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    Hawkclaw / WindClan Senior Warrior / female [♀] / tags & information

    *:・゚✦ Hawkclaw padded out of the warriors' den, shaking the snow off her pelt. She went to go meet her niece by the entrance, and blinked the last bit of snow out of her eyes before speaking. "Good morning, Tempestpaw, are you ready to go see the territory?" She asked. The apprentice seemed ready, based on how excited she was.



    Hawkclaw / WindClan Senior Warrior / female [♀] / tags & information

    *:・゚✦ Hawkclaw padded over to the forming group, after stretching her legs as she exited the warriors' den. "I could join a patrol, it doesn't matter which." She meowed. Hawkclaw just wanted to get out of the camp, really, and joining a patrol would be a good option because she would be making herself useful at the same time.



    ✧ HAWKCLAW | "Hawk" | HOLLEY (Kittypet name)

    ✧ ex-Kittypet | Half-WindClan(English/British) Half German

    ✧ adult | 22 months physically/mentally | ages realistically

    ✧ female/she-cat/queen [♀] | prefers feminine pronouns

    ✧ Traditional WindClan | Senior Warrior/medicine cat in training

    ✧ heterosexual | single | [0] crushes


    ✧ Born & raised in Canada. Has a Canadian accent.

    ✧ Mother to Archkit, Cobaltkit, Hollykit, Waterpaw

    ✧ Sister to Lightningtooth

    family tree

    ✧ has separation anxiety


    ✧ HOUSECAT | HEALTH: 80%

    ✧ Mixed Breed

    ✧ Tortoiseshell with blue eyes

    ✧ Carries the Ojos Azules gene, allowing her to have blue eyes without large amounts of white.

    ✧ healed bullet wound on left hind leg



    ✧ motherly | loyal | caring

    ✧ wistful | emotional

    ✧ clingy | self conscious | sensitive


    ✧ never antagonizes others | doesn't start fights

    ✧ merciful | won't kill | will run away

    ✧ mentor was Dawnstar (warrior) and currently is Dusksparks (medicine cat)

    ✧ physically easy | mentally medium-hard

    ✧ mention Hawkclaw . when needed

    Hawkclaw hadn't seen her kittens in a while, training to be medicine cat and all of that. She decided that she should spend more time with them, so she padded to the nursery, fur fluffed up from the cold. "Good morning, my loves." She purred. The Canadian bent down to lick the pair affectionately, taking a seat next to them. "How have you two been doing?"

    I'm pretty sure it was Jasper that fought City :3

    Is it okay if Hawkclaw becomes temporary medicine cat? Since Toadpaw, Bumblefoot, and Twilightpaw are all gone, and we don't have one. Like not permanent or anything, just until we can find a replacement? Just because it's winter and there's the prophecy/sickness/blizzard going on, but if not that's totally fine.

    Hawkclaw had decided to leave the camp for some fresh air, and to try to find some prey. Frost and snow covered her pelt, making it hard to keep her eyes open. A violent wind nearly swept the Canadian off her feet, and she tumbled into the thick white snow. Snow swept through her thin pelt, piercing her face like needles. The tortoiseshell stood up on her paws, and walked low to the ground. A patch of fur appeared into her field of vision, and she purred with excitement as she hoped that it could be prey.

    The Canadian's heart stopped when she saw what lay in front of her. Kestrelpaw, one of the Clan's apprentices, was motionless in the snow. At first she thought he was dead, but then she realized that he was only frozen. "You'll be okay, Kestrelpaw." She meowed, and attempted to carry the apprentice back to the camp.

    Hawkclaw stood frozen with fear when she saw what was standing behind her nephew. It was a ghost, but not just any ghost. It was her own mother, that was staring back at the Canadians with unblinking, soulless eyes. "Y-yes.." The tortoiseshell whispered before scurrying into her den. She couldn't look at Leona anymore.

    There's gonna be some spooky shit going on with the Canadians

    I know Halloween is over but it's not going to be like Halloween spooky

    Basically Hawkclaw and Lightningtooth's dead mom is going to come back and torture them and Icepaw, but only they can see her

    The tortoiseshell woke up in pitch-black, but she knew clearly that it wasn't night. She touched the entrance to the warriors den with her paw, it was sealed. At first she started to panic, but the realization of what it was completely changed that. Snow. Snow. Snow!! Hawkclaw dug through the thick white snow with her paws, allowing light into the den. She burst through the hole, probably spraying snow onto the cats in the camp. The Canadian loved snow. She absolutely adored it. "SNOOOOOOOOW!" She yowled as she plunged into a pile of it, purring loudly and burrowing through it. In Canada there would have snow a moon ago, but at least it was here now! She remembered the days when she and Lightningtooth (then called Lightning) would play in the snow as kits. That was one of the reasons why she loved it, because it reminded her of Canada, the other was simply that snow was fun and cold and fluffy.

    The end was near. The end of this luxurious life was very near. However, the family of Canadian cats were completely unaware of it. Holley and Lightning were six moons old now. It was summer in Prince George, British Columbia, Canada, and the twolegs had decided to take Leona, Robi, and their kits to the beach. The drive was long and boring, but at least the car was air conditioned.

    "We're here!" Lightning exclaimed, jumping out of the car. His sister soon followed, and the twins began to chase each other and play in the dust. "Kits!" Leona called out. "Stay with the group." Her voice was stern and strict as her children rejoined their parents and owners. "Sorry, mom." Holley meowed. Leona didn't respond, she only kept walking. The cats weaved around their owners legs, trying to avoid the many other twolegs and dogs. "Why are we always the only cats here?" Lightning asked. "Normally, cats don't go to the beach." Robi, the father, explained. "Most cats hate water, like your mother." He purred. "But water is so much fun!" Holley chirped. "Not for everyone." Leona meowed.

    Lightning and Holley splashed around in the ocean water, occasionally allowing their youngest twoleg to catch them. Lightning dove under the water, but quickly resurfaced as water poured into his ears. Holley swam a bit further each time they went to the beach, and this time, she caught eye of something exciting. The island was very far away, too far to swim, and barely visible. Holley thought she knew exactly what this island was, and she quickly swam back to her parents. "Mom! Dad! I think I saw Germany! Or EngClan!" Holley exclaimed, excited. "It's England, Holley. WindClan was the name of the group of cats, and and England was the country." Leona sighed. "Where?" Robi asked. "Right there? See that land?" Holley pointed to the far away island with her paw. Robi smiled with amusement, straining to see the land. "I'm pretty sure that's neither Germany nor England. Those places are very far away, much farther than that island. That island is probably still part of BC." Robi told her.

    Holley seemed disappointed at first, but she still found the island fascinating. However, learning about her parents' countries was even more interesting. "Were there beaches in Germany, dad?" Holley asked, eyes wide. "There were, but us cats never went to them. We never saw the need to, and neither did our humans to bring us to the beach." Robi told his daughter. "What about England, mom?" Holley asked, turning to her mother. "I don't know, Holley. We didn't go on vacations in WindClan." Leona meowed. "Really? Why not?" Holley asked, forgetting momentarily that these kinds of questions angered her mother. The fluffy brown tabby stood up, facing Holley. "Because we only needed to survive, Holley! You don't get it! You and your brother's life is so sweet and perfect, but mine wasn't! We had to hunt our own food, and we had nothing but out own pelts to keep us warm in the winter! We didn't have vets, or cars, or even owners!" Leona hissed. She disappeared into the long grass, but neither Robi nor Holley chased after her. "Sorry." Holley mewed. "It's okay, sweetheart. It's not your fault that you weren't there to experience the things your mother did." Robi meowed.

    I am extremely tempted to do two oneshots, one would be another flashback of Hawk and Lightning's childhood, and another one would be from Leona's(their mother) perspective for once! Because I've only written about the twins' side of the story, so it would be interesting to write as Leona.