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    RiddleAdder would be too cute

    but he has light no so aaaaaa?

    He can’t cheat on Light-chan??


    Also I’m working on a post so Rye and Cloudy can bond again and he can start paying childsupport lmao. And also doing his thing (aka being a dad) to everyone in the clan.

    Ryewhisker was back in the clan. It was wonderful to finally be back with Cloudspots, and watching her litter grow up, even if he had only returned a few days ago, was quite rewarding. He hesitated to introduce himself however, and figured he should probably talk to Cloudspots first. He had some explaining to do, and the whole dissapearing for practically a moon was bound to annoy her. But for now, he smiled from the distance at his, son, standing just outside the Medicine den, grinning, before his smile fell, into sort a sadder one. It would be cruel to join into their life like this, but it would be crueller to ignore his own legacy.

    He took this moment to push through the growinh cloud, and to Cloudspot’s side. “I’m sorry I’ve been avoiding you since I’ve returned love.” he said, not looking her in the eye, while he said this.

    " - Spring is here again ! - "

    ( Loveable Asshole )

    Ryewhisker, had been watching disgusted. “What, in the name of *%#$ are you doing, on our land?” The tom snarled, having already started climbing up the top of the tree that lead above the camp. “I COME BACK FROM MY MISSION, AND YOU COME BACK TO TERRORIZE MY FAMILY AND CLAN.” he snapped, hissing as he attempted to knock Caledon off, or push him farther out onto the tree branch. Ryewhisker cared very little if he would be exiled for what he was doing. He wouldn’t let them hurt Cloudspots, or any of his makeshift Family ever again. “LEAVE.” He boomed at them, claws unsheathed. He was ready to knock them all into the camp below, Tori and all. It wouldn’t kill them, but it could severely injure them.


    ooc: so would it be possible to do one of these whenever the meddies go meet? I think it would be really cool, rather than the everyone posts when they fall asleep and then timeskips...

    Flaxenstar was essentially Nightstars adopted father, and who Riddle was apprenticed under. Flaxenmask decided that, fuck training riddle I’m gonna be the new Leader after Cinderstar died, and then he dumped riddle. Riddle was later apprenticed under blueblossom who was nice, but Riddle still felt unwanted in the clan. Due to this, he began to hate Nightpaw, (Nightstar in the future) because Nightpaw had taken away his only Parental figure in his life, and later on after Flaxen’s death, He actually attempted to attack Nightstar, before running away for a while.

    Riddle was a tad shocked at her finality, however, he listened, starting to stretch out, having picked apart the bird, and stored the feathers off to the side, suddenly reminded of his step brother Duskfeathers for a moment, and Dreamcloud. They had long since died or gone missing, but they seemed familiar, and young in his mind, when he had been just a tot, playing with... Newtpaw. He blinked a few times, still listening as he pulled the bird outside so he could get rid of it later. Her question shook him, up, and flusteredly he stammered out. “I-I guess. Like I wouldn’t have them just for like shits n gigs but um. If the person was right, then yeah.” It was painfully obvious that Riddle was bullshitting her. To be completely honest, he loved kids. Although he really only wanted 1 or two, and had been thinking about adopting. There were plenty of kits left at the borders, and what better way to give a homeless kit a home, much the way that rainyskies had took him in many moons ago. “I liked Pumpkin. Too bad she was not rather fond of me after the fire and shadowclans attack.” He said, shuffling his paws uncomfortably. Riddle hated conflict. Especially brutes. And Lionstar was the physical manifestation of both of those things.