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    Jale sighed as Curtis left again, he should have expect this and he did but he wanted to know why he kept leaving. What did he have to gain by walking around and not learning anything? Why chose to go to a school and not choose to learn anything, did he not want a good, well paying job that he enjoyed? To him Curtis was interesting, he didn't see many people like him, plus he was new which meant that Jale didn't know a lot about him unlike the other students at this school which he knew almost everything about.

    The Ice King didn't leave his Kingdom much and he didn't like to either. He muttered a mute hello to Ash, not bothering to look at him nor introduce his own son. He only brought him in the hopes that he would learn to be more like himself. "Why are we even meeting?" The Ice King growled "It never leads anywhere."

    Syrcal would have facepalmed if he didn't fear getting punished by his father later and looking disrespectful in the eyes of the Fire King and his son. Which Syrcal now knew was really Ash, but he was upset that he was lied too and didn't notice.

    Jale was paired up with another one of the wallflowers at the school. Another kid named Poisa, who always wore purple and seemed to be extra clumsy. They both worked together but they didn't talk. Jale looked back at Curtis, he got Quinn. He's never really liked Quinn all that much, she was too bubbly for him.

    Jale looked up as the door was opened. He expected that his roommate, Luka, would not be back anytime soon. "Hey Luka. You look pretty beat up there. Oh yeah that, I'm not the best at parties so I left. I did say good bye though. All I saw doing was standing in the corner anyway." Jale sat up closing the book that he happened to be reading when Luka walked in. The Mysteries of Pittsburgh by Micheal Chabon.

    Seeing the blood on Luka's arm reminded of the real reason he left the party, but part of it was because he was a wallflower. Through a window he saw that someone was about to get robbed so he left to so stop it. He got hurt of course but he went back to his dorm and clean the wounds. He had time to take a shower too, the reason why his navy and black hair was wet. He had no doubt gotten his pillow wet as well from where he'd been laying on it. His wet hair was the only time that his scar over his left eye was covered up, despite common belief he'd received the scars on his face from being a superhero and not just getting into a knife fight. His broken nose was more recent but it was healing, thankfully he didn't need glasses because if he did he'd not be able to wear them.

    "Here, sit down I'll go get the first aid kit from the bathroom." Not bothering to see if Luka actually sat down or not he got up and left toward the bathroom. He came back holding the small white and red kit. The medical ideas in the case were pretty standard, nothing to far fetched. Only stuff for cuts or scrapes.

    Jale twitched, his arm spasming out for a second. He had a twitch for some reason, no one knew why. He saw the kid seating next to him flinch at Jale's random movement. Jale was silent while they were partnered up, thankfully Jale didn't receive Curtis as a partner. He didn't want to fail this project just because his partner left class, which Jale was certain that Curtis would leave.

    Sycral looked up as the doors opened for the Fire King and Fire Prince. The Prince of Fire looked a lot like Ash in his opinion. He praised himself not never forgetting a face and the Prince's looked like Ash. He began to think that Ash lied about being a servant in the castle, but then again so did he. He doubted that Ash would know him if he didn't keep his mouth shut. His air which had been dyed light purple by berries was now it's natural light watery ice blue. Sycral only half paid attention to his Father and the Fire King, however he stayed silent.

    Jale made it quickly to his next class, but he wasn't the first, the boy from earlier was in the same class as him. Jale sighed before sitting down. He knew that they were doing partner stuff today, before Curtis was here the number of students was odd but now it wasn't so Jale would be paired up now. He'd liked not having a partner. Jale sat down and ignored everyone else.

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    Jale seems to be shy but in fact his actually is just very observant of his surroundings. Not overly brave or courageous but he is a nice friend to have and helpful when it come to knowledge about people, places or things.

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    Syrcal sat next to his father at a table in the meeting grounds, waiting for the others to arrive. He was bored, his father was staring blankly at a wall, and the outfit he was wearing was making him hot as well. Syrcal tapped his fingertips lightly before getting ordered to stop. He sank back in his chair as he heard the door of a carriage closing. Finally Sycral thought.

    Syrcal would have rather not shared a carriage with his father, but he didn't have a choice. He didn't mind meeting with another kingdom, he learned from the servants that they were having a meeting with the Fire King from the Fire Kingdom. He didn't mind that part but he feared what might happen at the meeting. It was largely known that the two kingdoms had no love lost between them. Syrcal was out of his usual outfit, his father forcing him into princely finery that resembled the kingdom. It looked to be modeled after their Kingdom's Flag, Navy blue, light blue and white. The sooner then made it to the meeting ground, which was on neutral grounds of course, the happier he would be.

    Jale ended up having to go back to his first class as he forgot his stuff. He quickly went back into the room right as the bell rang, he grabbed his stuff and took off. He doubted he'd see the other boy, he would likely be wandering the halls again during their next class as well. Jale knew that he'd have some work in this class to do, plus he had to catch up on what he missed in the first class so he should be able to forget about the other boy and his wandering. At least for awhile.

    Jale scoffed and rolled his eyes. Let those who have no respect for learning not learn, it won't get them far Jale thought as he turned sharply on his heel, walking back to class. Midway to the stairs he decided that he'd go to the 2nd floor library instead. The librarians loved him, it was like he lived their. They would give him a pass if he asked them for one. The faster that that kid in the hall left the happier Jale would be, he hoped Curtis got kicked out. Jale looked a various books until the next class.

    Jale winced at the other boy's hard look. He glanced at the clock. "Who said I had to stop you? and why'd you come here if you didn't come to learn?" Jale asked stalling, it was nearly around the time that Mr. Augustend, the vice principle, came around to do his rounds of the school, mainly for attendance reasons. "The point of a school is to learn, if you don't learn then what's the point?"

    The horse snorted, seeming not to believe him but walked in front of his master and then around him. Amberjack was eager to get home, being closed up in stables for a long time wasn't a fond past time for him. "I'd better go, Good Bye, Ash!" Despite not being a good listener he remembered names and faces quite easily. Sycral led his horse outside before mounting and riding home.

    Jale glanced around before seeing Curtis turn the corner. He raised an eyebrow, unlike most eyebrows his were insanely thin. He followed the boy and rounded the corner after him. Jale wasn't a very athletic type, unlike his parents who were sports stars. So was his brother. He wasn't paying attention but he started talking to the student that was at their locker while Curtis climbed the stairs. Jale ran after him and up the stairs. "Hey! You think you can just skip class like that?! This is a school! Not a play ground! You learn here!" Jale snapped, he took education very highly.

    Amberjack's ears perked up when he heard this, he flattened them and glared at the other horse and Ash. He moved in-between Sycral and the other horse. Despite being a showy looking horse, he was in fact a trained warhorse and was schooled to not let any danger come to his rider. "I don't think I should, my own horse might get mad, or jealous." Syrcal laughed, petting his horse.

    Jale twitched, startled as his desk was tapped on. His head snapped up to look but only saw the student leaving. Is the teacher really going to let him leave?! He glance toward the teacher, but he seemed not to care, after all he didn't even stop Jale from reading during his lesson. Jale placed his book down quietly, curiosity taking over his thoughts. He could easily catch onto the lesson and he promised he'd be back before class ended. He was right next to the door so it'd be so easy to slip out and back in without being noticed. If anyone questioned him on why he was out in the hall he could just say that he was going to his locker or to the bathroom. So, Jale left his seat, unoticed by everyone in the room, and went into the hall after the boy, shutting the dor with no noise behind him.

    When the other students walked in Jale cracked open a book, Bury My heart at Wounded KneeBy Dee Brown. He knew that it would take long for the teacher arrive but he didn't want anyone to talk to him. Beside they probably thought that he was studying for the History test. To them it's all he seemed to do, study. When the teacher walked in he began teaching like there was no new student and he ignored the fact that almost all of the kids were looking to stare at him. He was new and it was bound to happen. To Jale it seemed that the first day at a new school was a battlefield, with both sides trying to get you to join their groups.

    "Hello there! Miss Midnight! Uhh, you did say it was a Mare right?" Syrcal began but made use he used the right pronoun for the horse. He always seemed to be forgetting things. "it's a very pretty horse." Amber jack snorted and shook him mane, not impressed.