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    Jack's gaze flickered from the ground to Euterpe. "Thank you." Stepping out smoothly, the taller male closed the door behind him. The limo drove away. "So here we are, I have seats reserved on the balcony for just us." Jackson gave the server their names and they bowed. Quickly leading them to their table. In fact...all of the tables around them were empty. "I reserved the entire balcony. I preferred that we had our peace and quiet."

    "I didn't expect to be there either, but, I knew- because you are quite charming- there would be many buyers there to either kidnap you or...other things." Jackson explained calmly. Not really looking at Euterpe. He was more focused on the seat in front of him, his gaze sharp and almost angry. "If there's anything I hate- It's going to be those kinds of sick and twisted people." He wanted to explain how he saw the majority of those men looking at Euterpe. They were sick. Their eyes full of primal hunger that disgusted Jack to his very core. Shaking the memory off, Jackson watched as they pulled up to the restaurant. "Here we are."

    Helping the younger male into the limo, he sat down next to him. "I've got a place reserved, it's a very beautiful outdoor restaurant and hotel." Jackson kept his expression steady as he looked at Euterpe. Though in his vibrant blue eyes- there was a sparkle of mischievousness. Though not directed at the singer, it was certainly his old personality shining through. After he climbed the ranks of his business- he couldn't be so...reckless. To put it nicely. "Of course- if you'd prefer to just head into the hotel. I would not mind at all. I'm guessing that most of the people there to bid for you were there for...more lewd reasons. I just want to give you a nice evening out. Give us a chance to catch up." He looked at limo driver and flagged him off. They started driving immediately.


    Caleb is 17 years old. Broken and falling apart at the seams. He's losing faith in God, he's lost all of his close friends, and the church doesn't accept gay people. So being constantly in hiding and everything he ever put love into was getting torn away. Inside his head, this unfiltered distress manifests into something. A voice. More than just a subconscious one though. A character. Someone who he can lean on and talk to. Except there's a price to pay for doing so. Little by little- he loses himself. Getting deeper and deeper into the confines of this being who's created itself inside of him.

    (Your muse) is the only one of all the friends to not go off to college. He notices the changes. The dullness of Caleb's eyes and the roughness of his voice. There wasn't many options for Caleb. The only thing (your muse) could do was support and make sure that in the end...things don't turn out for the worse.

    Jackson was happy to see that nobody else wanted the singer. It made it so much easier and gave him much more time to catch up. "I know." Jack responded. He had to admit he was a little surprised that he saw a flicker of recognition in Euterpe's eyes. Or rather..cheeks. "I'm assuming you remember me? Either way- My name is Jackson, It's fantastic to know that I have an entire evening to dedicate to just you." The business man dipped his head with a curt smile. It was short. Like he was holding back on being too excited or emotional. Jackson stood up from his chair. Then, placing a respectful hand on the center of the younger male's back. "I have a limo waiting outside....shall we?" Jackson gestured towards the exit.

    The older business man had been there quite early. Sitting in the front row to get a clear view of Euterpe. He was wealthy and he knew that. So- he was going to spend it on an evening with someone special. Whether Euterpe remembered him or not didn't matter. All he wanted was a celebratory night before he got transferred into his new job in the morning. Hearing the younger male's name- his sharp blue eyes flicked to the stage. Watching Euterpe walk out, the smile- to him- was almost anxious. Jackson couldn't blame him. It was selling yourself to whatever pervert wanted him. He couldn't deny that he too- had some attraction towards the singer. Jackson preferred that the younger male choose the evening. The last thing he wanted was their reintroduction to be so forward. Of course- if that's what Euterpe was okay with- he was more than happy to give him an evening to remember. As soon as the bidding started, Jack raised his arm. "Three hundred."


    (Faceclaim: Gerard Way)

    | Justin Karos |

    =Could I be the only hope for you, 'cause you're the only hope for me=

    "Ah, nice to meet you!" he smiled gently, "Sorry about my cockiness earlier...I forget to turn that off sometimes." he gestures nervously, letting go of her hand. His eyes forest green eyes flickered up to the stage, they were still preparing the next musician's instruments.

    Justin remembered the first time he had to put on his stage presence, since his usual self was to emotional and shy. So, he did what some more experienced band's recommended which was to put on an act. They warned him about how if he used that persona to much, it'd become him. He had to be truthful to himself, it was happening, slowly but surly. Sometimes it scared him how arrogant he could get in interviews and such.


    (Faceclaim: Gerard Way)

    | Justin Karos |

    =Can I be the only hope for you, 'cause you're the only hope for me.=

    Justin patiently listened to the next musician, still looking around for the girl. Finally, he spotted her, a couple rows back. After the musician was over, he applauded politely and got up, walking over the the girl. He may have been trying a little to hard to appear cool since he adjusted his jacket and swept back his hair with an odd slowness. Justin approached her and smiled, "I don't think I've properly introduced myself, I'm Justin." he held out his hand to her.

    He was well aware that he wasn't being very casual, the way he was acting was almost cocky. Justin adjusted his posture to be a little more relaxed and his expression to something a bit less smug. He hoped he hadn't come off as too much of an asshole. It was his stage presence, to be confident and unfazed, as much as he liked being that character he had to remind himself to tone it down around other musicians like him.


    Faceclaim: Gerard Way

    | Justin Karos |

    | Can I be the only hope for you, because you're the only hope for me. |

    Justin grinned, "Hm, no kidding." he despised artists who paid others to make good music for them. It was to easy. He spent years working on his band, they struggled to make it and here they were about to be competing against a fairly well known Capella group. Now he knew this would be challenging since they seemed to be very talented.

    "Well, now's our turn...may the best musician win!" he winked mischievously.

    His eyes focused on the announcer as they called his band name.

    Going up onstage, he adjusted his mic to his height.

    "1, 2, 3, 4, GO!" he shouted as the lights danced around him, guitars ringing out loudly.

    He sang his heart out feeling absolutely alive, he flaunted around the stage. Jumping onto the speakers and getting the audience as hyped as he could.

    "Life is but a dream for the dead and, well, I—I won't go down by myself," he swept back his hair and raised his hand to the sky,

    "But I'll go down with my friends." the guitars sang a final solo as he breathed heavily and lowered the mic.

    "Thank you everyone for having us here." he waved and walked off stage, dropping the mic on the floor.

    Cleaning himself up with some rags that stage tech gave them, he wiped off some sweat.

    He hi-fived the rest of his members as they sat down in a row next to him.

    He watched the announcer suddenly come back on stage to announce the next artist.

    He curiously glanced around for the girl who talked to him earlier, she seemed interesting enough.


    | Jason Baron |

    | I had a dream that I kissed your lips and I fell for you |

    He took a step back in surprise as the door swung open, he shrugged, "I'm respectful." Jason held the door open unsure if he should try and help like he was planning to. He walked out into the brightly lit alleyway, letting the door close he leaned on it. To his surprise, she smoked, "Actually..." he pulled out a packet of cigarettes. Earlier, Jason was stressed about being in a professional production and for good reason from the likes of it. Despite making an effort to quit these past months but it wasn't exactly flawless.

    "Been trying to quit so," he holds over the packet, "You can have it." he was handing her the entire pack, not that it was full there were a few missing. Jason felt bad for what happened earlier, if it was scary for him who knows how it'd been for Ophelia, "So what happened just then, did they hurt you?" he asked with concern. He had to make was common courtesy.


    | Jason Baron |

    | I had a dream that I kissed your lips and I fell for you |

    Jason watched her run off out of the corner of his eye, "I can't believe this." he scoffed disgustedly. The director continued to ramble on about how they needed to see 'raw' emotion and such. He wasn't having it, storming offstage Jason hesitantly knocked on the door where he assumed Ophelia was. " doing alright?" he asked softly. He was about 90% sure he'd be getting a completely dismissive and sass-filled answer but it was better than just ignoring her.

    He had dealt with these kinds of situations, not with a stranger, but someone nonetheless. His brother had anxiety issues and sometimes wouldn't even come out of the treehouse that their father built for them. it was nice out there, the birds always chirping and shady so it never got super hot in the summers. He'd walk out there and find his brother sitting in the beanbag and crying, breathing heavily. Jason always did what he thought would be the best, he'd sit and talk with his brother for a while until he finally calmed down and gained the courage to do whatever was needed.

    Of course he'd respect her space if she wanted to be alone, since she wasn't his brother. He just hoped he'd be able to help in some way, especially with a dick of a director they apparently have to work with now.


    Jason Baron

    | I had a dream that I kissed your lips and I fell for you |

    Jason saw her get grabbed and not really knowing whether it was real or not, "What the hell?!" he cursed and ran over to her, punching the attacker in the throat, not so hard that it would hurt something but enough to stun them. This felt extremely unprofessional, this wasn't even in the script and there was certainly no stage direction. His arms wrapped around Ophelia as he pulled her away from the man, "Who the hell do you think you are?!" he spat, glancing at Ophelia quickly to make sure she was okay.

    He stood her up, deciding that holding her would probably result in her getting feisty since that seemed to be a very prominent characteristic of Ophelia. He heard the click of the slate board behind him as the director walked out looking smug. "What- you never even told us to start or what to do! You scared the hell out of us!" he gestured angrily. Then swallowed his voice and calmed himself,

    "sorry...I wasn't expecting something right off the bat..."


    | Jamie Baron |

    | I had a dream that I kissed your lips and I fell for you |

    He huffed a little at her attitude, but decided not to comment on it, since it would just make things tense. He would keep this professional as best as he could, no matter how much she got on his nerves.

    As soon as they finished his makeup, he walked to his dressing room and scoffed a little at his outfit. Light brown khakis with a light blue t-shirt. Hearing the directer call he hurriedly pulled on the shirt and pants, then rushed out to meet the directer and crew. He flattened out his shirt and adjusted his posture.


    | Jamie Baron |

    | I had a dream that I kissed your lips and I fell for you |

    Entering quickly he swept back his hair, "Sorry I'm late, had some traffic problems." He was wearing a white button up with a thin blazer over it.

    He slid his eyes over the girl in robe but decided to properly introduce himself later, since a couple of the ladies were already escorting him to a dressing room. They handed him a black robe and ordered him to put it on, before shutting the door. He had auditioned for this role a while back, hoping to get one of the leads and to his surprise, he did.

    This was his first time doing a professional romantic film, most of his movies were either crappy comedies or b-rated horror movies. So, he was fortunate enough to land this role. He changed and left the dressing room, the ladies waiting just outside the door. They sat him in the seat next to the girl in the robe so he extended his hand towards her, "Nice to meet you, I'm Jamie. Jamie Baron."


    Jeremy sat down in his seat, setting down his bag and taking off his green jacket. He took out his pencil and paper, settling into his seat. Chewing on the end of his pencil while waiting for the teacher to start the lesson. He was a second-year in the university, his parents got him here. He wasn't ashamed of it because one day he'd make his way to the top like they did.


    His tenor voice rang through the large room. his pitches ranging from high to low, he wasn't really singing, it was his vocal warm-ups. During the five minute warm-ups Daniel tended to think a lot. He was one of the many musicians trying to get big out there, so he had low expectations for his career. Then, Dan remembers why he's here. He's getting dancing lessons to expand his skill set for more possibilities in the future.

    He started wanting to become a singer when he was only 15 years old, now 27, he's finally taking the chance to become somebody. Even if he stayed small-time, he'd still be happy, because at least he was something to someone. Originally, he was in a band, but he realized that he worked much better alone. After leaving the band, Daniel kept writing lyrics and played guitar in his basement. He already had a self-released album out called, 'Town of Flightless Kids' which got a couple hundred downloads. Dan didn't mind, just was long as he was known. He swept a hand through his short, mousse brown hair.

    Finally, he feels confident enough to sing some lyrics. He took a deep breath to prepare, since it was very slow, "Do I look lonely?" his fingers glided to his knee as he tapped the beat, "I see the shadows on my face, people have told me, I don't look the same." getting into the song he raised the volume of his voice, "Maybe I lost weight? I'm playing hooky..." the room echoed his deep vocals, "With the best of the best, pull my heart out of my chest so that you can see it too..." his voice faded out, the room mellowed into silence. He stared out into the street, watching cars pass.


    Connor wriggled against the two boys holding him down, "Dammit!" he shouted angrily.

    He saw Braxton's face darken with...he didn't even want to think it. Sure, Braxton was a brazen asshole but...he wouldn't...right? The thought sent a shiver up his spine, he couldn't let that happen to her...she didn't deserve it nor did anyone in this world deserve to go through anything like rape.

    "You fucking touch her and I will kill you." He snarled through clenched teeth. Connor did feel like he could kill if Braxton actually went that far. A morbid thought considering he wasn't a naturally violent person or a murderer for that matter. The boys by his side snickered as he could feel his heart pounding out of his chest. He pumped full of adrenaline and wasn't about to give up now. He just had to figure out how to over come two boys much larger than himself.