltering smile on her lips. It did not reach her eyes.

    "HawkClan's territory? Why.. I'm sorry. I didn't know," Sera apologized in a bashful tone of voice, playing the part of dumb little girl relatively well. She hadn't realized she was trespassing, but these HawkClanners made it obvious to her, though it didn't seem like they minded. "I just needed some water, is all!" The petite feline chirped as she hopped up onto her paws, better positioning herself so she could look at them all, including the hawk. It seemed the bird could ask questions too. Silico came incredibly close for comfort, and it made Sera inwardly grimace in disgust. Outwardly, however, she kept up her good-natured appearance. "My name is Serafina. Feel free to call me Sera, if you'd like," she responded to Silico, though her answer was applicable to all of the others gathered there. The last one to approach seemed wary, and she could understand why.

    Sweet, like cake. That was how she had been described by her parents. It was too bad one was a drunk because the other had cheated. Her brother was no better, and she had no clue where he was now, just like her parents. Sera figured she was better off without them anyway, as she wanted what was best suited for herself rather than her dingy family. They were a pathetic excuse for one, especially with leaving their youngest daughter in the wilderness alone. Agrelos was a scary place, as her mother had illustrated, most likely when she had been drunk. Their perfect family was merely a facade. With an exasperated sigh, Serafina moved onward through the jungle, unaware that she was passing through another group's territory. She had passed through an area where the border was practically gone, and her young, inexperienced nose hadn't picked up on what remained. One couldn't blame her for her mistake.

    When she came upon a babbling creek, a clear sign of fresh water, Sera stopped to drink from it. Her journey had been long, and she was exhausted. Her paws ached, and her whole body felt sore. How she had traveled for so long was beyond her, but she didn't bother questioning it, as she didn't care enough to do so. The petite femme supposed this place was a good spot to rest before moving on, so she proceeded to sit back on her haunches, eyes watching the jungle around her.

    ϟ If he had any eyebrows, one of them would have been risen, as he was a bit perplexed by the femme's behavior. Had he done something to frighten her and scare her away? Achlys's features held a look of confusion as he watched her almost lean in against the other individual gathered, this one called B-Liza. Why Hira chose to stare at the ground rather than make eye contact was beyond him as well, but he was not accustomed to clan life after all. It was take time to get used to it all, even if he had not yet fully joined their ranks. With a shrug of his thick shoulders, the dog craned his head to peer at Strelitzia, almost expectantly. She eventually spoke, and when she did, Achlys, straightened his posture a bit, listening attentively. He was pleased to hear he was welcomed so openly, even if the other one, deemed Hira, appeared otherwise.

    "Achlys is correct. Is there a reason she addressed you as B-Liza?" The Beauceron confirmed before asking, head cocking to the side as his eyes flickered to look down at Hira in her cowering form. "Otherwise, it is nice to meet you both. Where is the direction of your.. camp? Is that what you call that?" He then inquired, sounding a bit puzzled as he announced his queries. It was obvious he was rather new to this kind of situation, but he didn't attempt to play it off as he did. Achlys wasn't stupid, but at times he could be ignorant.

    ϟ The approach of the female did not go unnoticed by him, so when she neared him, he perked up and turned to face her, expression holding a bored look. He didn't seem necessarily impressed by her, nor was he very reactive when she accused him of being a disturbance and trespassing. Her broken speech caused him to release a snicker, as if laughing at her specifically. Achlys didn't at all mind the suspicion, as it was right for her to act in such a manner, but he did find it a bit silly. With another laugh, he soon parted his lips to speak to her, blue optics trained on the other femme. "I have to say, I am no disturbance," he paused to give a nonchalant shrug of his shoulders, not caring that he was trespassing in HawkClan's lands. Perhaps this would lead him somewhere new, somewhere better. He would just have to make it past this first obstacle. "Although, I am trespassing, it seems. Do not worry, for I am no threat, unless you get on my bad side. My name is Achlys. I wish to join your ranks, if I am able," he introduced in a somewhat polite manner, accented voice pleasant to the hears, though almost condescending. The Beauceron spotted Strelitzia moments after his introduction, but he said nothing to her, as she hadn't spoken to him either.

    ϟ There was no reason for him to be out in the territory all on his own, but there he was, meandering about as though he had nothing better to do. It was true that the male had little else to do, what with his father casting him out and leaving him to live on his own. He knew his other brother, his adoptive one, was the favorite, and therefore was able to stay. It made Achlys far more angry than he thought it would have. The fury within him was boiling over, erupting like a volcano, and while he had never seen a volcano in action, he was almost certain he knew what an eruption looked like. The Beauceron pup grumbled to himself as he purposefully bumped into a tree, causing it to shake with his immense strength. "Oops," Achlys muttered rather bitterly, giving his shoulder a roll as he continued on his makeshift path, unaware that he was crossing the border into a group's territory.

    The forest had always been home to him, but this one was slightly different than what he was accustomed to. It was far more tropical, and less like the cedars and oaks he had grown up knowing. He was not as old as some were, but he had many memories regarding his childhood. There was still much for him to learn and see, however, and therefore, he knew he had things to look out for. When he finally stopped it was to bend down and drink from a creek, the water babbling quietly to him as he lapped at it. It was almost speaking to him, as if telling him something, but he could not make out the words.

    ❀ ❀ ❀ The arrival of many others caused her to tense up a bit, but she soon settled as she had when it had only been Bluefrost, the foreign kit and herself. She kept reminding herself to take deep breaths as her heartbeat began racing like the ancient animals that had been long gone for StarClan knows how long. She lifted a paw to her chest, attempting to feel for it, but she hastily set her paw back on the ground. Peach didn't want to appear stupid in front of everyone. It would look foolish having her paw on her chest after all. Her attention soon averted from herself to Bluefrost when the feline began speaking once again, now informing them that she wished for them to tell her of three things they knew about the medicinal arts. Seeing as how she had not been the first to speak, she supposed she now had to think of her own herbs to give, and their uses as well.

    Her ears pricked in the direction of Chamomilepaw as the female began to speak, listing off something about waterlogged or drowned cats, yarrow and poppy seeds. Those were simply enough things to remember, and soon left her wondering what exactly she would say. There were only so many things she knew, so she attempted to wrack her brain for any ideas that she could possibly say. Once she finally decided on the three items she would inform Bluefrost about, she craned her head back to the medicine cat and opened her maw with a smile. "um.. I know that cobwebs help stop bleeding, and before that you can apply goldenrod..? It can help prevent infections, I think.. Also, honey can help with sore throats or smoke inhalation!" Peachpaw concluded with a rather animated bob of her head, hoping all of her information was correct. She believed that some of that was what her mother taught her.

    ❀ ❀ ❀ The only name change she had undergone was that of Peachkit to Peachpaw. She was glad to be an apprentice, since that meant more freedom, though it also meant more chores, which were often tiring. Still, she was grateful to be doing something rather than lounging around the nursery. It was pitiful, especially since she had to rely on everyone else and be babied. She twitched her nose in distaste as she came upon the scene, listening to Sonata's, now Chamomilepaw, announcement. The name reminded her of something, and that something was on the tip of her tongue. She thought over it for a moment, clearly lost in thought until it finally hit her. Chamomile was a flower, as well as an herb. Of course when the realization came to her, Bluefrost mentioned it and explained what it was, making her feel a bit foolish, and a bit behind. She gave a small shrug of her shoulders before settling back on her haunches, eyes averting from the medicine cat to Chamomilepaw. "It's a pretty name!" Peachpaw chimed in with a merry tone of voice, offering a rather amiable yet small smile. The mention of BloodClan caused her smile to falter a bit, but after thinking about it for a moment, she realized that if she had left BloodClan behind and was changing her name, she had a reason for it. Perhaps she wasn't as horrible as those cats there. Peachpaw at least wanted to think so. She brightened her smile once the thought had passed, attempting to be polite and friendly.