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    ・゚ ✦ ° Curiosity Killed The Cat - Jaggeddawn had been existing for awhile now. Her whole life she'd always been afraid of something, the only thing that changed was her fears. She feared for her father's health, for her loyalty to the clan, for her own safety, for the safety of the she cat she loved more than anything in the world. She'd feared many things for many different reasons, and looking back she realized she didn't always know why she'd been afraid. Now she simply knew one thing. She was tired of being afraid, so, so tired. She didn't want to exist. She wanted to live.

    The shadowey molly slipped out of camp today, on a lone hunting patrol. She didn't have a specific place in mind, simply trotting wherever her paws took her. She scented the air, pricked her ears for sounds, and suddenly spotted the tracks of a squirrel. Pleased with herself, Jaggeddawn followed the prints, keeping alert for when she closed in on the actual creature. As she traveled, Jaggeddawn began to recognize the terrain around her as a path that lead to the Burnt Sycamore. That tree held many memories for her, and the black molly grinned to herself as her heart fluttered. She'd been here with Stonespirit a few times, and the times they'd shared here would never be forgotten by either of them.

    The tree came into view, and so did the brown rodent Jaggeddawn had been tracking. It was shuffling around close to the trunk, it had an easy escape if the warrior messed up. Be still. Hold your breath in, keep your balance, watch out for sticks. The molly started forward carefully, she wouldn't allow herself to fail, even if this would be a tricky pounce. Perhaps the world was just a cruel place, or else StarClan was playing a trick on her to remind her that things always went wrong for her, but the wind shifted, blowing Jaggeddawn's scent straight towards the squirrel. The rodent tensed, and darted for safety. The ebony warrior had a split second to make her choice. Truthfully, there was no way she could make the kill now, the squirrel would be at the trunk and climbing before she could shift her paws, and no one but SkyClan climbed after their prey. It was dangerous, foolish, she didn't know how... I don't want to exist. I want to live.

    Jaggeddawn pushed herself forwards, reaching the tree trunk as the squirrel began to climb, and clawed after it. She strangely felt no fear, even though hurling herself up the unstable tree should've terrified her. She felt a rush, wind smoothed her fur back as she climbed, and the black molly actually began to close the distance between her and her prey. She felt like she could fly, Jaggeddawn felt alive, fear would never touch her again. She grabbed a blackened branch, prepared to make a leap for the squirrel-

    Snap. The dead branch folded beneath her, unable to hold her weight. Jaggeddawn's jaws gaped in surprise as her platform disappeared, as the squirrel rose and she fell. How high had she climbed? The black warrior let out a shriek as she plummeted, her limbs windmilled in open air, there was nothing to catch her. A second passed, another, then she hit the ground with a sickening sound. Pain exploded from her ribs, she'd landed on her side on stones. That might not have mattered had she not been so high up, but she'd fallen from three quarters of the way up the burned tree. The wind had been thoroughly knocked from her, and Jaggeddawn couldn't muster the air she needed to scream. She couldn't breathe, couldn't breathe, couldn't...

    The black molly choked in air and coughed, and the agony of that action drove the breath from her body again. How could a hunt go so wrong... Jaggeddawn couldn't move, she could hardly breathe. She'd been so happy. To her horror, she felt something cold and heavy in her stomach, expanding so fast it might consume her entirely. Terror like she'd never known before was filling her. She'd fallen too far, hit the ground too hard, she'd felt her ribs crack, something was so wrong with her chest, breathing hurt much more than it should. No.. Where was Stonespirit? Stonespirit, I need you, please, please find me. Jaggeddawn was scared, she didn't want to die, not alone, not like this, she had too many questions and she was afraid of their answers. It hurt, everything hurt, she didn't want to be alone. What if StarClan didn't take her? She'd never see Stonespirit again, never, she couldn't bare that thought, couldn't bare it, where was she, where was her blue eyed mate, she had to see her again before everything was unknown. Jaggeddawn struggled with another painful breath, trying to hold on with everything she had.

    // Tallow_Cat

    I'm gonna miss their romance so much DX Idk if you still rp Stone, but thought I'd tag you in Jagged's exit if you did

    ・゚ ✦ ° Curiosity Killed The Cat - Yellow eyes flashed as Jaggeddawn entered camp, tossing her catch onto the prey pile. It wasn't much, a small mouse she'd found shuffling around in the snow. Leaf bare was livable so far, but still not much could be wasted. Her small catch contributed to her less than happy mood. The black warrior had been such a peppy child, for a short time. Then, her father's mental state had become apparent to her, and she'd spent much of her life trying to make him happy. Sometimes he was, while Jeminai had been around especially. Other times he hadn't been, and Jaggeddawn couldn't go to him with her problems, because he had enough to deal with. Then LionStar had died, shortly after they'd had a fight, and Jaggeddawn could not forgive herself for snapping at her father moons ago. Of course, she tried not to dwell on that. There were plenty of other things for her to be upset or angry about internally. RatStar's exile of Owlflight, the loss of her first and only apprentice, being unable to talk with Stonespirit... And of course, the scrawny mouse she'd killed. With a huff, Jaggeddawn scored her claws along the snowy ground, leaving gashes through the powder. She imagined being able to sink her claws into a BloodClanner, showing them that ShadowClan was not to be messed with. A fantasy, but one she dearly wished to make come true.

    jagged: cats having litters with someone in a different clan is disloyal! >:^(

    jagged: don't exile us because we trained in the darkforest!!!

    briar: .... wut lol

    Oof yeah, she's leaning on their manipulative tendencies to kind of excuse it, but she does want the dark forest trainees to reprove themselves

    // Ratshadow

    ・゚ ✦ ° Curiosity Killed The Cat - Jaggeddawn flicked her ears at Briarthorn, feeling her words didn't quite line up with what RatStar had said. "If you can mate with a cat from an enemy clan, and be prepared to wound them in a battle the next day, then perhaps I'd see your point. RatStar did not say we can't have friendships outside of the clan, but starting a family is completely different. She didn't say cats of other clans couldn't join either, that would be Windclan. You say it was one night with a tom from a different clan, and so what's done is done. So you are willing to fight him if it comes to that? What if your kits want to meet him someday, or ever decide to join him in his home? Are you willing to then fight your half clan child?" Jaggeddawn didn't know what Briarthorn's response would be, but as for her own, she knew she'd be able to fight Stonespirit. Thank StarClan they shared the same home. That was perhaps the only kind thing they'd done for her in many, many moons. The molly didn't disapprove of Briarthorn's litter, or the she cat herself, but she stood by her words.

    Icefeather spoke up, and Jaggeddawn hoped she was right in that no one doubted loyalties. Then Owlflight stepped forwards, and proceeded to light a fire with his words. What is he doing?! Jaggeddawn knew that Owlflight was impulsive and whatnot, but this was downright idiotic. Yes, everything he said was certainly punishable, but he also said that he never went through with the deal. Like Jaggeddawn, he'd chosen loyalty to his clan over power or villainy, and he should be allowed to redeem himself. He's made too good a case against himself.

    RatStar spoke with Tanseyface first. The warrior was demoted to apprentice status, with Fallowfeather assigned as her mentor. Then she moved on to the issue of half clan relationships again, and Jaggeddawn thought her words were fair. If you broke the code, you were punished, simple as that. It was true, ShadowClan, and indeed many other clans, had become quite lax with the code lately, and that was dangerous. If loyalty was uncertain, something had to be done. So when it comes to the Dark Forest, should the same thing not happen? Jaggeddawn didn't know. Perhaps she was biased because of her own mistakes, but she felt that there was a difference, however small. The Dark Forest was manipulative, the cats there were sweet talkers, and they seemed to know everything about you. They pretend to care, pretended to help. If you fell for their tricks, yet realized your mistakes, what was fair then?

    Now, RatStar turned to Owlflight. Just like that, she had exiled him. He had until sundown. Tonight. No. No no no... Jaggeddawn didn't know what to say. She was afraid to speak up, even as her clan mates erupted around her. What if RatStar decided to send her away next? I"ve proved my loyalty! But hadn't Owlflight as well, in refusing to spy on ShadowClan as was his part of the deal? Sorrelfire and Nightfright were begging for RatStar to demote him, but let him stay, Briarthorn was hissing and threatening to leave if Owlflight had to go. Tanseyface seemed not to care, so long as she got to say her piece once it was all over. The kits were uncertain, asking anxiously what was going on. The clan was starting to tear at it's seams around them all. Jaggeddawn didn't know what options RatStar had, or what she would say next. How could she decide what to do? In her place... Well, Jaggeddawn had seen leadership drive cats to insanity before. She prayed that the same didn't happen to RatStar, and also that she herself would never have to take on that role. Leadership was something many aspired for, but it was so much responsibility, the clan's entire future depended on you. And even when you made good decisions, cats hated you for it. How could RatStar do this?

    She made good points, but of course she couldn't make them all decide she was right. Jaggeddawn didn't know how she felt, she just didn't want to make more mistakes. All her anger was draining away, replaced with fear. "Owlflight was willing to spy for BloodClan at one point. But, if he wants to be a loyal ShadowClan member, should we not give him a chance? Perhaps he needs what Tansyface needs, someone to show him what being a warrior really means." Jaggeddawn didn't know if he had already learned, but she didn't want to leave RatStar hanging alone. Despite her uncertainty, it was unfair to make their leader out as a complete villain. When the young molly brought up LionStar, Jaggeddawn tensed. "LionStar did his best. He did what he thought was right, just as you're doing now. Do not condemn my father because he tried to run the clan in a different way." That was as far as she would go in the moment about her father though. RatStar wasn't trying to make a fool of LionStar, not yet at least. Looking around at the rest of her clan mates though, Jaggeddawn was still confused and worried about fully voicing her opinion. She didn't want to turn RatStar's attention on her, she had no will to get into a debate about her own loyalty. "RatStar, since he's staying a little longer anyway, would it hurt to try and find a way for him to continue living in ShadowClan, until you deem him fully trustworthy?"

    //IC opinions ^^

    ・゚ ✦ ° Curiosity Killed The Cat - Jaggeddawn followed her clan mate's reactions. she saw concealment, agreement, anger, the whole lot on different faces. Noeyes spoke up, and Jaggeddawn hesitated before she answered. Trying to make sure she didn't make things bad for herself, or anyone else. "I agree that Half-clan litters are against the code. They shouldn't happen, for whom will you fight for if battle happens? Those who have trained in the Dark Forest, of course I beg you to stop. They are not trying to help you as they claim they are. But if there are clan mates among us who are training, it's not entirely their fault. They don't want to betray their clan, they think they're helping. I know, because they had me once. And ever since I left them, I've worked to fix my mistake." From Noeyes, she now looked to RatStar. "I hope that my loyalty has been reproved again. If others decide they've made a mistake, they should be given a chance to show it."

    ・゚ ✦ ° Curiosity Killed The Cat - Jaggeddawn appeared, tucking her tail around her paws as she waited for the meeting to begin. As words swept from RatStar's jaws, the black molly's ears shot back. What? No way. No way this was actually happening. RatStar was really going to give in to Bloodclan, after all they'd done? No! Jaggeddawn remembered how her father had been forced to keep the alliance, in order to protect ShadowClan. He'd been miserable about it, many had been upset with him, and it hadn't helped much anyway. Now, RatStar was about to let the same thing happen again? Jaggeddawn was too furious to speak. Of course, she was supposed to listen to her clan leader. She was supposed to swallow her words and feelings, and follow whatever orders RatStar thought were best. But if RatStar thought that they should put up with BloodClan's crimes, ignore them and be pushed around... Jaggeddawn wouldn't stand for that. She wouldn't make a scene here, but if BloodClan thought this was over because ShadowClan's leader said so, they were wrong.

    As more announcements were said, the warrior tried to calm down. Later, later later later, she could deal with all that, later. She could talk to Stonespirit about it, maybe. If she's around here at all... Jaggeddawn missed her mate, and especially missed their talks. She hadn't had anyone to confide with in over a moon, and a lot had built up within the molly because of that. I can deal with it. She'd have too. Now RatStar was speaking about half-clan litters, and how they were no longer accepted. Jaggeddawn was surprised, but not altogether outraged. RatStar was right there, they were against the warrior code. And besides, if you had a mate in another clan, how could you be expected to be loyal to your home clan? You'd always be split, always wondering where you really belonged. It wasn't worth the trouble, really.

    Suddenly, for the briefest moment, RatStar was gazing in her direction. Huh? Jaggeddawn couldn't understand why. Everyone knew her heart belonged to Stonespirit, and no one else. Had rumours been spread about her? They better not be. Then, it suddenly became clear. RatStar was talking about the Dark Forest. Cats were being dragged in again, and RatStar suspected her. Jaggeddawn was frozen with the realization that her leader still didn't trust her. Behind yellow eyes her thoughts were at war, outrage and horrible guilt clashing for dominance. I've done everything to prove I'm loyal... How dare she... She has perfectly valid reason for wondering if you'd go back. Tanseyface was being called forwards. Jaggeddawn shook her head, clamping her jaws shut to wait. Was Tansy in trouble? If so, what exactly for?

    ・゚ ✦ ° Curiosity Killed The Cat - They'd been caught. It all happened so fast, and suddenly Jaggeddawn was facing Caledon, leader of BloodClan. Some might be scared, all should be, but Jaggeddawn was too enraged to fear for her life. All she wanted was revenge on the clan that was making her clan's life hell. The tyrant leaped for her back, and Jaggeddawn attempted to use his momentum to roll, hopefully knocking him loose of her. He spoke of LionStar, which only made the black molly more hysteric and wild. "Speak of my father again, and I'll tear the other half of your face off!" Jaggeddawn screeched, swiping for the tom's shoulder if she could reach. It was over before it had begun. The patrol was done, RatStar had lost a life, and Jaggeddawn should be retreating, trying to help the stragglers live. But she couldn't, she wouldn't, run from Caledon like a coward.

    //suuuper late ^-^ ^^

    ・゚ ✦ ° Curiosity Killed The Cat - Jaggeddawn had been beside herself since Sorrelfire's capture, she hadn't known what to do. She'd wanted to sneak into BloodClan and steal them back herself, but how? How could she do it without simply becoming another prisoner? Jaggeddawn was furious with herself that she couldn't think of something, and that she'd let so many ShadowClan cats be taken in the first place. Tonight, she heard shouts and unusual noises, and at first the warrior thought that BloodClan was raiding. I'll kill them! All her pent up emotions regarding Sorrelfire, Icefeather, and Owlpaw's kidnapping came rushing through her, and Jaggeddawn's gaze certainly looked deadly for a few moments. Then, she saw who had arrived and she almost cried with happiness.

    Scratch that, she did cry. Seeing that they were all okay, especially her former mentor, caused tears to well in the warrior's eyes. She barrelled into Sorrelfire, trying not to sob. "Y-You're okay! Y-You're all, okay." Jaggeddawn stepped back, trying to control herself. She hated Bloodclan, she wanted them all dead for the pain they put her clan through... But she was so happy to see her clan mates safe and whole. Wave of anger and joy alternated through her as she looked over her clan mates.

    ・゚ ✦ ° Curiosity Killed The Cat - Hornetsting was with them, which Jaggeddawn thought was both a good and bad idea. He would know Bloodclan territory better than anyone, even if he hadn't been here in awhile. But, he'd betrayed a clan before, two if you counted his birth clan. What if he made ShadowClan the third, and went back to his home? Guess we'll see... So far he was being helpful, and he'd proven himself trustworthy for now in Jaggeddawn's eyes.

    Sorrelfire brought up Tansyface's lover, and the black molly pricked her ears. In all honesty, Jaggeddawn had sort of forgotten about the whole 'Maggot' thing. Hadn't that been dealt with already? Glancing at Sorrelfire, she whispered, "We can't really do that, can we? We don't know if we can actually trust him, we agreed he could've been tricking Tansy!" Jaggeddawn was all for not trusting the mysterious tom, and she'd thought Tansyface had seen reason too. Still... It would be her call, wouldn't it? Jaggeddawn glanced at the warrior, waiting for her to speak. Did she want to give Maggot a chance? Did RatStar?"

    ・゚ ✦ ° Curiosity Killed The Cat - This patrol had been what Jaggeddawn had wanted for almost a moon now. She'd been planning to do it by herself, but if her clan mates were willing to do it with her, who was she to say no? The ebony warrior slunk along in the dead of the night, her pelt blending in with the shadows her clan was named for. Sorrelfire whispered instructions as they traveled, and Jaggeddawn nodded in mute agreement. Unlike her deputy, the black molly felt no fear at all, only the desire for revenge. She half wished that Stonespirit were here with her, but at the same time she was glad her mate wasn't in danger of being hurt. It was better this way, especially since the grey furred warrior wouldn't have to worry. Where are you, Icefeather... Jaggeddawn wondered as they searched.

    ・゚ ✦ ° Curiosity Killed The Cat - Jaggeddawn was so very, very done with BloodClan. If they didn't get Icefeather back the second they walked to the border... They can't keep doing this. I won't let them. The black warrior was finished with reasoning, was over being afraid of the city cats anymore. If some cat were willing to try to talk sense into her, it wouldn't matter. The she cat padded forwards, eyes ablaze with anger that yet another of their own had been stolen from them. "I'm coming, Sorrelfire." She meowed, standing straight and fierce. Jaggeddawn had no thoughts of the consequences that could occur if she slipped into BloodClan for a moment. What did she have to lose? If BloodClan refused to hand over Icefeather, the ebony warrior would be past their border and into their home, that much she knew.

    ・゚ ✦ ° Curiosity Killed The Cat - This reminded Jaggeddawn uncomfortably of Tansyface's announcement. But what could Briarthorn have to announce that would make her look so nervous? Actually, when the warrior looked at her, she seemed more determined than anything. Wary but ready for whatever was coming, Jaggeddawn padded over, settling to wait for news.

    ・゚ ✦ ° Curiosity Killed The Cat - Jaggeddawn blinked at Nightfury's blunt statement. If he was even real? The charcoal molly hadn't really thought of that. What reason would her clan mate have to lie about something like this? Whatever the case, Jaggeddawn still didn't think Fury was being quite fair. Tansyface was refusing because it had been brought to her attention that her 'mate' could be dangerous. "Just because she's smart doesn't mean she can't make mistakes Nightfury. We'd all take on the world for our loved ones, but Tansyface was all alone in BloodClan. I don't mean to offend, but I don't think it's fair to compare that relationship to ones like yours or mine." Jaggeddawn would do anything, anything to protect Stonespirit, and anyone who suggested otherwise was viable to a good scratch if the molly's temper boiled. Jaggeddawn was not one to get heated, only for Stonespirit would she become so defensive. "It's not safe to assume anything when it comes to BloodClan. Anyone can be fooled, especially under circumstances like Tansyface has described."

    In Jaggeddawn's mind this whole situation was getting out of hand, now Tansyface was snarling to defend herself, and Shatteredsong was trying to placate everyone. "I agree with Shatteredsong. If Tansyface doesn't want the father here after all, that's the end of it. If she decides she wants to try talking to him, or something, then I guess we'll do that. But she deserves our trust, what kind of clan mates would we be if we didn't take her word?" Jaggeddawn knew what lies did, the longer they were told the worse things got. Trust could break down so, so easily. She would trust Tansyface, until she was given a good reason not to. The black warrior had not been deceived enough times to know when she should be more wary.

    ・゚ ✦ ° Curiosity Killed The Cat - At Fury volunteering to retrieve Maggot from BloodClan, Jaggeddawn turned to the she cat in alarm. "What?" Not only did she not have that kind of authority, but hadn't they all just finished discussing what a dangerous idea that was? "Fury, you can't, we know nothing about this tom, he could be a spy. You can't bring him back here, and you most certainly can't sneak into BloodClan territory on your own to find him!" Jaggeddawn was all for sneaking into BloodClan's territory, truthfully, but not for a tom who might endanger the clan. When Tansyface too shut down the idea, Jaggeddawn looked back to Fury, willing the she cat not to go through with what she said. She can't. It would put all of ShadowClan in danger. "If Maggot has survived this long as a BloodClan prisoner, he can survive for some more time. If he's not who he says he is to begin with, all the better. We can't just barge into BloodClan territory searching for him, someone will be hurt for sure, maybe killed."

    ・゚ ✦ ° Curiosity Killed The Cat - Jaggeddawn's smile was warm as the kits pressed against her, protectiveness over them swelled within the black warrior. You can't care for them. The warrior who's been to the Dark Forest, not to mention you've hardly shown yourself the responsible type throughout your life. Right.. Right. One of the queens could care for the children better than she could, or else Briarthorn would probably do it gladly. The two kits had clan names, which surprised Jaggeddawn further. They hadn't simply been abandoned by a rogue mother who was too weak or hungry to care for them, a clan she cat must've decided she didn't want anything to do with them, maybe didn't even want the clan to know they'd been born. Jaggeddawn couldn't imagine ever, ever abandoning kits of her own in that way. Kits of my own... Hers and Stonespirit's. Blinking, the dark molly shook her head as Sorrelfire appeared, welcoming the kits to ShadowClan. Jaggeddawn looked back down at the pair again, nodding her agreement. "Yes, we'll take you to our camp, we'll take good care of you. Can you two walk, or would you like rides?" The molly's whiskers twitched with amusement as she crouched, offering the kits the chance to scramble onto her back if they wished.

    ・゚ ✦ ° Curiosity Killed The Cat - Jaggeddawn hesitated, but nodded. "Alright then." It was better than nothing, right? The ebony molly could only hope that RatStar didn't see it as traitorous enough to banish tansy face entirely. As the molly requested to be left alone, Jaggeddawn dipped her head in acknowledgement to her wishes. "Of course. I'm, sorry if I upset you Tansyface. I didn't mean to. I am truly happy for you and your litter." When they came, if Tansyface was still in ShadowClan, Jaggeddawn would show no ill will towards the kits. Though, she couldn't promise the same if the BloodClan tom ever made it here...