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    Ryepaw had readied herself for the day when Juniperstar would call his first meeting since he first returned. She knew it would happen soon after his arrival, her mother had not taken long to hold her first meeting after returning from getting her nine lives. And yet, despite all her plans, nothing could have really prepared her for the dull ache she would feel hear Juniperstar call out to the clan, and not her mother.

    She debated lingering back, hiding in the crowd if she could, but she knew she had to show her face. No doubt Juniperstar would appoint her a new mentor today, since her old one had eventually stepped down as she had anticipated.

    She nodded her head as Sedgeroot explained what the flowers were. It was hard for her to accept, but she had suspected that was why he was gathering them. "Could we pick some marigolds?" Ryepaw asked. "Mom loved them...and Hurricanegaze planted some when she became leader." She had always thought that gesture from the senior warrior to have been very sweet, and now that her mother was gone, it would serve as a nice memoriam of her.

    Mother was dead, and the rogue that still remained in camp was part of the reason why she had died. Ryepaw had not been involved in the battle, and did not know much about the events leading up to their attack on Heronstar which prompted them to attack the camp, so she could not know for certain how much of a role he played in her death. She doubted he was the one to inflict those horrible wounds on her neck at least, he looked too young and weak to have done such a thing.

    Despite her undeniable hatred for this tom, and the group he was part of, Ryepaw was glad when Juniperthorn did not kill him, but rather responded that he should sent away, never to return. It was a good choice, one she was sure her mother would have made had she been alive. Before he was sent away for good, she had but one question to ask. "Which one of you was it?" She asked faintly. The rogue looked over at her, once he realised she was addressing him. "Which one of you took that first life?"

    Truth be told Ryepaw didn't think he would answer her question, he hadn't exactly been very forthcoming in talking to the clan. So she was quite shocked when he gave her a single word answer. "Daisy." Satisfied as much as she would be given the situation, she gave a small nod of the head, perhaps knowing all along that the perpetrator of the attack was the one who had taken her life.

    Ryepaw couldn't really remember feeling any particular way about moving into the apprentices den. She had been excited to finally begin her apprenticeship, but had never felt any particular way about moving from the nursery to the apprentices den.

    Seeing Slatekit making his nest in the den, she couldn't help but smile at his enthusiasm. She padded over to join Milkpaw in seeing if he needed any help. "Hello, Slatekit," She greeted. "Settling in already are we?"

    "May I join you?"Ryepaw asked, padding up alongside her grandmother and looking at Bisonpaw. She didn't really know a great deal about herbs, but she was interested in helping, seeing the chance to get out and look for herbs as a way to break the monotonous routine she had fallen into since her mother's passing.

    Ryepaw knew Juniperstar was set to return soon. Though she had never been, she knew enough of the concept to know that the journey to the moonstone was not exactly a short one, but the ceremony usually only took one night, so she knew to expect his arrival soon.

    Since he had left, Ryepaw had admittedly not done much. With the loss of her mother still fresh in her mind, it was difficult for her to find the motivation to do anything when she wasn't doing her apprentice duties, quite content to wallow in her grief for the time being. Well, she wasn't really wallowing per se, rather just sat there, staring off blankly into the distance, getting lost in her own thoughts. When she heard the mumbling of voices in camp, she knew that their new leader must have returned. At the very least wanting to show her face, Ryepaw padded over to the scene. It was difficult for her to muster up any form of congratulations, though she could at least give him a little nod of acknowledgement, a sad look in her eyes. Seeing him here, knowing what he had gone through, only made it all the more real that mother was gone and would not be coming back. "I'm glad to see you home safe," Ryepaw told him, though her voice lacked warmth and conviction. Even she couldn't help but cringe at hollow her words sounded. "I know you're not supposed to say what happened, but I really want to know, did you see her?" Mother. Did you see mother? She cursed herself for not being able to get straight to the point.


    NAME: Ryekit - Ryepaw - Ryewhisker

    name meaning: 'Rye' - in honour of her grandfather, Ryecatcher

    'paw' - suffix used by all appreentices

    TITLES: None

    SEX/GENDER: female ♀, feminine — she/her pronouns

    SEXUALITY: Demisexual Demiromantic

    AGE/RATIO: 10 moons / ages on the 6th

    DATE OF BIRTH: April 6th 2019

    DATE OF CREATION: February 15th 2020

    DATE OF DEATH: To be determined — status: alive


    reasons for lives lost: n/a

    ALLIANCE/RANK: SkyClan; apprentice

    past ranks: SkyClan; kit

    HERITAGE: ½ RiverClan, ½ SkyClan

    REFERENCES: ref 1

    BREED: Domestic Longhair x Maine Coon

    SHORT DESCRIPTION: A longhaired calico she-cat with bright green eyes.

    accessories: None

    scars: None

    inventory: None

    LONG DESCRIPTION: Rye takes more after her mother than her father. Though she has Maine Coon blood in her veins, she does not show these traits much beyond possessing an uneven two-layered coat and bushy tail, common with the breed. Other than those traits, she inherited more of her mother's features. She is a longhaired cat, that much is true, with dark calico colouring taking up most of her pelt. She has a patch of white running from her chin, down to her belly, and has a white "sock" on her right front paw. Her eyes are round a clear, and a shade of leafy green, not entirely unlike her father's Rye has notably long, white whiskers, which stick out quite prominently against her dark colouring of her face.

    POSITIVE TRAITS: Supportive, patient

    NEUTRAL TRAITS: Reserved, fretful

    NEGATIVE TRAITS: Oversensitive, reluctant to change, represses feelings

    MBTI TYPE: ISFJ-A / 'Defender'

    MORAL ALLIGNMENT: Lawful Good.


    As a young kit Rye winds up as quite a shy and fretful individual. in her youth she is notably smaller then her littermates, and as such is believed by some of her family and peers to be of more delicate health, and therefore needs to be more careful. Young and impressionable, she picked up on these concerns herself, though it came across as nerves and anxiety. she found herself worrying about the slightest bumps and scrapes, and even a slight cold was enough for her to worry that something was horribly wrong. While young, she appeared to be calmed by the presence of her family members, in particular her littermates, and easily found herself more relaxed and at peace around them, though her anxieties would sometimes flare up when playing.

    As she ages, Rye does grow in her confidence, though it is admittedly a long road. When first becoming an apprentice she is nervous and very self-conscious, and doubts her own abilities when compared to those of her siblings or peers. Despite her fears she worked surprisingly hard, and becomes a diligent apprentice under the tutelage of her mentor. Slowly her confidence grows more and more, and she finds herself more willing to step up and join patrols, or show off her skills to those who are willing to watch her.

    Throughout her life, she is known for being a very caring and compassionate individual, and even though she may be nervous herself, if she sees a family member or someone she cares for hurt, she can put those thoughts aside to ensure that her friend or family member are safe and happy. Although her confidence builds throughout her life, she is not the sort who comes across as very outgoing and confident. Though happy to talk to others, it takes her a long time to feel comfortable enough to be able to voice her opinions on matters and actually be able to stand up for them. When young, she does not take criticism very well, and though she does at time hide that this has affected her, inside she is a nervous wreck. again, She gets better at handling criticism and harsh comments as she ages, but that's not to say she ever truly appreciates the snarky remarks of certain individuals in her life.

    PARENTS: Heronstar xx Berylbreeze

    SIBLINGS: Minnowkit, Charcoalsmudge, Kestrelpaw (older siblings); Maplepaw, Dizzypaw, Amaranthpaw, Cloverpaw, Applepaw (littermates)



    CRUSHING ON: No-one

    MATES WITH: No-one

    MENTORED BY: Arcticwind




    injuries None.

    illnesses: None.


    mental disorders: Anxiety.

    other issues: None.

    INTERACTION: Cannot maim, kill, or capture / Can powerplay nonviolent actions.

    STATISTICS: Physically difficult / Mentally very difficult | ATTACK IN underlined.

    strength: ★★★☆☆☆

    stamina: ★★★★☆☆

    agility: ★★★☆☆☆

    hunting: ★★★★☆☆

    swimming: ★★☆☆☆☆

    climbing: ★★★★★☆

    medicine: ★☆☆☆☆☆

    intelligence: ★★★★☆☆

    charisma: ★☆☆☆☆☆

    perception: ★★★★☆☆



    INSPIRED BY: Marianne and Bernadetta from Fire Emblem, and one of my old ocs, Sybil


    (c) vespertine

    Ryepaw had visited RiverClan many times in the past on patrol, it was only natural considering how close the two clans were to each other. But this time it felt different, her usual interest and wide-eyed curiosity, replaced by a sense of numbness. Had it been any other clan they were visiting in the wake of Heronstar's death, Ryepaw doubted she would have felt so pained in coming here. But this was RiverClan, where her mother had been born and spent most of her youth. Though her mother had been in SkyClan for some time before her passing, she still had family and friends here.

    As the group walked along the border, marking the trees as they went, Ryepaw was admittedly a little caught up in her own thoughts. She kept thinking about how mother was buried not far from here, along the border between the two clans, as per her final request. Fitting really given her deep connections to both. Ryepaw wondered if she was watching them right now, eyes full of warmth and love as they always were, or rather, had been.

    Ryepaw picked up the pace a little to keep up with Sedgeroot. "I hope we don't see Ryecatcher today," She mumbled faintly. Her words sounded harsh to the unknowing ear, but her feelings towards the aforementioned tom were anything but. She had only met her grandfather once in her life, on one of her early border patrols, and even then it had been a brief greeting, their ties to their respective clans preventing them from speaking too long. Still, despite the only one time she had seen him face to face, the young calico had a good idea of what a good cat her grandfather was at heart, from the countless stories her mother had told her and her siblings growing up. She had once hated the notion of being named after a tom, but the more she learnt about her namesake, her grandfather, the more she was proud to bare his name. And it was for that reason she hoped they would not come across him in this patrol. She did not want to be there to see him learn the news that another one of his children was dead, to have him break down and weep for another fallen cat. For someone still struggling with her own grief and emotions surrounding her mother's death, she was certain it would be too much for her to bare to see him like that. "Sedgeroot?" She glanced over at the older tom. "If I can't find the words to say, could know...tell them what has happened? If we see any RiverClanners that is. I just don't think I can do it..."


    "Sedgeroot?" Came a second voice. Appearing beside her sister, was Ryepaw, who looked at the bouquet of flowers he had been putting together. Are those for mother? She wondered softly. A part of her already knew the answer in truth, she just didn't want to accept it to be the truth. "Those flowers look pretty," She mumbled softly.

    Ryepaw had been young when her mother left for the moonstone, though she had some vague recollection of the night in question. Could remember her mother - then, Heronswoop - leaving alongside her elder brother.

    When Juniperthorn announced he was set to leave for the moonstone to receive his nine lives, the calico she-cat wasn't sure what to believe. It had only been a day since her mother had passed, and the grief of losing her still lingered like a dark cloud over the clan. Some might have found his decision to leave so soon a tad insensitive, and in truth, had Ryepaw not still been grappling with her fluctuating emotions over the loss of her mother, she might have done too. She just didn't know how to feel right now, and she was certain that feeling wouldn't go away for some time. She did, however, want to be happy for Juniperthorn, to send him off with some kind words. Well, she wanted to at least. But every time she thought of something pleasant to say to him, it just solidified the idea in her mind that her mother was dead, that she wasn't just resting in the medicine den, that she would likely never see her again, or hear her voice summoning the clan.

    "See you soon, I guess," Was all the young she-cat could muster up to say to him. With a small shrug, she proceeded to move away from the crowd, coming over to join Applepaw, who was notably absent from coming over to share words of good luck with their soon to be leader.

    Ryepaw had not fought in the battle against the rogues, but with the way she was feeling now, it was just as good as if she had been.

    Her mother was gone. Dead. Killed. It didn't seem real to Ryepaw. In fact, when she had first seen her mother lying there, she had assumed she had just fallen from exhaustion, not that she was losing her remaining lives. When she had realised what was really happening, when she heard her mother say her final words, the calico female had wanted to yell at her to stop, but could not find the voice to muster the words she wanted to say. And when all was said and done, she just sat there, staring. Though her mother had been ccut pretty badly, and dried blood stained her lovely fur, there was something peaceful about the way she was lay there. The one thing Ryepaw could take comfort in was knowing that she hadn't been alone in the end.

    When Tawnypaw's voice rang out around the clan, Ryepaw tentatively padded over her, standing further back from the warriors and apprentices that were injured, as if too embarrassed to ask for help. "Hi, Tawny," She greeted, voice barely louder than a whisper. "Do you have anything for me?" It was a vague statement, but she hoped Tawnypaw would be able to interpret what she had meant by that.

    Unsurprisingly, it hadn't taken her clanmates long to come over to see her, inquiring whether she was alright. "I'm fine!" Was her first response, a little more snappier than she intended to do so. Feeling a bit ashamed at having raised her voice, she quick to shoot those gathered an apologetic glance. "Sorry, I shouldn't have snapped," She mewed, sighing as she spoke. "Just had a bit of a bad experience with some of the other apprentices earlier. It wasn't anything serious though - I promise!" Ryepaw made a habit to glance at Applepaw as she said this, knowing he'd rush to defend her if anything bad had happened.

    Sighing loudly to herself, Ryepaw was ashamed to say her anxiety had gotten the better of her again. She had been taking part in group training session when she slipped and landed funny, hurting her front page in the process. Something of an worrier, she had dared not move at first, moaning quietly that she twisted her paw, or perhaps even broken it. When one of the warriors came over to investigate, he reassured the apprentice that nothing seemed wrong with it, and that she had merely just landed funny on it. Feeling rather ashamed at her overreaction, she had slunk back, and apologised profusely for her reactions. As if her mood wasn't bad enough, her mood worsened when the other apprentices she was training with started snickering behind her back.

    The training went by smoothly after that, though Ryepaw merely kept her head down and got on with what she was told, too embarrassed to interact much in the lesson.

    Once it was over and finished, she returned back to camp with the rest of the group, but her mood still hadn't improved, and could be found moping around in the apprentices den.

    "Sitting and talking is fine with me!" Ryepaw responded. She would have preferred a small walk, but with how hot it was, she could understand why some of her littermates would be against such an activity. Since they were settling down to talk, Ryepaw stretched out more comfortably. "Nothing exciting happening in my life," Ryepaw answered with a chuckle in response to Applepaw's words. Just training. Oh, and more training. Such was the life of an apprentice. "Just trying to keep up with my training. I think mom will have to get me a new mentor soon though, he keeps talking about wanting to retire soon." She frowned a little as she said that. Ryepaw liked her mentor, he was calm and patient, and well suited to someone like Ryepaw who was frequently plagued with anxiety and self doubts over her own abilities. It was a shame to think that he might not still be her mentor when she received her warrior name.

    "Applepaw you can't resort to trying to fight everyone to protect us," Ryepaw chided her brother, giving him a playful nudge with her shoulder. "Though I'm sure I speak for all of us, when I say we appreciate it."

    Her gaze then flickered over to Amaranthpaw, a look of concern forming in her eyes. "You sure you're alright though?" She asked, echoing Tawnypaw's words.

    "Probably when we were kits right?" Ryepaw mused, in response to Dizzypaw's comment. They had always had fun playing with miss balls, and enjoying other games when they were younger. Though their father had died when they were very young - a tragic event for them to deal with so early in their lives - their mother had ensured they had a happy kithood. Their mother had became leader not long after he passed, and so there was never much time for grieving; she had a clan and children who needed her and could not allow her undeniable grief consume her in those early weeks.

    Ryepaw intercepted the moss ball between Applepaw and Cloverpaw, betting it around between her white paws. "Here, Cloverpaw!" She called, batting it towards him with ease.