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    Perhaps Morningfrost would be less willing to converse with Asterstem if he knew his parents-- Asterstem was the product of Lilystar's little fling with Darcy, a loner now residing in the Tribe of Rushing Water. But even before his amnesia that had brought him to ShadowClan, he had no idea of his link to the leader, only that his mother was a loner that had given birth to him and his littermates and left shortly after they were weaned from milk. In his mind before the amnesia, he was of loner blood, nothing more.

    The mostly black tom's whiskers twitched in thought at the warrior's words. He had never felt tied down despite his restrictions, finding joy in the knowledge that he was assisting his Clanmates in a way nobody else could. But now that he was thinking of it, was he really happy being unable to ever settle down with somebody? "M-Maybe." He hummed, shrugging a bit, though his face betrayed his sudden feeling of remorse.

    He then realized he had been rambling about himself, and he shook his head. "O...Oh! I'm s-so-sorry I didn't to sta-ll your ti-time this long."

    Asterstem was quick to ignore Makopaw-- There would always be a critic, though he'd have to see what she would be saying if she ever got a nasty injury. "Y-Yes... Sunpaw is ri-right, it's ragwort le-leaves," He hummed, pushing it away. The next one was a light pink flower with a darker pink middle-- It wasn't as commonly used, so he'd be interested to see what they thought. "Second to la-last one! Wh....What's this?"

    Asterstem’s gaze was unwavering on Morningfrost, though they glittered with empathy. He knew that even if ShadowClan had not needed his services as a medicine cat, he could never be a valuable warrior for any Clan— A warrior was much stronger and much braver. Though sometimes he found himself envying them, as they were allowed a family, he knew just based on observations it wasn’t the life for him. And Morningfrost’s words further cemented it in his mind. And yet, there was something that wasn’t so different about the two roles. “I-I und...erstand, I think.” He mewed thoughtfully. “A me-medicine cat gives up... the cha-chance of being cl-ose to others in or-or-order to stay unbi-biased. They... Must give th-their life to Sta-StarClan and their C-Clan fully, wi-with no question of loy-ality.”

    It was the small talk of being a medicine cat that helped Asterstem withdraw from his awkward shell, his deep blue eyes glistening with joy at being asked about his life. Despite his lack of memories, he did enjoy helping his Clan by being their medicine cat-- They had been so kind to have taken him in when he had lost his memories and woke up confused and scared on their border. He had to repay them somehow. "O-Oh, it's go-od! I like he-helping. Some of... Them don't tr-trust me v-very much 'cause I'm an out....sider but I th-think they're warming... up to m-me." He mewed proudly, before realizing he had been rambling (in his standards, anyways) and shying away again. He coughed a bit, though a small smile remained on his maw. "And wh-what's being a wa...warrior like?"

    Asterstem's eyes glistened with friendliness as Jaggedvisions and Rubyheart appeared, his mouth opening to respond before Russetstorm and Peachpaw's retorts came known to him by the StarClan warrior beside him. He snapped his head in their direction, expression stern. Even they knew not to disobey a medicine cat, surely. "I s-suggest the bo-both of you be qu...iet, or I'll l-let ThunderClan de-al with you both." He warned, before turning back to the two. "W-We're alright, thank yo...u! How is the pr-prey running?"

    Asterstem's deep blue eyes gleamed with satisfaction when his temporary pupils answered correctly, though two of them didn't know too much about it. "Th-That's right. It's wi-ld garlic, and it's u-used to help pre-vent infec...tion and is used on r-rat bites a lot." He pushed the herb to the side before nudging forward a tall stalk with yellow flowers on it, the bitter scent flowing from it. "Wh-Wh-What about this one?"

    Asterstem found himself jumping just a bit when the other tom startled, swiftly moving back to his side of the border with round eyes. Shit, he should've just asked for it like a normal individual! There had been nothing to suggest that Morningfrost would have denied a request to grab the lavender himself and give it to him, but his nerves had caused him to act in the heat of the moment. If one could see a blush through his black fur, they would be able to see his cheeks and the tips of his ears aflame with embarrassment. Luckily, it was quite impossible to see his skin beneath his fur, so he was saved any further shame.

    His flustered state only worsened when the warrior stated that he had a pretty name, his deep blue eyes looking sheepishly down at his front paws. His tail curled in a silent, pleased way at the compliment, though, and his ears were attentive towards the other's name. Morningfrost. How... Poetic? "I-I-I... Um, I l-like yours, too," He stuttered out, wincing yet again at how he sounded. Surely this WindClan must think of him as stupid. "I-It's nice. Reminds me of... um... le-eaf-fall."

    The mostly black tom offered a smile to those who had arrived, relieved that somebody was actually willing to join him. It would've been terribly awkward if nobody volunteered, after all! He figured the five of them would be more than enough to go over to ThunderClan, though he bopped Statickit on the head with the tip of his tail. "Not... Yet. Wh-When you're ol-der you can c-come with me." He promised, then motioned for his patrol to follow him out of camp.

    set in stone | open, shadowclan herb patrol

    Asterstem emerged from the marshlands of ShadowClan to stand near the border, his patrolmates just behind him. Hopefully ThunderClan wouldn't mind too much that they were here looking for herbs, as greenleaf was just around the corner and they were technically still on their side of the border. Perhaps it would prove beneficial for his Clanmates to interact with ThunderClan, anyways, if any of them showed up. "R-Remember, guys, we're... Looking f-for ho...ney and beech le-eaves! H-Honey is m-mostly in t-trees so any...body who can climb can l-look for that, but be careful for b-bees!"


    Asterstem emerged from his den that midday, seeds and bits of plant material clinging to his mostly black fur. He was running low on honey and beech leaves, and it was commonly found near the ThunderClan territory. Had they interacted with ThunderClan at all lately? Well, it might be good for them to go say hello. A patrol to help him carry herbs would be nice, wouldn't it? He cleared his throat. "W-Would anybody to accompa-ny me on a herb pa...trol to Th-ThunderClan?"

    As Asterstem continued to stand awkwardly before the WindClan warrior, he began to feel like he was eerily familiar. It wasn't an uncommon feeling for him, mainly whenever he was near DarkClan territory. He never emerged from the foliage when he saw a DarkClan patrol, never feeling up to that much social interaction, but glimpses of warriors and their apprentices from the mountainous Clan gave him a sense of familiarity. Let alone the fact every time he interacted with Birdpaw his head felt like it was going to split into two. So, obviously, this cat must be from his past, though judging by the way the familiarity wasn't that present, he must've not been a very large presence in his past. But he wasn't from DarkClan. Had he ever been to WindClan?

    He let out a quiet noise as Morningfrost figured out what he was looking for, and he gave a sheepish nod. "It's l-laven...der. It d-doesn't grow much in Sh-ShadowClan te...rritory... I'm sure won't mind if I take some, since it's al...most g-greenleaf." After all, he was on relatively friendly terms with the WindClan medicine cat, and medicine cats weren't restricted to borders like regular warriors. He paused before shuffling over to the plant, bashfully plucking some from the ground. "Um... I-I'm Asterstem, by... the way."

    Wow, quite a few had stuck around! Asterstem hadn't really expected this much interest in being a medicine cat apprentice or simply just learning the trade. The corners of his ebony lips twitched upwards in a small and pleased smile, deep blue gaze scanning the small crowd. Sunpaw, Statickit, and Sunlitpaw seemed the most interested, but it was good to see Daypaw sticking around to learn more. He cleared his throat, then nodded. "We... C-Can sta-rt now. Any...body is free to join in at a-any time." He announced.

    He then cleared his throat. "First w-we'll go.... over four basic h...erbs and then a sce..nario. Ready?" He asked them, waiting for them to give the confirmation before pushing forward a stalk with large green leaves and a white bulb on the bottom. "Can anybody tell me.... wh-what this is and it's for?"