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    She listened as Blackstorm spoke about the danger of kittens sneaking out of camp, and the stories of his own experiencing the threats that lurked in the forest. True, the world outside the safety of camp was not kind to tiny kits. Nightstar herself had never followed any of those rules in her youth, unbeknownst to most of the cats in the clan. "I agree....and I'm sorry about what happened to them."

    Asphodelpaw was next, predictably trying to get the last word in. They were dagger sharp, aimed right at her. Cooly, the leader would meet his gaze. If only he knew that Firefly had escaped to RiverClan after being bullied and spat upon by his so called clanmates back in ThunderClan. The ex-medicine cat had shown up on their border days ago, looking for a new place to call home. To protect his safety, she decided not to mention it. We have rules against kittens leaving camp for a reason. They also had rules about attacking kittens for a reason. That didn't exactly stop the ThunderClanners from attempting to shred Polypaw and Whitekit. With an indifferent expression, Nightstar would turn towards him. "Noted." She would beckon for Olivekit to come to her with her tail.

    Lately, the world was chaos. Threats lurked at their border, enemies became friends, friends became enemies. Today was the first time in a long while that Nightstar had woken up from her nest, gazed out at the RiverClan camp and seen it the same way that it had been before the raid. The dens were new and brightly-colored with freshly pulled reeds from the soil. There were no longer holes ripped into the nursery or the medicine cat's burrows. Maybe things looked the same as they had been before, but she knew that they weren't. War was dawning. Soon, they'd be charging into the bloodhouse alongside ShadowClan and ThunderClan to get revenge on the cats who had stepped all over them for moons. It was a bittersweet feeling. Still, the leader couldn't help but internalize her worries. The black she-cat would follow the winding trail down to the riverbank in the early morning light for a hunt. Dragonflies lazily buzzed past her whiskers, and bullfrogs croaked in the brush. Here and now, everything felt the same. The water stung with a sharp chill that told her colder days were fast approaching. The grass underfoot was dry and brittle, and she knew that sooner rather than later the green plantlife would wilt away for leafbare. Still, everything was at peace. As she settled in a patch of golden sunlight, she took in a deep breath of crisp, cool air and closed her eyes, only for a moment. Happiness. It returned slowly, spreading through her body like the warmth of the sun's rays striking her dark fur. Opening her eyes again, her glance settled on the flickering shadows dancing in the water below. It was a good day for hunting.

    Well, she couldn’t exactly say that she was surprised to see the two ThunderClanners waiting on the border. However, the hostility that radiated from Blackstorm was a bit suspicious. As he faced off with Twistedtail, she came to stand beside Duskflight and listened to his words. Olivekit.....of course. She understood that the kitten could be a nuisance, but the deputy was acting as if there had been some sort of awful tragedy. Is this how you teach your kits? Acting all high and mighty and disrespectful? How ironic, that the clan who had just raided them was lecturing them about disrespect. Of course, Nightstar would keep all of these thoughts in her head. “Of course not. Nobody teaches kits to act like that.”

    Her gaze would shift to Olivekit. There would be a punishment back at camp, but now was not the time. “Thank you for bringing her back safely, and sorry for the inconvenience.”

    As Blackstorm padded towards her, Nightstar noticed that the tom was missing an eye, instead possessing a deep scar in its place. Had that happened in the raid? She couldn’t remember seeing Blackstorm doing a great amount of fighting, probably because he didn’t want to be raiding RiverClan in the first place. Now, it seemed that the two of them had scars to match. “We’ve been fine. Just rebuilding and preparing.” She knew it wasn’t ThunderClan’s fault. However, it was extremely difficult not to hold a grudge against the forest clan. After all, part of the destruction had been on their part. It was certainly strange watching them slip into the hollow one by one, unfamiliar with the land and strange walls of stone surrounding them. “We’ll start this off when ShadowClan is here.”

    As he spoke, she couldn’t help but notice his odd phrasing. “Well, I guess you did stop some of the fighting. Not the destruction of our entire camp though.” Nightstar’s words were blunt. While Firefly had made some sort of effort to stop his clanmates during the raid, it didn’t exactly work how he had planned. Instead, Sheogorath had knocked the younger tom senseless and continued to tear through the camp until all of their herbs were shredded and their dens demolished. However, one thing was clear. Firefly was no longer loyal to ThunderClan or BloodClan. “Thank you for trying to stop them......even if you almost got killed for it. Anyways, what are you doing here?”  

    Firefly had miraculously survived a brutal attack from Sheogorath after valiantly attempting to put a stop to the raid. For that, she was grateful. However, it had been a dangerous move on his part. Disowned from both clans, he now had nowhere to run or hide. Nightstar would stand beside her clanmates on the border, her half-blind gaze traveling to the gray and orange exile. "Firefly......its good to see you again."

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    In a few days time, the three clans would launch their attack on BloodClan. Until then, they had time to gather, prepare and practice for the raid. Nightstar had offered for the three clans to meet in RiverClan's training hollow at dusk, when the air was cool and their neighbors were not expecting any regular border patrols. They would be practicing in secret. None of the other clans could know about this newly forged alliance, or else they would become suspicious. As the last few streaks of gold painted across the sky began to fade into paler blues, Nightstar would wait in the cool shadows of the hollow with the rest of the warriors and apprentices.