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    Emra glanced at the walls surrounding her, and than at the tall drop she had just faced. This whole thing had been a bad idea. Who actually wanted to try to impress their worst enemy by climbing into uncharted territory owned by the mafia. Sadly, she had and now she was stuck with her worst enemy. He had the loudest mouth (not good when hiding from the mafia), no manners (bad when trying to blend in with mafia's rich lifestyle), and she was helplessly falling in love with him.

    "Can you please shine a flashlight in my direction? I need some light to crawl around in here." she yelled to him.

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    Name: Jarka Omenali


    Gender: female

    Grade: 11

    Appearance :…lipboard-png/?thumbnail=1

    Ability/Creature: She is able to control flowers, but must touch them and is able to use them as lethal weapons. Alongside this if you eat a plant she has taken over, she can use it as mind control or poison you with toxins.

    Reason for attending the school: At Jarka's old school there were some girl bullies. They teased her, so when homecoming came around she poisoned all of their corsages which filled their skin with toxins. Most of the girls got away with skin burns, permanent scarring. The main bully had to be put in the hospital for a very long time.

    Handicap(For OP powers): She must wear gloves that don't allow the contact. She is under heavy supervision from staff, and must not be allowed near most flowers.

    Other: Her mother had the same powers, but sadly she was killed for them

    I turned to Trevor and jokingly wiggled my eyebrows. "I wonder if some hobo lives here..or worse..A VAMPIRE!!" I said as I jumped around and tried to scare him. He seemed very calm around this area, even though I had the heebie jeebies.

    A smile grew upon my face and I jumped up and down. I forgot I had on a skirt and abruptly stopped it. "Ohh, I don't know which one. Hmm, how about that one?" I said pointing to the broken down looking one. It seemed like a place someone would hide and it looked like a scene from a horror movie. "It looks like a vampire's lair", I said laughing. As we got closer it got quieter and quieter.

    I turned around to face Trevor. He was a little taller than me..ok maybe more than I'd like to admit. "So there's no one in the frat house? Come on Trevor, we should go. I mean come on, you're already in this place for getting in trouble, you should show them why." I said smiling proudly.

    I smiled a devilish grin at Trevor. " Don't worry about getting in, there's always more than one way. I just need to know when the next one is." I was used to being the crasher of parties and obviously a lover of one too. This place just got exciting. " So I guess we should be getting to class ..."

    Welcome to Cedar Vine Residental! We were built about 100 years ago for the kids with let's say...gifted abilities. They were used as test subjects for many military missions and often had to undergo horrible procedures. Of course...they were willing! After 100 years of dabbiling in their natural abilities we set them out to go in the wild and fight for their lives. The person to win is able to be free and leave this place. See..these contestants have been with us for a while, so we don't need them anymore. Only the fittest shall survive, you know survival of the fittest. To help our facility grow we also allowed it to be filmed on camera. LET'S MEET OUR CONTESTANTS!!!

    I blankly stared as he pointed out the areas. Most of my time would be spent in the theatre since I was in drama and show choir. "Ok...but like you people don't have lowkey parties or hang outs?" I said a tad bit dissapointed. I didn't care that my family had sent me here, I was still going to do what I want.

    I laughed a tiny bit at his joke. "This place isn't's a disgusting school forcing kids who just happen to have behaviors that we tend to act out. Plus, we are just the rebels in society.....So yes, I need to know where the actual fun is." I looked outside where we had stopped. It wasn't pretty or ugly.

    Hello to all my fellow feral fronters out there! I am Pumpkin! For a while I was absent from here and so my threads decided to become just as absent. I am currently in the process of trying to un-loner myself. If anyone is available and up for a role play, please respond here. It's an SOS for some buddies!

    I looked at him and lifted my eyebrow in a questioning look. "Hmmm, you don't sound egotistical at all", I sarcastically said. "So where is the place to have ACTUAL fun in here." I said looking at the dingy walls. Did no one in here clean?

    I waited for him to meet me. He soon arrived in his uniform. How did he make them look good? I smiled shyly. "My name is Arya, it means noble. That isn't really what I am...I just have anger issues." I looked down at my shoes. I didn't like to admit my issues, I hated it actually.

    A boy approached my table, he was cute in a weird way. Ok so more like really hot, but I wasn't letting it get to my head. I mean come on....what guy just approaches the new girl.

    "Hi..yah I am new. I arrived late last night. In a cop car."

    I said with a vicious smile. My circumstances were pretty rare for a place like this. I should of been in juvie.