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    He peered down at her curiously. Here was a cat, who said she hated him countless times, saying that she liked him. Regardless if she meant it as in attraction, it was still impossible to get rid of that warm fuzzy feeling in his head.

    “Yeah.” He said with a smile, just like trying to play it cool.

    He was really just a kid who had wayyy to much free time and way too little friends. The kind of kid who would die for his friends.

    His mind wandered a bit as she talked. Not because it was boring, moreso her voice when she wasn’t being pushy, was really pleaseant, the tom nodding absentmindedly, half listening, half wondering what he had done to make her like him all of the sudden.

    He blinked, before looking up, saying “Yeah, those don’t sound so bad. Don’t be so hard on yourself.”

    “Sorry. It’s a touchy subject.” He said again, in a more reassuring tone. He wasn’t pussyfooting around the subject, moreso he could sense her distress. And he didn’t want to really piss her off again.

    “I don’t blame you.” He snorted, thinking over Jaggedpaw(?) in thunderclan.

    “Well. Not exactly pitch perfect am I?” He snorted in response. The word ‘idiot’ had been used so many times by her it didn’t even phase him. “Yeah. You’ve got a point.” He snickered. Not long ago he had been a total wuss bag. He was still a idiot. He just had balls to stand up for himself now. “I was thinking something like Riddletongue, or Riddlesong, but they sound a little weird. Fitting actually.” He mumbled the last bit so she could talk again. “Time flies. I can’t believe that Foreststar hasn’t dissapeared yet. I mean. Shadowclan, Darkclan, Bloodclan, all poof. Gone. But thats cool by the way. You got your eye on any of the rugrats you wanna train?” He asked curiously.

    " - Spring is here again ! - "

    ( Loveable Asshole )

    "Through thick and thin." he responded with a soft snort, a playful sort of smirk dancing across his features.

    He noticed her frown, watching her body language portray something along the lines of contempt. He wracked his mind, remembering something about her being double teamed. Honestly he was glad he had dragged her out when he had. It was better her having her pride damaged than being dead. Then he'd really be alone.

    "To be completely honest I agree, but they are still cats, no matter how petty, how evil they are. And as an adviser to Shadowclan, I cannot pick fights with people I dislike. Except for bloodclan. Honestly they should be run out of town. A lot of territory problems and interclan violence would go away. The clans closest could take the herbs from the twoleg place garden. Thunderclan and Riverclan could share sunningrocks. But whatever. Just pipedreams." he said.

    As she continued, he realized she hadn't really insulted him directly, and had just sort of diffused the conversartion.


    "Shadowclan honestly is doing well. Believe it or not we've got new apprentices on the way, new kiddos to train. Lionstar can go kiss my ass though. I haven't trained a meddy for him just yet, so if he gets mad I'll just hang that in front of him and tell him where to stick it. He's not a bad guy I suppose. I think he's just pissy that his baby-momma passed after she gave birth to his kiddo's. Nothing me or Blue could do. She had some weird blood disorder. Mustang is much more reasonable. Plus we're trying to strengthen ties with Thunderclan. We don't want to be the guys who kick you while you're down anymore." He said, glad he hadn't given up on her. He hadn't even known this side of her existed.

    "I hope she does. She's a lot better at keeping people calm." he said thoughtfully. Aside from Lightning and Newt, Peach had been his only friend for a while, and helped him inadvertently out of his spiraling depression just by talking to him.

    He straightened his posture a bit, as she gave him his orders, his faint southern accent kicking in a little when he whispered back, "No ma'am." He tried to hide his fading accent most times, as it reminded him of his biological mother, and how she had passed so violently from whitecough.

    He nearly jumped when she laid her head against him, utterly terrified for a moment that she had passed out or something, before curiously wondering who had abducted the old Lightning and replaced her with a cheap knock off. Rather than spoiling the moment, he uttered "Getting soft on me?" slyly, before coughing slightly to change the mood.

    "It depends really," he began, looking down at her a little. I like it a lot sometimes. A sign of non-conformity. But sometimes it's not always fun to be different. It's a reminder how people will just judge me for being different as well." he added. "Also names with the prefix riddle are utterly stupid." he chuckled. One day he'd spent hours trying to come up with warrior names. But then again he like didn't follow the warrior code so he kind of didn't deserve one.



    " - Spring is here again ! - "

    ( Loveable Asshole )

    He was a bit surprised when he was welcomed over, but knew better than to take it for granted and push his luck. He snorted at her joke. "You wouldn't. You know I'm a sucker for pain." he teased back, deadpanning to emphasize.

    He nodded slightly in response. "That would be the logical method yes, eliminate the threat before they grow in number and strength. But. Darkclan is foreign territory. Who knows what could be of value? New herbs? New Territory? Plus we have a common enemy. Bloodclan. It wouldn't help to have Shadowclan giving instead of taking for once no? Those battles were disgusting. It still... haunts me." he said, quieting.

    He shifted a bit, listening to her plight. He liked however, her calmness of tone. It made it much easier to speak when they weren't screaming and he wasn't getting flustered.

    "Do you think maybe Foreststar would allow me to come train an apprentice part time, or even let me show some basic first aid. With all the climbing you guys do someones bound to land wrong eventually..." he trailed off, looking up at the moon and stars.

    "I'm not planning on leaving anytime soon." he said comfortingly.

    While she had dabbled in other cats, Riddle had rarely gone off with one with more than a few days. He had always felt like he was being unfaithful to her. Even if they never were really "together" not that they had been with eachother before, he would take a platonic friendly relationship rather than being half heartedly romantic with another.