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    Shimmerpool padded over to the other cats, curious about the game. Her whiskers twitched and she looked curious, secretly the blue-and-white molly had a soft spot for kits. "You don't mind letting a rogue join your game?" she teased. With a flickering glance at Wolfstream the verdant-eyed cat reached over his hesitant paws and hooked the moss ball with a claw, dragging over towards herself. She flicked it back to the kit, enjoying the feeling of associating with Clanmates who didn't expect anything from her.

    Shimmerpool padded up to the tabby apprentice and took some of the moss from her, sliding it outside to be replaced with fresh stuff. "Bet you're feeling a bit hard-done-by, right?" the green-eyed molly purred, her silky voice had a way of coaxing even the angriest cats to listen. "Because it's pointless. You won't get to do fun stuff until you prove yourself - take it from me, Cougarstar still hasn't decided whether I'm a lying rogue or not." she continued. Best to make herself some allies here, and even better if they understood that feeling of being an outsider. "All apprentices clean bedding at some point anyway, even some of the warriors have to."

    (*bows grandly* Why thank-you <3 I'm starting to get attached to these traditional-Clan cats I'm playing)
    Shimmer was taken aback, she hadn't expected it to be so… easy. The jade-eyed femme considered the offer and narrowed her eyes, pretending to think on it. Eventually her whiskers began to twitch and she couldn't keep the wry smile from her face. "I accept." she mewed calmly, the faintest trace of a throaty purr coloring the words that would shape the course of her future. RiverClan was her home now, and no matter the mind-games she loved to play, at the end of the day Shimmer would protect it.

    Shimmer's verdant gaze took in the sight of the other feline staying hidden in the shadows of the grass, and a faint purr rose in her throat. "Come to see the fearsome rogue?" she joked smoothly. This new cat didn't look so fearsome as the shadowy femme who she faced. "My name's Shimmer and no, I do not eat cats. I prefer fish, myself, or voles if I must."
    Her tailtip twitched, she'd heard that for some reason the Clan cats thought all loners were savages! Yet she knew plenty of loners who were less savage than the feline who stood before, or even the lurking one in the reeds. Perspective was a bizarre thing.

    (Thanks <3 she's a pretty girl, she deserves a name to match no? She might also be a mc candidate later if that's ok, she's more a talker & background helper than fighter. She's not the most honest cat, I'm feeling? And maybe a little manipulative, but at the end of the day she'll protect the Clan.)

    Shimmer didn't flinch, though her eyes roved the scarred feline's pelt with just the barest hint of shock glowing in their jade depths. The thick-furred blue-and-white she-cat raised her head and met the other feline's gaze calmly, showing no sign that she was at all intimidated. "I always choose my words and actions with the utmost caution." she replied, her voice smooth and utterly calm. "My name is Shimmer, and I'd heard of RiverClan from those who fear you and your warriors. It seemed as if I might find myself a place here - believe me, I'm a capable cat."
    Her tail lay still, its tip just lifted from the ground. For all her outward appearance of cool, collected self-assurance the rogue's entire frame was tense, every muscle taut and ready to leap into action if need be.

    The white-splashed she-cat moved through the rushes, green eyes bright and alert as she was aware of whose land she was trespassing on. The pretty blue-gray and white female was named Shimmer, she'd been a rogue all her life and had recently learned of the Clans who sometimes took in strangers, if they could prove their worth.
    Shimmer barely hesitated as she crossed the border, confident in her charm and ability to keep herself safe. Her claws were sheathed and honestly, she looked harmless enough. If anyone was to threaten her, however, they'd discover that she was anything but.