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    me? ren?? making another storage?? It's Really More Likely Than You Think Since Her Last One Was Feeling Too Cluttered And Stressing Her Out

    as per usual, anyone can feel free to track and talk in here. i know that some of y'all stalk my storage threads so really! it's no big deal if anyone wants to drop in! i don't mind at all!!

    also, if you want to use anything here or on any of my accounts like my posting templates or signatures then just ask me beforehand and i can give you the coding for it! also!! feel free to ask about any characters/faceclaims for them if you're curious about one of my kiddos or uncertain about a fc but want to know!!

    thanks yakan! i'm really looking forwards to getting a bit of a break from my studies so i'm sure it'll be a lot of fun aha


    i don't know if you remember me but! it's radicalkat i think i had that name when we knew each other, i used to play tarotpaw!! ahh it's been so long, i'm really hyped to see you back again and I'm glad that you've joined here, especially with crown because i remember her

    absolutely no one:

    my brain: what if people with the sight can see scars on hyacinthe from when he has died because that's a part of his soul that has yet to be shed and he can see them too if he looks in his reflection?

    aka, when hiryur kills hyacinthe, he's literally just going to look like a bloody mess for a good few weeks after whenever he looks in his reflection since he's just going to,, straight up be eaten,,,,,


    that wasn't supposed to be in caps but i'm just going with it

    also i just read that thread and wow

    she's! such an interesting character!! and i really like the dynamic she has with abrasax there so far so i'm excited to see more of that. catch me keeping an eye out for her threads. hopefully she comes back here soon though i suspect that her return is going to be,,,, dramatic if and when it comes about

    also also, sorry i haven't properly posted with hyacinthe for a while before today. i've been trying to get together enough muse to actually respond to the ladon thread because definite angst is coming his way some time soon after that uwu

    i finally actually brought a character back here after like 10000 years but he's an absolute mess so y'all are going to be more disappointed in me than anything else

    i hope everyone's doing well though! i'm excited to play hiryur with y'all and have him interact with all of your wonderful characters!!

    litter: bakalaureat xx npc ( valozan dragons )

    name: elanor

    gender: male

    age: 5 months

    appearance: as a valozan dragon, he is notably smaller than what is expected to be the average size of his species. it is this shorter size that makes him a bit more of a spitfire, prone to bitterness if anyone dares comment on his appearance. his scales are predominantly golden however upon closer inspection one may notice that the shades of shimmering gold vary. his face his framed by a darker golden, honey brown, coloured mane which in addition to his golden colour scheme is quite the stark contrast to his stormy silver grey gaze.

    personality: to describe elanor in one word, a way to perfectly sum him up, would be to call him a hothead. he has the brash tendency to either dive headfirst into situations with little regard for what others think or entirely hold back and stay away as though getting involved in a matter that does not concern him would be the end of the world. scarcely is there an in-between for this and it means that to others, this spitfire of a child may come across as a bit of an asshole, one who has yet to truly be taught a lesson by the world and thus acts as though he can do whatever he wants and not face consequence for it. surprisingly, however, el is fiercely loyal to those that he deems worthy of such a level of respect (which is in fact almost everyone as, even though he does not like to admit it, it is quite easy to gain his trust). he is the kind of kid that would most certainly not think twice about trying to bite someone's head off if they threatened those close to him. additionally, he has very mild mysophobia and is a slight hypochondriac which is not as bad now that he is a child and he thus does not think much about the way that he feels though it is certain to intensify if it goes unchecked.

    other: let me know if i'm missing anything uwu

    okay so i've basically dropped all of my characters apart from hyacinthe because that's my baby and i have too many plots and ideas for him that i can't just stop. college is really draining me and so is depression and anxiety but let's not go there so i'm really just going to be focusing on hyacinthe until i feel better.

    i've got some ideas for him already. i need to reply to the sanctuary thread && reply to the thread that sei so kindly made for nana and hyacin but since i've been watching stranger things recently as i got my mum into it, i was also thinking of intertwining a will byers-esque plot into another idea that i had for him.

    so, i was thinking about hyacinthe starting to go a bit crazy because even though he's trying to ignore it, the guilt of what happened to gratian is killing him inside and he'll start to hallucinate because of it. except, the hallucinations feel really real because they are. they start becoming real and the things that he dreams of become the things that happen right before him. something along those lines. since my mum gets home late, i can't start watching season 2 for another four hours so i can't really comment on how i'll integrate will into it but i swear i'll manage somehow.

    hello i just wanted to quickly say that i'm sorry i've been a bit inactive with hyacinthe this week. college has been kicking my ass because i need to pass my first year to carry on doing the same classes next year and i need these classes to be able to study what i want to study at uni so i've been pretty stressed in the wake of my mocks to conclude, a levels suck

    i'll be back up and running with him this weekend hopefully though! i just felt a little bad for disappearing aha

    also! i've been keeping up with the posts here even if i haven't been able to post myself and from what i've seen, i love esme already!! i'm glad you brought her here even if that did mean moving turin

    i've been smooched!

    it's great to have sundisk here though. i already really like him, his personality is super interesting and the way you write him is really good wow

    also!! i hope you're feeling better velvyn, being sick always sucks :/

    ooo seventhheaven is such a cool name :0

    colour me very interested and thus super excited to see them around!

    ahhh i'm so glad you remember me, i was worried you'd forgotten about me or something aha. i did really miss you too!! i'm so happy that you're back now so i get to see you and your exceptional characters and writing once again so catch me lowkey stalking your characters now uwu

    i've been alright though! just super busy but i'm never not busy oof. what about you? how have you been? well, i hope <33

    also uhh just to throw it out there, i play demodisk's son, arizonacircle, who would be very shook to meet the real roo or funhaus if you do actually bring either of them back since he's only ever heard stories of them from his dad ;0

    ooo i really like that idea! since hyacinthe is stubborn, he would really not take ladon seriously at all therefore resulting in him regretting it after hebi actually comes after him and kills him. i'd definitely be interested in hyacin getting a bit more involved though because after he reawakens and realising that he's alive, remembering what had happened to him, he'd most likely seek out ladon to apologise for not listening to him. although he's mostly a pacifist because of his phobia of blood, he'd definitely try to help out in any way that he can with any problems caused by hebi or any issues in general.

    i'm also definitely down for him interacting with nana because I love him as a character and they can also lowkey bond over their mutual issues with trusting people and family problems oof. i can see them eventually becoming friends down the line though, especially since hyacinthe is the ambassador to the sanctuary so he'll be visiting there a lot and therefore be able to see nana frequently. i was thinking that he would probably develop a sense of admiration for nana right off of the bat because his regal and noticeable presence will remind him a bit of novocaine whom he holds in the highest regard so hyacinthe'd definitely go out of his way to at the very least try and find out a bit about nana. and, because their personalities are quite different even though they've had vaguely similar life experiences, i feel like they'll have an interesting dynamic regardless of whether they become friends or anything more.

    would you like threads for them then? perhaps you could make one and i can do the other

    i started watching umbrella academy (finally) and i'm overwhelmed by the urge to make a five based character so uhh here are some basic notes that i'll write up into tags eventually

    timewarp morton varco alastair jones colonomos felix go-deo ignibus xerses messorem inferno leeds proumaeri cor-leonis muzikant reaver euthalia resurgam norwood plex pantala winchester

    son to william morton ( selfdestruction xx befriendingdemons/lucien). he never really got to know his father and cares very little for him.

    stuck at 13 months old, is mentally much older however is incapable of ageing (is in fact approximately 30 months mentally) . as a result of this, he strongly dislikes being talked down to as if he is a child since he is only young in physical form.

    asexual demiromantic. he's entirely void of sexual attraction and it is extremely difficult for him to get into relationships since he looks younger than he is and thus does not like to be romantically involved with those of his actual physical age but also knows that it would be frowned upon if he got into a relationship with someone of his genuine mental age hence why he tends to avoid romance altogether.

    powers ; teleportation ( 90% mastery ), invisibility ( 86% mastery ), super senses ( 82% mastery ), earth elementals ( undiscovered )

    i haven't decided what form he's going to have but some ideas:

    snow leopard (like his dad's birth body)

    melanistic serval

    domestic feline - chocolate point birman, chocolate ocicat, black ragamuffin, seal point siamese

    little notes on colman

    - he's a big morning person. however ironic it is to think of it in such a way but as to be expected of him and his philosophies in life, the early bird (specifically dove, in his case) gets the worm. in spite of this, he finds that it is easy to wake up but not to actually get up hence why he will often rise just as the sun is waking as soft birdsong begins to sing out in tentatively joyous chorus but stay in bed/wherever he is sleeping for an extended period of time. this is only if he is just waking up on a normal day, however, and if he knows that he needs to be up then he will get up immediately upon waking. in the mornings, it is typical of him to go on a brief jog around the territory just to start his day off and get his blood pumping a bit.

    - surprisingly, he's also a major night owl too, meaning that he does not actually get that many hours of sleep. often, he will rise at approximately 6am and sleep at about 2am, only really sleeping for four hours on a good day. it's not that he has insomnia, at least he doesn't think he does, but he likes to appreciate the world with every living moment therefore wanting to stay awake for as long as possible even if he does not do much while up. during the night, he likes to find a nice, high spot by himself to watch the stars.

    - has a particular soft spot for birds, refuses to eat or hunt them and gets a tad pissy if he sees someone else doing so though he dislikes dictating what others do with their lives most of the time and thus does not voice his irritation. he can be seen sometimes feeding the birds in the area however, spreading seeds to garner the attention of various pine dwelling avians such as robins and woodpeckers.

    - in spite of what seemed to be quite a pacifistic nature, colm actually really enjoys fighting. not in a violent, 'wanting to hurt everyone' kind of way but he moreso just enjoys the adrenaline rush of a good spar, especially when he's up against someone who manages to keep up with him and keep him on his toes. he does detest actual conflict though unless their is good reason for him to get involved and in cases such as that, he does not often pull his punches.

    - in regards to the previously mentioned fact that he likes adrenaline rushes, it is a common thing for him to actively go out seeking some kind of a rush be it flinging himself off of a high point only to pull up sharply and take into flight at the last second or to even indulge in some kind of a sporting event such as snowboarding in the colder months. he is a tad wary of swimming since he finds it difficult to swim with his wings but that does not stop him in the slightest since he will instead just float the surface of the water like a duck than actively swim to be able to get involved.

    - colman has an unspoken admiration for medicine and he extremely interested in it however has never been able to learn since his fathers were themselves not any good at it. he would, one day, like to learn a bit more though is too embarrassed to actually ask about something like that. he knows a few herbs and whatnot and sometimes collects the safer ones for his own personal storage that he uses to practice on himself if he gets minor injuries.

    - in spite of his overly confident demeanour, he gets exceptionally nervous when having to address large crowds in a non-casual manner hence why he has never cared too much for anything like high position or leadership roles since he knows that he wouldn't be very good when it comes to holding meetings and the like.

    i don't normally post in people's storages but i noticed roosterteeth and,,,, holy shit it's been a long time, dude! it's rad / radicalkat btw but i go by ren instead of rad now!

    hopefully you remember me oof

    i missed you, i hope you don't mind me dropping in here aha

    ah yes! hyacinthe already quite likes party or at the very least has an established sense of respect towards him so they could certainly become good buddies.

    if you come up with any ideas or if you want them to have a thread together then let me know!