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    IC: Nala nodded. She was a bit used to sarcasm, and it probably wouldn't help cases like these in the future. "That'd actually be great. I only know how to ward off little humans, but a hiss usually sends them crying." Nala mewed. It'd be great how to fight off an actual opponent, because she was sure hissing at the Scarecrow would probably make her death happen more slowly. Lovely. Speaking of....

    "What should we do with these poor cat's eyeballs? It seems wrong to leave them here. At least some part of the cats deserve a burial, right?" The she-cat looked at Minnownose.

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    IC: Nala was transfixed by the thought of hunting her own food, not being locked up at night, and what probably sounded like no vets. And having a bit a leadership was fine to her, as long as they were kind like Minnownose.



    Nala was sitting in her nest outside the warrior's treehouse. The former housecat didn't feel comfortable sleeping with the other warriors, especially when she hadn't earned her name, or so she had been told warriors did. Plus, she liked to watch the stars come out. She was always locked in at night by her owner.

    So when Minnownose had slipped out to investigate a smell, Nala couldn't help but grow curious. And she believed curiousity could only potentially kill the cat. So Nala followed the deputy and hoped it wasn't an excuse to go for some secret meeting that would have her killed if she discovered it.

    It was worse. She found herself listening to the Scarecrow or whatever his name in a tree nearby basically threaten to rip Minnownose's eyes out. What a lovely fellow. And the apprentice looked delighted to be there for some reason.

    Minnownose was the one who took her into the clan. The housecat would probably be in the pound if it wasn't for the deputy's kindness. So Nala did the one thing that probably sealed her fate of certain death. She hopped down from the tree, near Minnownose, and asked the other she-cat, "Hey, if there's going to be a fight, can you give me a crash course in how to not get killed?"

    Nala had just arrived in SkyClan, and was slowly learning the ropes, and about how warrior names were given. She had thought at first Minnownose's name was odd, but now that she was surrounded by cats with those names, she was beginning to feel her own name was odd. But the clan meeting might be the best way to learn. The she-cat padded over to where Poppystar was.

    Nala was caught off gaurd by the name. Minnownose? Why not just Minnow? "I'm Nala. Do you guys at SkyClan really have no owners like all the stories say? Who feeds you or locks up your house at night? And I've never heard of anybody with that kind of name before. Was that what your owner named you?" Nala had a bunch of questions and most likely looked like an idiot, but she was honestly curious what Minnownose had to say.

    //Should have a fun time trying to answer Nala in a way that would sound logical to her.

    I'd like to do a thread where Nala gets her apprentice or warrior name, Wildpaw or Wildfire. Anybody want to help? I can't change my name to Wildpaw if I'm going to be an apprentice for 20 days, so please keep this in mind. Nala can at best catch a few lizards, but her breed is fantastic at tree climbing, so I want her to learn as fast as possible.

    Nala was slightly out of breath and had stopped when she heard another cat's voice. Looking up, she saw a light brown cat approaching her. Thank god at least somebody cared about what happened to her. She had heard of odd cats who didn't have owners, and considered seeing if the stories were true, but her owner never let her very far into the woods often. Nala was often either stuck inside with her excercise wheel or trapped in the backyard with the pointy ends to the expensive fence to discourage her from jumping onto them. Not even the trees in the back were high enough to allow her to clear the fence.

    "Uh, I don't really know." She told the stranger. "I broke a vase and my owner was going to send me away for it. I don't understand. I stayed with her since I was a kitten because I was too small to be considered good for shows. She liked me! Or did, anyway." Nala had no clue why she was spilling her problems on this poor forest cat who probably had no clue what a cat show was.

    Nala stared at the door that had just been shut in her face, dumbfounded. What kind of owner gets upset over a VASE? Okay, it was an antique, but that doesn't mean you throw me out! You'll get over it, and let me back in. Right?

    So Nala paced at the door, voicing her displeasure so her owner would know she was still here, right up until she heard a car approach.

    And that's when the attempted kidnapping started.

    Two humans got out of the car, one carrying some kind of pole with a loop around the end. Nala sat patiently and meowed, "What took you so long? Can you let me back in?" But neither went to open the door for her. The smaller human made a grab at her, while the bigger one used the distraction to try to put the loop around her neck. That's when Nala realized that they weren't here to rescue her. More like take her to the pound, where she would be sold to some grubby kid who had no idea how to handle her. Or never make it out of there.

    So she bolted, heading towards the woods behind the house. Nala didn't notice her owner come out to shout at other humans, about donations or something and being useless. She was already in the woods by then. The she-cat had no clue how far she should go, or where.

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