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    How did she keep running into BlueFrost, oh of course, she didn't like fighting too much so she tried to help out other ways so she ran into the cats who didn't help with fighting most often. Once more another cat was injured and she briefly reflected on how clumsy her clan-mates could be sometimes. Low to the ground and looking small as always in spite of the fact she actually was a rather large feline, Solitaire approached the situation. "Come on AcidKit, we should get you back into camp. Does she need help back too BlueFrost?" the female spoke with her gaze averted slightly, large eyes sweeping the scene again.

    Blood. It always caused uneasy feelings for the slouched tabby, considering hers held something she had once witnessed to be dangerous to other cats, she hated the idea of blood. Paws touched softly as the female prowled along the ground moving slowly and carefully almost as if she was scared of everything even though she had lived in the group for pretty much her whole apprenticeship and come back on her own choice to be with father again. "I can help her into your den BlueFrost, or go out with NightGaze to check the area." she could really do either, but she kinda hoped to go the route of helping the Medicine Cat even if healers posed a danger, Solitaire didn't like the idea she may actually have to fight another cat .

    Solitaire heard DoeStar call the meeting, no way the tabby could miss that it was simply impossible for her to do. However, the large eyed female was hesitant in actually gathering with the rest of the clan. Without TigerScar or DoeStar to hide behind, she didn't like the idea of being so close to her clan-mates. Eventually she spotted her father and swiftly scampered over to lay beside the large tom, positioning herself so that her father was between her and most of the clan.

    If she had the chance to know NightGaze now just considered her very sheltered, Solitaire would be incredibly relieved. However, the back of her mind nagged the young feline as she just could never know the other cats opinion for sure during these moments. SharkPool had his uses, but the tabby was well aware of the fact he was a judgmental jerk who disliked her, the tom needed to get over himself, she was going no where and doing this was another way to prove it. "I can swim as well as if I was born here." her eyes shot to the white tom with the comment, having made it on purpose before ignoring him once more in favor of padding up next to the Deputy promptly.

    That reluctance, it took such a stretch of time for BlueFrost to sink her fangs into that mouse, any normal cat wouldn't even internally question the act, even Solitaire herself took forever to eat due to her illness making her appetite often never exist. However, she had also grown up in Blood Clan making her painfully aware that reluctance could mean something else. "I'm not hungry, I ate earlier." she offered a smile, telling an extremely convincing lie as she had not eaten yet, and come to think of it she hadn't eaten the day before either. Once she was done here? Solitaire reminded herself that she would have to make herself choke down a fish even though she didn't feel hungry at all, otherwise it would start to affect her.

    'It's a long story' and she completely believed it had to be. Considering how much she shut off the truth from other cats, Solitaire could tell when someone else was doing it, large gaze looking directly at BlueFrost the knowledge clear in her eyes. "I understand those." slowly her tabby paw lifted to hold level with her collar bringing attention to the filled surface of it. "Every single one is a long story and many of them are not the story the clan thinks they represent." she knew numerous in the clan considered her a killer and the only two who knew the truth were DoeStar and TigerScar, the truth that she had never killed any cat; Well Nightgaze could suspect, but she hadn't told the deputy directly. "Whenever you're ready, it'll be a story for a story, of your choice, not a claw, tooth or the skull is off limits." that was the weirdest part of her collar, unlike most blood clan ones it had some sort of prey skull on it, centered like a tag on a kitty pets collar.

    "DoeStar is a very good cat, I don't want to know how I would have been treated when I first joined fresh out of blood clan and known as Sheo's daughter, if she hadn't taken me on as her apprentice." even now she had to deal with some cats disliking her very strong, she saw TigerScar have to deal with thorns in his nest and such, Solitaire considered herself lucky that she had dodged that sort of thing. "Well, if we're going to start with Father, it would surprise most cats that he's actually a very caring and skilled parent." most cats simply saw her father as the former blood clan leader, a monster that was playing some game but they hadn't seen the nights he got little sleep because she ran such a fever. "He mentions that he founded the healing position in Blood Clan, but what he leaves out is he spent my kithood in blood clan caring for me in that way because I was born weak and the city is a really harsh place for a weak kitten I got sick all the time, but he was always right there." that didn't unveil illness just gave BlueFrost what she wanted and kept the conversation going.

    The morning had started like any other sunrise for the brown tabby who was once more living within River Clan, an early hunt taken before the sun was even all the way up. Rising so ridiculously early? Was a habit she had developed while training with DoeStar to ensure she could get a good amount of training in each day and that she kept her mentor happy. Now, Solitaire strove to ensure everyone was happy even further as there was currently no solid ideal of where she fit into the clan, if she was still an apprentice, if she was a warrior or something else. Bringing back several fish every morning, was just another way of appeasing everyone else in the clan to ensure she could remain by TigerScar, until she eventually died young as she knew would happen. Solitaire liked things going the same way as they always had, and sure she knew her father had to have a reason for coming back this time, but she wasn't quiet sure what it was.

    Now she knew.

    The former River Clan leader, her mentors mother CougarStar was the reason that father had come back this time. How was she supposed to feel about that? For once Solitaire didn't have any idea. Certainly, the young tabby had known that her father would love one of the many she-cats around him. No matter how much he cared for his kits, none of them could serve as companion to him like a mate could! However, it was less about the clear strong feelings and more about the fact she was in a unique conflict, torn between her faith towards her mentor and her faith of her father. Solitaire clearly knew that DoeStar had taken everything done by her mother harshly, heck most of the forest had some idea. How could she stay loyal to both her mentor and father in this situation? Why did the cat he chose have to be the one cat she didn't know how to feel about.

    "Father your stumbling over words like a love-struck apprentice." the collared female spoke as she came to sit beside the tom, laughing slightly with her comment. Deciding on if she liked CougarStar or not, that would have to wait, staying close to father was more important then deciding something trivial like that. "I just brought back some fish if you two want to go share a meal or something." don't leave me sitting alone. She offered that to them, but honestly she hoped they just would keep speaking to each other so she could remain sitting near TigerScar, if they went off to share a private meal she would have to go find something else to do, someone else to hide behind and she had no idea where DoeStar was right now! The only two cats she felt safe hiding behind? Happened to be her father and mentor.

    It was best that Solitaire not learn of AshPaw's death, as the cat River Clan called AshPaw the tabby called her sister. Finding out she had lost one of her siblings would not be an easy thing for the tabby to endure, she had never ever thought of any of them as dead before. Even when the other girl went missing in their kithood? Solitaire always believed she would find her, and for a while she had. The warrior aged female who had no ceremony yet, she had never really suffered much after her mother had passed leaving the litter to TigerScar, and a good deal of that was likely actually due to him being a shockingly good father for the type of cat he was. "We all have those sometimes, you wouldn't believe it but I actually have a very short temper myself and when I go off, well your outburst is a saints display in comparison." the she-cat laughed, down playing it slightly in hopes of making BlueFrost feel better about things. Of course, it could almost seem as if she was lying as she had never really went off before, but she was Sheo's daughter so one did have to suspect there some drop of malice in her somewhere.

    "So that's what it is with them?" the she-cat frowned at that knowledge, thinking back to little BeeKit with another sigh. "My sister's were live wires sometimes and we were blood clan kits, so I kinda understand at least what BeeKits going through, I don't think he actually felt sick back there, it's a trick I used a lot myself growing up, those girls will always care more about his health than their anger." she laughed softly, as if she was flashing back to when she had been a kitten herself, pulling that stunt just to avoid four kittens jumping on another cat. "I'll see what I can do, BeeKit could convince them to calm down if someone convinced him that the anger isn't worth it, they'll listen to him." as she spoke the she-cat laid down in one corner, slightly laying out, she was going to stay and talk but she clearly didn't want to lay too close.

    "Also don't think I didn't hear the 'M' but I won't press for now, you've already had a rough day and clearly don't want to talk about it." she was perceptive, but not insensitive, that straightforwardness just displayed was one thing she shared with her father in her eyes. "I'll just lay here and listen, or I can tell stories though sadly most of the stories I have are of DoeStar training sessions, father, my sisters or my collar." the female explained as she tucked her paws up under her.

    She had felt entirely secure and happy once again when she had joined River Clan beside her father, but having been born a loner and raised a blood kit until now, she knew little of clan ways. That fact, became important in why she felt entirely endangered now. For some reason, Doestar had taken her on as an apprentice and she couldn't understand why, she didn't know that being an apprentice was normal she thought it was called a paw, and she couldn't understand why it wasn't her father teaching her. Solitaire through the night after her apprentice ceremony had come to the belief she must have done something wrong the day before and this was some sort of unique clan punishment. At first, she had never believed this could go wrong but now the she-apprentice was starting to think that the leader may kick her out thus separating her from father once more. If she lost this? Solitaire knew she wouldn't survive long, she was too weak, too sick, she needed father. In an effort to win back the leader's favor the scared apprentice had woken up very early and sat outside the leader's den waiting for the she-cat to wake up to start whatever lessons she needed to learn in order to fix whatever she had messed up. Thus the day after making solitaire an apprentice, DoeStar would wake up to the small yet large eyed tabby sitting in front of her den shaking slightly.

    Rotten fish! Should she have not mentioned that she never got hurt before? Solitaire realized now how suspicious the fact she had never been injured from an accident or such before sounded. The front of her full collar it would do nothing if a cat believed she couldn't fight. Within the female fear started boiling up and she took several steps back averting her gaze, making herself small as possible. "I don't believe anyone wanted to bring father or my four litter-mates onto them, so I was left out of the normal infighting, plus I was a nest bound and shy kit, it was part of the reason mother brought us to father, she couldn't keep me safe and he had the skill to care for me." oh rotten clams had she just outed her father as a caring cat who had spent moons caring for a kitten who couldn't leave it's nest?! Worse yet, she had outed herself as weak enough to run behind her family instead of fight. "I got into one fight over my collar when someone else wanted it, but I didn't like the result so I really stayed out of fight's afterwards." she hadn't liked that her illness had taken the life of another cat, of course all NightGaze would get is the fact Solitaire didn't like having somehow caused the death or injury of another feline.

    "And DoeStar is a very good mentor so I never had the chance to get hurt during my apprenticeship and none of the other apprentice's were going to try to bully the leader's apprentice no matter how much some of them hated me for my origins." she had gotten lucky is what the story boiled down to, she had always had another cat protecting her somehow. "So I suppose I just never got the chance for scrapes and bruises." please, please don't ask about my collar. NightGaze couldn't ask why she had a full collar when she seemed to dislike fighting! Of course, if the Deputy asked why she kept the collar or her name, that was something she could easily answer without feeling uncomfortable.

    BlueFrost had speed off awfully quickly after the incident with the kits and FlamePaw, at first Solitaire had been fine with this. The more time she spent away from the medicine cat, the better. However, the day they laughed together came back to her head and she remembered the kind of cat she was dealing with here, the fact blowing up like that was uncharacteristic of the healer. With that in mind? Solitaire had picked up a mouse from the fresh-kill pile, padding into the medicine den. "Hey, BlueFrost-" she didn't seem to speak right away, not fully, setting the mouse down softly. "I just wanted to leave this for you, earlier you seemed abnormally upset so I figured you'd appreciate not having to go out to get this." with that comment she nudged the mouse the rest of the way, sitting there for the moment. It couldn't hurt to try to be a 'friend' it was important to do anyways.

    Quickly as she had been turned around, the meek Solitaire seemed to instantly return, padding up to BeeKit softly, amber gaze looking at him. "BeeKit? Do you need food or anything, just shout if you do I'll bring it over so your sister's can just keep you company." he was the weak one of the litter, she could tell what he was actually doing, she'd be lying if she said she had never used her own illness to manipulate her sister's into stepping down as kits. Sure they weren't exactly alike, but the more she interacted with or around the small tom the more she felt common ground with him, not that she would express it out loud. Even if she had just been scolding them, the warrior was clearly worried about the litter as well.

    This is a plot related capture

    this capture will begin as a kitnapping of BeeKit and than Solitaire will interfere and the kitnapper will knock her out, threatening to kill her if Beekit doesn't come with.

    However, Soli will not be tortured or such as it is actually dangerous to the cat doing that due to her illness being contagious through her blood. She'll rather be defended by her siblings or rescued before anything can go that far to protect other characters IC.