It had been two months since Irene had taken Dominic into her family. She'd found him out on his own, having lost his parents, and having no where else to go. She'd largely decided to adopt him because she was a very motherly creature and felt a driving need to take care of anyone and everyone, but she'd be lying to herself if she said that was the only reason. Ever since she'd felt the resentment and disappointment her biological children had developed for her after having left them alone in Blizzardclan, the Arcanium had been desperate to turn herself around. She wanted to prove to herself, and to everyone else, that she really was a good mother. While she truly did love and care for Dom, he had incidentally been the surrogate for those feelings.

    That didn't, however, mean that she felt any less for the boy than she did for her other kids. In fact, she probably doted on the lion cub more so than any of the others, because he was significantly younger than the rest and she felt he needed more attention. It was obvious that he felt differently, given how eager he had been to move out on his own immediately after becoming an apprentice, but she was still determined to keep a close eye on her son. Irene had been on her way to check on him, as she did nearly every morning since he'd moved into his own hut, when she spotted the young big cat just stepping outside. The multi-hued grey wolf had been about to call out to Dom, when Aether appeared seemingly out of no where and beat her to the punch. Dawning a warm smile, the sunguard leisurely approached the pair, her molten pink gaze scanning them both. "Hello boys. What're you two up to?" She resisted the urge to reach over and nuzzle her child, not wanting to embarrass him in front of the older male.

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    Irene entered the meeting hall a bit late, a bit out of breath as she hurried to take a seat before she missed too much. Taking a seat next to Dom, the multi-hued grey wolf flashed her adoptive son a warm smile before promptly tuning in to whatever announcements Claes was in the process of making. Newcomers were welcomed first, and she was happy to know that she recognized practically all their names, having greeting them at their joining or later on in camp. A pause was left between announcements and Irene waited to hear what Claes would discuss next, but it never came. Her brow furrowed slightly and she glanced towards the King, worry in her gaze. Claes was usually very on top of things, but it seemed he was struggling a bit. She wanted to help, wanted to give him words of encouragement, but she was sitting too far back, and instead had to just sit quietly and hope he was okay.

    I feel like Irene would be able to befriend Cass eventually?? she relates a lot to not being confident in herself/not loving herself so she would want to make sure that Cass didn't feel like that too

    maybe they could have a thread when/if Irene goes to stay in wind haven for the emissary mission?

    The alabaster catsune's smile faltered slightly at the mention of her father, and while she wanted to feel joyful at having reunited with another one of her siblings, that happiness was overshadowed by the heavy news she was about to deliver to her half-brother. She shuffled her feet anxiously, trying to keep her voice even as she softly murmured, "ah... Suga... he's no longer with us. Im afraid he was murdered by the Sanguine Ruins at the Sun Festival nearly two years ago." The memory of that spear flying through the air to bury itself in her father's heart still haunted her dreams, and it wasn't something she'd ever let herself forget.

    But this didn't have to be a negative return for Akihiko; even though Sugaredsun was no longer around, and he didn't know the whereabouts of his littermates, that didn't mean that he was alone. Family mattered more to Irene than anything else in the world, and if he let her, she'd be there for the other Arcanium. The sunguard tried to collect herself again, pulling back her warm smile and glancing sideways at Thea. "I'm actually Suga's eldest daughter, my mother was Scarletscream. I guess that makes us siblings! And Thea here is my niece, which would make her your niece as well. I know... I know its not the homecoming you wanted, but we're happy to have you back, Akihiko." And she meant it. "Would you like a tour or anything?"

    Irene had been slowly jogging across the hot golden sands along Solaris' border, trying to accumulate to her new grey wolf body. This lupine form moved so much differently than that of her catsup birth body, and it was taking her a quite a while to figure out how to control this new strength and agility that she was unaccustomed to. But she was more than happy to work at it, if it meant she would no longer be the weak, frail creature she had been in the past. As she was making her way back towards the cave that housed their camp, she nearly didn't see the basket laying on the dunes in front of her and stumbled rather harshly in her effort to avoid tripping over it.

    These damned legs were much longer than she was used to, and she felt like she was just awkwardly flailing them about at this point. Regardless, she managed not to damage the contents of the basket, and once she regained her balance the sunguard peered curiously inside. Taking out the note, she unfolded it carefully before reading it aloud. "Hmm.." she hummed softly to herself. "The Rivulet Isles have invited us to a Halloween party.." Truth be told, Irene had no idea who the Rivulet Isles were, but a party always sounded like fun, so if Claes was okay with it she would likely attend.

    Irene had only been in one body throughout her whole life. She was born as a catsune, the species of her father and all of her siblings. Her children had been born catsunes and this body had carried her through every major event in her life. This body had been with her through so many good things; her first promotion to goldenblood, befriending chesspieces, moving to Blizzardclan, being promoted to medic, meeting Kady, being promoted to head medic, falling for Piedpiper, falling for Rhaelarys, getting pregnant, returning to sunclan, getting promoted to goldenblood of medicine, meeting Claes, giving birth.

    But it had also seen her darkest times, and the various scars now littering her beautiful form were proof of some of those; her father’s death, Angeldust’s exile, Hexane nearly dying, being attacked by Tavi, being attacked by that feral wolf, being rejected by Piedpiper, Rhaelrys’ death, her clanamtes distrusting her, being displaced in the world shift, Thea’s death, being resented by her daughter, Valaerya’s death. So many horrible and amazing and traumatic and beautiful memories contained in this little hybrid body.

    But Irene had grown to hate it.

    This body was weak and frail, and it represented everything that was wrong with her, everything that she wanted to change and forget. She couldn’t protect herself like this, and that was why she’d suffered so many brutal attacks. She couldn’t fight for her family like this, and that was why she’d lost so many loved ones to unnecessary violence. How could she ever feel even an ounce of confidence in herself when she knew, she knew, that she wasn’t strong enough to do better? In order to grow and to bloom into powerful being she knew deep down that she could be, a few major changes needed to be made.

    What better place to start than upgrading her outward physical strength?

    It didn’t matter how she found this new body; all that mattered was that she’d come across it and took control of it peacefully. The second she’d felt her soul take full possession of the unfamiliar and unoccupied lupine, she’d felt a true and unbridled power course through her blood unlike anything she’d experienced before. It was an entirely different sensation then she’d felt in her frail little catsune body; she felt like she could conquer anything now. Perhaps that was a bit extreme and exaggerated, but it felt true. Piercing bright pink eyes, strong yet elegant limbs, deep charcoal grey fur marred by hues of purple and pink. A grey wolf, built for both speed and dominating power, a true predator in every sense of the word.

    She couldn’t look more different than a day ago, and she certainly felt different. She felt good.

    Irene made sure to carefully tuck away her birth body in her home, as even though she found it unlikely that she’d ever switch back, it still held a lot of importance to her. She removed the black and gold sun choker and gently clasped it around her throat, surprised at how perfectly it still fit, even though she was an entirely different size than before. But it made sense; this body was meant for her, just as the choker had been, so of course it fit perfectly. As she glanced down at the ornate piece of jewelry resting against her soft grey fur, she felt a sudden spark of confidence light up in every nerve of her body.

    A playful grin slowly spread across her maw as a renewed energy buzzed in her veins, and it wouldn’t leave her, even as she stepped out of her door and was hit by the bustling noise of clan life. She no longer felt the need to hide herself away or cower in fear of everything she might lose if left the safety of her home. It likely wasn’t a permanent change, and she certainly still had a long way to go to fix the mess that her life had become, but it was a nice start.

    [im sorry this is poorly written and kinda redundant at times, im bad at writing body changes ;-; but!!! this is her two year anniversary post so there's a bit of reflection on her past, and this is the second part of her development, so she basically possessed a grey wolf body which has made her feel slightly stronger and more confident in herself]


    The task Irene had been given this week was one that she was actually very eager to carry out. She wasn’t good at very many things, but appreciating her clanmates tended to be one of them. She’d been given the option to either hand out compliments or gifts to her clanmates, and while gifts also sounded nice, she’d never done the former before. The catsune was kind and definitely friendly by nature, so giving out compliments was something she could definitely handle. Perhaps it would be a tinge awkward at first, but she was learning to push past those feelings and make the best of any situation.

    The winged hybrid had set up a small booth just in the center of camp, having erected it out of simple plywood and other materials she’d managed to scavenge. She’d also decided to paint it a soft shade of pink, her favorite color, and one she thought would really bring out the spirit of what she was doing. On the front, in swirling white letters, read: IRENE’S COMPLIMENTARY COMPLIMENTS. It wasn’t anything flashy or a work of art, but she was proud of it none-the-less.

    Once everything had been set up and was all ready to go, Irene situated herself behind her little stand and couldn’t help but beam brightly. Already she was starting to come up with some rather lovely compliments in her mind, and now all she needed was her very first customer to test them out on. All the Arcanium could hope was that they would all walk away feeling at least a little bit happier than when they arrived.