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    The cafeteria was busy, it just looked like a bunch of tired teens. Most were quiet, some were loud. I decided that maybe I should sit alone, because I don't know, people seemed to pay attention. I got my food and sat down at a table across from the door. It be easy to leave from here.


    As soon as I woke up I realized were I was. I wasn't home anymore, I was stuck in the girl's dormitory, and I was on the top bunk in my room. I could hear the girl below me snoring. What was her name...June..Elise? Did I care, not particularly. I decided it was time for me to get up, even with the rest of them asleep. Creeping quietly I shuffled as quietly down the metal ladder of the bed frame. I took my clothes which consisted of the tacky school uniform to the bathroom with me. Truly, this school outfit was hideous, I mean come on..Green and Blue with stripes. Even not being a girly girl I definitely knew that it was ugly.

    Since this was my first day of boarding school and it seemed to be pretty lame in the mornings. There were hall monitors ( just underpaid teachers), and the students yesterday said that there were cops that would walk the halls to make sure no fights happened. I thought that was a bummer because I mean who doesn't like a good fight? No one here knew why I was even here, which was good for my sake, they'd think I was a lunatic.

    While walking to the bathroom I passed the main hall monitor. She looked at me with a grim face, hmm not a morning person. When I walked into the bathroom, it looked like a scene from a horror movie. The lights flickered on and off and looked disgusting with just a glance. How could people live like this? I decided that while I was at this school I needed to make some friends or close people, because I could see people getting shanked in this bathroom. Some more girls walked in after me and I decided I should hurry up and get to the breakfast hall. That was where we would actually see the boys in this school. You never know, I could get a little romance in while I am forced to live in here.

    That's weird xD I don't want my feet touched either. I don't really like being touched unless my mom or dad are being nice to me, but if it's one of my siblings I might feel annoyed. xD

    Would anyone like to rp or something? I'm a lil' borb xD


    Muse A (me) has been transferred to a new boarding school due to her recent outburst in public school. This new school seems to be ...weird. Muse B is a kid in her first class that only has eyes for her. He starts to become fascinated with her, always questioning her. Muse A becomes weirded out and finally asks Muse B what his problem is. Turns out he has a deep secret to hide, one about his bloodlust.

    Muse A is destined to be his soul mate, but he has to bite her, which isn't in her agenda. Will she fall for him, even with the changing? Or will she decide this isn't what she is destined for?

    There will be 2 main characters (Muse A and Muse B), but there definitely should be side characters. They can be human or vampire (to add drama).


    1) PLEASE PLEASE do not start this thread if you know you won't stay with the thread.

    2) Please post at least once a day and make it at least a paragraph ( 5 sentences minimum)

    3) If you can't post on a day, say in advance. ( I don't do weekends)

    4) NO overshadowing people and taking the spotlight peoples :)

    5) Can't kill a character without talking unless it's your own character.

    6) Romances can happen, just talk to each other about it before hand

    7) HAVE FUN!!!!!!

    HI GUYS! I'm currently drinking homemade chocolate milk and listening to kpop. I was supposed to see my boyfriend and walked all the way to his house.....but he was sick and now I can't do my late valentines day thing today really dissapointed.

    How are you guys?

    This girl I go to school with lost her boyfriend to suicide so I was her Valentine and she told me today she got me something and I teared up a bit because I was just being nice, she didn't have to get me anything.

    Bella put her head down when she met his gaze. "'s me. I didn't mean to be here, I was going for a walk, maybe even visit the mall." she said quietly.

    Hehe, cool! My hair is very red under bright light. xD What kind of things do you like to do? ^w^

    I love to play ukulele and draw. :)

    Yo actual same with my bf lol