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    Irene exhaled slowly as Raeliana began to voice her complaints, her deep amber gaze turning to zero in on her pessimistic daughter. The healer couldn't blame the girl for her attitude or her outlook on the situation; how could she ask any of her children to trust her, after everything she'd done to prove she was anything but trustworthy? Of course Rae didn't believe in her ability to save her siblings, even Irene didn't believe she could do it, which was the reason they were all here now. Velvet ears flickered slightly as Soare's harsh retorts stung her ears, and she wanted to defend her daughter, but extending the argument would only make this process harder for all of them. They needed Suga back, and that was their focus now.

    Ignoring the harshly uttered words by both of the youths, Irene watched as her nephew dumped an assortment of strange objects out of his satchel and onto the golden sands. She badly wanted to ask him how he even know how to do any of this, to prove that he was qualified to bring someone back from the dead, but she knew there wasn't time. She wanted her babies back.

    Instead Irene nodded hesitantly as he directed a question at her, and reached back into her own satchel to pull out a sparkling golden sun necklace. The twin-tailed catsune reached out to offer it to Soare, though her gaze turned dark with sorrow. "Ah... This necklace carries the insignia of the Arcanium family, the sun, and my father gave it to me. I don't having anything from Sarangerel, since she wasn't my mother, but she also carries the Arcanium name through Suga. Will this work..?" Did they have any other options if it didn't? Slowly releasing the breath she'd been holding, Irene squeezed her eyes shut and titled her head back to the sky. Dad... Please come back to us. I need you.

    Irene wandered her way into the crowd as the meeting was called, her second since returning to activity a few weeks ago. She hadn't spent very much time with Claes yet, since he was still resting, but she had been able to spend more time with her clanmates, which she was grateful for. She settled down near the back, her bright amber gaze lifting upwards to settle on Marigold as he began with announcements. She silently noted all of the events that were mentioned, wondering if she should set something up for the medicine guild as well. Perhaps she could host an herb identification class? It would really help them prepare for the storm if everyone where able to look out for herbs whenever they ventured out of camp. The catsune would think more on that later. Next were promotions and demotions, and much to her own disappointment she didn't know practically any of the names mentioned. That only proved to her that she hadn't done enough to reintegrate herself into clan life, and would need to try hard in the future. Regardless, she uttered a soft "congratulations" for those promoted, and waited to see if Sangria had anything else to say to them. Irene personally was very excited about the mentor program, and really hope she was paired up with an apprentice herself.

    Irene glanced down at Sonata, her eyes softening as she replied, "I'm not sure, hun. Hopefully soon." Her attention turned to Hades at his suggestion, and she giggled softly as Link tried it out without hesitation. "I guess anything is worth a try at this point."

    At first the perpetual rain hadn't bother her all that much, and she'd been able to just keep up a positive mindset and hope that everything would get better soon. But as the days dragged on and the rain never stopped coming, Irene started to resent the situation the Kingdom had fallen into. None of them deserved this endless misery, and it pained her greatly to see her clanmates suffering like this. A soft sigh escaped the winged catsune as she trudged on through the damp sands, her velvety ears twitching as drops of water continued to fall on them. Ever since they'd been forced out of camp due to the flooding, Irene had made it her mission to set out every morning in search of any remaining herbs that might have survived the storm. Basically all of their medicine had been washed away when the Medicine Den had been submerged, and they were left vulnerable by the lack of plant life growing in the heavy rains.

    Unfortunately, it seemed like she wouldn't be finding any herbs on her trek today. Instead she was suddenly hit with the scent of blood as she passed by the base of the mountain, which was soon followed by the distant but frantic voices of her clanmates. She vaguely recognized the sound of Hades' voice, but couldn't make out what he was saying, and a ball of worry began to form in the pit of her stomach. Something was obviously wrong, and with their lack of resources every injury would make their current situation all the more dire. The slender hybrid hurriedly bounded her way towards the small group of Solarians, only vaguely recognizing two out of the three present. She'd met Hades, but had only seen Luminita in passing and had yet to meet Link at all. Regardless, it was very obvious who out of the trio had been hurt. The scrapes covering the wolf's body and the blood gushing out of her shoulder made it very apparent that she'd taken quite a spill.

    Irene stumbled over herself as she tried to reach Lumi's side quickly, reaching down to rifle around in her satchel before pulling out a large wad of gauze. If the injury were less severe, she would've preferred to use cobwebs and save the gauze for something worse, but with an open wound of this size she could easily get a bad infection. It was better to be safe than sorry in this situation. The healinghand didn't even bother asking before attempting to wrap the lupine's shoulder up, having learned a long time ago that it was usually just a waste of time. If Luminita had an issue with being helped, she could bring it up later, not now when the issue was urgent. "What happened?" She inquired gently as she continued patching up her shoulder, adding a few more layers of gauze than she normally would as the blood was already seeping through the first few layers. Ideally she would've added a marigold poultice to the wound before bandaging it, but she hadn't been able to find any of the golden flowers since the rains started.

    Irene sat atop a particularly tall sand dune, staring down at the flooded remnants of their camp, a soft sigh slipping past her lips as her ears flattened back against her skull. "Helios..."

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    Irene was a bit late in making her way over to the meeting today, it had been a while since she'd participated in clan life and the routine of it all had sort of fallen away from her. The delicate catsune fluttered her way into the crowd, taking a seat near the back so as not to disturb everyone who was one time. As she took a seat, her crystalline amber gaze found their lovely new queen, a soft smile of encouragement tracing her lips at the sight of the young leader. As far as she knew, this would be Sangria's first time hosting a meeting. Hopefully the girl wasn't too nervous; her and Marigold both would make fine Dawningcrowns, and she had every bit of faith in their capabilities to rule over the Kingdom.

    It still made her heart a bit sad to know that Claes' own time in the light was now over, but as long as her dear friend was happy, she would be happy for him. The gentle healer knew more than most what it was like to be weighed down by the weight of your responsibilities, and sometimes the best thing to do, for yourself and for everyone around you, was to just take a step back. She herself had made that decision more than a few times, but hopefully she was strong enough now to carry the burden. Irene didn't want to disappear from the lives of her loved ones anymore, so she's be sticking around for the long haul this time; so long as they continued to want her around. Her deepening thoughts were suddenly disturbed by the mention of her name, something she hadn't been expecting, and it startled her back to attention. The femme's honeyed eyes focused back in on Sangria, a doe-eyed look of surprise as she was asked to join the Healinghand team.

    She was more than qualified for the job, of course, she'd carried the title of healer in more than one clan, and here in the Kingdom even more than a few times. But she was shocked, and honestly grateful, to know that they still trusted her with such a position after all the times she'd disappointed them. The Arcanium heir fought back tears, embarrassedly clearing her throat as emotion welled up in her chest before attempting at a feeble response. "I'd be honored, thank you... and i'd be more than happy to take on an apprentice." Her elegant face lit up with something akin to excitement as her gaze searched the crowd for her new trainee, although the name was unfamiliar to her and she wasn't sure she'd recognize him either way. After the meeting Irene would make sure to find him and introduce herself. For now, she listened to the rest of the meeting, a seed of pride growing in the back of her mind at the prospect of seeing her birth clan continue to grow. "Well done, Sangria," she murmured softly before raising to her paws to leave.

    name: Irene

    needs: apprentice

    guild(s): medicine, commune, artistry

    other: she's best at healing and poison making, so those will likely be the things she teaches most! also tea parties

    Everything about this plan felt wrong.

    Of course, it had been her careless wishing that had brought these recents events to life, but something about it still made her queasy. She would do anything to protect her family, and more than anything to get her children back safe and sound. She wanted to see her father again, she missed him everyday... but was it right to disturb him after all this time? How could they even be sure that he was still lingering in the afterlife, and that they wouldn't be stirring up something terrible instead?

    All these thoughts kept racing through her mind as she made her way out into the desert, her siblings and her daughter at her side. The winged catsune had felt like this kind of thing should be kept private and away from the prying eyes of her clanmates. They seemed to forgive her for a lot, but bringing back the dead... not many would look kindly upon such a thing. Irene had asked her closest living family members to be here with her for this, both to gain their support for whatever ceremony Rocket had planned, and just to make herself feel better about what she'd brought upon them all. Maybe if everyone else wanted Suga back too, she wouldn't feel so terrible about everything that was happening right now.

    Her worried amber gaze scanned the horizon rapidly, constantly checking to make sure they weren't going to be disturbed by someone passing by. A shiver ran down her spine as the sun set and the breeze picked up, her claws sheathing and unsheathing into the golden sands below. She briefly glanced down at Raeliana, who hadn't said much to her since she'd found her nearly unconscious in the desert, before turning her attention fully to her nephew. Rocket had been the one to first tell Irene that it might be possible to raise Suga from the grave, after she'd opened up to him about her fears for her children, who were currently being held captive by the Exiles.

    Irene had never been a fighter, she'd always been gentle and weak, more suited to the life of a healer rather than a soldier. She knew that she'd never have the strength to get her kids back on her own, and in those first trying moments she'd wanted more than anything to have her father back by her side. If nothing else, Suga was fiercely protective of his family, and if anyone would be willing to risk their own life to save her four offspring it would be him. After gushing all of this to Rocketfumes, who had kindly listened to her, the young man had told her it might not be impossible. She looked to him now, doubt pulsing behind her bright eyes. "Are you sure about this?"

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    Irene hadn't ever expected to see her children again. They hadn't ever seemed to want anything to do with her, and she couldn't blame them for it. After all, she had basically abandoned them a few months into their lives, even if it wasn't a situation that she could control or change. The world shift had ripped her away from her babies and doomed them to a life alone in Hyperian Isles, forced to unfairly deal with the consequences of their father's heinous actions. She could've protected them from the judgment and the hatred if she'd only been there. But nothing could change the past, and the only thing she could see to do now is give them the space they seemed to want so much. Space from her.

    Not having them around was hard for many reasons, but the toughest of all was never knowing whether or not they were doing okay. The winged catsune hadn't seen her five beautiful children's faces in over a year, and the only comfort she found was in not having ever heard anything about them falling into trouble. But there was always a lingering doubt, or fear really, in the back of her mind that something terrible would happen to them and she would just never know. And at the end of the day, she truly was unfit to be a mother, and wouldn't be able to protect her babies from harm even if she wanted to. Because she was weak, and incapable those she loved. She'd proved that many times over.

    The lithe healer had only just returned to regular activity within Solaris Kingdom, wanting to take a step away from her solitary life when she'd heard Claes was stepping down. He was one of her oldest and dearest friends, and if merely being around to give him moral support in a difficult time was all that she could do to help then by Helios that's what she would do. And of course, old habits die hard, so Irene had been frequenting the desert in search of usable herbs and other supplies. On this particular day, however, she found much more than she'd set out to find. A lone figure collapsed on the warm sands quickly drew her over, and in a flurry of concern and caution the hybrid had bent over the stranger and gingerly reached out to flip them onto their side. The face that revealed itself made her heart stop beating. "Rae... Raeliana..?"