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    Slowly the male came forward, eyes upon the ground as he made his way over. He was quiet, breathing soft and steps calm as he came to settle his form where the meeting was being held. These were becoming routine now and he merely lifted his head up and angled his eyes forward so that he could hear what was going to be said.

    He was quite and silent, dark maroon eyes focused on the ground before him as he slowly made his way over to the meeting area. He had gotten the message later than he wished to have gotten it but it couldn't be helped and he was here now. The blind creature was calm as he stepped toward the great rock, ears shifting as he picked up the breathing of two creatures before he sat down and curled his tail around his paws. The sound of wings beating over head allowed him to relax just a bit, the vulture coming to land heavily upon his shoulders but he didn't see the need to say anything. His voice was already strained from earlier events and soft murmurs left his muzzle as he lift a paw to press it against his inner arm for a short moment. What this meeting would be about the male didn't know but he was fully prepared.

    The screams, the cries of an unholy beast was such pleasure to his ears, the world stained in red from the sight that was given to him. His chest heaved with breath as he listened to the things suffering, feeling more alive than he had in a long time. A very long time. He was free, and a almost gleeful chuckle left his muzzle as he tilted his head to the side a bit to continue watching the pitiful wailing of a would be leader of a place that he knew would most likely come to his aid, finally come to one of their member's aid. But his moment of happiness didn't last longer and the voice that filled his ears made his head snap to the side. "What he did to me..... What he did to me?!" His voice was a ragged and torn cry into the sky as he focused upon Dissonance not knowing the other's name nor understanding how the male knew his real name as he had not told anyone such a thing upon joining the place but it hardly mattered. "Look at me!" His voice held pain in it, a deep resonnating tone as he turned to actually face the other fully. The right side of his face had been ripped to shreds, teeth marks that had ripped off flesh cross that side of his face and what had healed did not bring back the growth of fur. His throat had been mangled and torn still healing and now bleeding because of the stressed use of it and the new claw marks that adorned it. Furless puncture wounds that had healed over adorned his chest and bit marks littered his legs and slices had been taken from his back. His teeth gritted as he shook his head. "No, you wouldn't know what he did to me. You weren't here. So I'll tell you. I went to the Thunderlands to talk to that thing, to try and be diplomatic and reach some sort of peace. But there wasn't any talking, no peace, nothing as he attacked me and beat me, sliced into my flesh, bit me over and over again taking my blood. He left me for dead, took my face and you say this is cruelty for cruelty's sake!" He snorted heatedly before shaking his head as the fire raged on. "I want him to be traumatized, I want him to be a hollow shell of himself, a vegetable in his own mind because he deserves it!" He turned back to the circle of flames and snarled as he started to pace back and forth muttering that he deserved it over and over again.

    Claws smacked against him, tearing into the flesh of his neck that was still healing up and spilled his blood upon the ground but that only seemed to infuriate him. How dare he think to fight back against what he deserved. Ungrateful disgusting creature. His gaze seemed to widen a bit, blood from the vampire's bloodied mouth upon his paws as he reached forward and attempted to grab onto the male's mane. With a heated look he started slicing, just started slicing wildly in an attempt to cut off his mane. Ever little piece of hair that was crown around the male's head he tried to get rid of and even sometimes he would possibly score the skin with the silver blade. He was almost crazed and completely ruthless as the knife whistled through the air and shredded off the mane of the lion before him. When that task was done he stepped back, breathing harshly before he swallowed thickly, eyes seeming to have dyed themselves a deep and murky maroon color. The vulture was utterly still where it had suddenly appeared beside him and he could see him. He could see Regis and he was disgusted. Though he wasn't done with him. Grabbing up a silver stake he aimed to stab it harshly into one of his paws and straight into the ground. One paw aimed to slam against the male's head to daze him before another silver spike aimed to find his other paw and ram right thought it against the ground, fixing him fast. "I heard you were afraid of fire...." He breathed it quietly, a chuckle leaving his throat as the Falsity slipped away for a moment only to come back spreading out kindle and brush in a large circle around Regis. For a moment the male merely tilted his head a bit and watched the vampire before he lit up the circle and it burst into a thick flame most likely to encircle the other in a thick heated wave. It wasn't close enough to burn the vampire but he would surely feel the heat from it.

    He listened with a sick satisfaction as the man screamed. Awaken by his slumber to a violent pain brought on by the silver marbles that had been shoved down his throat. Blood gathered in the vampire's mouth and he could smell the iron tang of it. Why was he so satisfied to cause the other man pain, it couldn't simply be because of his own greed and wish to have his revenge could it. The male listened then as one marble was dislodged and he gave a soft breath before he turned his head in Soundcheck's direction. "He's not going to be prodded for anything. He's not going to speak unless I say so. He's going to sit there and starve like the filth he is and accept his judgement." His words were deathly calm as he turned back to the male that was coughing up blood in front of him and he moved back to the bag that he had with him. He'd come prepared for this and he pulled out the silver bladed knife, clutching it gently before he turned back to the Thunderlands leader. As he got closer he curled his muzzle in disgust at being so close to the very thing that had tore him apart but he would have his fun now. Lifting a paw he aimed to grab a hold of the side of Regis' face, claws biting in before he then aimed to slam his head against the ground. With a sick look upon his face he narrowed his eyes for a moment. "I'm not going to let you sink these filthy fangs into anyone else." He moved the silver bladed knife then, aiming to slide it along the underside of Regis' jawline to cause him more pain before then attempting to jam the blade into the gums of the other and dislodge one of his fangs from his mouth. Blood gathered on the male's paw but he didn't care as he tried to continue holding the male's head down and jamming the blade again into his mouth to dislodge the other fang. Heated breath left the pale colored leopard as he heard someone's question and he lifted his head up a bit. "I'm going to make him pay. That's what I do."

    This wasn't him, this had never been him. He was not the monster that crawled through the night feasting on women and children. Breaking apart families and being chased from town only to find another to repeat the cycle in. He'd never been a senseless murderer, killing and spilling blood for the fun of it. He didn't manipulate the weak to do his dirty work and treat them like garbage but in this moment he felt like he could be all three. He wanted to be that monster and bring an end to vampires that destroyed the lives of others, listen to them squirm and beg for their lives as he tore them apart just like they had did to himself. What had happened to him had brought out something dark in the pale clouded leopard, something that he had buried a long time ago and perhaps he was doing this also for the Silver Fangs. The group he had joined not to long ago. Vampires were a problem this much was true from the stories and rumors that flew out of the Thunderlands and he would start with the one that had begun it all for him. Most of his bandages were off, his body healing as he made his way back home, a heavy thudding behind his paws. He was pulling something but that didn't much matter at the currently moment. The right side of his face had scarred over and healed to the best of it's abilities but it looked horrible. The scars were permanent, torn skin where no fur regrew jaggedly cutting across his temple, eye and down across his cheek to the bottom of his jaw. Other scarred wounds lay upon his body as the strong muscles flexed to pull the creature he was dragging back home.

    He was a tough beast but the male didn't do this confrontational, no, instead he had slipped something into a bowl of blood. His own blood to make the vampire pass out so that he could fit this nice collar around his neck and bring him back home with him. Now they were crossing the border and he paused there for a moment to rest. Lions were big and heavy that was a fact and he took in a soft breath. Perhaps he couldn't wait to begin but he was taking his time and savoring his capture. The scent of Regis was all around him and he wanted to gag really but he picked up the silver chain that held the collar fast and dragged him into the ghost town before he hooked the end of it around a thick silver pole in the ground. The silver collar should hold if anything as it was thick and mixed with steel to give it some strength but the leopard pause as he pulled out three silver balls from a small bag he had waiting for him. Walking to the unconscious vampire he aimed to open the male's mouth and drop them in, shutting his mouth and aiming to force him to swallow them as a wake up call. There was an anger brewing in the young clouded leopard and he narrowed his blind gaze upon the vampire before he. He wanted him to hurt. To bleed upon the ground, to feel closer to death's door than he had ever felt before. A terrifying bloodlust seeped into his own form and he clenched his jaws, claws extending.

    Sir Regis

    Two wanted to know what he was reading while one said simple hello and the other asked him if he was okay. Honesty was the best policy they often spoke but he didn't feel like being honest, nor nice. He wasn't okay not since the attack happened and he wouldn't be okay till he settled the score. A breath left his muzzle as he lifted sightless eyes up from where they had been resting on the floor as the presence of others surrounded him. Two voices he understood, two that made him slightly uneasy but he tried to suppress it as best he could. His tongue swept along his jaws that were dry and rough from when he had been in the medical house for hours on end crying about the pain he was in and he gave a light dip of his head to welcome everyone. "I'm doing better. Not completely healed...but better. I'm fine. Or at least soon I will be fine." Ears angled to the side as he turned his head a little bit, feeling the vulture shift itself against his side before he moved a page and felt his paw along the small bumps upon it. "I'm researching on something. Mythology is interesting though I'm not sure if it holds any truth. We'll just have to wait and see. And hello to you as well, child." The words felt fake on his tongue but at least he was trying. At least he was making progress.

    He still remembered the day that Hawkclan came forth with their accusations, their disrespect. Sure he understood the pain of loss and the anger that it could bring but he still felt like some of their members could have handled it better than they had done. But he kept his calm as he always did. There was no reason for a fight to break out, especially if they could solve things peacefully. After all he was his father's son but now his path was darkening from the attack that had been made on him. Might clouded with the burden of vengeance that burned in the back of his throat. Strong steps made their way toward the area as the smell of blood filtered in through his nostrils. He could see for the time being though the eyes of his vulture as the winged avian flew through the sky and perched itself upon the branches of a tree. The dead body wasn't familiar to him but he had a feeling who it as, not many here were tigers after all. "So I'm assuming he is dead. I'll inform Hawkclan of the situation then. I'm sure they will be happy to hear the news."

    The strangled voice of go away had caught the Nightwatcher's ears and he turned his head slightly to face the direction it had come from. Something was a bit off now and the blind creature narrowed useless eyes as he slowly made his way over to the area. For a moment he was hesitant to say anything or do anything but the shuffling of paws and more led him to believe that a conflict was going to start up and one they did not need. So quickly the male moved forward, thick muscles of damaged skin and fur gently aiming to nudge Teimani away from the Ruiner. Or at least he was hoping he had nudged the right body as he was the only one breathing harshly, pulse heightening to an alarming degree and he places himself between the two, feeling breath ghosting along his shoulder. It sent the hairs along his spine standing up but he remained calm. "What's the problem? Teimani?" This guy was only an ambassador so he didn't see the problem of the situation.

    A task might help to ease his mind and his sudden obsession with killing. He breathed out softly and though his mind wandered back to his revenge he was trying hard to progress in his healing and to at least make something of his day. So the healing male made his way over to where he had heard his father's voice, head slightly tilted down as he came forward and sat down. One by one clanmates came forth and asked for a task and he wouldn't be any much different. It was something to do and he gave a light tilt of his head. "I'll take one."

    He'd heard that there was a library and that knowledge sparked a fire within him. He needed to do some research anyway and this would be his best bet right. The blind male lifted his head up from where he was laying, ears twitching as he picked up the sounds of clanmates that walked by his injured form. The day was heated as usual but he didn't want to waste his time in the medical home. Afterall the only wounds that were taking their time to heal were the right side of his face, his chest, and his throat. His ribs were fine, and his back was fine. His left back leg still pained him because it had to be pushed back into place but he was okay. He was going to be okay because he wouldn't allow for this atrocity to go unpunished. As days had passed more and more of them were also joining Shadow Veil and it made him tense up greatly. He had stuck to himself as much as he could but he felt that growing angry inside of himself, a seething hatred that burned his gullet. Pushing himself to his paws the blind Nightwatcher slowly lifted his head and he breathed out into the heated air as the sound of wings spreading met his ears and vision of fogged red allowed him to briefly see his surroundings. The vulture he used to see moved to land upon his back and he began to walk forward. The Cathedral was his destination and inside was the library he wished to visit. He didn't stop to make small talk or conversation and once inside he made a strong bee line for the keeper of books. Upon entering he turned his head to the side, listening as pages rustled from other animals who were reading and he sat down before he motioned a paw. "Go get it for me..." Tone gentle and soft though it was a strong command and the vulture moved forward walking along the ground and looking up at the shelves of books. It took a little while but the creature soon came back with two books, one at a time and he peered over the covers. This was what he wanted. He would destroy his enemies but he just needed to find out how.

    As the sun began to set upon the horizon and the say began to cool the pale clouded leopard had settled himself upon the grass, paws shifting over the pages of the book. Soft bumps giving him the ability to be able to read it and he sighed softly as he turned from one page to another. "Silver to immobilize. Can cause severe pain.... running water...." He wondered how he would find enough silver and if this book was even true. But it didn't matter as he had to try something. He was terrorizing his home, he had destroyed his face and his body. The male had to be stopped and he wasn't going to back down now, not after what he did to him. His claws curled against the page and he clenched his jaws a little bit as pain spread across his healing face, jolting him a little bit.

    Soft pale paws padded through the growth of summer time grass and heated dirt. His slender tail streaming out behind him as his head lifted up just a bit more than it normally should. A cry of a vulture rang out into the air as it beat it's wings, strange form settling in the thick boughs of a large and massive tree as the aroma of it filled the felines nostrils. Much of his face was bandaged up as was his throat and his chest but the rest of him was seemingly healed up and scarring now. He'd been beaten up pretty badly and that was probably why he had not been in Hawkclan to attend to his ambassador duties. But the blind Nightwatcher was here now. Seeing through the eyes of the vulture he looked at the world of red that came through before he blinked his eyes and darkness claimed him once again. The thick aroma of the bird worshipers met his nostrils and he sighed softly as he seated himself upon their border. He hadn't brought a gift with him as he wasn't in the mood to deliver something that he knew wouldn't matter in the long run. Just to get news and share his own was enough for him and so he lifted his head slightly and angled his ears forward to listen. "Red here. Shadow Veil ambassador."

    "It's thin here." His voice seemed to come from no where, eye shifting around or at least the one that wasn't beneath bandages was shifting around a little too rapidly. With ears perked up he had quietly followed after the group toward the grove, not speaking for fear that someone would turn him back because of his injuries. But he didn't want to stay cooped up forever and he felt fine to a degree. Although as they went into the grove he stayed back because he couldn't step in there. It was too dangerous and he couldn't allow for himself to be taken over again. His ears pulled back slightly as he began to hear the murmuring in his head, so faint and too quiet for him to make out the words but he knew these beings. Creatures that were on the other side and speaking, trying to breach the thinness of the barrier that separated them from the living. Slowly the pale leopard sat down and he tilted his head a bit before taking a deep breath in. "Why are we here anyway? Doesn't seem like there is anything here....right now. This place makes me uneasy."

    He had his own plans for the Thunderlands leader and even though Yuuka had asked him if he wanted for him to kill the vampire he wouldn't want someone to do it for him. There was a thirst for revenge that had awoken in the youth. Something dark and seething in the back of his mind as he slowly made his way forward through the cathedral doors with his vulture perched upon his unharmed shoulder. The creature could feel it too and it made the bird of prey restless. Yet the male merely focused on what he was seeing through the bird's eyes as he walked forward. A huff left his muzzle, words going unspoken for fear of harming his throat more but he was okay for the most part. Much of what had been damaged on his body was healing up and scarring now though his face, throat and chest remained a constant ache and were covered with bandages. Entering the back the male would settle down, head slightly turned toward his father. "Hey dad. What are we here to discuss?"

    He'd have to go back to camp and get help if there had to be trouble. A frown pulled at his muzzle at the idea alone and he debated on it but he supposed he wouldn't be much help in a fight so there was no point in being upset about it. He had lived long enough to realize that with being blind came some things he wouldn't be able to do so he simply nodded. Cooperation was key and he gave a light tilt of his head before a small smile formed on his muzzle. "Will do. I'll make sure to get there as fast I can."

    There was nothing to quell the bitterness that had begun to spread through his being. The angry and the hatred that had begun a heated blossom in his chest. It was hard to get up everyday, hard to move and to do anything at all but he knew he had to. His injuries couldn't control him like this but his hatred could. He knew he had to get better, to fuel his revenge and get his justice. Most of his body was bandaged and the right side of his face was covered thickly as the injured creature stepped forward with a slow and painful gaunt. His blind eyes was closed as of right now as he listened to where the voice had come from. The scent of the Cartel lingering on his slightly parted jaws as he took in a shuddering breath. Get better so he could get his claws into Regis. Shaking his head a bit the make slowly sat down and he tilted his head just a bit. "What can the Veil do for you? I'm Red by the way, a Nightwatcher."