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    Trixie's panicked face and anxious attitude didn't leave. Flames grew upon her arms and hands engulfing her whole body. "Blake don't touch me okay". As she said this her flames grew higher.


    with school here. we got to our school for 6 hours everyday monday thru friday. and we have 4 classes a day. so for one semester which is from aug to dec we take 4 classes everyday. the same classes. than from jan to june we take another 4 classes unless a class from semester 1 is year long. (Most AP classes are.) also AP classes mean Advanced Placement, so theyre harder and you get college credit for them

    Trixie could feel someone moving her in her sleep and she panicked. As she was placed on the bed she sat up and freaked out. "Blake, Blake, BLAKE!!", she started to yell. She was having an anxiety attack, something she hadn't told anyone she had.

    Here in the states we have high school 9-12. 9th and 10th are eh like pretty easy unless you take AP classes.

    Junior year is ur hardest, which is what I just passed. On top of it I took the AP classes this past year so junior year was 10x tougher than normal. Now senior year, i am going to graduate early and i only need to take 2 classes.

    Trixie woke up for a couple of minutes and looked at Darren. She felt cold so she went over to the couch and moved beside Blake. She made sure he wasn't touching her, and she slowly fell back asleep.

    so your first year of college is my junior year. I am going to be a senior so that would be like your second year of college.

    I am going with his family too, but it's a big festival and we camping. :)

    I am going to get SOOO sunburned as you can see my fair skin and redheadedness (you know that true red hair blue eyes)

    and I am going to get bit by bugs eww

    also at least ur friends with one of ur exes. one of them caused me really bad ptsd and i have to graduate with him RIGHT NEXT TO ME, and my other one tried to committ suicide cuz we broke up by drinking himself to almost death.

    Trixie had woken up to hear Blake say she would be fine. She soon fell asleep on the bed from exhaustion. In her dream, the devil came back but instead of attacking Blake, he took her. Darren was at his side but not by his own will. She knew she needed to stay away from him.

    Name: Jessica (Jess)


    Gender: female

    Sexuality:bisexual (my dad doesn't know)

    Birthday: January 12th

    Star sign/ zodiac sign: capricorn

    Where are you from?: Va

    Whats your goal in life? do what I love (Makeup)

    Do you have siblings? nope

    Mental health?: Can be blank! Therapist says I have depression and PTSD from abusive relationship

    Relationship status: Can be Blank! In relationship for about 9 months with my boyfriend

    What do you look like? (Could be a picture if you are comfortable with it :3) my profile picture is me

    Describe yourself in three words: Hermit Crab Lover

    Fav food: Mashed Taters

    Fav colour: Yellow

    Fav music to listen to at the moment: Indie

    Fav hobby: drawing

    Describe your perfect sunday?: sleeping and working at Hollister