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    NAME || Jewel

    AGE l l 7 years

    GENDER|| Mare

    RANK|| Second Mare

    PHYSICAL TRAITS|| Black coat with a black mane and tail, dark brown eyes, White mark dripping down her forehead

    MENTAL TRAITS|| Protective, Head strong, battle ready, will protect each and every foal to the death

    SIBLINGS|| None, but Deianira might as well be

    SEASON|| in/out (interested in none)

    Interaction: Open

    Jewel turned her attention to her lead as Jael called, and whinnied back in response to show that she'd heard. The black mare started to trot, circling to the back of the herd to make sure everyone got the message. She'd nip encouragingly at anyone moving a bit slowly, and after that Jewel mainly hung out at the back, making sure no one fell behind and keeping an eye out for predators.


    NAME || Deianira (Day-ah-nigh-ra)

    AGE l l 6 years

    GENDER|| Mare

    RANK|| Herd Mare

    PHYSICAL TRAITS|| Tan coat, black socks, mane, and tail, a few ashy smudges on her face and neck, strong and stocky, not agile

    MENTAL TRAITS|| Kind, shy, protective of the herd, best friend of Jewel, reclusive

    SIBLINGS|| None but Jewel might as well be

    SEASON|| in/out (Interested in none currently)

    MATE|| None

    OFFSPRING|| One filly, Wisp


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    Interaction: Both open

    The past week and a half had been wonderful, Deianira had enjoyed not having to move, and simply spending time with her filly. Wisp was growing fast, becoming more bold and playful, quite happy to be around the other foals. She'd started towards some of the other foals just before Deianira called her back. It was time to move again, and Deianira didn't want her to go far. Wisp returned to her side, and the duo set off along with everyone else. Deianira was proud of her little girl, especially the fact that she didn't seem shy or reclusive as she had been. There was nothing wrong with that, but Deianira knew that life was easier if you weren't so timid.


    ||Striker|Stallion|9 years|Rogue Stallion|Claimed: Ginger |Offspring: none| Interacting with: Kalani, Tui, Nina

    Being back in the herd was nice enough, it was safer for Kalani at least. Striker was able to interact with the other herd members again, though some of them he couldn't care less about. He watched his filly for a moment, she had been watching Jagger's play with interest. He raised his head at the call to move, cantering over to Kalani and Tui for a moment. He nibbled his daughter's mane affectionately, before nodding to Tui. He was still quite thankful that she'd accepted to care for Kalani. Now he moved off again to keep an eye on the herd, and spotted Nina. Now that he was allowed back near the herd, he could actually talk to her properly. "Hey there." Striker nickered, pulling up beside her. "Looks like we're on the move again."

    Camilla huffed, turning to face the man. "Well, he's mine now, and I decide what he needs. If I'm ever to get out of this hole you call a home, it'd probably be easier if I had something to lead him out with, no?" She was getting impatient now, both with the man and the dragon, though she was more sympathetic towards the latter. If the man wouldn't get her food, she'd turn to the dragonet, and again gesture towards the open cellar door. "Outside is much better than in here, I promise."

    You can't fool your body

    You can only fool your mind

    Minnow ★ BloodClan ★ Member ★ 7 moons ★ female

    Mary's sister, Eris, also daughter of Sheogorath, appeared next, bounding forwards to look at her sister with amazement in her eyes. Minnow tried not to flinch as Eris expressed how very, very blood Mary was. She couldn't help but tense when the she cat's fluffy tail wrapped around her, even though the gesture was clearly meant to be comforting. It's not the RiverClanner I'm worried about... She didn't dare say that though, trying to both listen to and block out the conversation that was being held. Why did Bloodclanners have to be so... Bloody? Minnow snapped to attention when she realized Eris was once again addressing her, and attempted to meet the molly's gaze with a false smile. "U-Uh... y-yeah, we, um, m-maybe we should." The frail she cat did not want to have to start adding 'Bloody' to the beginning of Mary's name. That only made her scarier to be around, and the more Minnow feared the she cat she hardly knew, the more she was irritated with herself.

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    Camilla glared at the man as she struggled to keep hold of the struggling hatchling. "No, all you know ifs force. And you can't be telling me you don't feed him. Maybe some food will get him to move." She kept an eye on the man, who looked pretty irritated with the dragon. She didn't plan on letting him hurt the dragon anymore. As another attempt to get the creature to move, Camilla crouched to be on it's level. "Come on, don't you want to go out side?" She asked gently, gesturing to the open cellar door.

    Whenever I get sick, it's always around fall (probably due to school starting, all those interactions with other people lol) and it's usually just a short flu, sneezing first, then that goes away and I cough for a week or so. It's annoying, but not too bad at least!

    Glad you're feeling better Sadie!

    You can't fool your body

    You can only fool your mind

    Minnow ★ BloodClan ★ Member ★ 7 moons ★ female

    Minnow didn't know Mary well, and wasn't sure she wanted to. Being the daughter of Sheogorath was intimidating enough, and now she showed up with blood all over her paws. She'd learned to swim? Minnow wondered what that had been like, and flattened her ears at the thought of the poor RiverClan tom. He's probably dead now.. Courtesy of the lovely BloodClan she cat. "O-Oh, uh, good job, Mary." Minnow meowed, not wanting to offend the molly even by accident. You're a terrible cat. And she was, Minnow was, she didn't often judge a cat by anything but their own actions, and she tried her best to only judge them like so. But in some cases, Caledon's scars, Sheogorath's outbursts, and now Mary's heritage, the caramel van became fearful of a cat without even knowing them. Just one more thing she hated about herself. Now, she forced herself to meet Mary's eyes. Don't be frightened. "Er, I... I don't suppose that's... the RiverClan tom's blood?" Of course it is, who's else would it be? Stupid.

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