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    *:・゚✧ "i'd gladly take one." astral's voice had came, eager eyes looking upon tawnykit. ah, what a bittersweet song it was to even utter the name tawnykit. but, a task would be good for the apprentice to continue working. it was dangerous to let him grow bored.


    *:・゚✧ desperation hung in these lands like a thick fog. choking the inhabitants and blinding them from their true selves. he had seen cats starving, his leader falling from his own hubris. he saw kits cry for milk their mothers could not provide, life was not easy. and that would make astralpaw grow colder and harder. he must survive, he must lead his clan to the right path of survival. and that meant fending off opponents and thieves. and a thief had came upon these iron-clad lands. a mistake, he would surely cry. but all the excuses fall upon deaf ears.

    it began with a panicked rustle in the bushes, the very bushes that contained something valuable. and, while, not valuable to astralpaw at the moment, it carried weight regardless. and that meant he would not lose it. sadly, for this thief who stumbled upon his territory, it would not end in success. but in a constant remembrance. merciful was astral, but cruel was the demon.

    "i'm sure my eyes must be fooling me. no cat is truly foolish enough to steal precious herbs right in front of a clan member, right?" there had been poison in his declaration, his pelt slipping from his basking spot to stalk upon this other feline. one so clearly not of skyclan origin, and one that hadn't even smelt of healing herbs. not only did he think he could come to take, but he had lacked the authorization to even do it. and as the devil approached the martyr, there was a lack of care in his steps. claws outstretched and reaching, desperate for the taste of skin.

    "these are hard times, little mouse. what makes you think skyclan would just give up these herbs? what makes you think you're allowed to take them? or are you so ready to be brandished as a thief that you lost care?" fangs glistening in the horrific sun, ready to snap forward at any second. eyes of a western tale, drawn and narrow. the sun upon his back, an outline of a wildfire as he had halted, staring down upon the child. so brave at such a young age, how easy would that pure soul be to corrupt? to destroy the wild spirit of youth?


    *:・゚✧ the smell of his favorite rodent was far-off, but true. a imaginary line, leading deeper into the territory that had bumped down a fellow apprentice. he had wondered what that would mean about his position as a future healer. would another replace tawnykit or was he still under apprenticeship in the art of healing? he would make sure to inquire about it later, it would certainty prove to be useful information one of these days.

    a figure in the distance, discovered shortly as it had made the fateful mistake of nearing astralpaw. emerging from the drying grass, like a shadow coming to swallow the lands whole, he had glared upon the younger. the black-pelted stranger was much smaller, much younger, than the glossy snake. nothing much, he couldn't truly categorize this stranger as a threat. just a child, lost and at the foot of the unholy light. thunderclan was rich on his pelt, and the mere smell made his stomach flip. something about that boastful scent, so strong and bold. it made astral nauseous, or perhaps that was combined with the lack of food in his system.

    even if he had been considered dishonorable, astralpaw kept himself well-fed. but this morning, he had forced his food upon applepaw, making sure his friend had enough to eat before he had gone searching for himself. that must have been it. the stick had lay empty and barren at astral's paws, and a cock of a nonexistent eyebrow had showed of his approval. a head raised tall, eyes staring down upon the unnamed boy.

    "that was a smart move. I've never known a smart thunderclanner." a teasing grin, a showcase of poisonous fangs. a subtle reminder of a threat. he was not here to make friends, but rather disciples. followers. cats to hang upon his every word, fallen upon his charming snare.
    "what's your name, apprentice? and who had taught you such a trick?" he was sure to steal the movement in his later hunts, but for now, he had praised the shadow-painted kin.


    *:・゚✧ with a paw thrust rudely in his face, astral had done the only action he could deem appropriate. with a gentle sneer, his teeth had brushed against the pads, giving a nip for the sudden invasion. applepaw was indeed, a lucky fellow. astralpaw hadn't been sure of what made apple so appealing, or why he was given softer punishments and downright praised in the doubtful eyes of a demon. what had made this tom so special? what made the family special?

    "your mentor?" an offhanded observation, as astral had remained independent in his own training. he wasn't sure if he had even wanted to be assigned one, astral lacked the skill to distinct teacher from opponent. besides, his knowledge was wide and varied. a constant survey, a muscular form training in the pale moonlight. he worked when he could not sleep, which was often. and he trained when he had grown bored and lonely, which was also often.

    with a solemn huff, regret filling his bones as his body had begun to move. an ache in his joints from awkward movements, and late night adventures had proved to tire him. but, he had still risen like the morning sun. bright and wonderful, beloved before the fall and forgotten in the dusk. "am i that much of a threat, dear apple? has my embrace made you feel unsafe?" a glint, untrustworthy. a serpent's lying tongue as he had looked back to the ginger morning, a playful smirk playing upon his lips. but his ears, far too large for a serene and serious build, had fallen far too forward to look relaxed. eyes looking for an adjustment he must make, if he had truly posed a threat.


    *:・゚✧ virgo was probably the only molly in the entire clan to hold astral's respects. she was a wonderful mother, to the point he had often found himself envying the kits that had shared her blood. if virgo had been there earlier...if she had raised him...would he have been kinder? taking on the gentle persona the budding peony had shown? how different would he be if a gentle touch was there for him, and not the empty cold of a forgotten nest?

    "i think you're the best mother a kit could have." earnest, honest and soft. softer than he usually had been. never could he bare a singular tooth towards virgo, she was good and pure. if he must believe in angels, then she must be one. never angered, never cruel. never raising a paw in the promise of a threat. "why are you doubting your ability?" had there been an off-handed comment that made virgo insecure?

    he couldn't access this situation through the normal indifference he had. genuine concern, unlike the inky apprentice to show. others had shown to show their support of virgo, but they had faded into the background. proving of no use to astral's research in the sudden doubt. he had never raised a kit, he did not know the troubles and pains a parent's heart must go through. but he knew good from bad, and he knew a loving touch from an empty one. virgo, as he had come to discover from her, was filled to the brim with endless care and devotion towards her children and her clanmates. a hard-worker...compassionate.


    *:・゚✧ "perhaps a few lessons need to be revisited mottlewish. though, you could introduce him now that you've brought him in. " oh how he loved to watch other's learn from their mistakes. he loved to drink in the surprise turning into guilt, it was more refreshing than any drink of water he's ever had. it's why he had shown up so commonly when there was scolding to be done. like a bad omen, he had stood with a ghostly figure. as if not truly belonging to this world, but walking among the inhabitants.

    leaving the quickly made border of skyclan cats, the darkened watcher had approached the unnamed stranger. eyes of fossilized amber studying the new fool, a piercing look to invoke the sense of looking through the tom, rather than at him. he was small, almost kit-like. and blessed with a pelt that was a rare prize for toms. tortoiseshell. an interesting choice. "tawnykit, i think you're hyping him up to much. too small for a threat. more like a...a nice meal." whether for a hawk, or for astral himself. had it mattered? but a rule had been broken, and so he had moved back to stand beside juniperstar. eyeing the pair, and quietly waiting for more information to surface. in interactions like these, secrets never stay hidden for long.


    *:・゚✧ as the well-off feline had approached, a sense of dread had hung in the air. to have a leader be selfless was important, but at this point, he'll lose his lives. he'll leave the clan in peril. finding an opportunity to use the new bosie, astral had stood near the child.

    if he was correct, juniper had seen himself as a parent figure to the kid. arctic was raising bosie, and that would leave juniperstar as the designated father role. and what kind of father could ignore the innocent face of their child? of course, this was all off assumptions, but astral would also find it hard to say no to the kit. the face was enough to melt the coldest of hearts.

    "yes, you aren't going to turn away bosie's gift, are you? take a drink, juniperstar. if not for yourself, to appease the kit." a cruel grin, hiding behind half-lidded eyes. if needed, astralpaw had no qualms against guilting his leader to take a much needed drink. it was the perfect plan. juniperstar was not one to listen to reason, but he hadn't wanted to let his clan down. and what would the clan think of a leader who doesn't even entertain a poor little kit, just wishing to help out?


    *:・゚✧ the devil lay calm and serene. the kiss of skyclan's border reaching towards him, wishing to grace him with freedom. yet he had remained, basking. the cats in camp were often long-haired, and the other short furs couldn't seem to understand their gift. his own pelt had flourished in the times of desperation. a sheen of beauty as his head had been held tall. confident. to approach him now was to come into the rattlesnake's den. a poison dripping from elongated fangs. his own, a bit too long. a bit too eager. a bit too sharp. he was not made to be soft. his mother's belly decorated in scars of an overeager kit. covered in bite marks and the beginning of claws. oh, those wicked claws and the blood they've shed. he couldn't ask for anything better.

    but his lack of movement had caused his paws to twitch with anxiety. a need to move, to grace these lands and tear at weeds. to cause destruction in his wake. it was a stress reliever, aside from messing with his dear appletree. there was nothing quite like digging and clawing at trees. or to make a new cat bend to his will.

    the scene would soon make way for a wayward traveler. coming a bit too close to the lands that astral had controlled. unknowing, as if they hadn't belonged to one themself.


    i loved the idea of nettle trespassing so i hope u don't mind that i went with that for their thread <3 b ready to be blackmailed by the devil



    skyclan had been starving, but astral had remained in pristine condition. he knew that suspicions would arise, but his survival was more important than theirs. he had not relied on them for their food, and he refused to allow them to rely on him for his. and so, the glossy charm had crept. silent as the weeping willow, staying as still as the rough bark. watching, waiting. his claws dug into the earth before him. in these shaded parts, it used to be so moist and refreshing. but now it hadn't greeted him the same way, drawing his teeth to grind against themselves. those fools in camp had moaned and groaned about the unfairness. they've been coddled by false beliefs, and he is no martyr. he is no savior. he will watch them fall one by one while keeping himself fed. that was the way of survival, and his was the only one that mattered.

    his existence had fallen close to thunderclan's borders, but he hadn't wanted to be associated with them. not after what happened with tawnypaw..kit. a fantastic story of an overzealous cat. it was a joy to speak down to his friend. astralpaw had remained in the outskirts. safe, a calculated spot where he had scouted out prey previously. he knew no doves had came, but he had spotted a few voles. and that was his prize.

    and so the hunter had crouched, planning his capture to the highest efficiency possible. yet, unbeknownst to him, a new factor will come. soon to ruin his plans of a prized meal.


    *:・゚✧ quiet, contemplating. he knew it would be a waste of his youth to spend the day curled in his nest. he had to sow the seeds to his future. to their future. and his eyes had roamed, looking at the empty nests surrounding them. devoid of life and care. strewn about and messy. his, of course, was always kept neat and tidy. avoidance as he had wished for once to just shield the day away. his heart did not weigh heavily, but the burdens of life were enough to make any man crumble. thankfully, astral had built tolerance to the weights.

    "then what do you suppose we do?" finally, to fall upon the singular appletree in his orchard. "i hope you didn't wake me up without a plan." and the rattlesnake had purred, a coy smile as he had kept the mouse trapped. it was dangerous to stir the king, it was foolish to do so without a quick plan to keep him distracted. otherwise, astral may have to brush apple up on his defensive techniques.


    *:・゚✧ while the siblings rejoiced in the falling rain, astral had sought shelter from it. the rain was an enemy, somehow always soaking the tom to the bone. allowing a pathetic shake from the cold. and so, he had watched apple, then moth, and then rye. all fine, a collective sigh of relief from blistering heat. there was no need to crush the dreams of mourners and martyrs. even if he had simply wished to tell them that the rain was overdue.

    slowly, the soot covered knight had appeared. a tensed neck as a symbol of his disgust. blasted rain. if only he could make it fall everywhere else but him. his form had soon appeared by applepaw, a slight passage of concern over him. why was he weeping? this rain was supposed to be a good thing. it would give the cats some hope. relief. a quiet chant that the dry spell would be over soon. so why had his tears blended with the small drizzles?

    his eyes had fallen skyward, eyes glared to avoid getting drops in them. a cruel mask as he had tried to keep away the realities of this situation. astral was not a liar, he could not play into this situation like a star-filled fool. "it'll be good for the cats. that's what matters." halting his breath, the inky son had let his breath fall. falling in close to apple to avoid getting his coat wet any further.


    *:・゚✧ he had preferred water from the ground, away from the man-made lakes and streams. he truly hadn't cared if mottlewish had drank and drank from this source. if she had claimed it was from the fountain of youth. if it was to be trusted, it would not smell of man. a small turn towards ryepaw, and while he hadn't cared if anyone else drank from the sponges, he had cared if she did. "rye, i'd avoid the water. if you get so parched, i'll rummage through the lands to find you a fresh drop." a concerned hush, offering his assistance to his dear companion.

    it was by this time, and with many squawks from mottlewish, that juniperstar had come to clear the air. astral had spoken his piece, and not wishing to continue a fruitless conversation, the apprentice would soon leave himself. this water was foreign, and it held too many risks. astral was no fool, and he did not sip from anything he was not sure of. even in dire situations, he would remain calm and collected. he would never be the one to fall from contaminated food or drink.

    "keep safe." was his parting words, following after kestrel's retort and leaving the situation behind. mottle was invited to her sponges, and he was invited to dig up the ground.

    // he gone


    *:・゚✧ and while she had kept her eyes closed, a complete trust in the lands of the devil. unsuspecting, unaware. his eyes, solely upon her. ryepaw had been pleasant in their journey, a quiet follower with a voice of a meadow lark. he found that it was easy to get enthralled with such a heaven-plucked vocal. these were the quiet times. where tribulations had not existed, and their pains had fallen off of their pelts like raindrops in a light drizzle. where the wheat grew golden and the grass grew long. where hummingbirds scoured and bumbling bees bumped into the delicate petals.

    the life of a clan was strange, and he had found so often to simply want to break it. it would have been easy, for they hung on a delicate scale. a simple weight added or removed and it would all come down. a cat should not have to bind their loyalty to anything else but the land, fertile and willing. the stars were not gods, and prophecies had never came onto sacred hills.

    "i take it that you enjoy it." he had finally turned away, eyeing the setting sun and the baked horizons. gentle in their fall. the birds would soon retire their song in fear of the owl, who will sing a lonely ballad. "i come here when there's too much on my mind. i never take from these lands. never hunt. just watch and listen." he could never imagine slaying these feathered harps. it had been enough that unholy paws had burned into these lands, but he could never dream to taste the ichor. the demon may reside in eden, but he does not take what he does not need.



    ahh if u could make it i would forever be in your debt blitz!!!

    i’ll be able to make their private ruby!! astral will likely keep his threats solely on newt and maybe extend to his family if he has to

    and yes!!! welcome to skyclan!! he’ll happily be buds with con (i love the name)!!

    *:・゚✧ "then let me waste a few more minutes." he was calm, and gentle in his embrace. he hadn’t expected a cat of heavy furs to be so active when the sun rode so high. he had expected to wake and find apple dazed. a wild pant from parched lips as he had looked to the skies. it’s what half of them were doing already. yet, astralpaw had thrived. a body that was quick to adapt was a body that could survive. he hadn’t needed so much water and food, only a place to bask.

    applepaw’s voice was a sweet drink, the knight’s ears drinking it down eagerly; selfishly. expecting the taste of angelic song to fall upon his tongue. but it was left empty and dry. his body had moved with rough and jagged movements, making room for the ginger worshipper. as astral had let his limbs take over and rest upon him.

    his dear friend and boldness were not meant to be together. the boy was a lamb, cowering in front of the wolf and yet fearlessly bleating it’s protest. foolishly admirable, but the wolf wins every time. no matter how valiant the little lamb may be, the wolf only needs enough luck to find him. "whose to say i won’t sleep in the outside sun?" to put a tired cat somewhere was just putting them somewhere, they’ll resume the action soon enough. "but if you can successfully drag me from this bed, i’ll give you doves for a whole moon." perhaps a tease, perhaps a promise. maybe it was both, it hadn’t mattered too much to astral. only if he was allowed to reside and have gentle breaths enter.