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    // TW for like 'talking' about rape, but the action itself are not happening in this thread!

    Breakout hadn't returned back with the others to the mansion after the raid. His mind had been complete elsewhere. He hadn't even brought up the conversation he had been having with Deathstroke just remaining completely in silence with it aside from informing his decision to Asimov about it. The next meeting for sure it would be announced and brought to attention. Right now though he just wanted to be alone so had wander up to the cliff. He felt completely torn apart inside after having relived a such painful memory. He could still even now not remembering it only having been haunted by that red door, and heared the cries from his younger self in there. But this...this had been the closest he had ever come to finally start to understand what exactly had happend to him behind that door. The pain and suffering he had endured, why Deathstroke crimes effected him so. None of it made him feel better though in fact he believed he never had felt even more worse.

    Suffocated and drowning, that was what he felt, and he realised he never had left that red room.

    He had tried to calm his nervs down by lightening up a cigarette but as he reached one of the many trees out there he just...let himself lean against it as his lip started to tremble, and the cigarette just got dropt towards the ground. Tears burned inside of his azure blue orbs, and he let them fall down his cheeks while sinking down towards the ground to cry. He felt just to much pain, and he felt like everything had crushed down around him. Even if Crimson was dead he keept on haunting him. He would never be free, would he?. No matter what he did would never recover from what Crimson had done because he was already broken, a mess and there was no saving him. Breakout was doomned. He could never be saved, to get put back into pieces again to be whole. He could never get his ruined childhood back. He was....a broken mess that couldn't be fixed.

    " Oh look at you hun, you really look like a such mess." a voice could be heared, and soon the royal looking kitsune would show his form behind some trees. When had he got here?. Breakout would quickly wipe the tears away from his eyes before standing up and forced a grin upon his maw. " S-sorry man, thought i was alone up here..." he would say, feeling embarassed now that he had let someone see him cry. The sort of mess he was were not for others to see. Vanitas just smirked though, a devil looking one with complete cruelity. " Let me ask you something Boss, how can you still stand to be living with yourself?." he asked which startled the hellhound alot to hear. What?.

    " I mean you most realise by now how much of a horrible person you are?. I have not been here for long but... i can clearly see how much of a wreck you're. You're a alcoholic, drug addict even hit your own daughter. What sort of a father would even do such a thing?." Vanitas said while watching how deeply his words cut before contunie on as he started to walk around. " Batterychicken was the only one brave enough to say it but i know the rest of the cartel feels the same way about you. They're all scared of you, living in terror that's why not even Clove wants you to touch her anymore. " Oh yes, the gossips, the whispers and the whole conversation had been going out in the courtyard as well. How could anyone have missed it?. " You think yourself to be so much better then the ruins,the exiles..but you're not. You're not better then your father."

    " NO!, y-you're wrong!...i-i'm not...t-they are not..." he tried to protect but his words failed him because how could he speak against it?. That was the way it looked like. Breakout started to slip about from the reality to let what Vanitas said get to him while struggling with his own inner conflict. Both Batterychicken and Clove could brealy stand to look at him now, and he knew Penny not was at the best of terms with him either... but..but.. " You know it's true, and wanna know something more?. Your dear father Deathstroke raped one of my friends once." How suprising it was that Vanitas actually was saying something true for once. Leonidas, how once had been called for his 'friend' had been a victim to Deathstroke like so many others.

    " It's only a matter of time before you will found a victim too, after all the rapist blood runs through your veins, Wilson. You have already hit your own flesh and blood, it's only a matter of time before you snap. " Breakout started to shake his head as he backed away until his back hit the tree and he would then crounch down to put his paws over his own ears as he tried to block it all out. " You have wrong!!, i would never do fucked up shit like that!..i'm father...i'm not.. w-why would..." I'm not a bad guy!. He didn't wanted to be anyway, he was trying very hard not to be. But the world seemed to be against him on that front, to defend and protect the villains while painting him as one instead.

    " This world is never gonna see that hun, neither will the cartel. Despite your best attempts to prove them differently your efforts have reached aboslutely no one. I'm afraid my friend you will never be viewed as anything else then a villain. This world dosen't care to acknowledge the good things you do in life only the bad ones... They will never understand you because they do not want to. Everything is just about them to make themself to the victims or...being to much of a coward to stand up. Sooner or later they will all bedray you to gain glory to themself because that's the true colors of you mortals. You cannot help yourself to sin, which is why Boss nothing you ever do will matter in the end. "

    Breakout couldn't block this words out even if he tried and as he where being forced to listen would soon stop protecting his ears as they just fall down. matter what he did he would always be hated, was that it?. Because of what Crimson had done, because of his blood relations to Deathstroke he was a lost cause?. No one would ever love him?, just wanting to use him?. didn't wanted to believe that. His breathing started to increase and the flames fore up from underneath his paws as he started to become to emotional. If what Vanitas said were true then this world was a real fucked up one, and everyone...deserved to burn. All he could see was Crimson face, and all the pain he had brought him, all the pain he had been put through during his life and it hurt. It hurt. Why not burn all of the pain up?. If the world would never look at him anything more then just a villain, why not just burn it all up together?, so no one could ever hurt him anymore.

    " That's right, nobody loves you and they never will. Why else would Reiki have abandoned you with that monster Crimson, when knowing full well what he was capable of doing?. And why would your other father Deathstroke start his new family with Feliks without even caring if you where alive or not?. They both abandoned you there with Crimson because they didn't care. Chicagocrimes too acted like she cared and loved you only to throw you away to defend Krieger how destroyed your home and killed your beloved twin brother Howard. Alcibiades hates you know because you broke his heart. Clove cannot even stand to see you day he is gonna stab you in the back to claim the crown, to kill you just like how you killed your own Godmother Orianna. Lastly your own kids wants nothing to do with you even wishing you where dead. So you see?, you're all worthless Darius. Nobody would even miss you if you died today. This world will never care for you. You're nothing more then filth. "

    This azure blue orbs went blank as he slipt into his own little world and the flames spread itself putting the forest on fire. Vanitas hit all the sore spots, shattering him with his words alone and Breakout disappeared into himself while letting his flames lose to burn everything in it's path. Burn it all down. Let the world feel his pain. Vanitas was quite pleased with his accomplishment as he turned to watch as his little devil flames spread itself to destroy everything it touch and it made him smirk, a laughter bubble itself out from his mouth. Yes, this was what he had wanted all along. To watch the world burn down into ashes, one clan at the time. Such a wonderful day to see, to watch as everyone would burn for thier disgusting sins and he would always be there watching it all.

    The forest will rise high in blue to destroy everything in it's path. The king shall fall choked by the snake.

    Under the meantime Breakout had crawled himself up inside of himself to completely shut himself of and let the hell outside break itself lose. There was no point...he just gave up. " SNAP OUT OF IT!!." a voice loud and clear roared up and as Breakout lifted up his head with wet cheeks would be meet with a 'fist' punched straight into the side of his cheek which send him straight towards the 'ground'. Startled over what just had happend and by the fact how painful that hit had felt the Godfather looked up and who he saw there made his eyes widen up. " S-Sol?..." It had to be a mistake yet there he stood, the silver pelted direwolf with the eye-patch and the emerald orb glaring straight down at him. Breakout did had seen him in the past but he was just an illusion, a fracture of his memory with him to keep him alive, or so he had thought...But if so...why had that punch felt so real for?. " Shit, ya can't be real..." he would mumble in disblief. He could hear how the former Godfather made a 'tch' sound before narrowing his orb. " Of course i'm real, did you thought i was just a haunted memory all of this time?. If that was so, why would i push you back to life?." he asked, and when mentioning it Breakout remembered seeing a silver pelted wolf when he had been close to death after the ruins raid.

    " When i died one small piece of my soul embarked with yours. I was to small though, to weak so i have just been living inside of you all of this time unable to really reach to you aside from some few times. But i have grown stronger for each day and i finally was able to reach you, in the right time too. " he would explain but realised quickly that none of this made much sense to his former apprentice. He suppose that made sense. Sollux would sigh before approching over closer to the hellhound so he could reach out a paw in a attempt to place it upon his head. " You've done well Breakout, m' proud over you. The cartel have become strong again thanks to you. " he would give a side looking smile and from someone like Sollux how never smiled it was the best one to be hoping for.

    This pat on his head meant so much for the hound, to hear this words from his own former Godfather and mentor he had looked up to made him let out a sob. " But Boss...i have failed...i..i'm feeling so alone..i-i have nob-" he was cut there as Sollux now hit his other cheek so he would fly to the floor once more. " Stop with your pitiful whining. You have nothing you say?, fucking bullshit!. You've the whole cartel!, they are your fucking family, the only one you need to keep your back." he would say firmly as he glared down at the Godfather clearly pissed and lacking much patience with this whole 'feel sorry for me' bullshit.

    " Listen, you shouldn't trust anything that fucking snake has to say. He is full of bullshit. He always has been. He just wants to break you down so you can destroy the world for him, that's all he ever have fucking wanted. Vanitas real name's Dimitri, he is the red snake and the one how laid behind what happend back then with the fire. You need to know the truth so i will give you the whole story. Dimitri hired Deathstroke to kill my son Ladon and served his cut up body into a box to deliver on my border. It made me lose my mind, and i thought all vampires how lived in the cartel was working for Dimitri. I lost my faith in my own fucking people. Dimitri got what he wanted but i won't allow that to happen now. I won't let history repeat itself, got it?. So get your fucking shit together and get the fuck up and fight. Your people needs you and if you do nothing but seat here whinning and crying while letting your fire destroy everything you loves, and everyone how cares for you then he will win, Do you understand?, have i made myself clear?."

    Breakout listen, feeling a bit overwhelmed with all of this but once he was done his gaze dropt to his paws, still not fully convinced. " But Sol...i'm his son..." he found it difficult to say that, wondering how Sollux would feel about him being the son to the assassin how had murderd his son. " Yeah, i already know that. I knew it from the first time i saw you. I could have killed you back there, i was thinking about it too but...i just didn't and i don't regret my decision. I don't give a shit who your parents are." Hearing him say that meant alot. It was like he had been waiting for someone to tell him that. For Sollux too because he had always been wonderd how he would have thought about him if he had known. Turned out he had known all along. Making up his mind Breakout would finally stand up as he wiped the tears away before firmly nodding his head, the will power inside of him returning. This fucking Dimitri, he wouldn't let him destroy his family.

    " Come on lets save your family."

    Back outside Vanitas was enjoying how far the fire had spread and wondered if it had touched to burn anyone yet. He was dancing between the flames (even if he keep his distance) and hummed to himself, founding this to be one of the most wonderful moment he had have here in agrelos this far. However he soon noticed something changing, the flames that burned so fiercly no longer spread out of control but they now waved back and forth so calmlt, so tame. No longer could he feel the warmth of this heating flames they had turned so cold. Confused he would look back at the hellhound how stood up now with closed eyes. Staring at him watched when Breakout opend his eyes and the left of his eye where emerald now, revealing that cold and familliar look Vanitas despised so much. Bloody hell, this can't be happening...Vanitas thought but despite that smiled, knowing things had changed now and things where about to get so much more exciting.

    It was then the battle begin between the two.

    It went on for a while, Breakout using all skills he had to use them against Vanitas but he was quicker, faster, more experienced but he did got in some hits, to slash up the side of his face and leaving bruises. Breakout then got kicked away as he fall backwards and landed close to the edge of the cliff. He was badly injured at this point, bleeding and weakend. Despite this forced himself back up refusing defeat and as he turned....all of the suddenly Vanitas's sword cut right through his chest to come out on the other side. Wided eyed he stared at the kitsune how was smirking back at him. To fast...he hadn't been able to see that one coming. Coughing out blood Vanitas would move the sword to force the Godfather to back closer to the edge while liftening the sword up so Breakout would be forced to stand up on his back legs while graping around the blade to prevent it from cutting in any deeper. He wore a pained expression, knowing he had failed in the end. Whatever he seemed to do always failed to protect those how matterd the most to him... I'm sorry Aleksei, i'm sorry Clove...Big bro... i tried...i really did but i couldn't beat him... He thought out to the ones closest to him, to the ones that crossed his mind but soon all faces of the cartel arrived to his head as well.

    " Did you really thought you could defeat me?, haha, you're a such joke!. Hmh, since you ruined my pretty little fire now...i guess i will have to stick around for a little further to found a new way to destroy this clan." Vanitas would say and chuckled darkly, tails swinging back and forth while blood dropt down from his mouth, blood on his teeths because yes he had taken a little bit of a snatch from Breakout's neck which had weaken him too. " Hmh, since Asimov will become the new Godfather i suppose he could be the next one for me to play with?. How about i make his whole family turn against him?, or make his forced to choice, the Asimov family or the cartel?. Aha, or i could hire Deathstroke again to make him kill Makariy for me and serve his body in a box to him!. So many delightful ideas!, how difficult it's to just pick one, i wish i could pick them all. " he giggled, but there was somebody how didn't and that was Breakout. He growled at him between the pain.

    " Don't you dare fucking touch him you..piece of shit!. I won't let you touch anyone of them." he would growl and spat some of his blood right into the kitsune's face. Even now close to death door he keept his fight spirit up. After his talk with Sollux and getting brought back again understood it didn't matter what the cartel thought about him. He would still protect them, he would even die for them. He would give his all just to keep them safe from a sicko like this one. So he couldn't lose, he couldn't give up and die like this... He gritted his teeths as Vanitas pushed on the sword again to bring him even closer to the cliff to push him out now only the sword keeping him from falling to his death below with this sharp rocks.

    Breakout throw a gaze down not until now realising how far up they where. Shit, this was fucking crazy!. Was he going to die like this?. Failing once again?. No, he couldn't let this happen. Breakout did not wanted to die like this. If he was going down so would Dimitri. " Tell me something Wilson, why do you try so hard to protect people when you know they will just stab you in the back?. Why protect a clan how dosen't care whether you live or die?." Narrowing his orbs at this words found that question to be damn obivious and clear. He might have been lost before but he would never lose his reason of fighting. Breakout then did the unexpected. He used his last strenght to grap a firm hold on the edge his back paws stood on while graping a tight hold on the sword and then he moved himself forward so the sword would cut even deeper just so he could reach Vanitas and grapt a tight hold of his shoulders. " Because they're my family!. " he snarled as blood dript down his mouth and would give the bastard a bloody cocky grin and with that he pushed with his back legs to send both him and Vanitas over the edge and as he did so he set both of them on fire with his flames. Breakout was immune towards his own fire but Vanitas was not.

    Vanitas started to scream as they fall and Breakout did his best to keep Vanitas in a firm embrace so he couldn't escape, wanting him to burn to feel the furt of his flames, however the strenght was leaving him and Vanitas broke himself free but he was still on fire as he fall. Breakout had no idea what would happen next to the kistune he no longer paid attention to it. He just stared up towards the sun as he was falling down towards his death realising this was it, this was how he was going to die and he felt relieved. Was this how it felt like to die when knowing you had done it for the right reason?. To die knowing he had done everything he could to protect his family?. Oh, he felt at peace at final last. It kinda felt good to die like this even if probably nobody would even know what had happend today, to know the sacrifice he just had done. But that was okay. As long they where all safe that was what mattered.

    Breakout closed his eyes and smiled. I will finally get to see Howard again.

    and with that Breakout fall down into the ocean to disappear underneath the ocean and it's waves, and Vanitas burned body could be found speared by one of the sharp rocks, and on the top of the cliff laid Breakout's chain necklace that had fallen of before he had fallen, and with that,

    Breakout's life come to an sudden end.

    //this took me a whole day to write like ghaaa, making a oneshot involving three characters are so so hard, so i'm sorry if this is all cheesy it's just i could have ended up writing a whole book if i not limited myself.

    This has been a hella exciting and long ride for me. Breakout become leader at the end of september last year so he has lead for like 8 moons or something?. Wow, i can't believe that time has moved so quickly!. I really wanted to keep on leading this clan a little bit longer with Break, my goal was to lead for 1 year at least but unfortunately...i'm unable to do that. Alot of things has been happening at the start of this year and with how it looks like right now around the world this summer will be real difficult for me to get in money and...there is alot of personal reasons to my decision for this, simple put i'm not doing so well right now emotionally because of real life stuff. I'm not gonna bother anyone with it though so i will keep it like that. I'm very sorry to everyone i had plots with Breakout though, i really wanted to contunie on with them but...i just can't, i'm so sorry for that. I have always told myself that if Breakout ever becomes leader he is going to die as one, so this is pretty much a final death for Breakout, rip.

    The matter with the thunderlands will be left to the cartel to handle Break will have told Asimov that he told Deathstroke that he could pick to either step down and leave the clan life behind entierly or keep his leader position and the thunderlands would risk losing the cartel as thier association.

    volary flights no longer view the cartel as thier enemy so they are neutrals now, an other thing Break will have brought up.

    breakout's body won't be found it will have disappeared at the bottom of the ocean, his chain necklace can be found on the cliff though. The fire will have spread pretty far but will have died out completely before it reached the mansion but will have burned part of the territory outside.

    Lastly, i wanna wish the best of luck to madster and ASIMOV !! how now is in charge of the cartel!. I look very much forward to see how Asimov will lead and what plans he has for this group!. I know you're gonna do soooo well <33 and thanks for all the help and support you have been given me! i have really appreciated it!.

    Now to all of you in the cartfam i just wanna tell you all i love all of you so much!, you're all such talented writers and wonderful people!. I have enjoyed to roleplay with all of you so much, and thanks so much for showing such understanding when i have had bad days, and even on the days when i have been crying and felt like hitting absolute bottom, just getting on discord and chatting with you all have brought a smile to my face!. So thank you all <33 and for being such amazing people and friends!. I really wish the best for all of you ^^

    I say my farewell for now because i'm taking a break from ff! not sure when i will return to be honest! but i might drop in on discord now and then to chat. *hugs and smooches you all*

    It was probably the first time for a hella long time that Breakout had been able to sleep this well, to sleep through the whole night without waking up because of a nightmare or him just drinking until he pretty much passed out. This morning it was different though and all because of the body that laid next to him. Breakout had just woken up after what for him had been a well rested sleep releasing a slight yawn while blinking his eyes some couple of times before turning his gaze to look at the adorebale fluffy little thing that laid next to him still and by the looks of it still sleeping. Well, he couldn't really blame him yesterday had been quite wild between the two, so he didn't blamed why Vanillasoda would feel tired today just like how he felt tired after yesterdays fun too.

    For quite some time would just watch the sleeping form not really wanting to wake him up. So instead of disturbing him the hellhound decided to get up to his paws to walk out from the cave they had shared to head out for a little hunt so both would have some breakfast to share with one another before they would have to walk different ways. For a little while the hellhound would be away before he eventually arrived back to step inside of the cave again with two rabbits hanging down from his jaws, and wondered if Vanillasoda had woken up now. Hopefully he hadn't left already...but he suppose it would be fine too if that was the case. It had just been a one time thing of fun anyway. Breakout had badly been in need of some company and Vanillasoda had been there willing to give him what he had been searching for. Breakout was used to this so understand completely how this worked, still he was hoping the male not had left yet so they could talk a little bit. That would have been nice anyway.

    vanillasoda !!

    Breakout had stept outside of his office for a smoke. It had been a such nice day outside as well that he had been hoping to get to spend some time in the sun however as quickly he had arrived this clouds come to put themself in front of the sun to make it disappear and with that his opportunity to feel the sun in his face getting all taken away. Narrowing his orbs at this would just take a other blow from his cigarette and was about to move on from his standing spot to maybe go for a walk or something instead. However as he just had taken a step forward heared how something crashed down behind him. It made his ears perk themself up and would glance over his shoulder only to found Yakova down there. Smoke left his cigarette as he simple stared at the Executor and glanced up a little bit to the mansions roff. Had he...just jumped down from there?. That was pretty heigh up too.

    " Hey...are ya alright dude?. " he would ask while turning himself around to approach over towards the catsune, Asimovs brother until he stop in front of him. " Do ya want me to take you to the infirmary?." he would ask, offering some sort of help if necessery. I mean, Yakova looked fine, he was still standing on all his four legs but you could never be for sure. What he really wondered though was why Yakova even had been on the roof to begin with. Didn't seemed like the most wisest decision in his mind. But who was he to blame really. Yakova looked like the type of guy how knew how to look out after himself even if they not really had spoken much, maybe anything at all. That was a bit weird that he had someone in his high position team he not even had have a proper conversation with...shit, he remember the days when the cartel had been slower and it had been so much easier to get to know everyone. It wasn't as easy like that anymore since people seemed to pull him from left and right all of the time. Kinda hard to just take a breath and have a normal civil conversation with someone like Yakova then.

    Breakout hadn't been expecting that, for Rue to step in front to shove the exiles Deputy aside to prepare herself for the blow that was directed towards Jimin. It was bad enough already that he had slapped his own daughter Damaskrose, and he had promised himself he never would do a such thing again towards anyone he hold dear. So when Rue stept inbetween the hit the Godfather was quick enough to stop himself in time and the hit that could have send Rue to the ground froze right in front of her face. " Rue...what're you..." his voice were hushed, quiet as shook reflected inside of his azure blue orbs that no longer was wild with fire like before.

    Slowly the Godfather would lower down his paw back against the ground and his gaze would circle between the two, watching both of them closely. First to Rue and then to Jimin as they stood there side by side against him. It was a difficult thing for him to process founding it unbelievable that Rue just had stepped inbetween to protect an exiler, and not just anyone for that matter. It was then Jimin open his mouth, that little shit he wanted nothing more then to tear into and bite to pieces. But his hatred for the male was shifted turn to shook once more as he revealed something completely unbelievable. Sister. Ah yes, he remember that how Jimin had claimed him to be related to Rue which had been complete bullshit to his ears, still was. Nothing this person said was trustyworthy in his ears but he understood something was not right here.

    So he turned his attention to Rue and narrowed his orbs at her, his gaze growing colder, almost looking disappointed. " Rue is this true?, explain yourself." he would demand and probably being the first time he sounded like an superior ordering his underling to speak up. It hadn't been his intention to sound like that but he was deeply concernd and feeling a bit bedrayed right now, and he had a long list of bedrayal at this point so his trust was quickly to lose. One wrong move and they might lose his friendship to them forever, and Rue was standing on a very thin thread right now.

    It was a bit of a unfortunate that Latterday not had been in there but that wasn't really something that concernd him much. One of this days he might be lucky, heh. For now would more keep focusing on his friend and let a grin slide up across his maw while approaching the kitsune closer to the bed with the cake and decided to place it down on the floor for now since he couldn't really found anywhere else to place it. " Thanks, but i brought this cake for you, i'm not really liking sweets special much." he would admit. He loved food and to eat but candy and anything sweet he just found a difficult time to swollow.

    Huh?. Breakout would glance up when he was being asked if he was alright but instead of directly answer to that focused more of his statement of being drunk. " Nah, i will admit i drank a little bit before coming here but not enough to ruin ya celebration. I drank alot yesterday though so the stank probably is still there. Sorry about that man." he would give an apologic grin but it slowly got weaker when Asimov invited him over to his bed. Wow, was that really okay?. Was that bro friendly to do?. Breakout was silent for a second or two before giving a simple shrug. It would be fine beside he loved hugs and it had been a while since he had been close to anyone. " Alright, if that's what ya want but no touching my butt, alright?." he joked, playfully which followed with a short chuckle as he made himself over closer to the bed so he could jump himself up to lay himself down beside the kitsune, his best friend. Being this close to him though was teasing his tempation but also he liked this...It wouldn't take special long before he made himself comfortable by getting himself a little bit closer before resting his head on the bed and closed the eye that not could look at Asimov right now, the other eye though would keep it's focus on the Underboss.

    " No,no, ya don't get to do that today." he said as he dodge out from the question, not really wanting to talk about his problems right now. Opening up was not something he was good at, and talking about his break up with Alcibiades was a to much heartaching topic for him. " Today is not about me but you. I come here because i wanna be ya shoulder to lean on or...cry on right now if you need it. I...wanna know if you are okay?." he said and Asimov should understand what he was talking about here.

    If Breakout had known how Clove would react to him hugging her, he wouldn't have done it at all. He had no idea about the trauma Clove was dealing with herself and as she pushed herself away from him and saw the horror in her eyes between this glittering tears...The Godfather completel froze, shooked and horrified but also got strike with confusion. Slowly he lifted up the paw he had touched Clove with to stare down at it with almost contempt. Clove didn't want him to touch her...she felt to disgusted and scared of him?. Or had he hurt her far to badly?. He..he didn't know but it had hurt how she had pushed him away but he also understand why she had done it. After all he was...filthy. She had seen him raise a paw against his own child, she had watched him in his worst temper...No wonder she didn't want to be close to him, why she rejected his touch.

    Breakout let her go, not chasing after her just contunie on to stare down at his paw for a little while longer before he finally turned himself around. His chest hurt and he felt all sick inside. The office. He just wanted to take himself to the office to lock himself up there right now there nobody could see him. Avoiding all and everyone Breakout brought himself there with gaze fixed on the floor so nobody could see his expression right now, this painful look, the tears that glittered in his eyes...It was not until he arrived to his office and closed the door behind himself that he fall down to the floor and started to cry. He would seat there crying inside of his office, in the shadows to cry behind closed doors there nobody could see him.

    And he cried for a very long time.

    He felt relieved that Marrok showed such understanding about this matter that he was willing to forgive over what had happend. That made him relax a little bit, shoulders rolling themself back. " Marrok, i will make sure to never forget that name. I think ya are a very cool guy for showing such understanding. Not many do that.." he would say with a grateful look. No, many just loved to play the whole 'blame everyone else card' to justify themself by refusing to acknowledge when they had fucked up. At least he could admit when he had done something wrong and always tried to fix the mess he had made. This time it might be his own groupmates that had caused it but they where still his family. His family his responsibility. " I like people like ya." he said a bit lower now before chuckling, feeling a little bit embarassed to say that with a crowd around them as well.

    " I still wanna do something for ya though so i will let you know the guy you come to us for left us as quickly he joined. He didn't stay long and it wasn't long he left before you showed up. I have no idea where he went but i hope you will be able to found closure one day, to...move on from what happend to you. " he said with a look of sympathy feeling bad for Marrok and the experience he had been forced to get put through.

    He then turned to the rest (aside from Arya) and gave them a nod as a greeting to acknowledge them all. Marroks family. He liked to hear that since he too had a storng belife in family and everyone back at home was his family. Breakout then looked a bit suprised over the reveal that Volary flights viewed them as an enemy. " You do?. I was...uhm not aware of that. Not sure how that happend because under my whole reign and the Godfather before me there have never been a issue between our groups, and i have been leader for like..eight moons or something now. The cartel do not view the flights as our enemy and as long your clan not attack us have nothing to fear from my group. I will punish anyone how dares to target this clan because i don't like unecessery violence. The cartel only targets groups how have wronged us first. " he would inform him. They might be handling things like mafia did when it come to thier enemies but thier core was just them wanting to run a business. They where not criminals, not for a very long time at least. They had been in the past but that was a long time back.

    // once more going to warn for TW topics, in this post Breakout is reliving his trauma as a child which was about child abuse and rape. This post can be very upsetting even if i not go into any sort of details but still think carefully before reading.

    " DON'T FUCKING CALL ME BY THAT NAME!!." He yelled at him and lifted up a paw only to slam it back down on the ground and his flames spread viciously as they come right towards Deathstroke but in the last second before they would touch him they would depart, split in half and this hot flames would go up in smoke again. He had no fucking right to call him by that name. " Darius is fucking dead, he died a long time ago. He is dead because of you!!." Darius had been his name as a child, the name he had been given from birth. The name he only let Ghoulian call him by because he was the only ties left to his childhood before it had got destroyed. That innocent boy he had been. That innocent Darius had been with hopes and dreams, he no longer existed!!. He died by Crimson's own paws as he put the light out of him and forced him to become somebody else, giving him a new name. Breakout.

    " Bullshit lair. Asimov has more dignity in him then you will ever have. He would never lie to me especially not when it comes to his own children." he spat at him and the mention of Deathstroke stating he never would touch Makariy made him feel sick inside. " Yea, you will never touch him because i will kill you if you even dare get close to him." His voice where dark now, not joking. Despite so inside he was screaming, screaming in agony and pain as he destroyed the bridge he had build up with his father. All of that had been for nothing absolutely nothing.

    Deathstroke did not even bother himself to lie just submit himself to the truth they just had spat in his face. He knew what they were talking about very well. Breakout didn't like the reaction he was being given though, he didn't wanted to see the regret in his fathers eyes right now or how he crumbled down in front of him. How pitiful he sounded, how defeated he sounded. Don't you dare behave like that!. But more then anything he didn't like any of this. He been terrified to confront him with this and now when the truth was out there in the open, everything just fucking hurt. He was in a such emotional pain right now. He had got the worst possible father this world could ever give. The worst part was that this sick monsters blood was running through his veins too so that meant he was capable to do the same thing he had done...right?. Like father like son. And here this fucking bastard was feeling oh so sorry for himself. Living a normal life. Being surrended with people how loves and protected him. Asimov had even mentioned that Deathstroke was leader now. A monster like him didn't deserve happiness.

    " You are a sick fucking monster. You deserve to rot in hell for everything you have done!!. MY WHOLE FUCKING LIFE IS RUINED JUST BECAUSE OF ME BEING RELATED TO YOU!!." He yelled again, flames now surrending the two to close them in. No, he wasn't going to let Deathstroke flee. He was going to lay there fucking listening to what he had to say. Breakout was so upset and distraught that he couldn't think clear right now. He was so hurt and devastated. Everything he had gone through in his life, all pain and suffering he had been forced to endure was all because of his Wilson blood. He couldn't be the man he wanted to be because of this world abuse, because of how they had tainted and scarred him. He couldn't even be a good father because he was all fucked up because of them.

    " Do you know what happend to me after the farm got destroyed?, after i lost Howard and Ghoulian?, and everything i ever known?. Did Reiki ever told you about Crimson?. Because you see father Crimson know about you, he had heared your stories, your little fucking amazing legency!. Crimson worked for a secret organization and oh boy how much he wanted a fucking Wilson child to train to become just like him. Reiki was there too i don't know why, maybe he was the one how sold me out to him. In any case he kidnapped me brought me to his homebase and forced me to battle other kids in my age, to kill them even. I refused at first but after i got verbally beaten and abused every fucking time i opend my mouth or seeing how he went after Reiki when i disobeyed i gave in. Haha, you should have seen it when i killed that kid. ' Smash his head in with a bat' he told me or else he would force me to watch as my father got his head smashed in. So i did it, my first kill. " he paused with his speaking as his eyes grow wide with insanity, and lips curling themself up into a wide and twisted grin as he relived that traumatic moment. He had only been four months old when he had killed that three month old kid. He looked crazy.

    " But there's more. You're gonna love this part dad!!. " he paused to chuckle but then his grin suddenly vanished from his features yet so his eyes looked wild and crazy still. " One night i saw how Reiki escaped, i don't know how but there he was running away leaving me behind. I thought he would come back for me, i thought he and you was going to save me. But of course none of you did. Crimson was pissed though. Holy damn i have never been so fucking terrified in my life when i saw the look Crimson had!. He was so furious and pissed and after failing to found Reiki he turned to me and said..' Hey brat since your fucking father run of you're gonna have to take his place'. He said that while viciously dragging me" Breakout suddenly froze, and he looked completely lost there as he tried to remember. The red room replaying itself in his head again. He could hear the screams behind it, this agony screams coming from his younger self. But he couldn't remember what happend behind this closed doors...he couldn't...

    " He opend the door...and he..p-pushed me inside..a-and..and he...throw me on the bed...h-he closed the door..." he started to shake now, hyperventilating as he crounched himself down to the ground and breathed in and out as he contunie on to go back to that memory, trying so very hard to remember. Screams, he could hear screams, so many screams, so many cries for help. Suffocating, he felt like he was drowning. Weak and powerless. There was nothing he could have done to prevent it because he was to small, not strong enough. It had felt so unreal, he hadn't even known what had been happening!!. " H-h-h-he h-h-hurt me..s-s-so much, it h-hurt!!, it hurt!!, i was s-so scared, so v-v-very scared..i called o-out for you!, i w-wanted you to save me!!. Papi,papa..." Save him from the nightmare, save him from what Crimson was doing towards him but no one had come. Reiki had left him there...knowing fully well what sort of person Crimson was. He had saved his own skin and given his own son to the wolf.

    The flames had now come to create themself like a wall around the hellhound, and he was shaking while tears run down his cheeks. Horrible, horrible memories. That was why he was so protective towards children, why he hated the sanguine ruins and the exiles. Because he know the aftermath of abuse a child had to endure and suffer through. Even now three years later he was still fucked up. They had ruined him, tainted him, taking his innocence away. They had made him filthy, and stripped away his future. He was nothing but a broken shell of the child he once had been. The sanguine ruins, the exiles...they where no different just the same.

    They where just as bad like Crimson and Deathstroke was. Child murders.

    " I aboslutely think ya look like a tasty little gorgeous snack bite." The Godfather would join in on the conversation as he walked on over maybe with his Underboss Asimov's company as well. There was no way he was going to miss out on this beach party Ivorian had been so kind to invite them too and he was hoping to get to see alot of butts and boobs here today he totally planned to be staring at. For once he even wore sunglasses to protect his eyes from the sun but also so nobody would notice when he checked somebody out. Grinning which many how found him attractive enough would found charming the hellhound already was checking Sakura out again. She was the one how had invited them here and damn girl she was totally on his type list for sure.

    " Yo everyone, thanks for inviting the cartel over to this beach party, it really looks neat and we even got lucky with the weather. Name's Breakout, the Godfather in case ya didn't know. " he said as he greeted all of them, Francium pretty much the only one he was familliar with from this group so it would be nice to get to know them all better. If anything he really enjoyed this day away from the cartel to be here and just relax and stare at butts. It was no harm to stare and look, right?.

    " Heh, who fucking cares i wouldn't mind to be her gorgeous snack, anytime of the day." he would say to Asimov once Sakura had started to depart and offered a shameless grin while he had stared after that cute little fluffy butt of hers. Beach party huh?. He would totally go on that thinking the same as Asimov right now. I could need some damn vacation right now there i get to stare at attractive butts all day long. He thought before getting closer to his Underboss as he attempted to throw a arm around him while grinning. " i'm totally going and ya should come too, i think both ya and i deserve a day out on the beach enjoying the sun." and with sun he meant staring at butts and boobs.

    Well he did had promised Naeva that she was going to get to paint his fur...and what man would he be if not keeping to his promises, right?. With everything that had been happening, and bad things that keept on happening having a moment like this one there he just could get to spend some time with the kids just felt like a just relaxing idea for him. Breakout had always loved to see when kids smiled, and happily run around playing, causing mishief and trouble because that was what a child was suppose to be doing. Just being carefree and not caring about anything else then to have fun. Everytime he saw this felt at least a little bit proud that he had created a enviroment there at least the kids would run around freely to feel safe. He wanted to keep them all safe, to protect them all which was why he really fucking hated it when he saw the damage an adult was capable of doing towards a child. How Luci and Celeste had looked...It sickening him down to his very stomach how an adult even could do something like that. His scene with Damaskrose was something that never would stop haunting him, and sometimes he wonderd if he even was any better, from the ruins and the exiles.

    But today, in this very moment did not wanted to think about any of that. He just wanted to cherish and enjoy this moment there the cartelian kids got to paint his fur in all shape and colors which probably would be a hell to wash out from his fur later. But that was a small sacrifice to make just to give a little bit of joy into the kids life and there he just got to spend sometime with them. Even on his most shitty day the kids always could get him to feel better, to see them laugh and just being happy always warmed him up on the inside. It always made him feel better to be around them because he loved them, the kids, and even if his own kids might hate him now he would never stop loving or caring for them.

    " Hey!, Naeva!. I have fixed up some paint now if ya wanna give me a nice make over!. Of course any kids how wanna join in can jump onboard!." he would call from the courtyard as he laid down in the sun with some paint placed in front of him in all different colors. He would wait as he grinned faintly to himself.

    naeva r.a

    They had trained, they had practise and now the day had finally arrived. Today would be the day to bring justice to Angelbeats,Celeste and Luci. Blood and battle cries would be heared very soon as they would strike them down and he hoped it would be hard. Standing outside would call out loud and clear. " Cartelians!, today is the day to finally give our former Underboss justice!, but also to revenge what they did towards Celeste and Luci!. Everyone how can fight gather yourself up we will head out soon so make sure you have everything you need for the battle and remember to fight alongside your partner. " and then he would wait for his family to come on forward and prepare themself for the upcoming battle.

    // FOR JUSTICE ¤¤ Angelbeats honor raid

    Breakout had been training the cartel just for this one moment to strike the sanguine ruins back for everything they had done and contunie on to be doing. Unfortunately it seemed like this clan was to full of sickos and disgusting beings to never learn. They where all beyond saving in his eyes now. They lived in thier own world of righteousness there everything was about them and nobody else. They loved to put the blaming game on all and everybody else around them while they themself was bringing to much destruction and pain upon others, on children. He wished he had the power to make all of this vile monsters how lives here to get a taste of thier own damn medicin. To make them feel defensless,weak, powerless there they cried and cried for forgiveness and hoping for someone to save them from this nightmare. He wanted them to know what it felt like to be a victim of abuse, to be belittled and ruined beyond repair. He wanted them to be destroyed in every possible cruel way he could think about to make them all feel so small and vunerable, while wondering why this was happening to them. That was how the children felt, and he wanted all of this child abusers to get put in thier shoes, to live through thier pain and suffering. To get thier whole life destroyed ruined, to be tainted and feeling dirty. But he know even if they experiences all of that for even one day it wouldn't be enough. The sanguine ruins deserved worse fate then to get turn for eternity in the hell of the flames. The exiles too. He hated them and he found it unfair that people like this even was allowed to breath and live.

    There would be no mercy from him or the cartel today. " Remember our goal with this raid today. It's to honor Angelbeats and everything she has done for us but also revenge not only on our fallen Underboss but also for Celeste and Luci. I want you all to think about what the sanguine ruins did towards Celeste and Luci when fighting this vile beings today. Remember how they cut of Celeste tail, how she looked when she laid there on our border and how they scarred Luci for life. They are just kids, not even five moons old. I want you to picture them to not forget how they ruined two kids just to fucking please thier fake god!. How they where ruthless and merciless, and i want you all to embrace this and go out there to fight today with everything you have to give this kids justice, and i want you to keep Angelbeats in your memory to remember everything he has done for us, and how this fuckers took away a friend,a sister,a lover,a wife and a mother away from us. Justice will be served today for taking her away from us. I want you all to give them the same damn treatment they gave to Angelbeats, Celeste and Luci, and i want you to destroy them. Hit there the fucking hurt the most. Do not forget an eye for an eye." he would say while walking back and forth while talking to his army, his family right outside of the ruins border to hold his speech. Once done he would turn himself around towards the desert.

    " Make sure to keep to your partner during the raid. The cartel, attack!." he growled his final words before charging forward right into the desert to head out for war yet again. An other battle, an other fight to avenge the wrong doings on his people. When would it stop?. It never would.

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    open to max 3 opponent // paired with Wavepool // open to get one of his ears half ript of and more body scars // tag when attacking/interacting with

    Breakout was clearly not satisfied with that answer and he made that obivious clear as he growled at him, teeths bared. He didn't buy it, that was a such fucking bullshit of a story and the thought of Deathstroke lying to his face right now just made him even more mad. " Oh come on! cut your fucking bullshit!. Asimov is back at home shaking and crying right now because of you." he snarled as he raised his head higher with fur bristling on no end, showing of his clear dominance right now. " You fucking threaten his child!!." Just spatting this words out made everything so much real, Asimov's words echoing, no screaming inside of his head, and he could hear it. The voice of a screaming and crying child at the back of his head. It made fire sprang up form underneath his paws and it's flames where burning themself up to the lenght of his legs.

    Clenching his teeths Breakout breathed out smoke from his nose, and if anyone dared touching him right now could feel how much he was burning up. " I know what you did!." a whisper now, despite his fury this words got whispered out between gritted teeths and underneath the fury, a cracking sound in his voice to bedray how difficult it was for him to speak this out aloud, to say this to Deathstroke's face right now. But he couldn't hold it in, no more and his conversation with Ghoulian sprang up inside of his head. Taking in a breath Breakout would narrow his orbs." I know everything, Ghoulian told me everything!!." he snarled again, his voice reaching high which his flames accompanies by rising higher up as well. So hot, so very hot. He glared at him, watching his expression, waiting to see how he would react and some part of him was looking for some sort of fucking humanity in this vile monster how he had been cursed with to be his father!. But he know he shouldn't, he know there was no point in doing so because he could never forgive him. It was impossible. Deathstroke had crossed a line. Whatever he had to say would never be satisfying for his ears.

    Breakout contunie to have his head turned away from her, refusing to even look at her right now while this fresh injures where cutting inside of his heart. At first he didn't even care much what she had to say not much interested to listen more to her, and during the meantime could only think about Hayliel and Ryuusaki how the two had used and abandoned him. How much they had hurt him. How everyone he had been closed to once had hurt him. They always did, taking advantage of him that was why he not wanted to be vunerable to anyone, because that way it wouldn't hurt as much. Not even Alcibiades he had let in completely despite how close they had been. Breakout had never talked about his nightmares with him, just holding him after having one. He had never told him about his past. They had been so close yet so far away from one another. A wall put between them created by himself.

    Clove was the first one he had let down his walls around and he was paying for it now. I'm terrified of losing you Breakout. It was that one sentence that made the hellhound twitch his ear before casting a side glance over at her direction and it was then he saw how...sad she looked. That was an very unexpected reaction he not had been suspecting and his head finally turned itself back to the kitsune to glance at her fully now, observing her closely while listening to every word she had to say now. Hearing her say this words and looking so sad, almost destroyed made this cold hearted shield he had build back up come crashing down again. Breakout didn't liked to see feel upset, he didn't like to see Clove this way and it made him realise he was the one at wrong here. She looked genuine enough in his eyes. Upset and just hurt. Had he...gone to far?. Had he misunderstand everything completely?. It made him frown while this feeling of guilt and remorse fore up inside of him.

    Things like this could be difficult for him since the side of Clove he had seen before had been like a complete stranger to him then he was used to. She had always been so warm in his eyes, a bit closed up maybe and even if she not was one to smile very often had felt this warmth coming from her. Seeing how cold she had become like this was difficult for him cope with along with everything she had said. It had made him start to assume the worst, that this couldn't possible be the Clove he had been imaging. He had let his trust issues get the absolute worst of him to start comparing her to Hayliel and Ryusaki, two people he had stood so close to, maybe even closer to then what he had with Asimov...After all what they had done had left a such rift inside of him. But that was wrong. Clove wasn't Hayliel or Ryusaki, he understood that clearly now just by looking at her and hearing the truth slipping out from her mouth. It made him realise his mistake, how harsh and cruel he had been. He had come here to comfort her, to be there for her like a friend but instead of that he had made her so upset she was shaking, hurting her to the poin of looking close to break down into tears.

    I'm a such horrible person.

    He had let his own past friendships of people he had trusted to death which had hurt him so horribly treat this women he cared so deeply for so...wrongly. This was what happend when he tried to open up to someone, he ended up hurting them. Breakout would slowly approach to the kitsune,the Capo,his apprentice, his friend on quiet steps to get himself all the way to her and when he did would wrap out a paw in a attempt to throw it over her so he could bring her into his chest, so he could embrace her. " I'm so sorry Clove. I had wrong, i fucking misunderstood. I took your words and twisted them around to the aboslute worst. I'm so so sorry. I let you see the worst side of me. Shit, i come here trying to comfort you and check up on you and instead i ended up doing it so much worse." he would tell her, pain in his words and Breakout looked heavy with guilt but it was not like Clove could see that right now.

    He would bite down on his tounge not understanding how he could be so fucking stupied. No wonder why people always were leaving him, because he couldn't keep his stupied mouth shut. All he ever seemed to do was hurting people, to say the wrong things, to let his anger get the best of him. " I'm so sorry..i..i don't know what's wrong with me." He needed to stop this, to stop hurting the ones close to him. He didn't wanted to lose Clove or Asimov. He needed to numb down his own emotions. He would do whatever he had to just so he wouldn't lose them. He was terrified to lose them, he was terrified to lose Cove too.

    That voice. Breakout would bring his head up after having been staring blankly at the dirt in front of his paws and seeing his father coming over to greet him like that was heart breaking. Seeing the joy, the pride, and just how happy he was to see him shattered him apart in inside. This was the father he had pictured. To have a father how was pride over him, how always looked out after him, how just cared and wanted him apart in his life. Always, always he had wanted this picture, to be looked at by Deathstroke the way he was doing now. Despite how he had neglected him in the past had always longed just for this moment because he had never get to have that. Breakout had just been a child how had wanted his fathers love.

    It was then Asimovs upset face reappeared inside his head again. The words he had said, how shaken up he had been. Breakout had never seen him like that before. Forcing this memories to remain inside of his head the hellhound stood up, closing his eyes as he started to approach his father only opening them when he was right in his face and the look he wore it was dark of fury. Without even a warning Breakout lashed out his metallic paw and attempted to strike Deathstroke cheek with all power he had if it hit for sure it would be a real painful one, it might even send his father stumbling to the side, and that hit would sting for days. " WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO TO ASIMOV?!!." He snarled loud and clear, embracing the anger inside of him to let it run free in his veins. He bared his teeths, digged his claws into the dirt, and he looked ready for a fucking war.

    sounds good for me then! ^^

    hmmh, since Break is pan he likes all parts on both genders equally but since he had a bf before i think right now he would feel better to be sleeping with a female? but he wouldn't really care all to much, he would like Roma and Roman just as much cx

    // TW topics of rape and child rape will get brought up in this thread so if feeling very uncomfortable with this topic i would suggest to not read this thread, Break is very upset and triggered right now and might act very aggressively.

    Asimovs upset and traumatizing behavior haunted him still even when he arrived up to the border. Seeing his friend like that, so shaken up and so terrified had made him feel sick inside. It replayed itself in his head over and over again like a punishment. Yes this was his punishment for ignoring this for so long just because he not had have the courage to confront any of it. But that would end today. What Deathstroke had done towards his friend, his Underboss was fucking unacceptable. Who the fuck dared he threaten his friend like that?. It was still difficult for him to process, to accept the sort of person his father actually was. He hadn't wanted to believe it, he had wanted it all to be untrue, a fucking lie. He hated liars but this had been the one time there he had fucking prayed with all of his being it wouldn't be true.

    But he could no longer blind not with a child standing on the line here. It was about time for him to put his own feelings aside to do a decision to protect his family even if it ment he had to ruin his childhood dreams. His dream to have a relationship with his father...For so long he had wanted that. When he had been young had looked up to Deathstroke, having looked forward to finally get to meet him, to get to know him and had thought he was the coolest guy after thanks for the stories he had been told from Reiki, his other father. But all of this had just been delusions, a fantasy. A stupied fucking dream. Deathstroke would never be the father he had wanted, never be the father he had waited for, the father he had thought would save him, the father he had wanted a relationship despite being thrown aside and neglected so he could have a new family with Feliks. The image he had of Deathstroke to be this cool and honorable dad was all lies. Lies,lies,lies, made up by a child how just had wanted a father to look up to. But he realised he needed to wake up from that dream because that sort of father had never even existed. He was ashamed over his blood line, ashamed to even be related to him. Deathstroke was nothing more then a monster and he needed to sever all ties with him now.

    It was the right choice.

    Waiting, he waited, having firmly told a patrol to get him Deathstroke. His look were distant, blank while waiting.


    Breakout had heared everything and he was completely mortified over everything Asimov had to share with them all. Had Deathstroke really threaten Makariy?. It was just enough for him to see how much upset Asimov was to get his blood boiling but he also felt sick, so damn sick inside his stomach. It hadn't been that long since Ghoulian had revealed the truth about his father to him and it had been alot to take in, a hard blow and in all honestly he hadn't know what to do about it. Progressing all of it had been real difficult for him. How would anyone take it if they found out thier own father had raped people in the past?, to even went after k-kids...Asimov had a history with him too not knowing it until now, never before having heared a name of one of his f-fathers v-victims...

    He couldn't approach at first, feeling so bad and sick with all of this. Deathstroke was just like Crimson and he fucking had hated that vile assassin. Crimson had been everything he not had wanted to be and now it turned out his own father was just like him, what did that meant for himself?. Did it run in the blood?, did that meant he would turn out as him as well one day?. While thinking this, while knowing he should hate him for everything he had done the reason he had remained silent for so long, the reason why this was so difficult for him to confront was because of that child inside of him. The child how just wanted his father, the child how finally had repaired this lost relationship with his father he not had have as a child, the child how just wanted his fathers love. They had come so far and Deathstroke had been alot for him. He had saved his life, he had helpt him to control his invinsibility and over and over again had helpt him when asking him to, and slowly but surely had started to feel comfortable to have him in his life until...this happend. Until he had found out the truth about him.

    Knowing that and having this memories with him like a father and not this monster...It had confused him, left the Wilson conflicted but it was impossible to ignore this any longer. Seeing Asimov like this, to see what exactly his father could do to someone... the threat his friend had claimed he had commited...

    " Alek." his voice was quiet down as he slowly made himself forward, unable to even take a step forward before but had forced himself to keep himself together right now. Did he know?. Did Asimov know that Deathstroke was his father?. Breakout never spoked about that to anyone. He had never called Deathstroke his father, not publicly or in private. But he know his half brothers loved to run thier mouths. Cody had, Ghoulian had and even Deathstroke had let it slip out from his mouth some couple of times. Son. If Asimov not know and if he told him what would he think about him?, what would all of them think if he told them?. Would they blame him for his fathers past sins?. The Wilson gritted his teeths and as he reached up to his friend would give him a heartbroken look. " It's okay. I won't let him lay a paw on Makariy. I-i will k-kill him if i have to. I won't let him get close to him." he frowned, not daring to even touch Asimov during that moment unable to when he was related to a such vile creature. " I will fix this okay?. "

    He then suddenly turned himself around while flattering his ears back. " Take care of Asimov. Once he calms down head over to Solaris kingdom. I...i will head over to the thunderlands to have a little chat with them." he said this with so much pain but anger at the same time. His was filled with so many emotions right now and he just didn't know where to place them, what he felt right now. It was just to many of them. With this words Breakout would soon leave to head for yet a other journey, this one though he did not look forward to.

    He was forced to deal with something that really would destroy him, the child inside of him that was.

    // out!

    A yawn would release itself from the tired hellhound jaws as he was on his way back after having been out on a patrol to mark thier borders and make sure no enemy had crossed thier territory this time around. It was starting to get real late now, the sun standing low on the sky. He had no idea how late it was but he figured out it wasn't really middle of the day anymore. Breakout had no intention to sleep yet though, actually he hadn't even visit his bedroom every since Alcibiades had left. It was still to painful to be doing so which meant he fall asleep inside his office instead. It was pretty much his work place and sleep place now. A cigarette was sticking out from his maw as he had taken the opportunity for a smoke on his way back to the mansion. Before he walked inside though would make sure to put the cigarette out to drop it outside so he wouldn't force anyone to breath in the toxic smoke from his cig or anything. Walking up the stairs would head towards his office while sending a grin to anyone in greeting how he passed along the way. It didn't took long until he arrived back to his little home base and wouldn't even wait to get himself inside but left the door a little bit open, for the time being anyway. Instantly he went for the bottles of alcohol he had in there thinking he deserved a drink, he had been 'good' today and keept himself away from the alcohol which really had been difficult for the alkoholic. He was trying to drop down on it all was a real challenge to do. One day at the time, right?. Laying himself down in the couch would let him rest for a little while and it felt nice to just lay himself down, he had been up and walking on his paws pretty much the whole day to keep himself distracted and busy. So he could really feel the tiredness in his legs now. It was nice to be resting for a little while, he liked the late evenings because there wasn't as much things going on then which ment he could take himself a breath.

    // LATTERDAY sorry for the wait but here you go! (: