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    The Magician's Daughter


    We will accept all the help we need :)


    I normally just write on their wall when I look at who the newest member is hah.

    Doing what you do is perfect. I think everyone should try and welcome newbies on their own, but I also liked the guidebook idea too. Do whatever makes you feel comfortable and thanks for helping.

    -------Another idea I just thought off was maybe once we reach out to them, we could ask if they'd like to join the committee, cuz they would know how to make new people welcome just like how we made them welcome. IDK, it was just an idea. Any comments on it? :)---------

    (OOC: I really like your pfp)

    As we reached third block, I noticed that there were some girls staring. I tugged on Trevor's sleeve to try to subtly get his attention. "Why are they staring?" I said quietly.


    "If you won't leave, I will just walk away. Why do you care what I do anyways." Trixie said staring at Blake. Her eyes started to get a red hue around them. As her anger bubbled she noticed the penguin kid walking near them, but ignoring them.

    Hiya guys! Just soo ya know. I am trying to create a welcoming committee for newbies coming on to Feralfront.

    I have a link in my signature if any of yall would be kind enough to give it a look, I would appreciate it.

    Have a nice day :)

    Also I won't be on this weekend I am going camping with the boyfriend to a country festival.

    I finished my meal and washed my dishes and cleaned up. As I finished I looked at the time. "Wow, pretty late." I said quietly. Slowly and silently I headed to my bedroom, trying not to wake Lexi up, I closed my door and locked it. I soon fell asleep to the sound of birds outside.

    I am so glad that you guys are interested!!

    I LOVE the idea of having a guidebook, that's an awesome idea.

    magpie We can still definitely use your help, and you never know. Maybe some newbies will also feel a little intimidated by rping, and maybe you could find someone you're comfortable with to rp with. :)

    So maybe we should just start looking into some of the information posts and post info on here what isn't there??

    That is awesome, and I know some families who have austistic kids. They're something special and boy do they have some super cool talents. I went to camp with a boy who could memorize everyone's name and birthday, I was super surprised.

    But I believe in god too, but also some wiccan beliefs.

    Hiya guys!

    So....I often try to welcome new members on here by posting something on their wall like a hello, if you need anything just reach out kinda stuff.

    I was wondering if some of y'all would like to be a sort of welcoming committee so when some of us are off of feralfront, there could still be someone welcoming newbies.

    I think it would be nice and fun, just respond if interested.

    Hey I found the new thread!!

    Also, today I did my senior portraits and I'd like to happily say that my face was so damn amazing the one photographer guy took my photo and than said, "Damn!". I have officially had my glow up.

    Have a good day :)

    Trixie looked at Blake and rolled her eyes. "I said to PLEASE leave me alone. The devil isn't here, I don't see anyone with devil horns and wearing all red." she harshly joked. She noticed penguin kid had left, a tinge of guilt flew through her.


    Figurea has blonde tights curls that roll down to the middle of her back. There are some rare black strands through out. She weighs about 145 lbs. and is 5"4. Figurea usually wears a brown leather jacket and always jeans. The occasional dress will be seen on her, but only on special occasions. Her eyes are bright brown, like an auburn and she has dimples to match her perfect smile.

    (What exactly would being his lackey include?)