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    "A deer? Those are pretty animals, very slender animals. Bit sad though, they are always being hunted by other animals and humans. Their fur is thick in the Ice kingdom so they don't freeze." He stopped to take a drink of his newly delivered water, losing himself in his own thoughts. "Th Ice Kingdom's castle is made of Ice, it's really pretty. I could take you some time, I work in the castle." That last part was a big lie but he didn't want Ash to know he was the Ice prince.

    Syrcal asked the bartender for a simple water, he'd be riding Amberjack home and he had to wash the paint off of him. Syrcal listened best he could but he had ADHD and it was hard for him to pay attention well. "What does your horse look like? My horse is a Roan Stallion named Amberjack, named after a fish of the same name. I love anything with water and Marine life. We have many forests in our kingdom and we have different animals. What's your favorite animal? My favorite land animal is the penguin."

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    "That's great! I'd love to hear about your home kingdom. In the Ice kingdom we have many mountains and the winds bring cold weather down from the mountains. We have plenty of large bodies of water, with plenty of different Marine life. I spend as much time as I can near lakes and rivers, it's calming. Our king and the royal family ave Ice magic, however they only have one child, a son. In the winter the lakes and rivers freeze over and the designs in the snow are gorgeous to look at." Syrcal began to ramble about his home kingdom. He pulled out a chair for Ash and then one for himself. "Sorry, I tend to ramble a lot, I've been told by many people that I talk more then I listen and that my bark is my bite. So what brings you to this little town?"

    "Fire Kingdom? Seems like they wouldn't have lots of large bodies of water." Syrcal frowned, he'd never been to the fire kingdom, his parents disapproved of him going anywhere outside of the castle walls as he was a only son. "I can tell you about the Ice kingdom if you wish." After Ash walked in he walked in after, closing the door behind him.

    "Yes, as a matter of fact I did. I came from the Ice kingdom." Syrcal said as he began to lead the young man toward the tavern. The Green Minnow, if he remembered correctly. The name stuck with him because it was marine related. "I've never been to this little town before." Beginning raised as a royal and a gentleman, he opened the door for the other man.

    Sycral was glad the man hadn't yelled at him like most people would have done if someone random had run into them. "It's nice to meet you Ash, I'm Sycral. Let me buy you a drink, I think I saw a tavern when I rode in." Sycral was trying to be polite for running into the man even though he had already been forgiven. He would feel better if he repaid the man anyway.

    Jarken eye twitched before he walked away to help with the sails as they needed consent chancing and tuning. If you wanted them to work then don't distract them. Jarken mentally hissed, making a note to himself to stay away from the quartermaster and sailing master. He'd been on the sea for his whole life, he was sure he would at least know what he was doing.

    Sycral hadn't brought much money but it was enough to pay for his horse's stable and a bit for himself. Amberjack started eating some of the oats in one of the troughs as Sycral walked away. The sky seemed to be clear and Sycral hoped it would stay that way until he got back to the castle. He didn't doubt that his parents would notice he was gone or at least one of the knights would notice. However, Syrcal didn't notice the man in front of him and accidently ran right into him. "Oh sorry, I didn't see you."

    Sycral's hair, once a whitish blue color, now had raspberry streaks that dried by the ride to the town. The horse trotted slowly around the town looking for the stables. When he saw the stables he moved Amberjack toward them. He moved Amberjack into a stall next to another horse, a mare he believed. Sycral left Amberjack's saddle and brindle on, both were very plain. Not only has Sycral painted his own hair but he painted Amberjack's too, just for fun. He probably looked like a savage, a few feathers would complete the look.

    "Stay here, Amberjack. I'll be back before dusk." Sycral patted the dyed stallion before walking away to pay for his horse staying here.

    Jarken ignored Arrow's order, seeing as she did it herself. But when the quartermaster called for 'all hands on deck!' he walked over lazily toward the quartermaster. He was used to taking orders, and receiving threats, so taking orders from Drake was easy, despite Jarken not really liking the man. He didn't trust him either.

    Jarken stayed quiet as Milus talked to Drake, it worried him that this ship didn't have all the supplies for the doctor. "Hello, mister Quartermaster!" Jarken chirped. "Hello, Doctor!"

    Sycral yawned as he watched a few knights and men-at-arms training in the yard. The dull clanking of wooden swords on other wood swords and shields. It was boring and he was meant to be watching over the training but he didn't want to. He could try to sneak away but the whole kingdom could recognize him. He knew of a small town on the edge of the kingdom, he believed that they had a tavern. Sycral slipped away, and went to the stables. He saddled his horse, Amberjack, who was named after a fish, and rode out of the castle and town and into the countryside. He made a point to ride near a river so he could stop and use some crushed berries mixed with water to dye parts of his hair a different color before continuing toward the town.

    Oh so sorry, I totally forgot about this.

    Jarken frowned at Arrow's words, he didn't like overly cocky people who couldn't just accept praise, he also didn't like his crewmates dislike of their captain. He agreed with Drake on some accounts, such as some of them not being able to be at sea well. He didn't doubt that a few of them might get seasick.

    Once the order was gave to lower the sails Jarken pulled loose the rope that held the sails closed. He could feel the creaking of the wood and flapping of the sails as the wind blew into them, filling them with air. He was glad to be leaving the port as he too could tell that a storm was coming and it would be bad to be stuck in one. May things could go wrong. Hopefully, the one's who haven been at sea before would have the common sense to stay under the deck so that the violent waves ad winds from the storm didn't throw them over board.

    Jarken watched the skirmish between the two women silently, he himself wouldn't have guessed that she was a pirate as most pirates were thieves, murders, traitors and deserters. It would really surprise you what you find on a pirate ship, he thought to himself, he himself once had seen a pirate with a snake resting in his hair.

    "No, on a pirate ship no one is in charge of the sails, it takes many people to get a pirate ship sailing and keep it that way. The Sailing Master, I think the Captain said it was Arrow? Arrow will be in charge of plotting our course and making sure we stay on it." Jarken though a moment before continuing. "In fact I work under you, You're a gunner and I'm an ordinary crew member. Also don't worry Setsuna, there's too much space for you to get in the way, often."

    Jarken was ready to make a snarky comment on how he was never killed when he was meant to be but never got the chance as the queen closed the topic causing him to pout slightly. Being a former pirate meant it would be easier for Jarken to adjust to taking orders then the rest of the crew. He was just glad to be on a boat again but he did miss his old fleet. He wondered if when this was all over he could go back and find his crew and take charge again, he doubted it.

    Jarken would miss his specially made swords and pistol, but most of all he would miss his twin parrots, even though they left him a year ago he still missed them. I wonder how mad they will be if I release the sails and not untie the boat from the docks? A wicked smile appeared before he walked over to the rope that held the main sail closed. He was fully ready to pull on the rope letting the sail loose but he simply waited until the boat was untied from the port.

    Jarken was fast asleep when they came for him in is cell. Being ruffly pulled from your cell is a rude but effective wake up call. Wheeeeee, road trip! Where Jarken's first thoughts then But to where? When he was walked to the boat anchored in the port he tried to smile at everyone he passed being a bit to friendly. He mostly got glares in return.

    When they stopped at the boat, Jarken watched it bob up and down on the waves coming in from the sea. It would be really easy to run away and jump into those raging waves but he would likely get caught plus he didn't fancy a swim. When Portia looked over toward the line he was in he tried to smile at her and wave slightly.

    As she told them to get on the ship Jarken climbed onto the boat with the ease of one that's been on a boat for years. "Woo! We get to be on the ocean! I was born on the ocean!" Jarken said to anyone who was listening. He looked around trying to remember what type of ship this was and what it was best at.