Buckingham hadn't seen the Shadow Veil in a long, long time. The last time he can remember is back when he was the Ambassador, all the way back when Sango was still leader of Shadow Veil. He remembered those times being quite patchy, an incident almost cost them the alliance, but go forward a few months to the present and they are quite fine. It was like the dispute never happened, as if most Ruiners and Shadow Veilers alike didn't remember it. The assassin silently made his way in, entering after Alex as his gaze fell onto Soundcheck, who came as an Ambassador and as a joiner. Huh, Buckingham hasn't seen many Ambassadors do this- there was nothing wrong with it, after all. "Of course you can join us, Soundcheck. I'm not sure if we met before, but I am Buckingham Barnes- feel free to call me Bucky." He said, with a firm nod of his head. Deciding he'd want to keep a little bit of conversation alive, the tom continued. "How is Shadow Veil doing lately?"

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    IASON M. y/c character gets themselves into a sticky situation, what did they do to make this happen?

    Jacob Wickliff y/c recently found a bird, and helped it out, how does y/c feel about helping it out?

    steve r. when y/c has a lot of stress on their mind, what do they do to get their mind off of it?

    AGNES B. F. y/c was exploring a pyramid and took a wrong turn- where did they end up?

    Vixensilk y/c has been seen reading before, do they have a favorite book that has drawn them in for hours? If yes, what is the book about?

    .Alex. y/c has been seen taking daring feats, is there something that inspired y/c to be like this today?

    Buckingham used to own a pet- a baby, banana ball python. At the time, he named it Steve, and he remembered it coiled around his metal leg. Jamie wanted to eat it then, as just like this bird, the ball python was viewed as prey. Bucky didn't allow Jamie to eat the snake though, he had been determined to keep it. But now that he thought about it, he had no clue what happened to the snake, it disappeared a few months ago. Maybe Jamie finally got to eat it, or perhaps the snake slithered up and now is a giant python. The maine coon thought of all of this as he padded in, on silent paws as ever, his gaze falling down the bird Jacob helped out. Jacob had a good heart, he did something most Ruiners wouldn't have done. He knew for a fact that maybe now, the maine coon wouldn't have been much help to the bird if he ran across it instead of Jacob, he would have gotten his paws onto it.

    Buckingham wasn't a big reader as others might be, in all honesty. In his life, the maine coon hasn't really had the time to sit down and read a book. His life before joining Sanguine Ruins had been the life of a loner with his parents- until their unfortunate demise. He certainly didn't get his paws on a book then, and after that, he hasn't gotten a chance to. His life became hectic, with him becoming an asset and later discovering who he is again. In all honesty, the assassin is probably illiterate, he was never taught how to read, thus his current situation here. The tom silently padded over after Steve, not making a word as he glanced at the book Vixensilk was reading, wishing he knew what it was about.

    For the first time in a few months, the male was finally getting some rest. It was almost like the male was forgetting what it was like to get a good night sleep- it was almost foreign to him. Generally most nights, the maine coon was wide awake, staring up at the ceiling as the endless night went on. Usually he didn't fall asleep from nightmares, the fear of getting a nightmare, or just due to his insomnia. Nowadays, it was mostly his insomnia, with some nightmares here and there. The Warlord didn't get any sleep the previous night, so tonight his body needed it.

    Usually the maine coon was very alert. He would always stay aware of his surroundings, listening for any paw step near him. But today was different- it was like the male was off. He was incredibly tired, far too tired to keep his super senses activated. Far too tired to realize Deathstroke, or Archer, was keeping a close eye on him. So he thought nothing of it when he placed his head onto his mattress, and closed his eyes shut.

    The male was in a deep sleep when Deathstroke entered his chamber as a Black Labrador, snoring lightly as his chest rose and fell as he breathed in air through his nose. There was almost a little bit of drool around his mouth, eyes closed firmly shut as the male finally got the rest he wished for months. But unfortunately, his peaceful rest didn't get to last long. The Warlord didn't have a clue that Deathstroke was standing before him with that grin, ready to strike. He was awoken by surprise as teeth dug into his throat, and began to open his mouth to scream out in pain, or help in Deathstroke's eyes, but quickly got a paw to his muzzle. Eyes open wide with pain, as well as panic, the male attempted to thrash around, more specifically attempting to kick Deathstroke with his hind legs. There wasn't much he could do, he was at an unfair advantage- he was caught by surprise and a bad timing. If he hadn't been resting, maybe he wouldn't be struggling right now with a stranger's jaw locked around his neck, and a paw to his mouth. Whoever this may be, they certainly seemed like they did not plan on leaving Bucky alive. He knows what an assassination attempt is like, and he isn't going to let this guy succeed. No way in hell.

    Buckingham was the next one to pad in, shortly entering after Barbara with a quickened, rushed pace. For once he wasn't trying to act silent and sneak his way through camp. No, no- he just received news that one of his close friends was hurt, and almost got themselves attempting to go after a murder. Deathstroke. Buckingham has heard of them, and seen them in a raid when they were rescuing Whisp from the Blackheart Rogues grasp. The male would look over at Hypokrisis with concern, memories flash-backing momentarily to the trembling, terrified harmed Hypokrisis he had seen a few weeks ago. No stop, shake it off. This isn't Soldier's doing, it was Deathstroke- that fucking bastard. "I'm going to kill him," He said with ears flattening to his skull, looking at Alsanna as she took care of her mentor.

    The next one to pad into the scene was Buckingham Barnes, barely making a sound with his paws. He made the lightest steps, gentle as ever on the rough, hot sand. The maine coon's blue optics would land onto the white lion in front of him, looking up to keep his gaze on Charis. Buckingham seemed quite tiny compared to her, as he's only a maine coon- but do not underestimate him. He might be small while compared to others, but he is well aware of how to fight and defend himself. Glancing over at his daughter, Agnes, for a moment watching her stand up after tripping from a root. He made his way to stand beside her, still wanting to make sure she's okay, even after she got herself up just fine. Tail flicking, the maine coon's ears would prick up towards Izanami's comment, but he didn't say a word about it. "Welcome to Sanguine Ruins Charis," The assassin spoke up with a meow, ears pinning back to his skull. "I am Buckingham Barnes- though feel free to call me Bucky." He said, with a firm nod of his head, "If you have any questions, feel free to ask me."

    Usually, Buckingham would have drunkenly claimed he wasn't drunk- like he did the last time. But this time was different- the first time he didn't intend to get drunk and had been his first time. This time around, he purposely intended to get drunk by drinking from that bottle of vodka, so the drunk male knew Steve was right when the second tier said he was drunk. A smile curved across the drunk Warlord's lips, as he slurred, "I know I am." But the next comment caused his ears to flattened to his cranium, almost taking it as an offense. Thanks to being drunk, Buckingham wasn't acting like himself, and being overdramatic. Also, in this state he didn't even notice Steve flush ever so slightly with emotion when he kind of leaned into them. Bucky thought it was comfy, and he honestly couldn't stay up that straight. "B-But I want to tell you!" He said as his eyes filled up with a pleading emotion, as if he had puppy eyes that Steve couldn't resist.

    Steven's next comment filled the male back up with excitement and hope- boy was his emotions twisting and turning. One moment he was being overdramatic, the next he is acting excited with a big smile. For a moment Bucky thought Steve didn't want to hear it, but these last words convinced Bucky to tell them his secret. He didn't care that he was drunk, and honestly could probably be something to get off of his chest. Not a lot of people know about this anymore, anyways. "I.. I used to be a brainwashed asset here," He slurred with a giggle, looking up at Steven's baby blue eyes. "I became an... an ex-Warlord's W-Winter Soldier," He slurred, having a little hard time pronouncing the name he used to be called. Bucky didn't have a clue in the slightest that Steve had an old friend, who just happened to be brainwashed into a Winter Soldier. He thought this secret would be new to the lion, not another thing to make Steve think of his old friend whenever he sees Buckingham. "...And now I hold the same rank as h-him! Heh, he would be pissed," He said with another giggle, remembering how Ximen attacked him after his betrayal.

    The one who grabbed Buckingham's attention this time was not who he was used to hearing, Barbara. Instead, it was Hypokrisis's voice, which instantly got his ears to prick up. He made his way over, eyes landing upon Hypokrisis who was sitting where Barbara usually was. Buckingham has seen meetings like this, where someone filled in for Barbara when she was unavailable. He remembered hosting a meeting himself for her, a few months back. Now it was Hypokrisis's turn to fill in for Barbara, and he was certainly doing a good job. He sat himself down on the ground as he began to listen to Hypokrisis's announcements, wrapping his tail around his paws. "Congratulations to Steve," He said with a firm nod of his head, the lion certainly deserved it. Steve has proven himself to be a strong, reliable warrior- no longer that skinny mountain lion Bucky found at the border.

    Of course Buckingham is going to seem as distraught as Hypokrisis had been when Soldier almost ended their life. Bucky didn't want to admit it, but he is afraid. He's afraid he'll loose control again, and this time won't have the strength to come back. Soldier would gladly force Bucky to dig his claws into Hypokrisis's skull if it was given a second chance. But he just has to make sure he doesn't give it that chance, that opportunity to sneak in. He almost felt disbelief in his chest, how could Hypokrisis not be mad at him? Yeah, it might have been out of his control but he still allowed Soldier to take control. Soldier had won that fight back then, it was terrifying to think at the time Soldier's demands sounded almost tempting. And falling into that temptation almost cost Hypokrisis his life. "You should be mad, Hypo. I let that thing control me, it almost killed you," He tried to argue back with a shake of his skull, ducking his tail between his legs. Bucky knew he won't be as forgiving as Hypokrisis can be. If he got attacked by a feral beast, then it would take him a bit to forgive his attacker.

    But he was relieved that Hypokrisis didn't tell anyone. Bucky certainly didn't say a word to anyone- not even Jamie. He trusts Jamie with all of his heart, and deeply loves him, but he couldn't tell Jamie of this. It would scare Jamie, and probably scare him for the safety of their children. In actuality, he had no idea one of his children already encountered Soldier, but Soldier just made Bucky look like he woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Soldier was clueless when it came to kids, Soldier was no father to anyone.

    "I don't want to hurt anyone," He said with a shaky breath, speaking up after Hypokrisis's comment about him hurting someone badly. He knew that would be true if something isn't done about Soldier. Soldier has only attacked Hypokrisis, and if something isn't done, there will surely be more victims. Victims who are left dead, unlike alive like the overseer here. "But I know that's true, if something isn't done about this." He said with a sigh, staring down at his paws for a moment.

    Hypokrisis wanted to help him. What kind of help could Bucky possibly get? It got Bucky to look up from his paws and back into Hypokrisis's star dripped eyes, gaze locking. "How can you help me?" He questioned, not like he was against it or anything. He was just curious what Hypokrisis was planning, that's all. If this help could get rid of Soldier for good, and prevent anyone from getting harmed, then he's all in.

    Surely Jacob would have a more well suit task for Buckingham over Barbara, right? Bucky still couldn't believe that Barbara had assigned him a task with alcohol to purposely get back at him from those few months ago. It was kind of funny when he thought about it, but getting drunk wasn't. The tom silently padded in, light on his paws as ever as he made his way after Alex. Flicking an ear, the tom looked up at the third tier, speaking up. "I'll take a task as well," He commented, with a firm nod of his head, sitting himself down on the ground as he waited for a task to be handed out to him.

    Buckingham was still rather peeved that Barbara assigned him this task, the longer he sees the bottle of vodka in front of him, the more nervous he gets. This certainly had to be pay back for what he did months ago- back when his relationship with Jamie was just starting out. Barbara got him to drink a glass of wine, and Bucky- being the tough, stealthy assassin he is- couldn't handle a glass. He got drunk off of that, and drunk him processed to chug the rest of the expensive bottle. Boy, he experienced quite the hangover the next day, and he hadn't drank sense. And now, that might change soon, as his ears pricked up at Agnes voice.

    Oh gosh, his own child is asking him a riddle. His own kid, oh gosh- his kids might see him drunk. That's only if he gets the question wrong, he won't get the question wrong. The assassin listened closely to the riddle, trying to think of the answer. Honestly, Buckingham isn't great at riddles. He can't notice the answer right away, generally if he gets it wrong and is corrected, then the answer is so obvious and clear. Morgan, Tucker, Wendell, and Thomas. Who was the fifth one? To Bucky, the options given just sounded like names. He couldn't think of a pattern that it's suppose to be, making him even more nervous that he is going to be taking a shot very soon. "Alexander?" He said with uncertainty, looking down at Agnes, hoping he'll be told he got the answer right. Unfortunately, that won't be the case.

    When Bucky first picked up the scent of the Rift, he wondered why they were visiting so soon already. Bucky might have not been at their ambassador visit, but the word travels along like wild fire here. He heard how the Rift made an ambassador visit a few days ago, which reminded the tom he had to make a visit in return. Though when he picked up the scent, he decided to quickly get to the border, having a feeling in his gut that something wasn't right. As he padded along through the territory, his ears pricked up thanks to his super senses. "I'm here to speak to Barbara about politics." Oh man, that certainly didn't sound appealing at all. Her tone sounded like it was drained of happiness, full of somber and grief. It made him concerned, what exactly was going on? He thought the Rift was fine from his last visit, did something happen in the days after?

    The tom was the first one to pad in, his gaze falling upon Imaginedragons with a concerned gaze. Now that he was face to face, he was able to see that she truly didn't look okay. It wasn't just her tone, but her expression as well. "Barbara, or Hypokrisis, should be here shortly. Is everything alright, if you don't mind me asking?" He asked with ears flattening to his skull, having no idea that Archi passed a few days ago.