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    File:Oc commission tribal wolf by seraphic a-d8yc7pg.png

    Bindi||3 years||male||claimed: none||pack:none||rank:loner||pups: none||interaction: Akira

    The male tilted his head, and nodded. "Nice name. I'm Bindi." He did not recognize her name at all, Bindi had never heard the tales spread by far off packs. He wasn't one for gossip, unless he could use that gossip to help himself along, to give himself a slight edge in the world. Since the packs were all fighting each other, it was safest to just stick to the outside, and mind your own business. Casting aside his thoughts, he glanced outside at the darkening world. Nearly sunset. """I should probably go hunting before it's dark, see if I can find something rather than asking you to feed me as well as shelter me." Bindi said with amusement.

    You can't fool your body

    You can only fool your mind

    Minnow ★ BloodClan ★ Guard apprentice ★ 11 moons ★ Female

    //Not quite sure if I did this right, but here's Minnow's secret santa gift to Garbage! Tallow_Cat

    An object had been wrapped in shining two leg foil, and placed in the open. It wasn't the best wrapping job in the world, but the gift giver had done their best. It had a sort of rounded look, though most of that was lost in the lump thatw as the wrapping. Inside, one would find a strange two leg object. It was a cylinder, made mostly of plastic. At the front there was a clear, disk like part, and further back along the side there was a spot covered in rubber. If one were to press or bite the rubber spot, which in truth was a button, the clear disk would glow with sudden light. It was a strange, and beautiful thing, lighting up the night with ease. Should one press the button a second time, an even stranger thing would occur. The light would cut off for a second, but then it would return, flashing on and off in a quick pattern. A thired press of the button, and the light would disappear for good, until the new owner pressed it again. The object was useful for seeing in especially dark places, but the gift giver's true intentions were to help create the reoccurance of a thunder and lightning storm, should one combine the light with a few trash can lids.

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    File:Oc commission tribal wolf by seraphic a-d8yc7pg.png

    Bindi||3 years||male||claimed: none||pack:none||rank:loner||pups: none||interaction: Akira

    The male followed carefully, he didn't want to end up being lead into a trap after all. But the female's offer seemed genuine, and as they passed a running stream, he spotted the moss that concealed her den. Bindi hesitated as she stepped inside, giving himself a shake and following as he convinced himself that he really had nothing to lose. The female was setting up a den, and Bindi was still surprised by her kindness. He found it a bit funny as well, knowing how risky it was to be so trusting. "Thank you very much for all of this. Might I ask your name?" Bindi questioned as he stared around the cave.

    File:Oc commission tribal wolf by seraphic a-d8yc7pg.png

    Bindi||3 years||male||claimed: none||pack:none||rank:loner||pups: none||interaction: Akira

    The female seemed happy that he wasn't here to cause problems, and even offered him some hunting grounds, and a place to sleep. Bindi was shocked by her offers, it seemed a very trusting thing to do for a stranger. Even so, what did he have to lose? He could see where this lead him, that could be interesting. "That's very kind of you miss. I suppose if you don't mind, I could use a place to stay for the night. I'll manage food for myself, I'm sure." Food Bindi would be able to get tonight, one way or another.

    File:Oc commission tribal wolf by seraphic a-d8yc7pg.png

    Bindi||3 years||male||claimed: none||pack:none||rank:loner||pups: none||interaction: Akira

    Bindi tilted his head, that was good information to know. So there wasn't a pack around here, patrolling for strangers. There were just a few loners, here and there, and right now they were a little bunched together. Maybe he could mess with one of them later, but Bindi's main concern was still getting out of here without a mark on his pelt."I see. Well, er, clearly this space is already occupied, my bad. I'll be leaving, then." So long as the females let him, at least. The newcomer seemed almost as on edge as he was, which confused Bindi a little. He was outnumbered, not them, and no one seemed hostile anyway. Then, finally, the male picked up the scents of young canines. Pups. Ohh, there were pups here. No wonder things were so tense, no female, even if they weren't her pups, wanted a strange male near young. Bindi dipped his head to the two, and made to pick his way away from the den. He'd have to hunt for himself today, unless he stumbled upon some other predator's kill.

    Thsnk you so much, all of you <3 Rest assured I will be back, and hopefully I'll be able to keep good activity again ^^

    All this love for Jasper honestly means the world to me you guys. He is only my second character ever created, and to know so many people loved his character and thought he was good is amazing to me. Thank you all, and I hope that when I do return, I can continue to play him just as well :D

    Hey everyone, I think I'll be taking a break from FF for awhile

    My activity has been really bad for months now, inconsistent and such, but I never wanted to take breaks, because to mean leaving for a bit meant losing all my characters, whom I've really grown to love, and more than that losing all of you guys. I love it here so much, and I don't want to lose all the wonderful things I've found here. But it's unfair for everyone to have to deal with my spastic activity, especially for those in Windclan where I play a hp. So for all my non hp character (Minnow, Jaggeddawn, and Fadedghost) It can be assumed that they are still in their respective clans, just really as NPCs right now. For JasperStar, I'm going to try and do a couple more things with him, then he'll have a proper end that he deserves. I'll still be doing the BC Secret Santa, as it would be unfair if I just left and the person I was chosen to gift never received anything.

    I'll be around in chats a little, and I'm sure I'll come back! Just probably will be mia for the holidays ^^

    I love all of you, I know you'll be nothing but supportive and I'm thankful for that. See you guys <3

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    Farhan|| Male|| 4 Years|| Interaction: Arya, Cayne, Chosovi||

    The female fell, but still she would not remain silent. She looks him in the eyes, and Farhan felt her gaze hold him in place. For her. Move forward for them. For her. For his pack, his friend, his daughter. Farhan could not move forward for himself. He didn't want to, he was too absorbed with revenge. For her. Revenge for her. Farhan wanted revenge not for himself, truly, but for her. For the daughter he would never speak to again. Was that what she would have wanted? I'll never know. I'll never know now, and that's because of HIM. The sun fell, the moon rose, and Farhan tore his gaze away from Arya, swinging his head to look at Cayne. The white male had shouted, with force unexpected from such a weakened form. As the white male began to growl, Farhan felt his hackles raise, ready to fight once more. His daughter wasn't here to tell him to stop. She wasn't here to tell him that she had forgiven her killer. She couldn't be here. Because she was dead.

    Farhan remained stock still as Cayne moved, placing himself between the enraged male and the female. "Now you decide to be noble. Now, you decide to think about someone other than yourself." It hurt. Seeing that the wolf who'd taken his daughter's life was now willing to sacrifice his own, for someone he was just as much a stranger to. Why couldn't he have had a conscious back then, the night it happened? 'Which mistakes of mine are you going to repeat now?' And that hit Farhan, harder than almost anything had in his life. Mistakes. The death of Kodi. A mistake. The death of his daughter. Intentional, yet a mistake. The year long chase that had lead them all to this point... He'd spent over a year, tracking this wolf. It couldn't be a mistake. It...

    Farhan was still angry. He was furious, grief stricken, and desperate for the year of pain to be over. But he didn't want to make more mistakes. Knocking the female over, a stranger that had nothing to do with any of this... That was a mistake. And he knows that well. Because Cayne had done the exact, same thing, over a year ago. Cayne knew how that ended. Farhan didn't know what to do. He could kill Cayne. He could accomplish his goal, as he'd always meant to. There was no ifs or buts, he was supposed to end this, and he was supposed to do it now. His daughter's form floated briefly in his mind, what she'd been before the accident. The mistake. He missed her more than anything else this world had taken from him. Farhan was still.

    Jadefeather12 so isla will tend to rub people the wrong way since she has no concept of others feelings or emotions. for example she will say something with no filter and not understand why the person is hurt or mad. so how does an unorthodox friendship or either a perfect good/bad enemy thing sound? im very much up for either since I need to develop her more c:

    That sounds really cool! Minnow is not the most emotionally stable, she's pretty fragile in that regard so I can see her getting hurt or confused by some things Isla may say, which to Isla of course seem perfectly okay. I can see Minnow both managing to develop a friendship once she begins to understand, or becoming afraid of and wary of Isla, depending on how things go

    I can make a thread for them tomorrow if you like, or you can if you have time ^^

    Tallow_Cat Gonna miss ya, but I hope everything's good <33 See ya in five days then!


    We had a basketball game tonight, girls (my team) vs boys, and it was close the entire time, we were never more than a basket or two away from each other! It was super tense, but actually the most fun ever! We managed a tie at the end, so they decided to send us into over time



    By four baskets (8 points) and we didn't let them get a single one in during over time

    I'm so happy ahhh, tonight was literally the most fun ever!

    Sorry for my tangent heh XD