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    It had gone swiftly. Ivypaw taunting him, drawing him further and further from the edge. Eventually, he finally did it. He snapped.

    Kidnapping Ravenpaw of ShadowClan, identical to the medicine cat apprentice, Hemlock worked hard to remove the apprentice's scent. Then, he covered it with his own. Once that was done, Ivypaw watched and laughed as Hemlock sliced open his throat. Ravenpaw bled out quietly, choking on his own blood, and Hemlock ran fast. When Raven would be discovered, the clan would think Hemlockpaw had been killed, and Ravenpaw had run off, when in reality the opposite had happened.

    moondance is taking a hiatus so they def need to be rehomed

    basically you just post a thread saying they have roleplayers who are no longer active. i personally give new roleplayers permission to alter personality or appearance, even change names if they wish but it's up to you!

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    It was a foreign subject to him how kits maintained such a high level of energy. While a child himself, somehow he'd never had that. Social interactions were draining to him. Every time he spoke to another, it felt as though someone was leeching all of his energy away like a bat. Hemlock was amazed at Brierkit's pep and willingness, wondering how he managed it. The only cat he had ever been so at ease around was Ivypaw, but she wasn't exactly what most cats would call a friend.

    As a moss ball soared through the air towards him, he gave a somewhat startled yelp, smacking it out of the air and back towards Brierkit. While it was involuntary, he blushed and shuffled in embarrassment, pretending that nervousness hadn't happened. "Er, s-sure!" agreed Hemlockkit, wanting to try and be somewhat social with his Clanmates. Now with the ball in the other kit's court, he would wait for an opportunity to return the toss.

    A familiar face would be there to greet him when he 'woke' in StarClan's domain.

    "Lionsighted," welcomed Cinderstar, finding it hard to keep the prideful smile off her face at the sight of her former Clanmate. She had been leader before Flaxenstar, who had trained Nightstar to be everything he had become. They were both fine leaders, and Cinderstar had no doubt that Lionsighted would step up to the challenge and surprise them all with his capabilities.

    Tail curling into the air, the blue-furred she-cat stepped forth to touch noses with the soon-to-be leader, stars twinkling off her pelt. When she stepped back, she spoke once again. "Welcome. You've overcome so much and StarClan is proud to see the cat you've become. We welcome you here as a new leader, and we foresee your brilliance as the future leader of ShadowClan." Despite her reputation as a grumpy old cat, she hadn't stopped smiling once since she had come in. Dying had been difficult for her, and yet now she could help her clan more than ever. It was more reward than she could ever have hoped for.

    Taking in a breath, Cinderstar began to gift him his first life. "With your first life, I give you stubbornness. Your clan won't always support your choices and that's because some of them will be difficult. Stand your ground and prove to them that you do everything in their best interest, for that's what a leader is - strong in the face of difficult decisions." She leaned forth to touch noses with him, the life flowing from her blue gray form into the ebony form of Lionsighted. It rushed with a crippling ache in the heart that pulsed through every limb. The life was a storm, weathering him down and grounding him into the earth before soothing into something much more bearable. Strength.

    When it was over, her calm green eyes met his amber ones, full of understanding. She mouthed something incomprehensible before stepping back into the crowd of StarClan warriors, allowing the next cat to step forward for the new leader.

    So much attention!

    Ears flattening in mild discomfort, he shifted his paws under the watchful eyes of his Clanmates. They all said good things - wonderful things, in fact - out of pride of their fellow clan member. However, Hemlock couldn't help but feel anxious regarding the matter. Were they all simply putting on an act because he was the leader's son? Perhaps because they felt they had to? He didn't know how he would feel if that were the truth.

    The matter of public images, though, was what drew him to raise his head and offer a feeble smile towards Jeminai and Brierkit. Nodding his head to them both in turn, Hemlock voiced quietly, "Thank you." While it was genuine, the gratitude was tentative still.

    i'm really excited to see how lionstar runs shadowclan! i see him being a little nervous and making a few mistakes definitely, but overall i feel like he'll know what to do and be able to step up as the leader we all know he can be c:

    The new medicine cat inhaled deeply at Brierkit's outburst, knowing all too well how quickly the situation seemed to be moving. Though he felt his insides twisting, Hemlockpaw felt himself stepping towards Jeminai. Her words were some that he needed to hear. While obviously the facts weren't what he wanted to hear, it was definitely what he needed at the moment. It wasn't quite sitting with him that his dad was never going to be seen again. As a medicine cat in training, there was always the possibility he would see him in StarClan. But if Nightstar wasn't dead, would he ever see him again? Truly?

    The thought made him sick. Biting his inner cheek to hold back any tears that threatened to spill over, a quiet, dull tone rumbled from his throat. "Jeminai right. But I... hope Nightstar come back too." His broken speech remained the same, a reflection of his social abilities. However, it would not stop him from being able to treat his Clanmates or make him any less of a member of ShadowClan. No matter what Ivypaw said.

    Hemlockpaw, hearing his new leader's call, ducked his head out of the medicine cat den. He was still getting set up, but naturally found himself curious when Lionstar gave a howl over the clan. Two meetings in one day? This must be important, he realized.

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    Hemlockpaw, the newly named medicine cat apprentice, was painfully aware of Nightstar's kidnapping. His father's absence was a consistent thorn to his heart, making him sluggish and deeply depressed. What was a child without a mother or father, after all?

    Regardless, he showed at the meeting, nodding in acknowledgement to Lionsighted's announcements. He would make a good leader, Hemlock knew. Still, it hurt every time he thought of Nightstar.

    As his father called for the assembly of the clan, Hemlockkit couldn't help but be drawn by curiosity. While only a moon away from his apprenticeship, he still wanted to hear what was going on in his clan. He had anxieties regarding the clan hierarchy recently, with his mother disappearing and breaking his heart. Ivypaw had laughed at him for being so weak, but it did little to strengthen his spirits. Instead, Hemlock found himself broken and desperately pleading StarClan for something to turn around. It seemed this meeting would be his sign.

    Nightstar announced Lionsighted as deputy without hesitation. Frankly, he wasn't surprised. Jadefeather would have been a strong contender, but her recent passing had diminished her chances. Luckily she would be able to council from the stars. Then came his own promotion to medicine cat apprentice.

    Jaw gaping, Hemlock stared at Nightstar and meekly called out, "M-Me?" Then, realizing Ivypaw would likely be cackling behind him for being so mousy, he fought blushes of humiliation and shook his head. Still cowering slightly, he tried again, "I-I... I mean, thanks." Was that commendable enough? He wasn't sure. Regardless, he now had a duty. That meant he would need to get over his insecurities and begin finding it within himself to speak around his Clanmates intelligibly.

    idk for me i really love having all these rules to abide by; it makes everyone stay on the same page and keeps things steady, and there's still room for some really cool plots! haha maybe i'm odd for loving all the rules :p

    His head popped up as an audible squeak formed his name. Instantly, he was met with the still-baby blue eyes of Brierkit, who shortly after making eye contact barreled him over. Hemlock gave a startled yowl, scrambling as his paws stumbled backwards a little. While his fur fluffed slightly, it was more of embarrassment than anger or upset. Blushing softly and bending his chin to lick his chest fur, hoping to calm his fur a bit, the older kit murmured, "S'rry. You scared me a lil'."

    Forming complete sentences was still a foreign subject for Hemlockkit, but he was working on it. He believed it had something to do with social interactions triggering a part of his mind that for some reason wasn't fully developed. It should be, yet it wasn't. This was frusterating for him, casing him to many times wish he had been born someone else. Regardless, he would learn to live with it and hopefully develop more as he aged.

    Trying now to begin a more typical conversation, the raven-furred child asked his denmate, "Brierkit, right?" It was still somewhat mumbled, but it was a start. He did recognize him as one of Berrybreeze's new kits, so that much was a positive. Plus, he knew Brierkit had two other siblings, though their names were escaping him at the current moment.

    Same place as always, Hemlock lurked within his favorite bush. It was right outside the nursery where he could hear all his denmates and siblings getting up to their typical mischief but still stay in safety. Ivykit constantly made fun of him for it - though he supposed she was Ivypaw now. The ebony kit recalled just yesterday when she was grumbling at him to get up and actually live his life instead of hiding out for the entirety of it. While he supposed she had a point, he simply wasn't comfortable right now. Interactions made his queasy and he had this nagging feeling every time he held a conversation that they were laughing at him. What was that again? Anxiety, he believed Riddle had called it.

    Sighing softly, the fluffy ball of fur stuck his head out. There. That was something, right? No longer entirely encased in the veil of the plant, Hemlockkit remained half out of his bushy lair and observed camp as it was.