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    In the past month when Bucky 'disappeared', a lot of events happened to the maine coon. He wasn't sure why he retreated from the group in the first place- perhaps it was to find a new home for his little brother Jonah. If that was his intention, it certainly didn't last long- considering he and Jonah managed to get separated. And to make it worse, Bucky had been followed by three animals- animals who were larger and stronger than the assassin. Considering they caught him by surprise, they ambushed him while at the edge of a cliff, and then shoved him off the edge to 'kill him'. It was a miracle that he didn't die from that fall. Instead, he got amnesia, and for a bit had been confused regarding his identity. He managed to stumble his way to some shelter, where his condition only got worse and worse. Apparently his fall managed to mess his prosthetic up, to a point where it fell off and refused to reattach.

    Now that had been annoying, along with his lack of memories. This only caused confusion and frustration for the tom, he wanted to know why he managed to break his prosthetic leg and got amnesia. It was hard for him not to know why, and that it was so easily blocked off from access, he knew those memories were in there.

    Thankfully this amnesia didn't last as long as his first experience back when he originally joined Sanguine Ruins. He didn't get memories back by being forced to stay in SunClan, or by accidentally running into Sanguine Ruins. Instead, they came slowly back to him, and quite naturally too. It took a few weeks for the memories to return to his head, they didn't come back all at once. If they did, surely his head would ache like no tomorrow.

    By the time Bucky stumbled up to the border, all of his memories were in tack. The tom had old, dried up wounds on his head and chest and most noticeably, his missing front left prosthetic limb. Instead of the limb, the old cauterized wound given to him by Ximen from months ago is completely visible, but thankfully not exposed- as after all, it's closed up. The assassin glanced at the corpse wall that he remembers so clearly, a sigh escaping his lips as he realizes he's at the border. The male wasn't so sure how much the Sanguine Ruins has changed since the time he disappeared. He didn't dare to cross the border, assuming most faces would be unrecognizable, and decided it was best he avoided any conflict. He isn't in the best condition to fight; it'd be much better if he sits and waits.

    Ahh yeah the title says it all- I feel like I’ve been slacking lately and I feel really bad about it. I don’t think bucky is around enough to hold a rank, so stepping down with him will make me feel better. I’ll still try to post with him, as I still have muse for him, so he won’t be gone entirely. Thanks for understanding guys. <3

    So sorry for my inactivity lately, I recently got into Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood and it consumed me, I lost track of time! I'll get my activity back to normal, especially since I am on spring break now!

    Though I also have a psych project and world religions project to work on tonight, I am working on the psych one as much as I can tonight.

    "Izanami, do us all a favor- shut your damn mouth and fuck off," came the snapping voice of the maine coon, who was rather angered to be hearing the melanistic lioness's voice here. Why was she here greeting the Rifters, who were returning to deal with their harmed and tortured clanmate? If anything, Izanami shouldn't be anywhere near the Rifters- she should be back in camp where she is to be punished by Barbara and the Rifters. Not waltzing around like she did no harm. "You're probably the last damn person they want to see right now, get some common sense Izanami." He said with ears flattening to his head, tail lashing behind him.

    After that, he looked over at Archaicpaw, letting out a soft sigh. He might have been rude to Izanami, considering he's pissed beyond belief at her, but he was going to be respectful to his allies. They deserved his respect, and certainly not drama and torture. "I apologize for her horrendous and disrespectful attitude," He spoke up, having a feeling that Izanami wouldn't apologize or would feel like doing so, "Would you like me to escort you to our camp?"

    It would probably be best if Bucky sat this meeting out, due to his healing wounds. He was still wrapped the thought around his head that someone tried to kill him, and he survived. He barely survived, he was pretty damn lucky he was found by his clanmates that quickly. Who knows if he would be sitting at the edge of the medic den, chest wrapped in white bandages, looking out towards the meeting. With a flick of his ear, the injured male decided to get up- his neck was injured, not his legs- he can walk. If Hypokrisis and Alsanna really wanted him to stay inside, then they can tell him. But for now, the Warlord was silently and carefully padding over to the meeting area. He sat his butt down on the ground, near the edge of the crowd, as his ears pricked up and he listened to what Barbara had to say. Good riddance, Izanami is exiled- they certainly deserved it. They first captured and tortured an ally, admitted to it, and proceeded to be disrespectful to him, Barbara, and the Rifters. He wanted to so badly smack that lioness back there, and now if she ever dares to step foot here again, he won't hesitate to dig his claws into her. Iason brought up a valid point- what about Shadow Veil? He was sure the alliance was dead and gone, but he was still interested what Barbara had to say. He couldn't help it but also be curious regarding Soundcheck- they joined under a dual alliance between Shadow Veil and Sanguine Ruins before the alliance was crumbled. Do they still have allegiance to Shadow Veil, or did they abandon it?

    The maine coon's head snapped over to Izanami, ears pricking up at the melanistic lioness's voice. So she must be the culprit, she basically just admitted that she was the one who took their ally. And that excuse, it sounded pathetic- the Warlord wasn't buying it. "So you're admitting that you're the culprit?" He said as his ears flattened to his skull, tail slowly swishing behind him. "That excuse is pathetic- next time you should be more aware and less idiotic." He said with a frown, before speaking up again. "You don't get to make the decision of what kind of punishment you receive. That is up to Barbara and the Rift."

    Buckingham was barely alive. He was lucky that someone, that someone being Gwen, was awake at this time. Surely the smell of his fresh blood would have grabbed someone else's attention, like Hypokrisis and Alsanna, but surely if they arrived a little bit later, the assassin would have been dead. And then whoever tried to kill him would have gotten what they wanted after all, but thankfully Hypokrisis began to go right to work, and Gwen was helping too. The tom made no such protests as Gwen began to lift him up by his scruff, pulling his limp body off of the ground. He was being held by Gwen almost like he was a kitten, the warlord left dangling as the cobwebs began to absorb his blood, turning to a light red color as it did so.

    [ retro to injuries ]

    Oh god he was late, he was so, so late. The maine coon has never been this late to a meeting before, he couldn't believe himself as he came padding forward quickly, not having time to keep his paw steps light and soft as ever. He arrived to the crowd, and quickly sat down at the edge of it, ears pricking up as he listened to what Barbara had to say, and what 'Archer' was asking. He didn't say a word, mentally telling himself to never be late again, and to make sure he arrives on time next time.

    So that was the idiot who destroyed their alliance, why the hell was he in BlizzardClan? Did he have a dual alliance here? The male narrowed his eyes at the individual, someone that Buckingham has never seen in his life. He wasn't sure who they were, besides the fact that they fucked up an alliance. He didn't say a word to Rhaelarys, instead the male looked over at his leader, Barbara. "Barbara, whenever Aleksei arrives, I suggest we speak with him in private." He had a feeling if they didn't, this situation was about to get even more messy than it already is.