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    hi hello thanks for the warm welcome! or well, the welcome back, in my case

    i'm actually excited to play fairy and to interact with everyone's characters because they all seem super interesting from what i've seen!!

    that is most certainly a jaemin you see though uwu

    when i was thinking of fairy's name and a potential faceclaim, my brain was instantly just like 'use nana!!!!!' so here we are akjflhdgh

    retracking quietly because i can't afford to make any new characters since i can barely handle my currently ones but hhhh i want to make a new one for here since vel didn't work out

    ack i'm sorry this is so late! i've been busy with college this week so i haven't been able to post much with koi

    but koi and claes being the 'group politics? idk her' duo is great. claes himself is just the biggest sweetheart, i can already tell oof.

    this is so delayed and even now i'm a tad pressed for time because it's late here so i need to be getting to sleep soon but!! i would really appreciate it if you could make their thread. if you can't or anything, i wouldn't mind making it but i'd probably have to do it tomorrow evening

    omg that's such a cute idea for pan and koi though since koi would definitely cherish that regardless of how good the craftsmanship is because he's the type of guy to look more behind the thought and sentimental value of things. heck, pan could give him a piece of string and koi'd probably act like it was some kind of masterpiece simply because it's a gift that he's been given.

    and the idea of them building snowmen together after is also super cute, i'm really down for the concept of pan seeing him as some kind of older brother figure because he would definitely look out for pan as if they were actually siblings seeing that he's got a protective streak in him.

    like i mentioned, it's late where i am so i probably won't be able to make any threads until like,, late tomorrow. so, who should make their thread?

    *slams fists on the table*

    i have no muse for ariz this is infuriating

    i've been missing out on stuff because i can't even really write a sentence with him without getting bored or annoyed and it's the most irritating thing ever ://

    i hope everyone has been doing okay though and having nice days!

    first of all, wow this is so interesting. when i decided to join here with koi, i had no idea that a plot like this was going on but now i'm honestly extremely intrigued by it all. i really like this idea of progression to get amalfi to the point of having this religion because it actually shows change which is interesting when most things tend to just already be set in stone without a lot of actual events leading up to it.

    at the moment (probably because it's quite late where I am) i can't really think of any suggestions or additions. i'll take some time to think over it a bit so consider this a bit of a track as well as me being quite star struck by this plot oof

    koipond lyrics / quotes

    " if you kept me waiting on your words, would you give me nothing in return? "

    " i'd promise you the world if you could do the same "

    " and i need to know if you'll be gone but i guess your silence keeps me warm "

    " the less i know, the better "

    " i said better late than never, just don't make me wait forever "

    " could this be love at first sight, or should i walk by again? "

    " turn the lights off, i'm in love "

    " not even once i’ve seen the night sky full of stars, i look at it for a while in silence "

    " you can't tear me down or beat me to the ground "

    " i'll be your angel, i'll be your best friend, i'm in my bedroom, let's go to heaven "

    " i've got fire for a heart, i'm not scared of the dark, you've never seen it look so easy "

    " i don't want to be the one that's left behind, don't blame me, don't hate me "

    " this life is mine to live "

    " come to far to pretend that we don't miss where we started "

    " tell me what i'm supposed to do 'cause the only thing i need is to be loved by you "

    " it feels like i only go backwards "

    " i've got my hopes up again, oh no, not again "

    ahh i knew it. hyunjin is my boyo and i thought i was just going crazy for a second there akjhlfdgh

    they're just constantly visiting each other to make sure that things are going okay, that's truly wholesome. i can really picture the both of them going out of their way to schedule little outings and try new things if it's something that the other enjoys. and since claes is in the solaris kingdom, it'll be easy for them to visit a lot because they're allies with the amalfi heights which is good (but koi honestly wouldn't care either way because he's not too picky about all of the political affairs of the groups).

    koi, probably: i've known claes for a day but if anything happens to him, i'll kill everyone in this room and then myself

    we haven't even done anything with them and i'm already super soft for these two, i know how you feel. claes instantly owns my heart oof

    they should have a thread then to start off this adorable little friendship. who should make it? i don't mind making it unless you want to!

    also whoa, i had no idea that that was happeh's idea. they always make such interesting plots/characters and i actually might go for a slot if i think i can handle an extra character because that's really such a cool concept.


    it surprises me too because it's such a good game with a super interesting plot so i know what you mean, but i guess it's been quite a while since it came out so people just aren't that interested in it anymore which sucks.

    that sounds good though!! like i said, you can take your time, don't worry about taking too long or anything because it doesn't bother me uwu

    do i spy hyunjin or are my eyes deceiving me? i've been staring at his avatar for like ten minutes

    soft boys are honestly the best boys so they definitely get along and have no trouble being close friends

    that sounds like such a cute idea though and i'm really down for it ahh koi would love to learn about something that claes likes because he's just so interested in everyone else and their happiness. claes and koi just constantly making cute little gifts for each other? that's also an adorable little idea. koi would definitely go out of his way to make something based on whatever claes shows him simply because he knows that he likes it.

    also i'd just like to say, after reading his tags, that i really like the whole plot thing about him having the emotion of anger removed, that's just such an interesting idea that i don't think i've ever seen in a character!

    his tags look good so far, i must say.

    and, i like that idea as a kind of starting point for them. considering blackhawk's suffering because of his past, koi would probably be quick to pick up on the fact that he's not okay in some way and would immediately feel the need to try and help regardless of whether his aid is wanted. he wouldn't be able to personally relate to black's situation but he'd definitely try to still do whatever he can to make things at least a bit better somehow for him because that's just koi's nature so i can really see that being a thing.

    ah, i played watgbs for myself not too long ago for the first time ever and fell in love with it because it's?? such a good game???

    but that sounds about right. ver trying to get koi to do bad things while koi's just stood there like 'how about we do whatever's not that'.

    that sounds fine by me though, take your time and don't rush yourself to make it or anything! i don't mind where it's made, maybe the amalfi heights because he's new there so it'd be more likely for him to stick around closer to them

    it's a ver million character!! i loved her in watgbs akdjhlfgh

    but, yes i'm definitely down for that!! i like the idea of them being opposites in regards to the influence that they have on each other because of how that would balance out. it would, like you said, definitely prove to create a fun dynamic which i'm eager to see play out and i can really see koi trying to help ver out in any way that he can.

    i'd like an interaction thread for them to set things off if that's cool with you, who should make it?

    ooo, emms i'm also definitely down for that too!! i think a two-sided crush would be cute so that sounds good because koi's got so much love and affection in him that it would be hard for him to not develop a crush on someone.

    i'm super excited to see your character now though wow. they should definitely have a thread once you're done making and sorting your kiddo out!


    koipond xerses donatelli deerling sartaq

    he typically goes by koi

    male // he/him pronouns ;; pansexual demi-homoromantic

    19 months - 1 year, 7 months ( ages at role-player's discretion )

    member of amalfi heights

    fortune arcana ;; lucky guardian

    domestic feline ;; birth body, current body // health [100%]

    — koi takes on the form of a japanese bobtail domestic feline with solid white fur akin to freshly fallen snow. he's averagely sized with typical short tail that his breed is known for which oftentimes wags like a dog's if he is feeling particularly joyous. his eyes are quite striking due to their vibrancy as two crystalline blue orbs in his head. the vast majority of the time, they're alight with happiness that accompanies the usual smile on his lips.

    PERSONALITY OVERALL : pacifistic yet protective

    things to note : koipond is probably the living embodiment of a mum friend™

    — koi is, to describe him as simply as possible, a rather soft and amiable young man. he will look out for anyone regardless of who they are of where they come from, being immensely trusting to a fault. even if someone has hurt him (be it recently or in the past), he will be quick to trust and forgive them because he believes that everyone deserves a chance. he will only reject someone if someone else forces him to. however, he will definitely call people out if he thinks that they are acting unfairly without little hesitation as he believes that no one deserves to be treated badly.

    — koipond is a strict pacifist. he outright refuses to act violently towards others the vast majority of the time because he believes that any and all conflicts can be resolved through verbal reasoning. he will lash out if he deems it to be completely necessary though he will not do so unless he absolutely needs to as a last resort.

    no crushes ;; single ;; ½ of —

    mikado donatelli deerling xerses sartaq xx npc

    trusts: pretty much everyone

    distrusts: no one at the moment

    medium physically // medium mentally

    will not start fights but he will try to end them

    feel free to powerplay any peaceful interactions ;; koipond x. if needed in a post

    faceclaims ( sugawara is his main fc )

    - sugawara koushi ( haikyuu!! )

    hey y'all, i just wanted to pop in real quick to apologise for my inactivity. honestly i've just been coming home from college and going straight to sleep recently so i haven't had much time to really post with ariz oof

    i'll try to post a bit tonight but if not then i'll definitely reply to threads with my boyo in the morning

    also!! hi hello to anyone that's new or has brought a character back here that i have yet to talk to!!!!

    i'm not gonna hurt him. just,,, mildly mess up his life a bit whoops

    also he's legit coined the flower boy name as his own alias but you can bet that he'll be super embarrassed if anyone calls him it outlaid akjldhdgh

    but good evening pure!! i'm doing pretty good, i've just been a bit busy today

    how about you though, how has your day been?

    ALSO! i was just wondering before i reply to the meeting, what is ariz promoted to?