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    Renesmee looked back towards Bulan and noticed his shaky hands...Anxiety? She looked at Moonbeam and the cat seemed to sense something too. Moonbeam looked toward Bulan. "Are you ok? I can sense your can Renesmee." Moonbeam said to only Bulan.

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    Gideon and Ramona Hilton

    Nicknames: Gid, Mona

    Age:both are 16


    Gender:male and female

    Birth Date: January 12th


    Sexuality:Gideon is heterosexual and Ramona is bisexual

    Height:Gideon is 5'10 and Ramona is 5"1

    Eye Color:Gideon has hazelish Ramona has violet

    Hair Color:Gideon has black Ramona has red a

    Accessories:Gideon has snakebites and Ramona has a smiley piercing

    Body Modification Gideon has snakebites and Ramona has a smiley piercing

    Scars Ramona has scars on her arms from fights

    Species: vampires with black magic tendencies (halfbreed with witches)

    Personality:Gideon is hot tempered at times, but tries to be leaderish in ways. He is very protective of his twin and thinks the wat is stupid. Ramona is the exact opposite. She tends to be naive and is a hopeless romantic. She sees love in everyone and often uses spells to make the safehouse look pretty.

    History: Their parents adopted them from Canada, and brought them back to their home. Soon after, Gideon and Ramona often were visited by vampires and witches alike at night time. Their powers soon started to be uncontrollable and their adoptive parents put them on the streets. Ramona has had many dreams about who their real parents are and allows Gideon to be able to see in her mind.

    Gideon likes ice cream and hot girls, (is a flirt naturally) he also likes cats and loud music Ramona likes happy people and cats, tends to listen to her own mind, and likes quiet.

    dislikes: Both of them dislike being told what to do and are claustrophobic to a point.


    Crush?:Gideon-will probably have plenty Ramona none at the moment

    Display Name:pumpkin<3

    Activeness:every day but weekends


    Muse A and Muse B are destined soul mates...too bad they live across the world. Muse A in Transylvania and Muse B in America. Of course, Muse A has always been fascinated with vampires as their upbringing has been surrounded by them. Muse B is a vampire boy. So when he comes to Transylvania and meets Muse A, she is awestruck, not scared but mesmerized. (The story line will also just kind of develop.)

    I will be Muse A and I'll add the character from once some one joins :)

    Bella decided she couldn't really focus in school for the day so she went out early. Usually, she would just go to the park and take a walk but she decided to go to the mall. As she drove there, so couldn't stop thinking about Victor and the baby. There was an actual human growing inside her today, tomorrow and the next 8 months.

    Renesmee looked to Bulan and back to Belladonna. She didn't want to come off as the "I don't trust the random chick in the backseat, but she also didn't realize why she was trusting Bulan so much either. "No, I'm just a little bit tired, so is Moonbeam." she said quietly, her eyelashes fluttering softly. She wanted to sleep, but her mind was racing in that way, where your body is asleep but your mind isn't.

    Bella looked him in the eyes, her eyes becoming soft. "You aren't the only person who doesn't trust people Victor. I have my reasons for believing you to be fake, as in when I tried to talk to you you acted like I was a speck of dust around you. Honestly I get, you can't be yourself around them..but here's the true question with that Vic... Why are you friends with them then?" she got up with her book bag and took out a small piece of paper. It was crumbled up and she gave it to Victor. "Call me when you get your answer, than we can talk about the...the baby."

    She kept staring at him as she spoke to him. She remembered the night of the party and the same tone in his voice and the edge came back. "I wanted to talk like adults beforehand...." she muttered quietly.

    Bella slowly walked through the door and flipped her hair going to an empty table. She sat down her books and bag, and took out her phone. Some kids gave her stares, like they knew what was truly happening. She saw Victor looking around and she froze.