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    it fits him so well because he cant fucking talk

    I mean,, at this point I can see *why* you love him but u still shouldnt

    rumor come out

    do hats make you dumb ??????

    great so they all have like ,, barely half a brain cell together

    they totally dance to rasputin

    tesco dabs

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    [ sorry but he waited until someone was closer , as I stated before ; u ; ]

    if she was no one , well , then he had to be dumber than he originally thought he was . there had been a reason he waited until there was something more than just air , sand and sky to talk to . the ghosts that probably haunted his body didn't count , and he tried not to talk to them as much as humanely possible .

    " which is why I waited for you to come closer , right ? " he pointed out , metaphorical brow quirking upwards . " unless you're a ghost , of course , then you're a very fucking visible ghost from miles away in a giant desert where you can see anyone . " or , just maybe , he was the invisible one , though he doubted that very much . you didn't just miss a pink sable dragon , unless he was a ghost which he didn't think he was . yet . maybe if he antagonized enough people one of them would hit him upside the head and finally end it all . " but , anyways , " his eyes tilted back into the territory , an idle grin crossing his features as he waved his cane in it's direction . " you clans are very unique , you know that ? a clan full of shadows calling itself shadow veil , a group stuck in the ass end of a desert calling itself solaris ... someone out here is a real creative mind , aren't they ? "

    a chuckle reverberated through his chest , pink gaze resettling on the woman who deemed herself " charlotte " ( not a very good charlotte , he's known better ) and , considering she had asked for his name , he decided to give it . " tescosfinest . or just tesco . or anything else , really , but tesco is what most people call me . " 

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    [ hi this is a shitty joining thread but have it anyways ]

    he had never considered himself a wanderer . going from one place to another was too hectic for him to bother with most of the time , especially given that he never had the time to figure out who was at each other's throats or not . the general rule of thumb was that the exiles wanted to kill everyone and the rest seemed to be on decent terms ( a stark contrast with what he remembered in the past but that was another matter ) and so it wasn't surprising that wandering around from place to place didn't scare him too much . so long as he steered clear of the places that smelled like blood and bloody murder , the chances he would die were very slim .

    salt was close to that smell , but not quite the same as the coppery tang , though the first thing he happened to notice was not the smell but the stark contrast the veil seemed to have with the solaris kingdom . whereas shadows all but ate the forest he had just been alive , this place seemed to have no trees in sight , and the sun was almost overbearingly hot above him . compared to the hyperian isles , he wasn't sure if he would survive in sweltering temperatures like these ... but only time would tell , and he wasn't going to back out of a very hot , very bright challenge . at least he didn't need night vision to live here , right ? there was a silver lining in everything . so he paused , smiling into the empty air , waiting for the small dot in the distance to gradually get closer before calling out .

    " hey there ! this is the solaris kingdom , right ? " it would be embarrassing if it wasn't , but that was a problem for another time .

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    please u are threatening the very existence of this earth by loving him

    don't do it

    learn to hate him

    also I finished his appearance / colored him

    ok but mark is great and he's the perfect fc and now im lowkey just basing tesco off of mark

    it's like this weird mash up of mark and tesco at this point and it's an abomination

    donty love it

    but u should totally love me ;^)))) smooch

    also this is another good video to base tesco off of

    all of it

    but mostly jim

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    hi this is tescosfinest aka the dumbest bitch u have ever seen or heard of

    He’s chaos in one tiny sable dragon form and he will do and say dumb shit because he has no filter

    I need someone to be his impulse control or to condone every single one of his actions :^)

    Come plot with him

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    [ say hello to the chaotic dumbass ]

    the hyperian isles had proved to be a disappointment . it was nothing personal against them , of course ; it wasn't their fault that finch and takumi were both gone , never to be seen again by mortal kind . it had been frustrating to find out that their fates were unknown , irritating to know that the rest of his family seemed to have disappeared into the wind as well , but in the end that was life . he was used to odd surprises by this point ; it wasn't as bad as it had been when he was a child , though even then he couldn't seem to keep his attention focused enough to care about much . years had passed since then and a lot hadn't changed . he was just older , dumber , and had hell of a libido to top it all off . a normal day in tesco's life , really .

    there had been nothing keeping him in what used to be blizzardclan , not when half of the people were either too sweet or as frigid as a popsicle , and so leaving hadn't been as difficult as it had been the first time around . he said his goodbyes , left small gifts in his wake , and then trotted right up to the next border , not quite sure where he was going or why . it didn't matter , in the end . a home would be a home regardless of where it was or what it would be called . the shadowy place before him would do just fine .

    " interesting , " the low murmur of his voice broke through , eyes narrowing as a frown pursed his lips . he slipped a paw into the territory , just past the scent line , watching it all but disappear from his view . " you need fucking night vision to live here . " 

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    * i . general information − ♱ : oh yeah , time is money so don't fuck with mine, see I'm out with my girls , I'ma have a good time

    — tescosfinest hoshidan / goes by tesco / male [ nonbinary or masculine pronouns ; masc. nobinary presenting ]

    ⤷ carries the hoshidan and harbringer surnames , though has stronger attachment to the hoshidan side of family

    — finch harbringer xx takumi hoshidan ; doesn't know whereabouts of his siblings / ????sexual / not not looking

    — clan tbd ; member [ non hp ] / doesn't get involved in any aspect of politics / formerly lived in hyperian isles

    — chaotic dumb , loyal to those he trusts / born 3 - 6 - 2017 / 29 months physically and mentally / ages real time

    — drinks his dumb bitch juice on the daily / has an iq of around 20 / might just be 30-50 feral hogs in a trench coat

    — fcs include mettaton and markiplier / vc is tbd / he stutters a lot because his tongue can’t keep up with his mind

    * ii . important information − ♱ : ❪ step back with your chit - chat , killin' my vibe ; see , I can't get too much of a good thing

    nothing important as of 8 . 7 . 19

    * iii . visuals / aesthetics − ♱ : 's why I'ma dressed up in the finest things ; well , please hold your tongue , oh , don't say a damn thing

    sable dragon hybrid ; 2ft, 15lbs [ main ] / smells of perfume , soda , fruit / reference one , two

    — tan sable and eastern dragon hybrid with pink highlights along tail and ears , painted pink nails , and pink ringed eyes [ wip ]

    accessories and inventory | pink bowtie , black and pink tophat , black and pink walking cane

    * iv . mentals / personality − ♱ : see your iphone camera flashin' ; please step back , it's my style you're crampin'

    — positive : trait , trait , trait . negative : trait , trait , trait . / extended personality goes here .

    — suffers from adhd / undiagnosed depression , covers it up with his charm and a smile

    * v . confrontation / relations − ♱ : you here for long , oh no I'm just passin ; do you wanna drink ? nah , thanks for askin'

    unknown sexuality / single, not not looking / extremely easy to get along with and trust / ½ shipname

    90 / 100 physical 80 / 100 mental 60 / 100 defense 60 /100 offense power prefers not to participate

    prefers to avoid combat , will actively run away or charm his way out of situations / quote when attacking

    powers to be determined / no formal training / has had no apprentices thus far

    ⤷ difficulty . physical health : 90% , no current illnesses . mental & emotional health : 90%

    — [ 0 ] maybe crushes / [ 0 ] crushes / [ 0 ] former crushes / love interest undetermined, love plots currently open

    trusts : none . / distrusts : none . / easy to befriend , but trust is difficult to build ; romance is medium difficulty

    storage for tescosfinest harbringer hoshidan / please do not post !

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