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    " Well i think you should roll with it then. I think both would suit you very well beside i get to have a cool crewmate like ya on my team." he would say whilst grinning. " Also if having any questions do not be shy to ask me i basically can every division in and out by now." something he had been forced to teach himself after becoming the top dog around here. He felt like it should be expected of him to know how everything got run around here.

    Watching with much excitement and curiosity as Sir Pentious showed him a example of what he was able to do with his electricity power with his small paws...or whatever they where. They looked very weird and strange for being 'paws' not knowing it was called for 'hands' after all. " Hey that's pretty cool. I have to say i look very much forward to see your future work here in the future. " he said with honesty never having meet someone with a such talent that Penny seemed to carry along with him when it come to the electricity power. He was convinced Penny had potential to get very far around here.

    A tour?. Well that one he didn't mind at all. " Sure thing pal!. Just follow the scarf and hat and i will show ya everything i have in here." he said before he walked past the swords Penny had found to move himself forward past them. " And yeah sure, i don't mind that ." he said over his shoulder while taking themself futher inside until they arrived into the next room there the 'magic' happend. He walked right over to his work stock he used to help crafting the weapons and a little bit to the side where a fireplace he used during his work " This one here is my little prectious baby. I couldn't do much anything without her help." he would say and let Penny take a look on it and all over the place where tools hanged up he used when making a weapon, he had pretty much everything at this point.

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    bestout; moonshine, what's that?

    bestout; can you drink or sniff it?

    bestout; and hey thanks pal that's hella rad of ya

    bestout; uh, it's nothing importand really...

    bestout; i just..had a fight with that jerk Crimson

    bestout; i actually lied, i'm not in my room..

    bestout; i got kicked out and are now seating here on the streets freezing my ass of

    bestout; it sucks

    He couldn't shrug things off like Breakout did,

    Yeah, that was a fair thing to describe himself with, shrugging things of like it dosen't even matter because that was what he did and he felt truly relieved with that he not needed to feel effected anymore with what happend in the life around him. He saw himself free from being hurt by others and get pulled down under the water to be suffocated there and had Rollinggirl to thank for all of that. Breakout had no even once regreted his decision to ask that female to take away his emotion to feel pain, everyhing had just worked out great for him after that. Just take Leesha's death for an example. When the news had reached him about that girl's death hadn't felt a thing over it. No pain, no sorrow, anything. He could just brush it of to accept it all and move on with his life. The same went with Markus and his sudden disapperance again. If it had been the old Breakout he would have dropt his rank as the Godfather just to search everywhere after him underneath rock and stones just to found him but now he could just let it all go and without losing anything in return. That was just great. Nobody could pull him down now and he could feel careless about people coming in and out of his life. Nobody could hurt him now or ever again. It was a blessing.

    But he know not everyone had the same beneficals like he had to be saved from the never ending circle to get hurt by others. Alcibiades seemed to be one of this cases. It was not often the Godfather found his boyfriend in a somber mood and perhaps it was because he was good to hide it from him or maybe Breakout didn't paid enough of attention to it. He had already said he wanted Alcibiades to be happy and he was still standing by his word and he was doing his absolute best to make it happen as well. But he know how the world could weighten down on you which where yet a other reason he was glad over he not had the world weight down on his shoulders.

    Breakout hadn't meant to found Alcibiades that day just been out on one of his typcial runs while trying to think out next idea to get himself vinsible again. He had been trying to solve this all on his own but he started to wonder that perhaps he needed to go over to visit him after all, his father so to say. Head up in the clouds would spot the other hellhound's form from the corner of his eye as he was about to run past that cliff Alci was laying dangerous close to. Why he was up here of all places he didn't even know but he would never skip out on a opportunity to have some alone time with his beloved boyfriend. " Careful there Sugar not do ya want to accidently fall over that cliff to get your beautiful fur all soaked." he would joke as he jogged himself over closer to the other hellhound while being unaware over his current mood. " Not that i'm saying i don't like seeing ya all wet but i think it's the wrong session to go for a swim. But of course i wouldn't mind to jump into that ass freezing water to be your superhero and save ya." he chuckled at his own 'kinky' joke and would finally appear up beside his boyfriend and attempt to brush his tail against him to let him know about his present before lowering down his head to get a glance over at Alci's pretty face with a grin but it was then he noticed something was wrong and...was he about to cry?! - or had he been crying?!.

    " Hey wow.. babe, what's wrong?. " his jokster tone had got replaced with concern over the discovery that something not stood right here whilst his grin having dropt like a fly. He swore if anyone in the cartel had hurt Alcibiades in any way or form he could beat them the fuck up. He was quite laid-back to what his cartelians did giving them alot of freedom to do almost whatever they wanted but he wouldn't let them get away with to spill tears on his boyfriend's pretty features. That was the one thing he wouldn't tolerate to happen.

    Oh, so Archsable hadn't picked a divison yet?. It was not like his brother was in any hurry to pick one since he was young still and not all divisions would even accept him until he grow a bit older first. He was asking him personally which to pick though and Breakout where only a fan of one of the divisions not really having involved himself with the other ones. " The Militia division of course!. It's a awesome division and ya will learn how to craft weapons or anything else for that matter as well. I can even teach ya how to make pierces! or how to pierce someone." Cool wasn't it?. The Godfather would grin at his younger brother thinking it would have been great if Archy joined his favorite division and would even take his time to teach him everything he know to make him to the best blacksmitch out there maybe better then himself one day.

    " Two tasks Penny?. Damn ya're a real hardworker aren't ya?." Breakout would speak to Sir Pentious next and had to say he actually like the snake man quite alot. He was hella fun to hang around with, had a good eye for weapons and liked to put his weight around this clan which where something worthy to admire. " How about for the Narcotic dvision ya keep a little lesson on what drugs we sell, what they do and the risk by using them to educate all of us better so we not do some stupid mistake. For the Militia division... how about you organize a group to draw some designs to some weapons the Militia can use to craft weapons to help with some brain blows ideas."

    Now he turned to his beautiful boyfriend next how just looked as eye-catching like always. It was probably a good thing he not could be seen right now because he was grinning like a fucking idiot right now having been some few days he last had got to see his boyfriend's pretty face. " Of course i do sugar, how could i ever forget about my favorite division crewmate and nurse. " he would say, tail wagging a bit behind himself and they could probably hear his tail when it hit the ground from behind himself. Now he didn't know ALCIBIADES. where apart of the host division. That was a new one and that meant he was included in three divisions now.

    A short pause come from the Godfather before he simple chuckle out in the air. " I suppose i finally have a reason to come down and visit the brothel now then." he would joke casually not sounding to care much about the possibility that Alci would sell himself out to others. Now that might be a rather insensible thing to say but he firstly didn't know for what purpose his boyfriend had joined that division and the second thing was that he didn't sounded to care much about it at all. That was a bit strange wasn't it? coming from him as well?. Shouldn't he have cared more about something like this? to at least feel disturbed by it? consider how he had acted when Alci had have that allience litter with Roman?.

    " Alright then babe, how about ya try to invite some of our associates over for a 'painting the claws' day?. Add something more into it as well to give more attention to the host division."

    " Cartelians time for a meeting!." the insinvible Godfather called as he wanderd through the hallway and towards the meeting room. It had been a while since he had hold a meeting now which where only himself to blame for but he had been busy trying to solve his little power mishap thing not to mention there hadn't been happening enough things around here to make it worth hold a meeting for just instead wasting everybody's time. But it was about high time he hold a meeting now since it had been long enough now and there where things for them to discuess now.

    Entering the room he would walk over and climp up to his chair before laying himself down while the only thing that was seen of him was his tophat and scarf. A other reason he had avoid to hold a meeting because it was just weird to have everyone's eyes on him how only could see a floating tophat and scarf around in the air. " I know there have been a while since last time a meeting have been hold and the blame are put on myself. But i've been trying to solve my little problem to get myself vinsible again so have patience with me for a little bit longer yea?. I promise things are going to get better soon." he decided to start with that because that was only fair he figured out not one how wasn't going to be open about when he did something wrong or his lack of present so to speak. " I might not have been publicly around much but i still have eyes to see with and ears how works perfectly well thanks to my youth. There's two here how have done a fucking amazing work by sticking around and keeping this place going and i think it's about damn time both of them get acknowledged for thier hard working asses. Sir Pentious and LOKI LUNATIC i cannot thank both of ya enough for all of the help and i want both of ya to step right up to become my new Executors. " he took time to flash both of them a grin (even if they couldn't see him giving them one) and was glad the cartel finally had Executors again because it had been a damn long time since last having one now.

    " That's not all though. If there is something i fucking value in life more then anything else it's loyalty. Sticking around and not be afried to protect your home and the people you live with and putting everything ya got to protect it despite being outnumberd and low chances to actually win by doing it anyway is traits i fucking like to see in my cartelians. Both Penny and Loki did this during that supply raid this ruins fuckers pulled on us. From start to finish they put everything that fucking had to protect this place and our supplies so both of you have been earned to get the blood brother title, and you others can learn a thing or two from this two because i truly believe they will have your back after watching them and i'm proud to have cartelians like them. " Alot of praise and compliments where being thrown at both of thier ways but that was because they deserved it and Breakout wanted to acknowledged and put attention when it comes to stuff like this.

    " While being at it i have also noticed my little brother Archsable have been around and putting his weight around here so wanna give a shout out to him and give the spitefire title to him. Good job lil bro i'm keeping my eye on ya." he said with a playful wink but once more no one could see his expressions or anything of that matter what he did. " I'm not going to demote anyone this week but all my high positions better pick thier activety up and start doing stuff around here without me having to tell ya to do stuff all of the time, i hate to say it to ya guys but i'm not ya fucking dad i don't even have any kids so don't make me feel older then i actually am. I know you all have your own brilliant brains to think with and ya don't need my permission to do stuff y'know?. I mean you do know that right?."

    " Now lets talk about that fucking pathetic raid the fucking ruins pulled on us. They are getting on my fucking nervs i will let you know that. I have been trying to not bring the cartel into unecessery conflicts but it just seems like this idiots are desperately asking for it. So i will hold a discussion later on to talk about what the fucking hell we should do towards this parasites. Just know i'm not giving a blind eye to this and them fucking stealing from us like cowards. They will pay for it and we will let them know messing with the cartel have consequences." There not he had brought that issue up as well. Now he just needed to figure out how they should do it. If he got to decide and not caring about the consequences and responsibility he had here would have just went on a straight attack on them to fuck them over but...probably not the best decision at least if asking Serpentine... Fucking Serpentine why the fuck was his words still stick on his mind though?. He would show him that he could

    " Now lets talk about christmas!!. I'm hella excited about this if i shall be honest with ya all because i have never actually celebrated christmas before so i'm going to make this to the best christmas ever!. I will make a secret santa event so keep your eyes on that and are also planning for a christmas party with our associates and this week i want everyone to focus and prepare for christmas!!. Decorate the mansion, put up a christmas tree - you know what i will do that sounds hella fun and then we can decorate it and shit like that. Sounds hella fun right?. And then make snowmans,write a list of what you're wishing for santa to come and give you and...well just go wild with it all!. " Thier Godfather sounded hella excited when talking about this and rambling on everything he wanted to do before then, and his whole face where glowing just like a excited child how just cannot wait for christmas to come. He really wanted this to be perfect always having wanted to celebrate this holiday and since last one hadn't gone as he had hoped thanks for being captured in the fucking shadow veil during that time now he could with the cartel, with his family and that was something he looked forward to.

    " Now that's all i have to say for this meeting so you're all free to go now." and that was it for this week meeting.


    - since i have been blocked from this site i haven't been able to keep regular meetings for the cartel and i'm sorry for that! things are going to work better from now on with meetings being made more regular starting today!.

    - penny and loki are getting promoted to executors for thier hard work and activety! and i really appreciates it that you two keept this place going while i was unable to get on here, so thanks a ton for that <33

    - penny and loki also gets the titles blood brothers for putting up a such good fight in the ruin raid!

    - archsable are being given the title spitfire!

    - since i have not been able to be around and not are sure if this problem to get on might still be a problem for some i won't demote anyone this week to give more time for the site to get back to normal again but also since i know people have alot of school work to do before the winter break comes so don't want to stress anyone out <33

    - all high positions are encourage to come up with more stuff to do around this place and do not need break's permission to do stuff.

    - a discussion are going to be held to talk about what to do about the ruins after them raiding them for thier supplies

    - some fun christmas events are going to come this week like secret santa and a christmas pary!

    - main focus this week are to prepare for christmas!

    " I'm giving out division tasks over here by the stairs there a scarf and hat are floating around if wanting one. Just tell me which division you're apart from and i will go from there." thier invinsible leader spoke still not used or liking much that he not could be seen but eh, that was life sometimes i guess.

    // decided to try a new version of weekly tasks that's more directed towards the divisions in hope to get the divisions out there more (: but this is a experiment so we will see how it goes and if this could be something to contunie on with in the future.

    " It depands on what sort of secrets ya wanna buy." Breakout how had happend to hear @'s. would call out to hopefully catch her attention so she would turn around towards him, and there he would seat by his table with a inviting grin to offer to a possible costumer.

    Seeing the three legged grumpy cat would make the Godfather shine up with a grin not all effected with the others off-putting mood. Breakout had a tendense to simple ignore others sulky behavior and only because he not was one how cared much how he was being approched as long he not hated thier guts that was. " Yo kiddo." he would greet back before he believed he catch some sort of excitement from the other but he could have had all wrong. It happend he misunderstood people now and then. To his question though his grin solely would increase before he took of his wrapped up package from his back to then hand over to Junepaw. " Of course i did. Whenever i say i will do something i always make sure to cross the finish line." he would tell him, and for him it seemed like a casual moment but of course that would soon change as someone else appeared up. Ver. Well she didn't looked to be on a sunshine mood that was for sure.

    His grin would fall back a bit and since Junepaw come to his rescue the Godfather decided to let him handle this as he observed this suddenly tensed situation instead. " Yeah, he is right. I'm just here to deliver what Junepaw bought. " he explained since he wouldn't deny any potential costumers coming to his border unless they where a enemy to the cartel which shadow veil wasn't. Not yet at least. " Also...i wanted to ask how Leesha is doing?. I brought something to her as well so if it would be fine i would like to give it to her personally. " he said trying to change the subject to something which he thought would be a lighter subject to talk about.

    Oh how wrong he had about that one.

    Breakout felt a urge to laugh over the first part Deathstroke had humour him with to say about selling the cure of aging at the road. A grin present itself birefly across his maw but the jokeful conversation quickly changed into something more serious as his father spilled the beans to him and that was enough to make his grin drop dead. He had got killed?. Deathstroke told it so casual as well like it was no big of a deal that he had died and might have remained that way. Breakout himself was one how would have joked it of like it was nothing if he had been in the same boat as Deathstroke but it was different when somebody else tried to brush it of like it meant nothing. That put him a bit of a foul mood, unsure now if Deathstroke actually valued his life or not. If he didn't though....He suppose there was no reason to show his real emotions about the matter then.

    He would do like him, brushing it of with a shrug like it not matter much. " Eh, i have said it before death dosen't want ya old man and i cannot picture your life ending like that." he would say before grimacing a slight bit. " The fucking Sanguine ruins though is a such damn pain in the ass. Did ya know they got Cody a while back?. " he suppose he could reveal that sort of information to him if he not already know. It was his son after all.

    Having admitted that he had come here in seek for help was not something that had been easy for him. Breakout was fighting with his own conflicting feelings there one part wanted to get closer to his father to get to know him while the other part wanted to distance himself from him, to not involve himself with him at all. He was trying to listen to the second part mostly because that was easier and wouldn't leave him disappointed tried to think the best of people when they always turned out to be rotten little snakes. " Honestly the only powers i have ever got was when i was a child. I do have stories similliar to burning up things though. " he would say while looking a slight bit amused to think back on that one time when he had accidently burned up his meal he had drooled over to eat. It had not been a good day. That meant though he never had have to deal with something like this before in his adult years, or well as much of an adult he could be. He was still not fully grown up and wouldn't be until he had reached three years at least.

    But then something suprising happend and that was how his old man suddenly disappeard up in the smoke. Breakout's eyes widen up a bit in suprise and he did took a two seconds to search after the other with his eyes until the wolf suddenly showed up right up in his face again. " Wow." he said as he took a slight step back with blinking eyes not having expected this. So Deathstroke had the same power like him then?. This had turned the tables around to a unexpected change of plans. Listening, Breakout had not expected for his emotions to have a part in this. He did know his fire element powers was reacting to his emotions but could this one as well responding to the same thing?.

    " Uh, well i dunno. I was out running when it happend and..." he paused his expression turning unsure of whether he should tell him or not but also because he was not even sure he wanted to speak about it, not with him or anyone. He saw no point to tell others about his past. " I was having a nightmare. So when i woke up i decided to go for a run to clean my head a bit. The dream was a bit on my mind though and...well i dunno i guess i had this feeling of wanting to disappear." he shrugged not looking all to effected by telling his father this aside from feeling a bit weird and uncomfortable about it. But emotionally he was fine, once more because he not could feel any pain anymore so the nightmare he had have would do nothing more then scare him but not emotionally suffocating him.

    Ugh, the sanguine ruins just contunie on to be a pain in his ass didn't they?. He had tried his very best to leave them alone despite havinh attacked two of his brothers to not get the cartel involved in a battle that was difficult for them to win but god what this people where playing with his temper right now. since he was invinsible still unable to have found a way to control his power yet it was quite easy to get himself through the battlefield especially since he had masked his own scent with his scent manipulation, a power he thankfully had full control over. Using his fire element power let it spread to surrend the mansion door with it as well as where all of thier supplies where so it wouldn't be easy to get to them at least.

    Breakout saw his thugs needed his help after all so wouldn't hesitant to get into action to help them out while ignoring the thieves. From the looks of it Penny had everything under control from his side and since he was a fucking massive snake he doubted he needed most of his help at the moment. Instead he laid his focus on ELIAN how was attacking Loki, one of thier newer members.

    He would charge straight towards him with head lowerd down as he attempted to ram his horns right into Elian's side to hopefully send him flying of from Loki and if it had worked as planned would put himself in front of the other hellhound in a protective manner. He wouldn't speak though, not going to help this bastard out to detect his location or anything of the sort. He was going to use his invinsible problem to his own advantage this time around to get this fucking assholes out from his territory. Tch. He didn't give a damn about losing some supplies not when his crewmates where in danger.

    // tag name when attacking / open for max 3 opponents / difficult to beat

    Strange...He felt like he recognized this one like he had seen this hellhound somewhere before but his memory failed him this time he felt like. Feeling puzzled and thinking hard on this the Godfather would show up however since he was stuck being invinsible right now he couldn't be seen but was carrying a scarf and a tophat so at least she would see this things floating around. Possible strange first impression but eh, she would get used to it. " Yo, sorry for not being able to give a proper meeting to ya today i've a little bit of a power problem right now. In any case who are ya and have we meet before?. You look uhm, familliar to me somewhat. Name's Breakout if that helps..." wow okay, this was a bit awkward and weird but he had gone and done it now.

    // welcome back!! ahaaa i have missed dimpledot!! <33

    " Funny." he could do nothing else but chuckle over Penny's comment on 'seeing' him found it rather funny actually. I mean if he was going to be stuck like this better accept the jokes which would come from it by others something he not really minded. It made his situation more humours if anything. Contunie on to listen to all of the praise he was being given surely made his own grin grow and he never seemed to get tired over to hear how much of a brilliant blacksmitch he was. It always got to him every single time and he could listen to it all day long if he got to decide. " Heh, thanks man, glad my work have yet again charmed itself into somebody's heart." he would say and never before had he got this much attention from his work he had been given since his return to this clan and his workplace.

    " Yup. The militia division are my front, i used to be the Capo as well before i got promoted." he would anwer him and then titled his head slightly to one side as he heared Penny tell him about his own talents something that for sure could be put into use in the militia division, in fact he felt himself get a bit excited. He had never meet someone before how seemed this much interested not only with what he was doing but too wanted to become apart of it. Most of the times he was the only one how brought in thier salary from this division. Nobody else seemed much interested with it. " You use your electricity power for that?. Wow i have never seen anyone doing that before. It most take alot of practise to manage that. I myself uses my fire element power to help me with putting the places together and keeping the fire going." he said and sounded amazed over the way Penny used his own power. That was fucking cool, maybe he could see that sometime.

    He was suprised to be asked if he wanted to team up with him and he did had never done that before. It had always been him and he was a self-teached blacksmithed as well. No one had teached him all of this was his own hard work he had put into through alot of practice and mistakes. Not everything had been perfect back in the days. " Not really. I have never meet anyone how have been that much interested to craft anything to begin with. It have always been a sole-man's work. But sure, i wouldn't mind to try it out and see what we can make together. Like they say, two brains are better then one." he grinned even if the other not could see it and he felt a bit excited to try this out. To have someone to share his burning passion with.