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    day: Daypetal entered the medicine cat den once again. The den smelt faintly of water and herbs from many moons of using just that for injured cats. Daypetal had grown used to the smell though it wasnt at all unpleasant her smell was a bit more sensitive then some of the cats. her paws pad against the soft ground which was warm near the entrance but, cooler the further you went back. this place always felt like home to her even as a kit though...there were sad times here as well. she looked to one of the empty nesting/bedding areas quietly.

    Prick: he finished drinking his share of the water, making sure to lick away the drops that were still stuck to the fur on his lip after before turning back to cloudfall. "Are we going a specific way?" he asks the other tom with a small smile.

    Daypetal: she watched her mentor leave with a small smile before turning back to her medicine den. 'might as well check on things myself...' she thinks...she remebered how nervous she was about her new and sudden role. it was so important...maybe not as important as leading...or maybe it was just as it definitely was important. she quickly grew more nervous. Geckofoot really was a great medicine could she live up to it..? at that thought she slugged over towards the den quietly, not at all confident in her abilities.

    Prickle: He just stared back as cloudfall seemed to go into serious thought about his answer which when finally given makes him relax, unknowingly to himself having gone rigid in suspense to his reply. a smile comes to prickletail's face once more. "well thats good~." he agrees before standing and walking over to the hole for a drink. he looks down to his reflection in the water, his pale green eyes being the first thing he sees. "and its true." he began before lowering his head to the water. "i dont really know you either." he takes a few gulps of water which he was really great full for. he still wished the explorers could find a way to tote it with them when going off..especially if they eventually get sent to go find the last leader which he himself couldnt help but, think to be coming.

    Daypetal: A small smile comes to her muzzle at her mentor's praise before she also gives him a small nod. She was glad to of been of help to him. She knew geckofoot better the most cats from the years he had trained her and knew he did better sometimes when he had something to keep his mind on or paws if he needed. it made him the great medicine cat he least to her. "if you need help preparing please let me know." she said with a small smile.

    Prickle: He stops just behind Cloudfall, unconsciously just watching him drink from the pool. he tilts his head slightly once again. "I dont seem weird to you do i?" he asks suddenly, unable to help his crazy imagination. He wasnt really worried but, more so curious...

    Daypetal: her ears lower to her head as she goes quiet. "Then...we wont do it for his disappearance....but, for safe travel on his journey." she starts quietly 'What ever it may be....' she watches her mentor's reaction, wondering how he will take to her idea. "it will give them some hope." she adds oh so silently.

    Prickle: He tilts his head in slight confusion to cloudfall's demeanor after he had looked to prickle though says nothing about it as he stood to follow cloud to the water circle for water, he watches the other cat from the side of his eye as he walked next to him. Prickletail knew he didnt talk to cats too often so he had no idea if he had done something to.....was it him watching cloudfall? did he feel put off by it? his mind ran wild with ideas to whatever it could of been, even going to the crazy idea that prickle had somehow scared him by how he ate or spoke...didnt speak? sat? breathed? his imagination ran wild.

    Day: She stays quiet for a moment and after a minute...give him a small nod. "yes..." she began quietly before turning to him. "It will be nice to..." she trails not wanting to say 'to remember him' or 'honor his time here' when he no longer is. she mentally shakes her self out of it. she had-NEEDED to keep her head high. even if their leader is gone they still needed to go on. to care for the rest of the clan and do what is best for THEM. "They need it." she says after a moment, looking up to her mentor. "we all do"

    Prick: He just watches Cloudfall quietly for a moment from slightly behind at his side before also going up to the pile and picking out a small lizard. it was smaller the the one cloud had picked. Prickle picks up the lizard in his mouth before sitting down where he stood to eat it. he curls his tail around his feet as he ate, lizards had a familiar taste for him from eating it for so many moons at a time. Their were many many they went out and was a main source to their diet. he quickly finishes the lizard, always having been a fast eater. it made it easier to sneak away from the other cats on a journey to explore. He looked around for a moment as he licked his paw clean. Some of the cats had the same look as the ones in the den, he knew it was to be expected...he missed the leader too just as they did....he turns from the gloomy cats to look to cloud not wanting to think about it.

    daypetal: Daypetal gives him a small nod in agreement before turning her head to the side to watch as cats woke up and continued their day as always though it was clear many didnt feel up to it...the news of their leader leaving was still raw for all of them. "yes...that seems best." she says quietly.

    Prick: "Ill join you then." he states simply. He follows after the other cat with a silent smile, his tail lightly swaying behind him as he did. He didnt know Cloudfall well though both were explorers nor he didnt know much about him. Well prickletail had to admit that he didnt know many of the other explorers in the first place...usually on the job he would wander off with out realizing, his curiosity getting the better of him and when he was in the den he somehow found himself going about his own business. He didnt mind any of the cats though. but, for now he was more excited to go out of the camp. away from the gloom.

    DayPetal looked up to her mentor again after he gave her a small nudge. She quickly realizes that all of this must be hard on gecko foot, to suddenly pick up such an important position keep each of the cats calm under any sudden circumstances... especially of the disappearance of their former leader. "Thank you geckoFoot." She says after a moment, giving him a small thankful smile. She was great-full to know he is there for her even when he had so much going on. "Even if this...everything may be hard from here on and glad for you to be here." she says honestly while touching her nose to his cheek to show she really was glad he was here.

    Prickletail: Prickle turns to Cloudfall, lighting up instantly at his offer. He was always happy to leave the clan though after many instances from the air-headed cat. many of the other explorers had silently agreed he mustn't go off alone. not that he listened all that often. He smiles, a natural expression for him to have. "Yeah." he began ecstatically with a happy sway of his tail. "i would like that." he continued to walk while he says this.

    Daypetal's ears lower slightly. She didn't want to admit to her mentor of whom she looked up to when she was young that she felt unsure if she could do her job...she felt so unprepared. "Its...a big change." she admits while looking down to avoid the gaze of her mentor, her ears now partially lowered to her head. "one that happened so suddenly." she adds quietly so only he can hear.

    PrickleTail: He yawns from where he still laid on his back before turning onto his side and standing with a deep stretch. he smiles as he stands up to height and looks around. Most of the explorers have already gotten up to start the day except for the few who were either chatting, sleeping, or moping around. He glances between those cats, his smile saddening when he remembers that their previous diviner had gone without a word....prick turns to leave the den and the sad cats. He always enjoyed looking on the brighter side of things. well at least he tried to. it was easier for him.

    Day petal looks to geckofoot whom calls to her. "Geckofoot. Good Morning." she greets him with a small polite smile though she wasnt really feeling it.

    Prickletail his tail continues to sway against the explorer's den floor before the growl of his stomach finally overpowers his want for food more to sleep. He grumbles before opening his pale green eyes and squinting at the ceiling.


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    DayPetal groggily from where she slumbered. She was used to being up earlier though was unable to bring herself this morning for it was harder to sleep last night after everything. it was still alot to take in...Where tumblepelt had gone and why so suddenly just to leave her mentor Geckofoot to take up their role as not only diviner but, leaner of the suddenly and without a word. it was so be promoted to medicine cat her self so suddenly..when she didnt think herself to be ready. she closes her eyes once again with a sigh knowing she couldnt be this way. putting the weight of her thoughts in the back of her mind Daypetal reluctantly opens her eyes again and stands from the ground with a small stretch of her back. She really wasnt used to waking with the full of the sun already up in the sky and it was quite strange to go against her habit of getting up for the sunrise. Daypetal's paws lightly trudge against the ground of the medicine den as she made her way for its entrance, stopping just outside. Her ember eyes turn up to the bright glowing sun though dont stay there long of course before turning to glance around the camp. Another sighs comes from her nose. It felt so different without their previous leader...changed though nothing at all really had on the surface.

    Prickletail mewed in his sleep, a habit like muttering he had picked up since young. His tail lightly sways against the floor behind him though his stomach was face up in the air. A smile come to his muzzle(?). Prickle was being as carefree as always and subconsciously knew he should get up though didnt try to fight the embrace of sleep.

    Hello my friend~

    NAME - DayPetal

    GENDER/PRONOUNS - Female. She/her

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ORIENTATIONS - Straight~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    AGE - 13 Moons

    RANK - Medicine Cat

    LOOKS - Rich Orange Short fur, Darker orange/brown fur on the tip of tail, Slightly darker red stripes along back to mid tail, white underbelly and neck markings. Ember eyes. Long tail. No scaring.

    Breed: Abyssinian and tabby mix.

    PERSONALITY - Not confident in her abilities though tries her absolute best, loves the time between night a day whether it be sunrise or sunset, is afraid to ever leave the camp, puts other cats before her self,

    NAME - PrickleTail (also know as prick)


    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ORIENTATIONS - Bisexual slightly more towards toms~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    AGE - 15 moons

    RANK - explorer

    LOOKS - Short Medium grey fur with a few black strands speckled in along his back, legs, cheeks, and tail. A light sprinkle of white strands in the inside of ear and around eyes. Long tail. Pale green eyes. Two small scars on front right leg from walking into a cactus on accident.

    Breed: Shorthair?

    PERSONALITY - Can be a awkward dork and a show off at times, curious, tends to stray from the group without noticing himself, is serious when needs to be, tends to get in trouble alot while exploring though loves his rank/role.