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    Amestris post-Promised Day, post Fuhrer Bradley was a better Amestris. That’s what everyone said. And it was true, without the threat of the homuculi and dark conspiracy hanging in the air, it really was better. But even with all that the Elric brothers had done, what the Brigs soldiers, Team Mustang, the Xing Suite and everyone else had all done, there was still so much filth that needed to be uncovered, so much that needed to be settled, wiped clean and...silenced.

    There was still so much work to be done, work that could not be delegated to just anyone.

    Enter the Government’s curious secret project: Project Antimony.


    1. No powerplay, yes we’re gonna be having some crazy and wild stuff, but Homunculi characters without explicit reason, no unreasonable alchemy
    2. I’d prefer OCs for this, but if you really to want to play a canon character feel free to ask!
    3. Speaking of asking, don’t be scared to ask me questions, I don’t bite, I promise. Like if I’m missing something from the manga or think that an idea from 2003 anime could be interesting let me know! (I’ve only watched Brotherhood but I’ve meaning to read the Manga)
    4. Be nice, be civil. IC drama is super lit, OOC drama is not good at all. Please try to settle it as civilly as you can outside of the rp if you must. I’d like to not get involved in I don’t have to
    5. Please be literate. I know that sounds horribly dickish but if I can’t understand what you wrote in your form, I’m not going to accept you. Plain and simple. Responses don’t need to be the length of a novel, but don’t give me a one liner. Give me at least a paragraph or two that are legible.
    6. Please don’t kiss and diss. There is nothing worse than someone who will just kiss and then run away from a rp. I understand that things happen, you get busy, your mental health tanks, you lose muse. I understand, I’ve been there. All I ask if that you give me a little heads up if you think it’s going to be an issue, just try to do the best you can do
    7. More rules may be added as needed and at my discretion, however I’ll let you all know that I’ve changed up the rules so I don’t just jump anything on you
    8. If you’ve read these, put your favorite character in the other category, that way I know you’ve read my rules


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    Adeline Conray-Female-Cat Chimera-Trash Puppy

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    Waves crashing down, splashes and beauty resound--


    Royce sifted through the garbage with his boney fingers, carefully looking through the waste for anything worth eating. He had been so focused on trying to find something to eat that he didn’t notice that Paige was watching him.

    He didn’t notice until she shown the light on him. He let out a nasty hiss, recoiling at the bright light suddenly in his eyes, making them shine.

    What was standing there was a child, probably a tween. It was clear from the way the light hit his face that he was much too thin, his body enveloped in a dirty parka that was several sizes too big, making him look even smaller than he already was.

    He had the ears of a cat, adorned with shiny metal, probably earrings, and a long black tail that had fluffed up in a sad attempt at making him look bigger.

    In his boney hands he was holding a baseball bat, brandishing it in front of himself as a form of self defense.

    Royce had yet to flee, despite desperately wanting to, his legs staying frozen to the stop in front of the toppled trash can.

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    --Where the shore ends, become unwound

    Waves crashing down, splashes and beauty resound--

    OOC: It’s probably easiest for me to start so I don’t mind

    After the sun went down, Royce used to find himself at his favorite place, the local diner. Hands down, it was his prefered spot, rummaging through the trash to gorge himself on cold, half-eaten fries and stale pastries, but after what happened last time he went to rummage through the trash, Royce was afraid to push his luck there again. His feline ears flattened at the memory, recalling the man yelling at him in a loud, booming voice once he realized Royce was there, terror dropping into his stomach like a lead weight. As much as he hated to admit it, the man screaming at him had terrified him, and he wasn’t dumb enough to risk showing his face there again for a while. With his usual source of meals cut off, he had to get creative or he’d starve, and thus started his raids on the trash cans of the neighborhood.

    Tightening his grip on his baseball bat, the boy made his way quietly to his personal favorite house in this neighborhood. The trash here was always good, he found, not as good as the diner but still plenty good.

    Once there, he looked around, his ears perking up and swiveling back and forth to make sure he was truly alone out here before making his way to the garbage can. Without hesitating, he knocked it over and pulled a black trash bag out with his free hand, making a metalalic thud as it hit the ground. Once knocked over, he tore the plastic open with his claws and beginning to search through the waste to find something edible.

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    --Where the shore ends, become unwound

    This part of me that wants a simple "right or wrong"

    Sebastian Brookes

    OOC: No worries, I’ve been busy myself

    IC: Sebastian paused, giving Aiden a searching look, as if studying him oh so closely would allow him to understand his experiment so much better.

    “You really think they’re going to listen?” He asked, before shaking his head. No, it wouldn’t change anything. Even if they begged, on their hands and knees, for something to change, for the respect they wanted, it would never be granted.

    After all, it never worked for him. It didn’t matter if he screamed himself hoarse or sobbed into his hands and begged. Nobody ever cared what it was that he had to say.

    Nobody would care even now what it was he was saying in that same context.

    Dr. Brookes knew that Aiden would be ignored and handwaved like he had been. It was easier to try and get that through to him now, better to make him understand now. If he learned now, he would be saved from having to learn as the doctor had. Really, Dr. Brookes was doing him a service by instilling this knowledge.

    ...Wasn’t he?

    But I feel like everything I choose will always be false

    Ooh that could be interesting, Royce does have cat features so he could certainly be a target for that kind of thing.

    I don’t have any preference either way, tho I will say that Royce doesn’t exactly like or trust men so if you play a guy it would be even more uphil to try and get Royce to trust your character.

    Maybe? I’ve never actually seen Oliver and Company.

    All I know is that I’m very set on a parentalish relationship lol

    Possibly something that happens is that there’s some sort of issue, maybe like stalking or just people giving them trouble in general and once Royce actually trusts the other character he decides to try taking into his own hands, even if it’s a terrible idea? Idk

    For the past month, something has been going through all the garbage in your neighborhood: knocking over garbage cans, ripping open trash bags, and rifling through the garbage.

    Whatever has been doing this has taken a particular liking to your trash, picking it clean of any and all scraps of food.

    You figure that it’s an animal and plan to scare it off so it stops leaving your trash everywhere. When the night finally arrives that you catch it in the act, you find yourself face to face with much, much more than you bargained for.

    You were partially right when you called them an animal: Your trash fiend is a sickly skinny boy with the ears and tail of a cat and a smoldering glare.

    This part of me that wants a simple "right or wrong"

    Sebastian Brookes

    OOC: Thank you!

    IC: Sebastian pulled the small flask closer to him, opting to hold it in his hands and stare down at the nerve plant growing inside. He remained quiet, eyes tracing the silvery-white veins on the green leaves. Though he never made eye contact, the way he paused ever so slightly at time, his brow furrowing somewhat as he focused made it clear that he was listening, even if he kept his gaze fixed on the leaves of his plant. A finger rose again to wipe the dust away from the flask gingerly, a soft and gentle action that look strange for the cold, apathetic doctor to preform.

    After Aiden spoke his piece, Dr. Brookes finally lifted his head, light eyes staring through Aiden.

    “So you know it’s pointless...and yet you keep doing it?”

    His words would have had quite a bite to them, but his tone wasn’t bitter or accusatory. No, Sebastian sounded tired and almost confused.

    “Isn’t it exhausting?”

    His words were reminiscent of his previous comment about Segilman and Maiser’s experiment of learned helplessness but lacked the acidity that had come with the earlier statement. No, his voice wasn’t acidic or cold anymore, this was a different Sebastian that came out sometimes. The tired, empty Sebastian that would show up from time to time, often denoted by the slump of his shoulders or the defeat that sometimes slipped into his eyes.

    This wasn’t unexpected, there was a lot of whispering about Dr. Brookes behind his back, that even if he was brilliant, his jadedness and apathy were appalling. But it was another thing to see it upclose like this.

    But I feel like everything I choose will always be false

    This part of me that wants a simple "right or wrong"

    Sebastian Brookes

    OOC: Sorry to hear about that! Though god damn do I feel you, had two breakdowns last week and have been trying to take it easier since then to keep it from happening again

    IC: Sebastian kept his poker face the entire time he waited for Aiden to come, the tension he felt only betrayed by his fingers digging into the aluminum of the can, the crunching of metal filling the office. His eyes flashed up at Aiden when he finally appeared, his jaw visibly clenching in agitation before realizing that he was crushing the can in his hands.

    The sound made him pause, surprise running through his features briefly as he let out a deep sigh, his strong shoulders rising and falling.

    He turned to toss the empty can into his wastebin, which was somehow always full of crumped papers and trash.

    With that out of the way, Dr. Brookes steppled his hands and stared into Aiden, his face reverting back to cold stone.

    “Why should I?” His baritone voice came out rough, “It’s not like you’ll listen to me either way.”

    Something that sounded like it should have been a laugh...or was it just a scoff? In any case, it was very clearly bitter.

    It seemed that one of the few emotions the doctor could feel were bitterness and anger, assuming he actually could feel anything.

    Another deep sigh, much more dramatic than than the first.

    “You know just as well as I do that they’re going to get tired of this. You know they’re going to tear you apart for this eventually. If not that, there’s always the possibility of a drug-induced coma until I can make something like you ‘but better.’”

    Sebastian threw his hands up at that last part, running his fingers through his blond hair haphazardly before putting them back down on the desk.

    With that came another silence, the only sound coming from the clock on the desk and the hum of computer fans.

    In that silence, Sebastian’s shoulders fell, somehow revealing just how tense and squared they had been before by the lack of tension in them now. His hazel eyes flicked to Aiden again before settling on a small flask on his desk, filled with plantlife. A finger rose to wipe the dust from the top of the black rubber stopper, minding the chip in the glass.

    “...So why are you doing this?”

    His voice was suddenly soft, no longer holding even bitterness. If anything, he just sounded...tired.

    But I feel like everything I choose will always be false

    This part of me that wants a simple "right or wrong"

    Sebastian Brookes

    OOC: Well I didn’t expect to just fall off the face of the earth because of depression holy fuck, sorry about that

    IC: Sebastian had been waiting at his desk, writing up his report in the meantime. His cold gaze bore into the report through his reading glasses.

    Why couldn’t his experiment behave himself? Why did he always have to cause so much trouble? And for what? They were right back at square one.

    It was useless, utterly useless.

    The scientist took a sip of the drink on his desk, a tall black can with a large gold star on the side. Was the amount of caffeine necessary, considering he already drank a coffee today? To a normal person, perhaps. But Dr. Brookes was starting to crash and knew that he needed a pick-me-up if he was going to deal with 19405702, which in his mind, justified crushing a Rockstar in his office.

    Speak of the devil, a guard poked his head into his office.

    “Experiment #19405702 is awake, Dr. Brookes.”

    Sebastian nodded, taking another swig of the energy drink in his hands before sighing deeply.

    “Bring him in, I have quite a bit I’d like to cover with him.”

    With that, he dismissed the guard with a wave of his hand, before fluidly taking off his glasses and rubbing his face.

    He could already anticipate just how miserably this whole conversation would go, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t try. Trying was all he could do anymore.

    Maybe...just maybe if he told the experiment enough times, he would finally listen, finally understand.

    Finally accept his place, just like he had done years ago.

    Suddenly, he found himself having downed the rest of the energy drink in one go, not recalling having ever picking it up or putting it to his lips.

    But I feel like everything I choose will always be false

    This part of me that wants a simple "right or wrong"

    Sebastian Brookes

    OOC: Yeah we probably should time skip ahead a little bit. Sorry for vanishing also, been horribly busy and still am ngl. Btw, if you want my discord or something lemme know, I’m way more active on discord and you can yell at me there so I don’t forget lol

    IC: Sebastian’s icy mask fell for a moment, exposing a trace amount of agitation, a scowl. But even then it was gone as soon as it appeared on his face.

    He folded his hands behind his back, watching as Aiden struggled against the guards restraining him. A blow actually managed to hit him, striking him in the shin and making him wince instinctively, shying away from the blow as best he could. He noticed some of the scientists serving glances his way and it made him bristle. Dr. Brookes found the eyes on him uncomfortable and tried to make them leave him be, speaking up finally.

    “I’m fine,” he assured roughly, snapping the words out almost like a whip. With that he turned around, scuffed dress shoes clicking against the floor.

    “Let me know when he’s awake.”

    He didn’t even wait to see them drag Aiden off, there was no point. Sebastian was already heading back to his office, quietly trying to piece together the choice words he had for his experiment.

    Dr. Brookes was already dreading this meeting before it even happened.

    But I feel like everything I choose will always be false

    This part of me that wants a simple "right or wrong"

    Sebastian Brookes

    OOC: Okay this one is way less ugly lol

    IC: Before he was even seen, the quiet that fell made an audible click echo through the hallway. No doubt, it was from those tacky, hard-soled dress shoes he wore all the damn time. Honestly, he had no right to be wearing them still, not with how blatantly scuffed they were. Or that, try as he might to imply they didn’t, hurt his feet when he was on his feet too long.

    It wasn’t long before Sebastian himself was finally in view, his expression hard and stony and yet...uncomfortably neutral.

    “Well, 19406702. What did I tell you?”

    He stopped directly in front of Aiden, sparring no kindness in his look.

    “Sedate him and take him back to his room.” He ordered to the guard retraining him, before focusing back on Aiden.

    “You and I have much to talk about later.”

    But I feel like everything I choose will always be false

    This part of me that wants a simple "right or wrong"

    Sebastian Brookes

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    IC: hello world! this is a testing post and a false text body to fill this up in an attempt to make it look like an actual text post.

    But I feel like everything I choose will always be false

    This part of me that wants a simple "Right or Wrong"

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    Sebastian Brookes

    IC: Sebastian sighed, accepting the static towards him without even a hint of a complaint.

    He kept his classic poker-face before shaking his head again. This thing truly considered himself to be a person?

    Not that it mattered. He knew that, but apparently, someone didn’t mention that to the experiment. Which of course meant that the duty would have to go to him.

    He grit his teeth his frustration, taking a deep, shaking breath that made his shoulders rise and fall dramatically as Aiden flipped him off. An actual display of emotion for once, almost...impressive.

    Dr. Brookes turned to the guards and other scientists by him, crossing his arms tightly as he barked out an order.

    “Flank him.”

    Dr. Brookes realized that this had probably no more success than anything they usually tried. The fact that #1940570 was smart enough to be dangerous was supposedly going to be good for the project.

    As far as he could tell, it just meant that he was a major pain in the ass, both generally and in terms of attempting to recapture.

    But I feel like everything I choose will always be false

    This part of me that wants a simple "Right or Wrong"

    OOC: It’s all good! Be safe! I hope this isn’t too shit I’m kind of distracted myself

    Also ngl I don’t really like this fancy and think it looks kinda fugly but I made it at 1am, the coding is being funky and I did not want to fiddle with it more. I stg I’ll make one that looks less hideous later

    Sebastian Brookes

    IC: Dr. Brookes had been trying to enjoy some peace and quiet for once. A secdulded part of the facility where nobody could barge in and find him. It was...nice.

    Of course until there was another containment breach. Sebastian gave a long, deep sigh, betraying some of his disappointment. Now there was work to be done and he couldn’t just stand around twiddling his thumbs.

    At one point, experiment 19405702’s escape attempts has terrified him, they were so unpredicented, truly anxiety inducing. Now? Well, now they were almost becoming routine.

    Dr. Brookes ran towards the commotion, figuring wherever there would be the most action was most likely where their most problematic creation would be.

    He wasn’t even surprised when his hypothesis was correct. His stony face grave way for something that almost looked like it was disappointment when he locked eyes with his experiment. A soft “hmmph” escaped him as he crossed his arms.

    “Come on, 19405702,” he scolded, “we both know how this ends by now, don’t we?”

    His eyes narrowed, showing the vaguest hint of something that could almost be interpreted as an emotion.

    “Why can’t you just be easy like the rest of them and just...give into a little of that Seligman and Maier psychology?” A shake of the head, why couldn’t this thing accept that it had no choice, like a dog in an electrified box?

    Sebastian knew it, the others knew it, everyone knew it. The only difference he could see from those German Shepards and the rest of them was that they weren’t howling in pain. At least, not physical pain.

    But I feel like everything I choose will always be false

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