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    As Juniperflower was one of the last to leave, he was also one of the last to arrive. But when he did, he immediately sought out his apprentice. As soon as he arrived, he could smell Littlepaw's scent. Thank StarClan he had made it out okay!

    "Littlepaw? Littlepaw!" he called out as he made his way through the crowd of SkyClan and RiverClan cats, Fur standing on edge, he couldn't wait to find his apprentice and make sure he was okay. Everything that had happened had been so... overwhelming. He couldn't wait for it to be over.

    When he saw Littlepaw, he rushed over to his apprentice immediately. "Oh StarClan, Littlepaw! I'm so glad you made it dude! You hurt?" he asked, feeling more stressed then ever.



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    The calls of his Clanmates were what woke Juniperflower up. As he awoke he was greeted with yowls from his Clanmates. Mainly, they were calling out to each other. Something was wrong. Something was terribly, terribly wrong. Juniperflower stumbled outside of the warriors' den and was horrified at what he saw.

    All around him, his Clanmates were fleeing from the camp. He heard shouts of heading to RiverClan, so that's what he decided to do. Though among his Clanmates, he didn't see Littlepaw. As he looked up, he saw that the twolegs were growing nearer. There was no time to search for his apprentice.

    "Littlepaw!" he shouted. "If you're still here, go to RiverClan! We'll regroup there!" And with that, Juniperflower turned and ran away from camp, his heart racing. What was going to happen to the camp? And his Clanmates? Did they all make it out? It seemed he'd find out when he went to RiverClan.

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    Early dawn light filled the warriors' den as Juniperflower was curled up in his nest. His tail-tip was resting lightly on his nose as his sides moved rhythmically with his breathing. As he began to wake up, Juniperflower stretched out, his jaws stretching in a yawn. He sat up, taking a moment to fix his whiskers and straighten out his fur before leaving the den.

    Outside of the warriors' den, the camp was active as patrols were being sent out and mentors were readying their apprentices for a long day of training. guess I woke up last, He thought, stretching out once more. Wonder if Littlepaw's woken up yet. The tom stood up and began to make his way to the apprentices' den, greeting any Clanmates that he ran into along the way.

    Poking his head into the apprentices' den, he whispered, "Psst, Littlepaw? You in here? We should probably do some battle training today!"


    Unlike Lavenderstar, Juniperflower was a picky eater. It was odd for him; Juniperflower was lax about most things, but he just couldn't be about food. His pickiness often left him eating the same thing everyday. One would think it'd get boring, but Juniperflower didn't see it that way. How could he get sick of his favorite food?

    At the suggestion of sharing, Juniperflower smiled. While he was hungry enough to eat his own meal (and probably someone else's), he really liked the idea of sharing with Lavenderstar. She was really nice, and Juniperflower wanted to get to know her better. "Sharing sounds great!" he replied.


    Juniperflower padded back into camp, paw-pads aching from his patrol. Two squirrels hung from his mouth. He could feel their grey-brown fur getting stuck between his teeth. Though if he was honest, he really couldn't complain too much. Even if their fur was slightly irritating, squirrel was his favorite. Especially during leaf-bare. Juniperflower would put up with days of snow high enough to reach his waist if it meant that he could have just once squirrel. He wished it was the simple.

    As he approached the fresh-kill pile, Juniperflower contemplated his choice of meal. Since his patrolling was done for the day, he could grab a meal and settle in for bed. Juniperflower really, really wanted to pick one of his squirrels for his meal, but he knew that was taboo. Which he didn't really understand that at all. What difference did it make if he had something he caught himself as opposed to something one of his Clanmates had caught? It was probably just a weird culture thing.

    Juniperflower just shook his head and put his catch in the pile. Perhaps he could settle for a mouse or maybe a vole No, definitely not a vole. Juniperflower hated voles.


    Juniperflower watched the meeting with a smile on his maw. So Heronswoop was the new SkyClan deputy? Why, that was wonderful news! Heronswoop was such a responsible warrior, kind too. Juniperflower was sure that she would do great things for the Clan.

    Juniperflower padded over to her, waving his tail in a greeting. "Congratulations," he meowed. "You deserve it, Heronswoop."

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    Most embarrassing thing he'd done? Well, there was the time he licked a frog as a dare. Or the time he was stung in the mouth by a bee. That one was pretty funny; his face had swelled up to at least twice its size. Hmm, no, he had the best one.

    He looked Lav right in her green eyes as he bellowed out, "I, Juniperflower, once fell face-first into the dirtplace." He couldn't hold his serious expression for long. He busted out laughing. Much quitter, he added: "Oh StarClan it was so awful! I had to jump in the river just to get clean. And even then! Even then I stunk like a dead skunk on top of a pile of crowfood! The other apprentices wouldn't let me sleep in the den for the next moon!" He was laughing so hard he was nearly crying. "Oh, oh, oh, it was just terrible! Looking back though, I can't help but crack up!" By now he was settling down, but his sides burned from his laughter. "Oh I can't wait to tell that story to my kits. I hope they'll laugh as much as I am!"

    Juniperflower was grinning ear-to-ear. "So I guess that's my turn then." Juniperflower looked around the group of cats settled down to play. Juniperflower couldn't help but notice that Juniperthorn had joined. Juniperflower was aware that he and the other tom had opposite temperaments, but that didn't mean anything to Junniperflower. Juniperthorn would just be harder to befriend, but Juniperflower was up or the challenge. "Juniperthorn, never thought I'd see the day you'd relax." His whiskers twitched as he meowed, "Truth or dare?"


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    "Oh yeah, that's right," he meowed, completely forgetting about the orchard. "As much as I miss the orchard, I'm not sure there'd be a lot there. Though the badgers are gone, I can't imagine their scent would be." The grey tom smiled. "So the clearing sounds awesome!"

    When Articwind approached, Juniperflower greeted his Clanmate with a wave of his tail. "Well of course you can! We're gonna need all the help we can get!"


    Juniperflower early picked "Dare!" Dare was almost always the most fun. He figured that Lavenderskies would come up with something pretty good. Hopefully it'd be something silly. Being a huge jokester was his specialty.